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  4. I Heard a Woman Weeping in the Woods By Luv A beachside manor stood just along the coast which resided on the edge of the dense woods. These woods, home to the Wood Elves of Axios, were dense and covered a large portion of the area. Urban legends spread of a ghost seen in those woods, along that beach. The lavishly dressed lady would always be depicted as frantic, but in some incidences described as mentally unstable. She couldn’t seem to remember her way back to that house. Ghosts are not real, right? There’s no way that someone who is dead could be… Not dead? If she really was a ghost, or even real, what happened to her? Why does she linger in those woods? Why does the walk the shoreline still? ((More of a creative writing post about the beginning of my character’s ghostly experience. The writing below comes from the perspective of my character’s soul trapped in a state of limbo and uncertainty.)) Desperation. The breath I cannot take burns me. It is smoke in my lungs and throat. As if I had inhaled fumes from a burning flame, and then held my lungs cruelly waiting. My mouth open, throat scorching, unable to pull in air. My chest, the horrible pain vibrating from my heart. My limbs and muscles refuse to move. I cannot breathe. I am choking. The heat roars to indescribable temperature. The stillness spreads to my chest and limbs. I want to scream, to tear at my face, to wail—but I am trapped. I cannot move. I cannot move. Lies. I must remember. I must remem— The house. I lost control. What have I done? I was so naive. The very things I wished for, formed in ranks against me. I made them. Robbed their mother from them. I was becoming the monster he wanted. I was known for my savagery, their mother was too. As I reaped, I reforged my motivations into a better approximation of your true shape. Desperately, I consumed more and more, hoping for the briefest echo of what I once was. Instead, like a fire, I burned too quickly, destroying everything in my wake. Selfishness. It was a beautiful day when I went to meet him. I hope the girls weren’t as excited about the trip as me? What if no one ever lets them out? Who is gonna keep Illidar company? I’m in this prison. The horror of that idea feeds my mania. The story of one, Kypris’dionne is ending. I can feel it. I have to get myself back up. I must… I must... I have no hands. I have no feet at the end of my legs. I can’t get up. The darkness binds me, like a coffin. No. I force myself upright. But I can’t know if it is working. I don’t know anything, only the darkness.
  5. Amorette Blondelle would frown as the news arrived to her. Lowering her gaze and shaking her head briskly would take up a moment of time before she spoke, having now collected her thoughts. “I pray, for the sake of the accused... For Dimaethor’s as well, I would hope no one in the Motherland would be so ungrateful as the turn on the man who finally got the flowers blooming... The audacity.”
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  7. Honestly, I wouldn’t be opposed to witches keeping their natural hair color. I just personally think it’s a way to make your character “stick out”, which is fine, but I sort of liked the idea that the curse sorta put a veil over who they once were – making them all “look alike”. Yes, witches can keep their natural hair. Will I meme on them in the Frost Witch discord? 100%.
  8. Formatting changes! All the changes asked by the Story Team have also been implemented!!! 11/3/2019 @ 10:25pm Keep in mind the Bewitchment section might seem a bit, lacking, but I assure you there will be additions to that section with more cantrip and non-combative style spells! A lore piece specifically on Helheim, Skjoldier, and Wyvrun will be also be coming in the near future from your's truly! Don't miss them!
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  11. Frost Witches, the Maidens of Ice (Fy - arr - e - aw - ga) Written by Luv Luv Table of Contents The Origin of the Curse Their Frozen Form Physical Traits Mentality Abilities of the Fjarriagua Glamorous Ice Manipulation and Conjuration Bewitchment Tundra’s Tolls Glacial Animation The Altar Sabbaths Cursed Ice Familiars Rebirth and Reconstruction The Degradation of Witches Feral Helheim Progression of the Witch Fledgling Sister of Snow Winter Witch The Witch Mother Miscellaneous The Rune Favors Origin of the Curse The Weeping Woman The origin tale of the Fjarriauga is one of great contention within many covens, some Witches claiming direct descendants from the oldest, and others preferring instead to leave the cause of their soul-bound predicament a mystery better left to the frozen wastes. While details are still hazy, newly uncovered scripts of dubious authenticity tell a very different story from that of old. Our tale begins in the ancient land of Skjoldier, a far off island from the land of Asulon, one wracked with harsh winters, and false summers. In this land, marriages of a political nature were not uncommon, but those based in love? These marriages were truly rare occurrences. The dame Kriemhilde, only in her second decade, was privy to one of these marriages, betrothed to a land baron far outside her station as a mere farm girl. The wedding date was set, the flowers gathered, and the decorations crafted from paper and satin - all was set to be perfect for an early winter ceremony, two families joining against the backdrop of a crystalline landscape with merriment for all. Alas however, this was not meant to be. Left at the altar, with only her closest friends present, the bride wept. Though comfort was offered, and reassurance presented to the spurned bride, a fire grew in her heart, burning away any love that had once taken residence, leaving the red-speckled coals of resentment in its wake. Driven by vengeance and fed by her own despair, Kriemhilde set out into the wastes with revenge forthright in her mind. Had it not been for a freak snowstorm, she might just have made it as well. Falling to the chilled ground wrapped in a blanket of snow and ice, the woman began to fade fast from this world. As her vengeful soul began to fight through her body’s imminent failure, some higher power - some claim an Aenguldaemon, others claim a great elemental, and perhaps the most fool-hearted of all speak to the claim of the spirit of winter itself - reached down from on high and bestowed a wedding kiss to the dying woman, changing her into something more, a revenant of vengeance in a land of complacency. As the months passed, the myth of the hidden woman, the Fjarriauga, rose across Skjoldier in a great cacophony of spilt blood and razed towns. To the weak women of the north, the Witch Kriemhilde gave armaments of a most vicious sort, wrought from ice and bound by the very winter winds themselves, to the downtrodden in the capital, she gave glamours and the ability to cripple their oppressors through a simple touch, and to the meek of the east she boons of trickery and spell weaving to allow them to stand against those who would dare diminish them. As time passed, the frozen wastes of Skjoldier became more and more hostile to the average traveler; merchant ships to the island nation became less plentiful as rumors of white devils stalking the hills became more prominent, infrastructure began to crumble as Witch covens targeted key aspects of society, and the number of uncursed women in any given community dwindled to negligible levels. The clear option for many still hanging onto their humanity was to seek refuge away from the island, just as Olaf the Old, a prominent sea raider, did in the last few years Skjoldier was considered a ‘safe’ port. With him, Olaf brought his daughter, Brunhilde to the land of Asulon, a land where they thought they might escape the wretched curse of the Witch and free themselves from the shackles of their homeland. A fantastic plan as it might have been, Olaf had not suspected his daughter to have been afflicted with the curse, the process becoming more and more evident the longer the voyage went on, and instead of tossing her overboard, or putting an end to the young girl’s life, Olaf was kind... and paid the ultimate price for his compassion. It was from the sea blasted wreckage did a young Witch emerge, drenched in the blood of her kin, and hungry for more did she set out into the world, and begin the cycle of the curse anew. Their Frozen Form Physical Traits Glamoured A witch when glamoured can shift her body to appear as a woman of any of the descendant races she wishes. When in this form her form will be as cold as a corpse if one were to touch her bare skin. Her teeth, upon close inspection, would appear fang like and she would find it hard to disguise this despite her best efforts. It takes a lot of a witch’s power to hold her glamour and also perform her witch magic. The glamoured form, should it be injured, would release the sound of ice being chipped. Her blood would appear slush like and her wounds will be more like cracks along her skin then actual wounds. This can often be a major sign to catching a witch in her disguise. Icy Visage From the very moment they’re cursed their transformation is gradual, beginning with their skin morphing into a greyish or icy white hue. They can pertain white or light blue hair alongside illuminated blue eyes. The blotch upon the back of their neck, a reminder of who, and what they are. By technicality they’re no longer an inherent descendant as their entire racial structure warps from its original foundation. Starting with what transpires within to the very foundation of their curse which projects a frozen aura once steady albeit remains transparent. Due to the icy aura they project - again, unfeelable and unseeable by anyone other than those able to see auras (which is little to none) - this warps the liquids they have, and produce, into an icy slush - blood - alongside this their flesh warps to a low cold akin to a dead body as they no longer generate warmth anymore. Due to this, when struck with considerable force they crack instead of gushing out blood akin to ice. However, this doesn’t prevent them from excreting their bloody whenever sliced open with said intent. That being said their bodies and muscle mass ceases to grow or dwindle, age or wither due to the crystallization transpiring within their bodies; it is also worth noting they’re unafflicted by the curse of voidal and dark magic. Whatever their physical appearance was, prior to transcending into a Frost Witch, will remain that way throughout. - A nineteen year old turned Frost Witch will eternally look nineteen years of age. - This also means that the Frost Witch is sterile, unable to give birth, although they may if they were pregnant prior to being cursed, the child will more than likely be a stillborn. Frost Witches who choose to feast upon the flesh of men in order to sate their hunger will find themselves flushed with a sense of empowerment and self-fulfillment. This causes the witch to lose interest in the relationships outside of her coven, and will find it nearly impossible to hold romantic interests with men specifically. In addition to this witches will have various different adjustments to themselves should they feast upon creatures of non-descendant races. Those that choose to go an alternative path, hoping to maintain some shred of their former selves, will find their disguises to be hag like as their skin grows cold as ice to the touch and their eyes a strikingly bright blue color at all times. The smell and sight of male blood and wounds will bring the starved witch intense nausea and irritability. Witches who also choose to starve themselves in this manner will find themselves at the weakest possible strength with their ice magic and unable to hold more than one disguise, the one most similar to themselves prior to being cursed. Witches on the verge of going feral will begin to see their bones protruding more obviously and their cheeks beginning to sink in. When a witch has gone feral her nails will greatly elongate and her form will become much more frail and visibly malnourished. Mentality Frost Witches are highly communal creatures. They live in Covens. Witches are extremely loyal to their Covens and they hate to be separated from the fellow Coven members. Although they are not blood-related, Witches will address their fellow Coven members as "Sisters" and their Witch Mother as "Mother." They will often mimic family relationships within the Coven. Witches treat their Witch Mother similar to an actual mother. The Witch Mother is expected to protect, teach, shelter, and feed her daughters. "Sisters" in the Coven similarly rely on each other for support and companionship. Coven sisters often form highly codependent relationships with one another. Solo witches often do not last long without their Mother and Sisters. A solo witch may devolve into a feral beast without the support of her Coven. While Witches are highly loyal and affectionate to each other, they treat outsiders with open hatred and disdain. Witch Mothers are highly territorial and protective of their daughters. It is unusual for two Mothers to share a single Coven. Due to the Witch Mothers' territorial tendencies, Covens may sometimes fight with one another for land. Anyone outside the Coven is considered "Other" and treated with suspicion. As a result, Covens are often highly insular and form their own unique intra-Coven cultures. Frost Witches many develop highly sociopathic tendencies. They treat mortal creatures either as tools, food, or disposable objects. A witch's strongest relationship is with her Coven and her Witch Mother. Extra-Coven relationships are considered highly unusual. Witches may accept non-Witch allies for a time, but these allies are considered useful tools and not "equals." A Witch may eat an ally after she is done with him. Romantic or sexual relationships are very difficult for Frost Witches due to their biology. Many Frost Witches identify as aromantic or asexual (meaning they don't feel romantic or sexual urges). Others may have brief sexual or romantic flings, then consume or otherwise dispose of their paramours. Many think Frost Witches are not capable of "true love." Some Covens have a strict "don't play with your food" policy. Abilities of the Fjarriagua Glamours The most important ability to the Frost Witch is her ability to manipulate her visual appearance to seamlessly blend into society around her. The visual aesthetic of the disguising process is up to the player and oftentimes is roleplayed like ice cracking away to reveal the new visage. Some prefer to emote it like shimmering snow. Witches are able to disguise themselves as any of the four descendant races; Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Orc. They are limited to these four categories, but may adjust the visuals freely amongst the possibilities for each unique race. Witch Mothers are granted the addition ability to adjust the age of their disguises to be either much younger or much older than their true cursed age - however, they cannot disguise to be any younger than 10 years old. Emote Example: Redlines Ice Manipulation and Conjuration Ice Manipulation Witches are able to manipulate existing ice with ease, as if it is an extension of themselves. Of course, this doesn’t exempt them from tiring after extended use. Most Witches are taught how to forge daggers from ice which while brittle and able to be melted, is better than being unarmed. Other uses for ice manipulation include immobilizing opponents, throwing chunks of ice or icicles in combat, and, of course, making ice sculptures. Ice can bend to the witch’s will more easily in colder climates. Colder climates are where witches are able to manipulate preexisting ice very easily. Being able to do move, manipulate, and bend three to four minecraft block sized ice chunks per emote, making them very lethal in their domain. In temperate climates a witch can manipulate approximately one block, rendering their powers weaker though still able to function to an extent. In hot climates it would be extremely difficult to manipulate the ice, causing the witch immense strain along with them only having control of about the mass of a half slab. Emote Example: Ice Conjuration The art of evoking ice is one that comes naturally to a Frost Witch, and has incredibly useful applications. This is done by condensing existing moisture in the air and then lowering the temperature past the point of freezing. At first, a witch is only able to conjure small flurries but with practice, an experienced Witch is able to pull respectable amounts of ice and snow from thin air. Ice Conjuration is affected heavily by the environment. Any environment considered dry or hot would be incredibly hard to conjure within without assistance from an outside source, such as an enchantment or another witch. Emote Example: Redlines Bewitchments Bewitchments are a series of different lesser spells that a witch may cast in order to support herself or her sisters in various different tasks. Bewitchment spells are not combative in nature where they are meant to harm others, but can be wonderful tools to the witch’s arsenal that help give her the edge in her hunts or dark endeavors. Aurora Thin, colorful, vapor-like trails form in the air above a witch, serving either as a colourful distraction, a novel way to light a room, or a much more deceptive art in the hands of an experienced Witch. A witch may extend this vapor towards her sisters to cause up to 2 other witches to become cloaked in a faux-glamour, capable of recreating the effects of a true glamor upon the subjects of this spell; the caveat to this is that if the caster or either of those she has under concentration are harmed, the faux-glamour will drop immediately, revealing all for what they truly are. Emote Example Redlines Tundra’s Toll Tundra’s Toll is an ability practiced by the long old witches of Skjoldier, only recently adopted by the Frostborne coven here in Arcas. The art of linking Cursed Ice with soul linking pieces of a man in order to inflict curses upon him from a distance. Often seen for its macabre nature, those that choose to dabble in this art and use it often will find themselves soon stricken with the Tundra’s Toll. Using a poppet and the blood, flesh, teeth, bones, or any other part of the male body a witch can link these two things together in order to apply devilish and otherworldly spells onto their victims. Some may be seen as minor inconveniences to simply teach a lesson, while others are powerful in their own right that may be used as their own forms of revenge. Redlines The Poppet The poppet is a piece of cursed ice that is linked with the piece of the man that the Witch intents to curse. A poppet will not last forever once the initial connection is made, meaning the witch will need to act fast once she’s made her connection. Should she lose physical contact with the poppet she will be unable to continue inflicting her dark desires. The Tolls Arctic Embrace As simple as it sounds, the witch is able to inflict horrific cold upon their victim. The effects of this spell are merely an illusion, however those that should physically make contact with the victim will also be able to feel the intense cold upon his skin. Redlines The Cries Those inflicted with the Cries will be burdened by the faint sobs of the women entrapped in the altar, the fallen witches who have cried and begged for redemption, begged to escape the curse, and begged to return to the living. These cries can oftentimes be deafening, making it hard for anyone to concentrate or hear over these sobs. Redlines Adam’s Ashes Just as Witches are unable to feast upon mortal food, finding all of it to taste like ashes, a man whom is cursed with this will also suffer these same effects. All food he chooses to ingest will be unbearable as he will become ill, only being able to taste what seems like the remains of a campfire. Redlines Fear and Superstition Intense anxiety fills the heart of man when a witch is near, the fear of becoming their next meal. When this is taken into the hands of a powerful Witch she will be able to imbue intense fear into the soul of her victim. Causing him to fear all women around, sometimes acting violently or impishly when they come too close. Redlines Frigid Fertility One of the few Tolls that can be placed upon someone other that the victim. This toll would link to the unborn child of the man to whom the witch has made the link, causing the baby to develop intense issues during its time within its mother - and surely causing the death of the unborn child. Redlines Witch’s Wave A Toll given in exchange for a witch’s assistance. Using this Toll a man would be able to resist extremely cold climates and temperatures as long as the witch was focused on his poppet. This could allow him to venture off into far north in search of lost treasure or venture deep within the ice to find his missing bride. Redlines Glacial Animation Witches can bring the ice to life with the spell known as Glacial Animation. By marking a spot of ice and snow the witch can begin to create imps of her desire to fight for her. These icy abominations can be either humanoid or beastial, the more humanoid shapes taking longer to conjure. These creatures have no free will, however, they must be puppeteered by a witch. Sometimes a witch might stand back and create two creatures to be passed off to one of her sisters to control while she charges up a new ability. Emote Example: Redlines The Altar The creation of a “seed” can only be done by a Witch Mother performing the Germination sabbath. A seed is made by encasing a man’s freshly killed corpse in ice and burying it into the ground, this can take quite a bit of time as the ice used in this process is not normal ice; but Cursed Ice. Taking the time to imbue extra magic into their conjured ice to transfigure it takes a lot of concentration and work on the Witch Mother’s part. Altars appear as large frozen trees of ice with a table of ice at the very base of the trunk. Upon close proximity or direct touch with the Altar witches can hear faint incoherent whispers of their fallen sisters. Sabbaths Sabbath is a ritualistic event enacted by any number of Witches in the presence of an Altar. They are only possible through an established Altar, and the ability to perform certain ones depends on the amount of Witches present at the Altar. They generally require focus and time, and depending on the Sabbath, may be draining. Sabbaths are varied and new ones may be discovered or created, so long as they remain within the confines of what the magic can do. All Sabbaths are mostly up to the discretion of the witches performing it in how they’d like to roleplay it, as none of them can be done away from the altar or for combative purposes there is no restriction on time or the like. Germination - Mother Only The creation of a ‘Seed’ of Cursed Ice is a relatively simple process for a Witch Mother. After a few hours of weaving her magic into the ice, and compressing it into itself, a small bit the size of a sunflower seed will be all that is required to plant and begin to cultivate and ‘grow’ a structure known as ‘The Witch’s Altar.’ The ‘construction’ of a Witch’s Altar begins when either one Witch Mother and five Witches, or two Witch mothers and three witches convene to plant a small chunk of Cursed Ice, generally dubbed the ‘Seed.’ Altars are usually placed in a room in the lowest part of a Coven’s Den, as they have no requirements for growth other than a cold environment. In order to ‘Plant’ the seed, the Witches must enact a ritual involving restraining a man to the ground where they wish the Altar to grow from, and insert the seed into his stomach. From there, if uninterrupted, the seed will slowly drain the man’s life-force and begin to germinate, creating more cursed ice around itself, encasing the bones of the man. Melting Mended A greatly improved version of the Sabbath of Mending. Allows for the repair of broken bones and torn muscles, the closing of larger wounds and even the replacement of lost toes, fingers, teeth, tongue, eyes and ears. This Sabbath first requires an offering of flesh to the Altar before it may be performed, must have been harvested within the past week. If it is used to replace teeth, a specific offering of bones or teeth must be given to the Altar. If it is used to replace a tongue, it requires the offering of muscle tissue, preferably another tongue. Redlines Sister’s Scream The sabbath of the Sister’s Scream allows a witch to use their total energy to harness and amplify the connect between that of the altar and all witches connected. A witch begins to connect herself to that of the Altar, searching through the branches of the tree to find the trunk, once connecting herself to it, she can begin to expend her energy to connect all branches to herself. By doing so, she connects herself momentarily to her sisters and mothers, giving her a grace message of 10 words or less. Once complete, a witch would drain herself of all mana, depleting her of any access to her other gifts and magics. However, if done with another sister or mother, a witch would simply lose access to her witchly gifts until a long rest. Redlines Cursed Ice Cursed Ice, while being an important to those who have obtained the Fjarriauga curse, is rather hard to come by. The ice can be created by a witch who has achieved the status of Witch Mother, although this is not the most proficient way to do this. Cursed Ice can be removed from an Altar as it grows from it naturally. While generally not having a malleable form, Cursed Ice's form can be manipulated in very few ways. Most often the ice can be worked with during a Sabbath or when it is near an Altar, albeit moving very slow as it wants to retain it's rigid shape. Cursed Ice has been known to give off a chilling aura and has even been known to alter and freeze over the area close to it. Naturally, Cursed Ice has a resistance to heat and can generally only be destroyed by Holy Fire. Holy based magics will interact with Cursed Ice as if it were regular ice, melting it over time as well as weakening it. If the quantity of cursed ice is small enough it has been known to be destroyed or melted easier. Familiars The Sematary Sabbath This sabbath serves the purpose of creating your familiar. Beneath the necessary altar, usually a large oaken tree, the corpse of your desired familiar is presented. Be it a cat, dog, or even bird, the spirit of a forgotten witch comes forth to collect the corpse before carrying it off. During this part of the sabbath process, the dead creature is transformed into it's familiar state, presented back to the witch following it's bodily conversion. Redlines Familial Glamour The art of the Familial Glamour is a relatively straightforward and easy task for the witch's familiar. Presented as a way for the familiar to hide itself when discovered, or even to simply differentiate itself from other familiars, the Familial Glamour allows the familiar to change it's appearance to any creature of the same form, though only altering it's cosmetic appearance. Redlines All For One When near your familiar, the Witch will find the wind is blowing in her favor. Her familiar’s presence gives her a bit of an edge, but not only that, but a clear state of mind – knowing they are there to help her every step of the way. Redlines Rebirth and Reconstruction Due to their twisted curse a Witch wjill be turned away by the Monks of the Cloud Temple - forcing them to resort to other means of resilience. Their curse does not end so soon, and does not aleve with ease. The curse acts almost like a sentient being as it finds anyway to endure, to survive. Upon death, the Witch’s soul exits the body as expected, however, the witch will find her soul being anchored back towards the altar in which she was closest to when she died. Upon reaching the altar, the Witch re-manifests in an incorporeal state, known as a Banshee, and will be hardly visible to anyone besides other Witches. From this point, the Banshee moves with the soul purpose of reforging their physical coil. TO do this they prey upon nearby animals, each meal bringing them closer back to this realm. Larger animals, such as deer, wolves, and bears, usually only require one or two for the Banshee to reform. Because the Banshee is largely incorporeal, it is impossible for any of these beasts to kill it, however, larger animals take more time to slow down and kill. Once the Banshee has consumed enough flesh, they will re-form into the Witch at the base of the Altar. Should a witch die by means of fire she will find herself locked in a dark space. Unable to move, unable to speak, unable to do just about anything. It is hot here and is agonizing for the witch to endure, but she cannot scream; she cannot escape. This lasts for eons in their time as only seconds pass for anyone in the mortal realm. The only way a witch can escape this fate is by the Resurrection Sabbath. Should no witches gather to perform the Sabbath the fallen will be doomed to spend her waiting period in this dark incubation space. The Degradation of Witches For reasons unknown, sometimes when Witches or Witch Mothers leave their coven or disappear for long periods of time, rather than starting their own coven or, in the case of a Witch, developing into a Mother, they degenerate. During this degeneration period, they will naturally gravitate towards ice and snow biomes, and become feral. While they are feral, they have no capabilities of thought or reason, and function solely on instinct. Their curse becomes dormant, and they lose the ability to disguise or control ice and snow. They will attempt to kill any living thing they come in contact with, their will being tied solely to their ravenous hunger. Witch Mothers are naturally drawn to any nearby ferals, as they are the only thing the feral will not attempt to kill on sight. Witch Mothers can re-curse the feral witch to restore their sanity, however they must first take the feral on a hunt or feed them with meat they’ve brought in advance. ((This is to make sure who is and isn't active so we know when to recruit and when players come back they can be brought back into the fold ICly and be refreshed on the lore. This is not used to punish inactive players, but to make sure returning players know the current lore and can be brought back into the fold ICly if they so wish.)) Redlines Feral Feral response is a Witch’s form of “fight or flight”. When a witch is in a dire situation where it is live or die, feed or starve, they may enter this feral mode depending on the situation at hand. When a witch goes feral she will be trapped in a savage guise of their true ice form and be unable to cast any of their Frost Witch magic or any other magic they may also have. During this mode a witch however get a few different sets of abilities which she may use to her advantage depending if she chooses to fight or flight. However the decision to enter this last stand is a hard one as the witch loses a part of herself and feeds into the beast inside - becoming savage and incapable of greater thinking while in this form. Her only goal is survive. Her only goal is eat. It is important to note that a witch who has not feasted on the flesh of men within the last week she will be unable to use this form. Redlines Helheim Helheim is the realm within the altar which houses the fallen souls of all Fjarriagua. Inside the realm of Helheim one would find an endless wasteland of ice and snow - the sound of howling winds and faint feminine weeps are all that most would hear. However, when one enters into the realm of Helheim or a witch’s spirit finds its way here then they will find a castle. This castle seems to grow and grow with the size of the curse, inside each room holds the soul of a witch no longer of this world. Sometimes this eternity is worth it when a witch has lost all she has, and many witches will take a quiet goodbye and seek refuge in the realm of Helheim, essentially killing themselves. Witches can travel in and out of the realm of Helheim with the assistance of sabbaths and their fellow witches, but a non-Witch would find themselves unable to escape upon entry. Helheim passively feeds off the energy of the fallen witch’s souls to power the sabbaths and altar. Living Witches who venture into Helheim will find themselves passively being sapped of their energy the longer they stay. Redlines Vitalum Vitalis - The Resurrection Sabbath If a witch was to be succumbed to fire causing her death, she’d find it impossible to resurrect herself on her own. The pain of the fire being too much for the witch to endure, causing her soul to deeply burrow within the altar. Only being able to come back to the physical realm via the Resurrection Sabbath. The resurrection sabbath would require one mother and two witches to initially lift the deceased witch's soul. If the witches plan raising more than one coven member in the same moment, they would require two additional witches for each one they wish to bring back. The sabbath consists of the woman to be standing immediately near the altar. They would focus on whom they wish to bring back, chanting her name with intent to see her once more, or as if she’s lost and they’re trying to bring her home again. The call of her sisters would be the only thing strong enough to re-anchor the witch back. Once done, a fine snow would begin to form on the altar, soon materializing their body on the altar in a matter of moments. It would take an out of character week for her to get her power back to where they once used to be. Redlines Progression of the Curse Fledgling The beginning of the curse upon the potentially new witch. As the curse set in, on the first day a bluish colored bruise would initially lay present on her nape, cold to the touch. As the curse has begun to develop, her gums would then ache as new set of teeth began to grow into the witch's maw. Shortly after the color of her hair begins to shift as the curse further progressed on her soul. The last step happens towards the end of the transformation. The skin in close perimeter of her bruise would begin to darken to a deep blue, quickly transforming her skin into a corpse like grey, spreading over herself in an in character day as the final step of her transformation finished. The curse would take an entire year in character to fully develop fully onto her body, each step taking approximately a little over one and a half days out of character. If the curse does not take a hold of her soul well, the symptoms would quickly fade instead of manifest deeper. The mental state of the woman would begin to waver during the time she is a fledgeling as well. All progressing fledglings will begin to grow psychopathic tendencies towards all men at the end of the transformation period, regardless of what they feel towards the man there will always linger a disconnect in the back of her mind. She will still hold friendships with females, but they would feel slightly more distant as they mostly converse with other coven sisters. Redlines Sister of Snow The witch is no longer a baby, but still has much to learn. During this time the young witch can begin to learn how to better manipulate and conjure ice from all around her. She is still too weak to attempt anything more complex, but during this time she’ll find her ability to disguise has greatly improved and she will find herself with more options at her disposal. Redlines Winter Witch After becoming more accustomed to the magic, a Witch’s flat abilities plateau. A witch will find herself slowly grasping the ability to perform ice magic over the course of an OOC month and it will become almost like second nature to them. A Witch will remain in this tier for the rest of their life, only to advance if they take upon themselves the mantle of Witch Mother. During this same time she will find herself able to adjust her disguises and broaden her aesthetic palette. Redlines The Witch Mother d̵̡̡̨̨̡̨̨̛̰̳̻͈̣̲̻͇͍͇̦͇̙̯̋̾̌͑̐̀͝e̴̙̖̼͉͛̀̊͑͛͑̓z̴̨̲̝̝̺͎͚̳̫̻͕̟̹̭̱̼̳͈̗̥̥̑̐͐̇̂̓̕͜h̷͈͉̣̾̎͗̾̓̇͐̄̏́̂͘͠a̶͎̝̱̥͈̹͕̬̲̹̖̳̰̐̉̓͆̊̅̔̊͝n̸̡̨̗͉̜͇̹̯͇͖̥͈̰͕̮̆̋̆̎̿̍̉͒̄͆̃͋̀̌̂͘͘͝͝͝͝ơ̷̡̯̼̙̖̩̞̥͆͆̔͒̔̽̓̋͐̀͌̌̄͜r̵̢̧̢̨̨̨̝̞̳̱̜̣̣͙͙̬̼̯̩͍̲̟̅̋̇̀̈́̈̌͆̓̎͐̾̋̽͒̄̚͝͠͝͝ệ̸̼̀̑͐ The Witch Mother is the apex of Fjarriagua. Leading their coven and daughters with their increased skills from the curse and ability to, obviously, spread the curse to new women. Normal witches will often find as they grow older that their power is lacking or that they feel they have not met their full potential, as this happens they begin to develop potential to become a Witch Mother and ascend into the leadership roles of their coven. Witch Mothers are noticeably stronger than normal Witches in their frozen habitats as they have taken the final leap into the curse and have allowed themselves to become a tool for its germination. A Witch Mother rises most often in times of need, when the other Mothers have gone missing or died over the years. Other times, Mothers are made when lone Witches are in desperate need of company, of sisterhood. During the weeks leading up to her official ascension the Witch will feel her powers growing, will find herself being drawn to the altar more often than not, and will begin to find themselves taking closer notice of the mortal women around her. Redlines Miscellaneous The Rune - Mother Only The rune of Khaz’vrashi is a crimson seal that aids in effectively slotting a blockage in the main pipeline, unable to be carved off via average means and only viable by a Frost Mother versed in her arts; in Fi’tayrna’s studies came to an end, she hadn’t disclosed the rune, only a single part of it; it wasn’t until hunters had managed to come across the lair where the Mother lay dead and the witch bound by chains, having consumed a partial sect of her abdomen and ultimately killing herself in her state of madness. In his love for another Frost Mother the partial Blood Mage decided to spend a dozen days and nights revising the rune, and eventually, manipulating it into forming a prototype; The completed rune, capable of aiding the Frost Mother in blocking the Witch’s prowess in their art without subsequently killing herself in the process. Fi’tayrna, lacking life, her prowess lived on in the form of an art capable of moderating Frost Witches alike; all she desired, was the ability to bend the curse. The seal works once the Mother has engraved a crimson seal akin to the Khaz’vrashi unto the Witches back right between the shoulderblades -- to the exact line, and detail. Their palm planted to the center of the seal and wherein the Shade corrupts the aura of others, festering it with their ill blight the Mother literally absorbs the cursed aura bound to the Witch which initiates a spark in their pipeline to the curse, causing it to falter, and pause all together with an eldritch veil preventing the blockage from uprooting without the manifestation being unblocked via the Mother, which in turn sparks the curse once more, shattering the blockade and subsequently having the ethereal seal fade. During the time in which a witch’s magic is sealed, they may not manipulate nor summon ice or snow. They may use one, simple disguise, the disguise is physically taxing for them to use, and must be exactly the same to their form before they were cursed. They may not sense another Frost Witch or Mother in disguise. If a mother seals a witch’s magic and leaves the server or goes afk, (/seen offline for more than 2 weeks) the mark will fade automatically. If the Witch Mother who uses the mark PKs, the mark will fade. Two Witch Mothers may come together and remove the rune from a witch in the event of a worse case scenario. Redlines Favors When a witch is caught in her disguise and called out for her truly wicked nature she will always be forced to offer a favor in exchange her secret be kept. A witch must be discovered in her disguise in the act of doing something specifically witchy in order for this to be valid. If someone should accept the favor they have the freedom to ask for just about anything in return the witch could logically provide. As long as the favor doesn’t put herself or another witch in harm’s way or require her to perform sexually then all other’s er favors are fair game. When accepting a favor, once the witch successfully completes her end of the deal then the other person would be completely unable to speak of that witch’s true nature to anyone, ever again. Redlines TL;DR: Changelog: Upon Implementation: Credits CactusGreen / Devdog, Slayology, Starfelt for their loads of assistance writing this piece. All the lore writers of these pieces, thank you for the road paved for me: Original Lore by Urara Frost Witch Addition by Meguzara https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/159922-✓-frost-witch-addition-cursed-ice-the-witchs-altar/ Frost Witch Self Moderation by Tsuyose https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150748-the-fjarriauga-self-moderation/ Enchaning the Curse by Chihiros https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166700-✓-frost-witch-addition-enhancing-the-curse/ © Luv Lore
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