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  1. lady hear me tonight lizard dance one hour loop

  2. first xddddd yes, slay, boots the haus down gaga! but, honestly i support any little material additions to magic schools - ESPECIALLY, the void. you always do these really well, imo. +10
  3. luv me, luv me, say that you luv me? uwu

    1. Gemini


      fool me, fool me, go on and fool me

  4. so, essentially just blue fire but for water evocation?
  5. removing spiking is great, i always thought that was a terrible addition to the lore and something like golemancy doesn’t need ig-moderation things like that. hopefully this revives the magic, i know it’s supposed to be a dwarven based magic, but with that runs into similar issue that shamanism did. some questions thought… do the people being grandfathered have golemancy/ever were golemancers? is it going to be on dwarven characters? is the intent of grandfathering these people to expand the magic into different communities, if so, which ones? just some stuff i’m curious about as a many time former golemancer.
  6. anyone interested in playing an ice atronach? hit us up! @DISCOLIQUID


    discords; Luvvy#0001 Discoliquid#9251 ✨

    1. Amayonnaise


      If only my timezone were more adequate

  7. just getting into atronach forging, but i always support expanding the artifcery feats. +1
  8. paralyzer by finger eleven

    1. alexmagus


      the kid named finger:

  9. looking for someone to play a telekinetic atronach, if interested hmu on discord Luvvy#0001 🤍

    1. Shontohun


      Interested!!! Whats a telekeontic astraunaut?

  10. as the OG corcitura girlie, i welcome any fleshing out of this feat/creature. plus, i’ll always and forever be a Zarsies x Mordu collaboration fangirl, sooo- +5
  11. wow, the lore writing diversity and unique concepts, from you? we luv to see it! +1
  12. Luvvy


    staph ittttt!!!! you play tew meeeeeech o3o
  13. An ivory haired woman would run her hand along the tapestry which was hung by silver curved hooks. The woman’s jaw was clenched intensely as her teeth grinned against one another as her visage twitched and flushed with her emotions. ”Perhaps, I’ve been neglecting my duties… Time to clean up, yet another, mess I didn’t make.” A heavy sigh escaped her lips and her eyes heavily fell shut before she turned on her heel in the direct of the door.
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