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  1. Kebab

    The King's Ultimatum

    Chill, we just slipped and accidentally rebelled. It’s a common mistake.
  2. I, Lord Augustin of House Falkenrath, Count of Laria, swear fealty to Curonia, House Devereux, and the Ducal Throne of Curon. I shall serve as a loyal vassal to the patriarch of House Devereux and Duke of Curon, from this moment until death. My house shall be bound to House Devereux as its vassal for all of posterity. My sword is his to command. My house is his to protect, and my banner are his to summon. I shall uphold the Virtues of Curonia, and live beneath the eternal guidance of our Paragons and the light of our God. The Green Tide Rises, for we stand as one. Ave Curonia.
  3. [!] A feathery shadow circles the azures above Oakshade, its gradual downwards spiral upon the nearby stoneworks seemed akin to the orange cascade of leaves in autumn as the setting Sun glimmered behind its wings. As it drew closer, the near-kaleidoscopic array of brown, grey, and white became apparent. Its cerulean-tinted eyes gawked at you from a nearby stone pedestal as it extended its right hind where a small note would be tied. “To whom it may concern, I pray this message reaches you without much hindrance. It is with great humility that I introduce myself as Arcadius, formerly known by a different alias though it has long been discarded. Personal avowals have compelled me to request my admittance to the Manticore Initiative, a deep-rooted and experiential hatred of the multitudes of beasts and horrors that plague our world and the many worlds prior. In spite of my lacklustre combat prowess, I wish to offer my services to the Initiative. Such as it is. Sincerest Regards, Arcadius” (Out-Of-Character) Character Name: Arcadius Minecraft Name: Soviet Fish
  4. Eligius R. Woolwich would lean upon his marred walking stick, a bloodied bandage wrapped around his Achilles. An expression of dismay on his visage as he pens a note to Ser Hakon, rejecting his help.
  5. The Almarian Maestry “Whither now are thy blades, Talon, oh Talon? Has thy legacy now been long forgone? Dearly shall they miss the Sapphire moonlight, Till cometh the end of their plight.” - Eligius, of the departure from the Sapphire Halls. Chronicle Purpose of the Maestry “To prepare the aspiring but youthful. To uncover that which is yet known.” Bygone are the eras whence the mastery of Orenian blacksmiths be revered, whence blades were wrought not merely for purpose of battle, but that of artistry. No longer have our iron-forgers sought to extend the limits of their knowledge and craft. And for too long have Men idled, marvelling at the intricacies of elven-work or the strength of dwarven-craft without themselves, seeking to challenge with their own make. Such can be attributed to the founding of the Almarian Maestry, a society whose patrons seek wholly to address two paramount purposes above all; a dutiful urge to uncover the mysteries long enshrouding the metals of this world, and the requisite of passing their skills to another. “To unearth that which is lost.” With the great migrations to the Isles, comes the opportunity for discovery. A land yet untouched by the likes of our people, many riddles lay yet doubtful, enshrouded in thick layers of mystery. Forges of a bygone era remain unkindled for many an age, longing for the warmth of flame in its heart. Blades once wielded by great men cast aside, left to rust in the chambers of some forgotten ruin. Metals in the greatest of depths awaiting to be mended by the hands of its discoverers. Such are but a few of the secrets this lands of Axios has to offer the keen blacksmith. The Maestry, then, seek not only the excellence of its elected craft, but also its lore and history. “To reward that which is deserved.” Founded upon ideals of meritocracy and peasant artistry, the Maestry was borne out of a great yearning for opportunity. A lasting desire amongst the common peasantry of Lorraine for industry, one that they have been bereft of for many an age. The Maestry seeks then to fill this gap and to reward this longing for work where it is deserved. OOC The out-of-character purpose for the Maestry is to create an environment where players may partake in authentic Blacksmithing roleplay, based on a combination of realistic procedures and fantastical lore. Our activities include regular iron forging, metallurgy, apprenticeships, cave exploration, lore-writing, and so on. The Oath For those who willingly come before the forges of the Maestry seeking only the modest livelihood of an Almarian blacksmith, an oath shall be taken, as it was by Talon Woolwich ere the founding of the Guild in the early years of Lorraine: “From vast battles I am come to Summerhall; To the fire amongst golden fields; And here shall I hold to my duty As ironsmiths of Old; Seeking only Mastery over flame and metal. To prepare the aspiring but youthful, To uncover that which is yet known, To unearth that which is lost, And to reward that which is deserved. Verily, shall I keep this pledge to heart Until another releases me Or death take me.” Ranks Initiate Addressed as ‘lancio’, a derivation of traditional Auvergnian and influences from the Common Tongue. This title is typically given to but the most verdant of the Maestry’s members, whom have yet to join the apprenticeship of a more veteran guild blacksmith. Such rights are given to those who hold these titles as access to the Guild’s public premises and facilities, though they are prohibited from metalwork. The sole purpose of an Initiate then is to seek out an artisan willing to tutor them in the art of smithery. Apprentice Addressed as ‘apprenti’ by their seniors, members who hold this title are fledglings of the Guild, ‘lancios’ under the wing and supervision of a recognized blacksmith. Typically, upon the naming of an apprentice, a ceremony is conducted where they are gifted a hammer and pliers, each bearing the Maestry’s mark. Other administrative matters as the teaching of the lesser passwords are also settled, permitting them to enter but a few of the Guild’s rooms. (The Iron Vaults, Hall of Talon, etc) Members who have attained this title are expected to upholds the values of the Guild, training to polish their own skills under the wisdom of their tutor. Novitiate Commonly pronounced ‘noviciat’ by Maestrians, these people are the aspirants of the Guild, recognized for acquiring some skills in craftsmanship but still a far cry from their more senior accomplices. Such guild members may often be found under the tutorage of their trainers, and are distinguished from lancio and apprenti by a surcoat bearing the hammer and anvil. For the more keen-eyed or learned, however, a noviciat’s hammer will bear their tutor’s name carven into its wooden handle. As with all promotions, the noviciat are taught the full extent of the lesser passwords, allowing them entry to most of the Guild Hall. Yet, they are also expected to maintain a high degree of expertise and discipline as they have been taught beforehand, aiming now to take the next step in their Blacksmithing careers as artisans. Artisan The first of the meister ranks, these Maestrians have achieved excellence in their craft, rewarded now with the right to tutor their more juvenile brothers. Traditionally, while they are required to have at least one apprentice, other activities as experimental research, ruins raiding, and cave delving may be conducted to better their understanding of the art. Veteran Pronounced ‘vétéran’ by the Maestry’s more native members, they are deemed the elites by most of the Guild. While their responsibilities do not differ much from that of an artisan, these Guild members are given the right to attend Meister Guild Meetings if they so choose and have access to a large portion of the Guild’s resources. Additionally, veterans are permitted entry to such areas as the Sapphire Hall, where the Guild’s finest works are displayed, and the Crying Forge. Meister Maîtriser, the finest blacksmiths the Maestry has to offer, they are recognized greatly for skill and craftsmanship for those who have the opportunity to witness them, and represent the Maestry’s council. A maîtriser may be distinguished by a golden necklace hung around their necks, with the likeness of a phoenix with wings spread out. While they have the right to hold an apprentice, which most often do, they are also highly devoted to the research of their crafts, in such areas as metallurgy and enchanting. Their goal then is to better the Maestry’s understanding of the metals this world has to offer them, so as to improve the strength of their craft and educate the younger generations. Grandmeister The Grandmeister, or Granmaîtriser is the chief of the Guild, overseeing all of its operations. Few have held this title, with the likes of Talon R. Rutherford and Eligius ‘Dwarven-kind’ Woolwich once bearing the honour. Currently, a dwarf by the name of Dargrind Floreck holds the title. Recruitment Minecraft Username: Character Name: Real Age: Character Age: Character Profession (and tier): Skype (compulsory): Previous Blacksmithing RP experiences: Reasons for wanting to join the Maestry: ___________________
  6. With regards to Nexus professions.

  7. With regards to Nexus professions. 


  8. Socialism for America.

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    2. Kebab


      I'm not saying the government should let them in willy-nilly, that would be disastrous. I'm saying that immigrants should be subjected to a case-by-case investigation before being allowed into the country, instead of banning them completely until you can figure something out which is inhumane. Also, it's a fair point that his statements alone don't discredit his ideas, but: http://fortune.com/2015/12/23/donald-trump-plan-tax-policy-center/http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/donald-trumps-tax-plan-great-donald-trump

    3. Bagley


      How is it inhumane? They have their own nations, and we have ours. If they wished to better themselves as a people, they would work towards improving the situation in their country of origin. It is not the responsibility of the American nation to accommodate hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

    4. Kebab


      It's the responsibility of humans to help other humans as best as they can, within the limit of reason, if I might add. Banning them from an entire country is not acting within the limit of reason. The immigrants, particularly the refugees hold no political power to make a change in their country and frankly, I doubt the belief in those countries is large enough to amass a revolution large enough to instill change. They, like the predecessors of a lot of Americans, came to America to "better themselves as a people" because they seek the opportunities your country is known for providing. They seek the American Dream (which has died a while ago imo).

  9. Vote Sanders 2016

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      Anakin was an illegal immigrant from Tatooine. A wall would have stopped the rise of the Empire.

    4. PoorYeb
  10. Reflection (2015) - Self-portrait in compressed charcoal.
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