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  1. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    Why I might leave LoTC

    So you want admins to ban or punish or disallow people from being racist to IRP races? You want canonism to be forced to change just because of IRP views? Seriously? No. If you feel distressed or hurt by something that happens in a pixel game of play pretend then you honestly need to stop playing. Go play some other more carebear friendly server where admins will curb stomp rp just because they're afraid of offending people.
  2. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    The Political Entities of Atlas 0.9

    Austrasia added
  3. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    Writ of Excommunication

    "Directly to the pontiff? If you report them to a local priest it may take time to make it's way up the bureaucracy so i would recommend dropping by Cardostadt and speaking with the pontiff directly about it." a man further replied.
  4. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    Writ of Excommunication

    "If you have evidence of these acts then please report them to the church so that it may be investigated further" A man said.
  5. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    A silent throne room.

    Hello fellow monkey
  6. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    A silent throne room.

    ((I'm confused, is that something that happened in the server or what? I don't remember telekinesis being this powerful, sounds like red lines were crossed several times maybe? Also it seems odd that the guards didn't just call guard default and downed the intruder since this is usually what happens?))
  7. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    [Plugin Ideas] Thirst & Compass

    Yes please
  8. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    Defender Default Proposition

    no lol
  9. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    Questions On The Landscar That Was Curon

    Vege had it but he lost a wc against renatus and so its renatus, i think mog gave it to one of his vassals. Not sure who though
  10. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    New RP Conduct and OOC Platform

    Tbh the whole consent thing is bullshit and overly abused. This one guy came into our town and murdered several people, he was known as a serial killer for a long while and we have captured him and publicly executed him several times already, despite none of his deaths being suspicious or power gamed or meta-gamed, he refuses to pk. Let's recap, this is someone who purposely goes into a town and kills characters, gets caught and executed, SEVERAL times. And yet refuses to pk. This sort of stuff is just straight up stupid. At some points the mods would have to stomp their foot on the ground and tell people that they cant just not pk because they don't want to, especially when the cause of their death is very much of their doing (aka murdering people and getting caught) I don't mind people not pking if say they died when they went somewhere and someone randomly showed up and killed them, or during an event. However when you do villain roleplay against several people, get caught and executed. It does not feel right if people have to catch you several times again, it breaks immersion and it reinforces the notion that your character's action have literally no consequences, since you can just go do whatever you want and never have to worry about losing him or her. This is utterly stupid and it needs to be addressed.
  11. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

    ¸poor marimba, he is a cool dude but he will almost certainly become 501's shield against criticism, he will be bombared by complaints and critics. He doesn't deserve all the poo poo he is about to get thrown at lol.
  12. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    The Political Entities of Atlas 0.9

    Snorland was added. Can't wait to start expanding september's blob as the eventline progresses
  13. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    I felt incredibly strongly I needed to say this

    I remember when i first told zombie about lotc he made fun of me!!
  14. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    The Rising Tides

  15. Holy_Orenian_Empire

    Imperial Declaration

    Hello citizens of My grandiose political establishment, this is your supreme kangz Tyrone speaking. It has come to my attention recently that, a group of filthy pagan deranged druidic filth have laid claim on the jungles of the north, SHIEEEEEEEEEH i said. These are MINE, their leader. The so called "September" will not be alive for long if he dont give up now and go back to sleeping in his mommas bed. No pagan filth will be tolerated within the borders of his supreme kangness, NO AMOUNT OF ASSOCIATION WITH THIS FILTH WILL BE TOLERATED. If you or someone you know has collaborated with this vile enemy of the state, said individual will be sent in our special re-education camps. If this druidic filth percist, god willing we shall burn every single tree that is within our land and hang all the filthy animals from poles. People, grab your weapons and be ready for war. This is a divine war, a sacred war. All men and wamens above the age of 15 are OBLIGATED to serve in the people's national defense force. Furthermore, the position of supreme commander of the kangz's armed forces has been delegated to the grand warrior Hurduurr!! For his proven valor and courage in dealing with the druidic scum when it has arised! Saint Clownth and GOD is on our side! Deus vult! In nomine de Tyrone I of his name