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  1. Celticwolf1990

    Your View: Raid Rules Update

    I don't know how to feel about these proposed raiding rules. I've always wanted raiding to work because I know it can generate RP, but every raid I've ever witnessed has gone south. They always have had moderators called in where upwards of an hour was spent bickering and name calling in OOC. Not to mention, in every raid, we couldn't manage to rally more than two or three people against the attackers in very good armor. Then, not everyone wants to PvP. I know people who will just simply log off when the PvP happens or hide in their basement and just wait. I personally don't think that every player should have to PvP if their character wouldn't. I mean, how many women or children in most nations are actually going to go fight? Not to mention, I know a lot of raids start out with a "lol I'm bored lets go raid." because I've heard them say it. Another encounter I had started the same way and they grabbed a huge group of guys and swooped into a settlement of only 3-4 people and we ended up hiding in our own individual buildings because the people that were raiding were known "PvP Nuts" and we knew they had god-tier armour. I'm not saying raiding should be removed, I'm not saying that RP should be done in its place, I'm not saying anything at all. I'm just listing my own personal experiences with raids during my stay here at LotC. I believe in the freedom of roleplay and being able to do things that make sense, like having raids. I'd just like to see something that works.
  2. Yo, making new character. Not big into PvP. What are the more active nations? Can't tell anymore.

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    2. Celticwolf1990


      Haven't decided the race. Just want active RP and would be willing to go most anywhere to get it.

    3. PiousChorale_


      Sutica, Veris, Haense, Norland, Orcs, Wood Elves, Druids - Those are the active settlements over the past 5 days.

    4. RatKiller


      Honestly anyone commenting on this thread is going to shill for their own hub. Visit all the hubs and make a decision according to the RP you find there

  3. Celticwolf1990

    [Guild Charter] Thieves Guild

    Alina signed
  4. With the holidays just around the corner, I have a word of advice for all of you. Without a doubt, there are some of you who come on here as an escape from the real world and I've been there. Regardless of you coming here as an escape or not, everyone needs to spend as much time with their family or close friends in your area as possible.

    A lot can happen in the course of a week, let alone a year. Try to do something like go to a church dinner or go to a coffee shop and enjoy a drink with friends. The curse of hindsight gets worse as you age and I sometimes look back and regret having squandered the precious time I had.

    Keep it real, dudes and have a happy holidays. 

  5. I for one welcome our new Orenien Overlords. (/) (°,,°) (/)

    1. Neri


      you should ask the elves how orenian overlords are. I dont think they even have to pay taxes...

    2. BenghisKhan
  6. I don't care who won, this is just a video game, not to mention a minecraft role play server, but it isn't fair to anyone involved in war claims to have this sort of lag issue. I really think there should be fundamental changes to the war claim system and that I'm highly skeptical any coding fixes are the solution here at this point in time. This happens at every war claim I go to and I'm not really inclined to waste any more of my time with them anymore.

    1. RatKiller


      Refer to my posts on the war system 

    2. Pureimp10


      Remember the adrians....

    3. reformed_gamer


      tbh you sound pretty salty doggi dude

  7. Celticwolf1990

    The Frostbeard Clan

  8. Two moderators told the people who negotiated the war claim that they had the right not to show up. I'm very disappointed in everyone's behavior today, from all sides, including staff. 

  9. mah premium pvp faction server fun

  10. Celticwolf1990

    [Complete]Selling a big piece of farmland.

    In very fine and skilled penmanship an addition to the poster is added "You cannot sell land that is owned by the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. You merely live on our land that we have graciously allowed you to live on to you and charged a simple tax for. Any sale of your leased land will not be officially recognized. If you have issue with this, contact myself. With regards, Grand Merchant Vondan Frostbeard."
  11. Riga has turned into the largest RP hub of Oren since Felsen began its renovations. Its in the Duchy of Courland, formerly known as Duchy of Vanahiem (I liked this name better).

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    2. Salvo


      bahahahah stauntons


    3. Nolan_


      That's not the rp you want

    4. pbuh


      Riga has trash builds, is planned awfully, and no one's actually there.

  12. After bringing up my concerns about the staff in the recent Q&A, I'd really like to see the administrative team take action against an obvious problem that has been occurring as of late.

    1. Space


      The abuse of fast travels? Yeah, I think that's the point.

    2. Celticwolf1990


      You're very cheeky and I don't appreciate the sass and disrespect people give each other on the server. Please, if you cannot be constructive and polite, keep it to yourself.

    3. Space