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  1. Lil Nugget

    [ET Art & Writing Contest] Seasons of Atlas

    ooo reserved
  2. Lil Nugget

    Kry's Bust Stuff

    space daddy
  3. Lil Nugget

    Kry's Bust Stuff

    Hey hey I just downloaded a new art software, with a new-ish stylus, and I’m broke. So why not try to make a mina or two off of practice! I’ll do busts of your characters for 300 mina a pop, feel free to PM me any requests or just put it bellow. The bust has a flat coloring, if you want shading that’d be an extra 100. Thanks! Request Format Character Description (be as descriptive as possible!): Character Sheet: Skin Screenshot: Extra Shading: Reference(s): One of my examples is bellow, and will be added to as requests are finished.
  4. Lil Nugget

    [Denied]Th3_11th For Staff

    Haven't talked to the guy in ages, hopefully he has become more mature since the last times we have spoken. Honestly I don't know. He tends to act childish in some regards and absolutely refuses to look at things from another angle. Very stubborn, and lacks the will to listen to evidence if it collides with his personal views on a subject. Toxic in some ways, especially when he doesn't get his way. I hope that you've at least grown up in some ways and become more open minded, but at the moment since I have only the past to go by I have to give you a -1
  5. Lil Nugget

    [Denied] Tahmas' MT Application

    +1 Why not?
  6. Lil Nugget

    [Denied] [Event Actor] 11th's ET App

    Alrighty, here we go. You are not fit to be any form of staff, at least not this point in time. From the few months I've known you, we haven't gotten along for various reasons. Your RP itself is repetitive and can get stale, I mean two of the many events you could have written were hunting events. When I decided to make my character infertile, you pulled everything out of your ass to essentially limit what I did with my character. You continued to micromanage everything I had planned, despite the fact you said I could do what I wanted and didn't give me any guide lines. If you become an ET, I fear you will do this with your events. Polite? You called me a *** when things didn't go your way during an argument about my character running away. Oh no, this wasn't once either. You have acted constantly and rudely to me and some of my friends, with obscene words and at times metagaming. Before you have any type of staff, you need to learn to grow the **** up. In the future, if you move past this you would be an amazing staff member. T11 you have good ideas, but you make them sound forced which rubs plenty of people the wrong way. However, at this point in time I don't believe that you are fit to be a staff member- and I'm certain several others agree with the very few points that I made. -1
  7. Lil Nugget

    Mylder's Gale

    Mylder’s Gale Mylder’s Gale | An Overview A collection of Bounty Hunter’s and Sellswords joined together to complete larger jobs and higher paying jobs. It also includes free housing, food, and drinks and jobs offered not even mentioning the rewards offered through other forms of ranking. Currently Mylder’s Gale has been around one year, and has been planned for a little over two. For those looking for work of any kind, or seek to offer some form of job to the Guild, they can send a bird to one of the three Founders. Leadership and Ranks Mylder’s Gale currently functions on a small set of rules, formed by the three Leaders, who are known as the Founders. The leaders are usually very respected among the members, although orders can often be shrugged off without much consequence. Unless agreed otherwise by the majority of the Guild, members of the guild may act on their own accord. Whether this is fighting in a battle without taking coin, or simply ignoring the request of a Founder or other guild member, they will not be removed from the guild. However, if they do an action and claim the guild will also take part in said action (I.e. Joining a side of a war and claiming the entire guild will fight on that side without speaking to the Founders first) they will be punished accordingly by one of the Founders. Ranks are earned from training and the completion of bounties or other paid services. Usually offered by the Founders themselves. The ranks, those currently in each rank, and brief descriptions of the rank, are listed here: Founder Acal Synalli Initiate Recruit Mabidar Code of Conduct and Punishments If there are no specific rules for an action, it is recommended that you seek one of the Founders. If said rule would be beneficial to the guild it will be written down and updated. I. Do not Steal from your Guild mates. Whether this is an item, claimed job, or anything else. First time offense, the member will return the goods or rewards and issued a verbal warning. Second offense will demote the member. Third offense will result in removal from the Mylder’s Gale. II.Do not slay or harm a guild member, unless it was an accident during sparring. If a guild member is attacked outside of a sparring match, depending on severity the member may be demoted or removed from the Guild. Murder will result in immediate removal, unless in an act of self defense. III.Do not engage in the kidnapping of an innocent, this is one of the few job that will result in immediate denial. If caught, the member will be immediately removed. A Founder must consult the other two leaders if they wish to create another rule/amend the current ones. Any Members may request a change, although it may not come to pass. OOC Note
  8. Lil Nugget

    [Complete][SLAVE] Snow Elf

    A certain someone doubts they could find all messages, and scratch them all off.
  9. Lil Nugget

    [Complete][SLAVE] Snow Elf

    A certain sister of this elf squints, "The ****. She's worth ten mina. Tops. Doesn't even drink right."
  10. Lil Nugget

    [Denied] Oh boy, Lhindir's MT app

    Oh god.
  11. Lil Nugget

    Sea Trading Guild

    Application Username: jESUSkryST Character name: Calypso Delevoye Character's race and age: Dark Elf, 12 Skill sets: I can make dollies! Major Nation Affiliations: I 'unno what that means. Skype: ((P sure you got it))
  12. Lil Nugget

    [Accepted] Cheshire reapplies once more

    Dunno why she was denied last time, but +1 again.
  13. Lil Nugget

    [✓] Land Charter App

    Zani Mauntel Signs! ((Kryyyyyy))
  14. Lil Nugget

    [Denied] Cheshire's need to be busy FM application

    +1. Yes.
  15. ****** correct your title right now. +1 good lad, bad son, gimme a new pocket.