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  1. “If I were to die, tell Reg to go **** himself.” Night fell in Leyu’celia, most of her citizens sleeping or inside their homes. A constant cry of agony echoed from the medical tent, unrelenting. The pain was too unbearable, far worse than the first time she had endured it. Black and White. The room around her being nothing but shapes, and colorless. Mumbled words, phrases, urges, pleads escaped a select few who helped her through the process. But the pain never stopped. She hissed and gripped tighter onto the sheets that she laid on, head swinging from side to side at the small reminders. “Push.” “Breath.” “Almost there!” The warhawke had tried, and tried. But it didn’t help. “The bleeding isn’t stopping.” “Hold on!” She couldn’t, rather refused to. The world around her dulling, losing form and melting. Each push causing her to lose more and more of the sense of where she was. The pain never stopped, only growing. Until, there it was. Loud, screaming and crying. It was successful, it was finally over. Everything was over. Her body was still, tears sliding out from one of her eyes. “It’s a girl.” “Is.. Is she gone?” The two voices echoed, and rang. But it was too late, the warhawkian woman had already given up. Her body limp, and unmoving, never to rise again from the bed that she had given life to her daughter. Chirr Devione, had perished. 12th Sun’s Smile, 1609
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    Trying out some new shading styles!

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      It replaces your mom, so.


      Like, 11 chars played, dunno how many are alive/activeish

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      I'm bringing you back to the dead, **** you.

    4. Lil Nugget

      Lil Nugget

      Back to the dead.

  7. @Nekkore Chirr screaming in distance.
  8. The Royal Administration of Norland After the Royal Inauguration of High King Donovan de Frey, a decree of the Royal Administration is to be made. The duties of the Krag’s administration will be the caretakers as well as law enforcers of the land. Along with these tasks, Stewards must keep in communication with the residents of the Krag as well as collecting their taxes. The well being of the city rests in the hands of those responsible enough to take on such an enduring task. The following list declares those who are assigned the responsibility and roles in the Krag: Emmissary: Raymond Ronjon (TheCollectivist) City Contractor: N/A Head Steward: Zani Lovet (Kryyyyyy) Steward: Ragnar de Autson V (Spanish101) Steward: Daitian Padaryn (Shunon_North) Along with the Royal Administration, there is to be court following on the The Amber Cold (Monday), Snow's Maiden (Wednesday), The First Seed (Friday). On the Court dates, citizens and guards may approach the King with any appeal or complaint and gain judgement from, his Benevolence. Upon the day that a Priest with a grand knowledge of the All-Father is acknowledged ceremonies and worship will be held on the seed of the Sun’s Smile (Sunday). [!] Official stamp of the Royal House Ruric ~ Donovan Ruric de Frey, High King of Norland ~ Zani Lovet
  9. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -RP- Name: Zani Lovet Age: 48 Race: Human Profession (N/A if none): Professional ass kicker Magics Known(N/A if none): N/A -OOC- Username: You know it. Any Additional Information: No.
  10. A black elf blinked, having to reread the poster several times over. She sunk backwards into her 'Ker Wolf, offering a loud sigh. "Dammit, now I won't be able to attack him with my cookies.. - or can I?" Her lips formed a smile, while a purple gaze flickered to the drawings at the bottom of the page.
  11. First of all, thank you so much for this feedback! I am fully aware of my previous issues towards the end of my time on the team, one I very much regret. But now seeing as I have more free time, I would love being able to help the new players again. Like said, I don't want to be a staff member for the sole reason of being a staff member. I find myself enjoying being able to help, and see new members continue down the road. once more, thank you Parion so much for this detailed comment! Once more, thank you for the feedback! I am more than okay with waiting if that need be the case, it's nothing like, "oh golly gee, I better get an answer within twenty four hours or I'll be made of salt." Nothing like that. Thank you also other people for the positive comments/feedback!
  12. Stop being a rep *****. *blushes* Thank you for actual feedback!