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  1. It does, but it seems to be inactive.
  2. A certain sister would mumble to herself "Showoff.."
  3. This, or the fact that they left LoTC as a whole. Unless you have another way to contact them, you won't find out when or if they return.
  4. Neri continues to squint at said flyer, beginning to regret going back to Linandria.
  5. Nerivys squints at the rather quickly made flyers, glancing up to Nyn with an elevated brow. "Should we mention that it's charismatic and speaks common?"
  6. Zani swears profusely to herself about 'that fucker and his ******* leg.' and 'I wish I had snapped his leg in two after I was thrown like paper into Dono fuckface.'. She seemed unhappy.
  7. Sweats
  8. MC Name: NotKryyyyyy List in Question: Arcane Evocation, Fire Error in Question: Character isn't listed as knowing said magic. Link to Magic Application (If Relevant): MC Name: NotKryyyyyy List in Question: Dark Arts, Soul Puppetry Error in Question: Character isn't listed as knowing said magic. Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):
  9. You are Satan.
  10. Jasmine screams internally.
  11. The Smoeni leader would grit her teeth, after being returned to the home mid-battle. Her side continuing to shed crimson liquid, as did her arm. It took several hours, and the sacrifice of another woman's nose before being successfully bandaged up. The Smoen figure would hiss up towards the Smoeni warrior, who had the bad luck of having to treat her. "Gather your sisters, and prepare to hold a prayer" She leaned back into the bed, releasing a puff of air. It wasn't long, when another young women entered, offering a sealed letter to the injured figure. "It is for you, Leopard." "Ahernug." Arezara took the letter, shooing the messenger off with a simple wave of her hand, beginning to open the letter, scanning it over with her discolored eyes. Her already bitter mood only worsened, her frame slowly moved up from the seat- beginning to place the furs back onto her shoulders. "She will be punished."
  12. Addition, If your character is a Smoeni, and leaves the Smoeni without getting banished, they will be hunted and killed by their previous family. We do not ask for an instant PK, but it would be preferred if it continues to happen.