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  1. Should be moved to the skin section in graphics.
  2. You're a dirty rep *****.
  3. Zani blinked, reading over the parchment multiple times. She placed the letter on the untidy desk, releasing a sigh while leaning back into her seat. Her orbs flickering around her smaller 'office', gently reaching to tug a journal from one of the nearby shelves. With a quick pull open of the empty book, and a swirl of quill in ink, she began to quickly write a personal letter to the new Queen. Once finished, she muttered a soft passage under her breath in the solitude of her home. "Maybe she can help me with this dammed smell."
  4. ^ That. Another note, congrats!
  5. Maddy if you make those gifs, I will actually sell my sister to you.
  6. Maddy is great person, and is very hard working. I believe she would have what it takes to actually remain active on the team, and get apps done. I haven't known her for all too long in complete honesty, but in that time she has proven over and over again what an amazing person she is. I hope that I see her become an AT. +1(00000)
  7. At first, I thought you were making Virgin lore.
  8. Zani begins to cough rather violently after spotting a sign.
  9. Prauta can always make a new char <3 (?) Also I'll stop now.
  10. One of the gays suggests she joins then ;)
  11. A very drunk Chirr salutes.
  12. o7
  13. +1
  14. Wtf, why is it rare? That RP gonna be normal.
  15. They originate from the deep forest, although they do not reside there. As they are nomads.