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  1. A young elfess remained seated, her knees held tightly to her chest. Even though her tears had ceased falling, the hurt remained. "First haelun passes, and now Jayce goes missing." She shook her head, not even bothering to watch the massive Ker wolf enter the room, one of the last things she still had that was her mothers. The Wolf laid down, it's tail wrapping protectively around the girl. The cub she didn't lose. Felyn leaned against Pastry and wept.
  2. Rip PK post, 2017-2017.

  3. A dark elf sighed, plodding back into her abode with a gentle sigh. She collapsed onto her couch causing raven hair to fly loosely from her shoulders. She rolled onto her back, lips forming a thin line. “They all left you.” A single voice purred, a tone she hadn’t heard since her early years. Nearly half a century had passed since then. She tuned it out, instead scanning her scarred hands. Each cut and slice she had inflicted all those decades ago. And for what, a boy? Foolish. Oh how foolish she was. “We don’t care about you, we gave you false hope because you were an oem’ii.” The second voice spoke in such a sweet tone. Her gaze shifted to the other side of the room, her kitchen. The elfess shook her head whispering to herself, “That’s a lie, I have lliran.” “Is it really? I’m engaged and working to become a druid. Is it selfish of me to live my life without you in it? Or are you so self-centered that you believe everything revolves around you.” Her ex-lovers voice cooed sending a shiver down her spine. She bit down onto her lower lip shaking her head once more. “You’re right. But I’m not alone.” “Yes you are haelun, not even Maln and I are with you.” A young woman’s voice replied, quickly and mercilessly. The elf didn’t even get to reply before another voice spoke. “You aren’t my sister. You never have been, and never will be. You’re a worm who lies and shares a false smile. You earn friends through trickery and foolishness, because you don’t want to admit that you are actually all alone, and that no one will ever have an interest in you whatsoever.” Her sister’s voice hissed. She snapped. She rose and moved towards the kitchen, sliding a knife out from it’s hold. She continued up the stairs, and called on her two ravens. She scribbled down hastily made notes placing them in the bird’s talons sending them off. She wasted no time, not giving the option for either of the two loved ones to rush back home, to try to stop what her final action would be, “Ancestors be with me.” She mumbled, carving the knife into her neck. To any Mali in ‘Ker nor, loud howling would come from the Cookelaria home, where they would find a deceased baker dead on the floor of her bedroom.
  4. I-I want one
  5. The Haelun of Nerrin swore under her breath as she learnt of the news, sinking back down into her seat of the chair she rested in while staring at the beaming sky. She shook her head, keeping her lips thinned and unreadable, "Nerrin's ex-lover killed herself. I believe our son may need someone to talk to- who is not my haelun." She spoke to her wife in a casual manner, before sighing. She had played a critical role in the death, but seeing as it hurt her oem'ii there were no regrets. "Andria!" She shouted again huffing.
  6. Male: Rowan, Dorian, Rhysand, Cassian. Female: Caelina, Aelin, Feyra, Nesta. :)
  7. ((OOC)) MCName: Uh, jESUSkryST_? I think that's the account. ((RP)) Name: Thessalia Elverhilin Reason to Join: Seeing as I never got to be part of it full time previously, I wish to rejoin. Please list your Magi Standard (Journeyman, Evoker, Etc): Journeyman. Have you read and understood the Codex: I have.
  8. +1. Yes.
  9. "Dammit, if only it was naked women.." Luna mumbled, her grin only growing. She was then quite possibly smacked by her wife.
  10. Dammit. Got my hopes up. Who is your favorite character (any character on LoTC, you can't pick Lefkos.) Why are you such a loser?
  11. Character Portrait Sketch, Polished, or Color: Color Color Details (if applicable): N/A Character Name: Calypso Delevoye Age: 8 Gender: Female Race: Dark Elf Link to Character's In-Game Skin (optional): Flowery Physical Description: A small girl with a wide smile, she wears a flower crown atop her hair that is cut by her shoulders. She has sweet features, and large purple eyes. Clothing (this will only be visible from the shoulders up): A green dress, with a cut that reveals her shoulders. Pictures/References: Other: N/A
  12. "OoOoh a wedding! I love weddings!" A certain Steward cheered, practically bouncing up and down after receiving her invitation.
  13. Race: Human Body Type: Muscular, stick-y, widest point at hips Extras (Earings, items , Pose): Anything sass-like. Skin Picture (I don't want to save your skin): Your compliment! ( Include @ So they know you talkin' crap) : @Nekkore You've put up with my **** for a long long time, and have given so much to this server as a whole. You took a 'break' for a while, dedicating your time to school and your studies. Sometimes I think we all need a lil reminder that LoTC isn't real.
  14. Chirr disapproves