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Lil Nugget

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  1. 3b03b7746668f0365166796fffb53b8f.png

    1. Harrison


      I really like your style - the smooth cartoony-ness and the thick lines are really pleasing to look at.

    2. Lil Nugget

      Lil Nugget

      Thank you! It's honestly one of my favorite styles to do.

  2. *sweats
  3. Esayla came to eventually know of her father's death. She frowned, not speaking to her mother as she darted across the hall to her room. One by one she began to pour mixtures of poisons out the window. The tiny half-elf leapt up onto her bed, pulling a pillow down to her chest. Truthfully, she was saddened that her Maln had perished but at the same time he was the man who cheated on her mother, and disowned his oem'ii for not a reason. In the end, he got what he deserved.
  4. ^
  5. Example Ballot: Okarir'mali: Cinh'llytn [] Tennallar Ilmoriel [] Abstain [X] Okarir'lin: Cinh'llytn [XX] Tennallar Ilmoriel [] Abstain [ ] Okarir'lliran: Varen'thal Ilmoriel [] Vuln'llyt Fi'talareh [] ((The Nameless One)) [ ] Abstain [X] Okarir'indor: Cenwall Glaeus [] Abstain [X] ~Medea Adil
  6. She knew that it would be soon. Everyone in the household knew somewhere, deep down that he had limited time. No one suspected how close of course. Deep down they knew- It was close. ******** A sleepless female trotted back and forth, in front of her very own bedroom. Her husband had began to look worse, and his fevers had worsened. More importantly, he had not risen. “Haelun” Her second daughter approached, still in her nightgown. She immediately went to hug her mother, giving an extra squeeze, “Garra is waking everyone else up, they should be here soon. How are you doing?” “Not too good.” Zani muttered softly. She resumed her pacing, fearing the worst. Percy had been ill for several years now, in the more recent months he seemed to worsen, “If.. something happens, promise me that you will let me talk to the mar’oemii?” “Of course,” Eona murmured, looking like an absolute mess. She’d been constantly worrying for her father, almost as much as her mother. Her hands shook a bit as she looked to the door with concerned eyes, already filled with tears of anxiety. “We’re here!” Garra shouted across the hall, practically pulling a half-asleep Laurance behind her. As one would guess, the girl wore a long and poofy pink sleeping gown- with the boy wearing something more similar to Eona. Clinging to Garra’s other hand moved the youngest child, dressed in lavender. “Haelun.. What is going on now?” Laurance asked groggily, pulling his arm away from his sister’s grasp. As if it was planned, the doctor stepped out from the room with an expression schooled into neutrality, “He isn’t going to make it.” He deadpanned, “I suggest that you all say goodbye..” Zani nodded, watching carefully as the doctor stepped aside allowing them to enter the room. They did as he said, stepping inside slowly. Zani’s face paled at the sight. Percy rested in the bed with a face almost as pale as hers, his eyes a cold mask of death. The children were quiet as their mother stepped forward. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t talk.. This was not the man she married all those years ago. His hair was now completely white, different than the brown she had grown to love. “He’s.. really not going to make it.” The words practically burnt the entire way they came up. Her gaze began to blur, she didn’t even notice that tears began to stream down her cheeks. “Maln isn’t..?” Laurance’s eyes grew wide, only coming to the realization as to why his elder sister woke him. He stepped up to his mother, resting a hand on her shoulder giving a light squeeze. He still clung to an argument he and his father had about the loss of Northmarch, but held his tongue for his family’s sake. Eona stared at her mother, unable to comprehend the emotions surging through her at the moment. She’s never felt this before, never felt such a loss, for she never cared about someone as much as her parents before they took her in. What was she to say, or do? How is she supposed to respond to this? “He looks so..” Garra trailed off, her gaze dropping to the floor. She picked Aerin up off of the ground, the child being too young to even understand the concept of death. “I..-I can’t.” Zani stuttered taking a step backwards. This was the one thing she had feared the most, not war, not her own death.. She couldn’t handle it. She turned, exiting the room, leaving the ‘children’ to give their final goodbyes to their father. Percius Mauntel 1576-1623
  7. Chirr snickers from the afterlife at Erolas's many titles.
  8. One Little Sprite Please Forum Name: Lil Nugget MCName: TheDarkestDelf Animated or Still: Animated Race: Half-Elf Gender: Female Skin: Is it Complicated: Nahh
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Application Username: jESUSkryST Character name: Calypso Delevoye Character's race and age: Dark Elf, 12 Skill sets: I can make dollies! Major Nation Affiliations: I 'unno what that means. Skype: ((P sure you got it))
  11. Name: Felyn Cookaria Age: Twenty-Two Race (if not mali'ker, an interview will be conducted before citizenship can be required): Mali'ker Notable skills and/or professions: Current Matriarch of the Cookaria Clan, Baking. How many will be housed under your name? (Please provide their names and information as well): Two, Balsam Cookaria. Nhildril Cookaria. Do you accept the Onyx Law and by extension the law of the Dominion?: I do. ((OOC)) MC Name: Kryyyyyy Other(s) MC Name(s): NotTrinnnnnn, _Owen Skype(s): You got 'em.
  12. A certain 'ker sighs from the Ancestral Plane.