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  2. Got a couple neat things coming up! Just got the sprites back for the YT Channel. I plan on doing a Character Spotlight series, and a Lore Series – if y’all have a character in mind, or a race that you want to see first, shoot me a message!

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  3. Mali’tos The Desert Elves Introduction History First Empire Middle Empire Last Empire Appearance Culture Gender Roles Language Social hierarchy Valasin - Blood Writing Racial Knowledge Taboos Traditions Deaths & The Afterlife Soul Mates Courting & Marriage The Seboa Naming Ceremony The Himalim Introduction It Was an average day when the ships began to land on the shores of Arcas. Strange contraptions with delicate wooden engravings which seemed to be propelled by some sort of redstone engineering. They remained docked for nearly three days, when at last two figures emerged. Illuminated by the light of the moon they traversed the land until they found other life: This is when we met. They call themselves the Mali’Tos, or Desert Elves. The two wove a tale of great tragedy and destruction, of a fallen Empire and sinking Island. History The History of the Mali’Tos is as intricate and long as some of the greatest empires known to man. Shortly after the Descendants fled Aegis, one of the boats became separated from the main fleet. Sailing for thirty days and thirty nights, the Elves began to fear starvation. It was on the thirty-first day did they find salvation in the form of a deserted island. First Empire In the first Hundred years, the Mali’Tos separated and established twenty-two city states on the Neial River. These states were constantly at war and fought over precious resources. Records were sparse during this time, as they had not yet discovered papyrus. At some point during this time the subraces of Elves began to mix, thus creating the Tos’Mali - a mix between ‘Aheral and ‘Ame, with a favor towards the latter. Towards the end of this Era two separate organizations began to unify the city-states. The Northern faction of Hassrran was swift in immobilizing and conquering, with little to no attempts at diplomacy. The Southern faction, Rajlan, was the opposite. Instead annexing most of the other city-states with little bloodshed. Despite the efforts of the Rajlan, the Hassrran refused all diplomatic meetings between factions. Instead electing to murder the daughter of the Rajlan Prince who was only thirty years old. War sparked between the two and would go on to last nearly fifty years. This would go on to be named the Tarlanelvar'linast'vir which directly translates into common as “The Bloody Princess Path” or “Princess War”. While the Rajlan put up a fight they had the weaker tactics and were pushed back into the most southern city state. The Hassrran surrounded the city and severed all ties to the outside, slowly starving the city. Two Weeks after they announced this plan the Rajlan conceded and were annexed into the Hassrran Empire. This was the true beginning of the Anoralhan Empire. This period of time was dark for the Tos’Mali and its culture, and is referred to as the Dark Kingdom. All records after Tarlanelvar'linast'vir were lost in the destruction of the burning of the Sandaria Library. Events and important information was spread orally for the next fifty years until Papyrus Paper was invented. The Dark Kingdom Era ended with the Hassrran Dynasty. The Prince could not sire any children, and instead left the Empire to his Lover - Ali Rajlan. Middle Empire Middle Anoralhan was a Golden Age for the Mali’Tos, and would take place over the next Hundred and Fifty Years. The Rajlan family ruled with the interests of the common people, and were well-known for their generosity. Ali Rajlan was the ruler throughout this period, and inadvertently began numerous traditions that would be passed onto the next generation. He was the founder of the Tosinsm, a polytheistic religion that worshipped Aenguls, Daemons, and the Spirits. This would later include the Mali’Tos Ancestors. The Middle Empire had numerous notable events, such as the following: Human Ship landed, causing a shipwreck. One survivor was found and lived with the Imperial Family till his death. The Country Mourned for him, and invented a new genre in literature - tragedy. Handfasting became popular over marriage, and the concept of Soul-Mates became more wide-spread. Prophet Amira Elvyral was outed to be a fraud - causing reform in the church. The Afterlife became a whimsical thing, and the concept of immortal souls was widespread. Minor Illnesses, such as a Cold, treated with the usage of available herbs. Medicine becomes less localized and is a valued profession. Dwarven, Common, and Ancient Elven are rediscovered and taught to the upper echelons. Last Empire The last Empire is the period of the Empire’s Fall. The Golden age of the Middle Empire came to a soft close when plague took hold of the lands. It Targeted the Elderly and the Young, most of her victims being over seven hundred or under the age of six. The Plague Decimated the population, taking out villages at a time in a matter of only five years. The Crown worked tirelessly to find a cure, but to no avail. The only way to heal such a blight was through Holy Magic, which the people did not practice or know the meaning of. Unbeknownst to the Mali’Tos, this was only the beginning. Soon, the river turnt blood red - causing all of the frogs to flee and cause a pandemic of sores to befall those who lived near it. After was a trial of mosquitoes, and other manner of insects, which stung and killed numerous before being warded off with protective bug sprays and wards. Crisis after Crises, the populace began to thin to the point that it became more difficult to do every day tasks. It was only when the cattle begin to die did the current Prince come to a realization. They were being attacked by something. He gathered his court, including his sisters, and urged them to take a select group and flee the island. No one would be left soon, and if the healthy could depart then perhaps the Mali’Tos could live on outside of memory. The Princesses gathered all of the healthy and set sail, unknowing of any lands they would find. As their ship left the dock, a thunderous boom sounded through the air. With dawning horror, the surviving Mali’Tos watched as their homeland began to sink beneath the waves. Lost, even to time. Appearance Because of their mixed Blood, the Mali’Tos have a unique appearance. Their features are feline, with slitted pupils and sharp facial structure. Most Mali’Tos have dark brown skin, with variations depending on from where the Mali lived on the island. They tend to have sand-colored hair which comes in different shades of blonde and orange. Though it is rare, some are born with Silver hair - which is culturally seen as a blessing from the Gods and or Spirits. Mali’Tos eye color is said to follow the patterns of the sky, the most common being that of sunset. Ambers, Oranges, and Reds can be found most frequently, though blues and browns are not unheard of. While their Ancestors had dramatically different builds the Mali’Tos were lucky enough to get away without too many drawbacks. They favor shorter heights like their ‘Ame Ancestors, and usually stand from 4-5’10 for all genders. Unlike the ‘Ame, they instead have naturally slender lithe frames much like the ‘Aheral. Though their body shape tends to change depending on the life led. Culture The Culture of the Mali’Tos is something that began in Aegis, and developed for nearly five-hundred years. To outsiders their customs are strange, sometimes more so than other cultures already on the Isles of Arcas. Gender Roles Unlike many other cultures, the Mali’Tos have developed to a point where there are no longer any specific roles defined by gender. They are unique in the fact that all children are raised without preference till the age of Twenty, wherein they assign themselves Eshani - or pronouns. This has been in practice since the First Empire, and was popularized by the Queen Hassrran. Similarly, Children are given a name when they are born. This is usually something that defines the child, Red for red hair, Sunshine for their smile, etc. Once they reach the appropriate age they are assigned a new name by one of their relatives. Names are commonly agreed on before the ceremony, so that the one coming of age is not stuck with something they dislike. Language While their fellow Elves that remained with the Descendants stuck to Ancient Elven and the common tongue, the Mali’Tos elaborated on Ancient Elven and began to develop their own Elven language. This Language has most of the core fundamentals of Ancient Elven, but is a unified language that can be spoken without additional common. It was developed long before the Mali’Tos became that, and was the project of the Mali’Tos Ancestors on Aegis. In common, their Language is called “New Elven”, though they refer to it as Vi'dirth'vhenan or “Home Speak”. Social Hierarchy While they have little inclination towards roles assigned by gender, they instead put a large focus on blood relations. Certain Bloodlines are expected to do certain things, and the unit typically comes before the individual. Towards the end of the Last Empire a faction began to denounce the old ways and tried to pave the way for more individual freedoms for those of Noble Bloodlines. Most Bloodlines have a method of marking their members, the most common being tattoos. Tarlan/Tarlen/Tarlin Rajlan Bloodline The Rajlans are one of the oldest bloodlines in the Mali’Tos History. They originate from the south of the Island, ruling over one of the first City-States. Tael and She’ela Rajland rose above and began to Unify the nation under their banner. Quick-Witted and Sharp-Tongued, they annexed almost half of the City-States until they clashed with the Hassrran Dynasty. The Rajlan’s took control over the empire after the Hassrran’s Bloodline died out, and they have ruled over the nation ever since. It is expected that all Rajlans take leadership over something, big or small, and it is seen as a weakness when they choose to fall beneath someone else. They’re headstrong and stubborn, but know when to concede to others. When a Rajlan turns twenty-five they undergo the Trials. While this was originally a Rajlan Tradition other Bloodlines began to adopt it. The Rajland is to undertake a mysterious task and return - no one is certain of what this task is, or how to complete it, and it is held tightly to the Rajlan’s chest. After this task is completed, the Rajlan has the Valasin marked upon their body in a place of their choosing. Ajuelan Salah Bloodline Known for their great intellect and dexterous fingers, the Salah Bloodline is filled with crafters and inventors. Inansha Salah, the founder of the family, is regarded highly and is given the credit of utilizing Papyrus and making paper with it. The family was recognized in the Middle Empire and began to work closely with the crown to bring about better lives for the common populace. This includes installing toiletries and baths inside housing, a sewer system, better healthcare, and regulated military organization. When a Salah turns twenty, they undergo a trial similar to the Rajlan. The Salah is to spend the next year creating something. Woodcarving, Smithing, Art, or something mechanical. This is then judged by the family’s council and three outsiders. If deemed acceptable, they are officially permitted to bear the Bloodline’s name. Once this is completed they have the Valasin marked upon their body, most commonly being on their hands or forearm. Soun Essam Bloodline The Soun Bloodline is an offshoot of what was known as the Hassrran. They served as the Prince’s Guard during the Hassrran Dynasty, and continued to act as powerful soldiers throughout the Middle Empire. Soun’s have a slightly different build compared to the other Mali’Tos, as in they have become more muscular than the average Tos. They were recognized for their power during the First Empire, and have acted as generals and guards ever since. The Soun are single minded and are stubborn to a fault, and several Princes have been overthrown by the people with the Soun in the frontlines. Unlike the other Bloodlines, the Soun do not have their children undergo trials. Instead, at twenty they are given the clan’s vallasin. The Soun’s Valasin is always on their neck and or face. Valasin - Blood Writing When a Mali’Tos becomes of age to choose their true name, they receive the Valasin. This begins with the taking of the Mali’s blood, which is then contained in a vial. They receive a tattoo someplace on their body, this usually being on the back or an arm. Mixed in with the ink of the tattoo is the blood of the Tos’s Ancestors, showing that the Tos walks with his Ancestors at his side. This practice began shortly after the Princess’s War, as a method of honoring the dead. Racial Knowledge The Mali’Tos have lived only with Elves for five-hundred years. While many still know of the other races, very few actually lived to know them. They were unaware of the Mori, Kha, and other more exotic races that came into existence after Aegis. Mali’Tos may react in various ways to other races as they come to interact with them, though the most common is confusion or awe. Taboos Over the course of Five-Hundred years, there have been several actions taken which would bring negative connotations. Most active taboos can be found in the following: Cutting of someone’s Hair - This is seen as an act most foul, and makes the claim that the victim is unwise. Spitting - It is considered rude to spit, not just at another person - but just in general. Entering Temples of Dead Gods - Temples to Deceased deities are considered a portal to the god’s resting place, and much like Elven Tombs - should be left alone. Entering Elven Tombs - Entering the tomb of an elf is considered murder of their immortal soul, and is treated as a crime. Traditions Death & The Afterlife Death is a common thing in the Dangerous Empire. Instead of mourning, the Elves of Tos celebrate the life of the deceased. Popular Belief was that once dead, the soul of the deceased travels through time and space before coming to a final resting place in the land of the Ancestors where they will live for the rest of eternity. Once a Mali’Tos dies, they have all organs removed and placed inside pots which are then guarded by an Ancestor. All fluids are drained from the body and they are wrapped in linens and placed inside ornate caskets. For commoners, they share a burial site - or pyramid, depending on the wealth and status of the deceased. Those who had more wealth had their own tombs and tended to share with their family and soul-mates. Soul Mates Soul Mates, or Nas’Falon, is a believed practice wherein every Mali’Tos has a soulmate. Unlike in other cultures, this is not always seen as a romantic relationship - the most common being between twins or family. Nas’Falon means that two individuals are so close their Souls have united, and each wears part of the others. Some are born with soulmates, others develop one over the course of time. It is considered the death of two if someone’s soulmate dies. They lose a part of them that can never be recovered, and those that attempt to live on past the death become shells of their former selves. Most choose to kill themselves rather than live without their Nas’Falon. Soulmates always share a tomb as it is considered a crime to seperate them for all eternity. Courting & Marriage While Courting and Marriage is a big deal in other cultures, it is a practice that falls on the wayside in comparison to other important traditions. The Mali’Tos care little of premarital fornication, although if a child is produced it is assumed that the two have a handfasting. Marriage doesn’t exist in a linear fashion, instead Handfasting is a more common tradition. If a couple wishes to take things to an unbreakable step, they become falon'saota. This is a ritual done where the two make a promise to love each other through life and death. If one of the Bond dies it is expected that the other follows them. It is not a pact made lightly, and only those over the age of one-hundred are allowed to make it. The Seboa A week after a child has been born, a party was thrown for the new born baby. The party is known as seboa, and it stems back to an ancient word which means week. The purpose of the gathering is to welcome the child into the world and is also known as a celebration of life for both the child and the mother. Naming Ceremony When a Mali’Tos reaches the age of Twenty they are finally permitted to choose their name and Eshani. Most families have a specific ritual the Mali must undergo before being given a new name, the most well-known being the secretive task of the Rajlan. Regardless as to whether or not they fail or pass the test, they are assigned a name by a blood relative chosen by the mali going through the ceremony. Names are commonly agreed upon before the ceremony, but there have been cases where one party was unaware of the selected name. Names are very important to the Mali’Tos, and once you have been given a name it is expected that you wear it for life. The Himalim While the naming ceremony is done when the Elf is twenty, they have not yet become adults in the eyes of the law. The Himalim is a coming of age ceremony hosted by the parents of the Hima. Once they turn fifty, a grand celebration is held for the Mali’Tos, and is also seen as a matchmaking event by some of the older Tos. The Himalim takes place over the course of a full month and has numerous festivities unique to the new adult.
  4. Holy ****! I didn’t realize you still played. Don’t really have a question, but I remember when we were kids – we ******* hated each other and both said some veryy messed up ****. I’m glad to see you’re doing well! I’d love to chat more, my disc is on my profile.

    she back, and with better formatting!

  6. New Elven New Elven is based off of Ancient Elven but has been developed and spoken shortly after the fall of Aegis. The Language was used almost exclusively by the Tos’Mali, and has only recently come to mix in with the language as the Tos’Mali move from their home to Arcas. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! And will be updated frequently. If you have a word, either from the old post or one that’s not here - comment it and I’ll add it! Note: C & Z words are not in this modified Elven ELVEN SUFFIXES Plural / Superlative / More / Intensity -aan suf. many, high, large, big, high -ala / -la suf plural, many, large number -el suf. more (Usually only used adjectives). Also used to create 'st' nouns with numbers. Also used to indicate intensity. -en suf. many, plural, multiple -is suf. unknown number, plural, intense, more, most, forever, similar to the english 'innumberale.' It is a number so high that it is not worth counting. It is not, however, infinite, in the same manner that uth would be. I.e. Belannar / Bellanar = many years. Belannaris / Bellanaris = eternity. Possessives -an suf. possessive modifier for nouns ending in s, l, y, d, and t. Plural is -aan -es suf. possessive modifier for nouns ending in consonants except s, l, d, and t. plural is -esan -re suf. possessive modifier for nouns ending in vowels except for y. plural is ren Creating Nouns -athe suf. Creates nouns from other nouns, adverbs or adjectives meaning the physical manifestation of, or the people/places/things embodying the idea. I.e. Dead from adjective dead, the noun living from life. Fearful as a noun from fearful the adjective, or fear the noun. Sometimes used to create adverbs/adjectives -elan suf. added to a noun or verb to create an agent noun. i.e. dhrua (to believe) + elan = druelan (believer) -os suf. a suffix that creates an abstract noun from adjectives and participles, denoting quality and state. similar to the english suffix -ness -sh / -sha suf. suffix creating a physical or abstract noun meaning the product or noun variation of a verb -the suf. added to verbs to create a noun meaning the action of the verb (I.e. comparison, rejection). -un suf. creates a noun from a verb or adjective meaning the physical manifestation of, or having the quality of Creating Adjectives/Adverbs -ast / -st suf. creates adjectives/adverbs from nouns, verbs or other adjectives meaning 'characterized by or inclined to' also used to create nouns meaning 'the action of,' with verbs that already end in th -ne suf. a suffix used to create an adjective/adverb from a noun meaning "Similar to or representative of." -or suf. suffix similar to 'ish' in english. meaning 'belonging to' 'after the manner of,' 'having the characteristics of,' like,' or 'inclined or tending to.' -sha / -asha suf. suffix creating adjectives/adverbs from nouns, verbs or adjectives meaning 'characterized by or inclined to' Diminutives -lin suf. diminutive suffix, used exclusively with a non-person, i.e. animals and objects. -ain suf. diminutive suffix meaning a child version, or childlike, or a cute something. -u suf. short, small, singular, lonely, isolated, lonesome, empty -udh suf. diminutive suffix, meaning small, cute, pretty or feminine. Similar to the french -ette. ELVEN NUMBERS Sa ar. one Ta ar. two Tan ar. three Ny ar. four Va ar. five No ar. six Noa ar. seven Han ar. eight Uan ar. nine Asan ar. ten Asan'sa ar. eleven Asan'ta ar. twelve Asan'tan ar. thirteen Asan'ny ar. fourteen Asan'va ar. fifteen Asan'no ar. sixteen Asan'noa ar. seventeen Asan'han ar. eighteen Asan'uan ar. nineteen Alan ar. twenty Atan ar. thirty Anan ar. fourty Avan ar. fifty Aloan ar. sixty Anoan ar. seventy Ahan ar. eighty Anuan ar. ninety Salan ar. one hundred Talan ar. two hundred Tanlan ar. three hundred Nylan ar. four hundred Valan ar. five hundred Nolan ar. six hundred Noalan ar. seven hundred Halan ar. eight hundred Ualan ar. nine hundred Alan'en ar. one thousand Alan'el ar. one hundred thousand Alan'en'el ar. one million A B D E F G H I J L M N O P R S T U V Y Credits: Most of the words and work here was done by Fenxshiral, I just took the words - added and removed some, and changed the sentence structure a bit. This is a WIP and will have more words added as they are needed. Now with no words correlating to the dirty – which is kinda sad, I wanted to see some wicked insults. NOTE: I was a co-writer on this project with Fenxshiral like... five-six years ago. I credit them most of the work, but I was apart of the Project and am only now LOTC-ifying it. I don’t care if you use, hell you can refuse to! But please don't talk **** just to talk. I will be adding more to flesh out the language, as it will be used primarily by an Elven Sub-Culture I’m working on.
  7. Looking to nab a few people for a long-term project of mine! Lmk if u have a free slot. I’ll be doing art of all the chars 😄

  8. The Vallak Introduction Appearance Culture Traditions Red Lines Introduction The Vallak Tribe is a unit of Fe-Uruks who follow Spirits in accord with the phases of the moon. Each phase is a different Spirit, and said Spirit allegedly becomes more powerful during that period of time. Vallaks are descended from Orcs and Dark Elves, and have strong features that belong to their specific bloodline. Appearance Blood Vallaks tend to be Half-Breeds with Dark Elven and Orcish ancestry. They range between 5-8” in height and have sharp and muscular body types. Vallak’s hair color tends to favor their Dark Elven Ancestry, meaning most have White or Black hair, which is commonly dyed to indicate what the Valak’s profession is. They have ashen skin tones, usually greys, blacks, or browns, with the occasional albino. Vallak eyes favor their orcish Ancestors. Rare is it do they have a white to their eyes, it usually being the same color as their iris. Because of their mixed Ancestry the She-Orcs can look deformed and unpleasant to look at, with rough features that tend to be marred whilst in combat. Culture Valak Culture has a healthy mix of Orcish and Elven, with their own twists and unique properties. They speak Blah to show reverence to the Spirits and their Ancestors, though this can also be a symptom of the tusks that many grow as they reach adulthood. They follow the Spirits avidly, though have a polite distaste for beings that take on a more masculine presence, instead favoring Spirits with feminine or no gender presence. The Clan is filled only with women and those not considered men. This practice was started to keep the women from marrying and joining other clans, and has stuck and become something of tradition over the years. Women of the clan are expected to follow a short but strict list of rules. Marriage to a man is forbidden Breeding with Humans or Dwarves is forbidden Following of other Religion is forbidden Killing a Sister outside of Honorable Klomp is forbidden Thieving from a Sister is dishonorable and is forbidden Traditions The Aggid When a Valaks comes of age she is to undergo the Vallak Trials. The Trials vary depending on which specific Bloodline they hail from, but the result is the same no matter what. If failed, they are to wait a year before reattempting the trials. If they pass however, they undergo the Aggid. The Aggid is when the Vallak lays down on their back or chest and receives a redstone tattoo specific to their Clan. This is a permanent sign of their loyalty, and ensures one can’t float from family to family. During the painful process they have to remain still and conscious. Falling Unconscious is a sign that they are still children, and have to complete their Aggid at a later date. Births Because of the curse of Infertility having a healthy child is very rare for the Vallaks. Most pregnancies end is misscarriage or in the death of the mother. When a child and mother come through the birth healthy and alive, there is great celebration to be had. The Vallaks spend the next two years praising all the spirits and hosting a cleaning of the babe and mother in the light of the moon. It is said that depending on when the child is born, they have the favor of one of the Spirits. Most dedicate their life to their birth Spirit. Color Color of dress and color in general is very important in the daily lives of the Vallaks. Each color tells of an omen and meaning, and while none are considered taboo it’s a statement to be made on certain occasions. Color | Omen | Meaning Red | Bloodshed | Victory, Battle, Life Orange | Bountiful Harvest | Food, Wealth, Health Yellow | Watcher’s Blessing | Energy, Spirituality, Power Green | Sickness, Decline | Illness, End of a Cycle, Death Blue | Fertility, Signs of Child | Fertility, Sky, Children Purple | Spirit’s Watching | Magic, Nature, Connection Pink | Love & Emotional Connection | Love, Bonds, Relationships Grey | Great Disfavor | Depression, Sadness, Disgust White | Laura’s Blessing | Mourning, Moonlight Black | Negative Intent | Night, Naivety, Melancholy Hair Styling Vallak’s have very strong opinions on hair and it’s uses. While dangerous to have lengthier hair in combat, the Vallak’s see it as a sense of pride. The longer the hair is the more combat has been seen and won. It is common to see the hair done in an updo or braided to keep out of the way. When a Vallak loses an honor klomp or battle, they cut off the majority of their hair. Sometimes keeping the length as a reminder of their failure. Mating and Bonding Vallaks do not marry or become life mates with men, but are still expected to produce children. CA Vallak can be approached for mating, but will only do so that any female born would go on to join the Vallaks, while any males would join the father’s clan if he has one. While they cannot become life mates with men, they are allowed to do so with other women. The Clan leader must be informed of such a union, and this must be done after the Vallak has children or swears off having kubs. Red Lines
  9. Hailing from the East, the Vachellia are an organization made up of all races that follow the Vachellian Creed. Their homeland was destroyed by aVolcano turning active, decemating their once Great Empire in a matter of days. Taking to their ships they have spent the past three months in search of a new home, finally landing on the shores of the realm called Arcas. Evening Gang! I’m looking to grab a few people for a project I’ve been working on. The general premise is that the culture is a heavy mix between Ancient Egypt, Tevinter(Dragon Age), with a healthy mix of Jewish influence. I’ve got quite a bit of the lore done and cooked up, and with the rate I’m going everything should be completed by the start of next map. I’m looking to grab a few people who would be interested in this sort of culture. I’ve got a few people interested at the mo’ but I’d like to nab a few more so that other peoples ideas can influence this idea. Like the lil blurb said, this is all races – though is predominantly Adunians and Half-Breeds of a similar nature. Shoot me a message here or at Kry#8104 if this would interest you!
  10. Remyy

    Ivankov CO.

    Ivankov Company Foundation Cosmetics Alcohol Tobacco Other Services The Ivankov Company was founded in 1754 by Alexi Ivankov. The Company started out by first selling Tobacco based products and shoe-shining, later flourishing into the quickly expanding company it is today. Alexi began work out in the streets shining the shoes of various noblemen and merchants. Soon after he began speaking to a client, who happened to be a tobacco farmer looking to sell his products. Alexi leaped on the opportunity and began work beneath him as a merchant. The Company began doing trade off of Arcas in 1758. Trading goods to Farfolk and then selling those wares to the wealthy of the Empire. Alexi began to travel in 1760, selling his items and visiting locations that were obscure. Alexi died of a heart-attack in 1785, leaving the business to his eldest twins, Nikolai and Nadya Ivankov. As of now, our main shop can be found within New Reza, however we anticipate new expansions with the coming of the next season. Cosmetics Ivankov CO. expanded their business into cosmetics and perfumes in the Deep Winter of 1685 shortly after Alexi passed. They trade and deal with high-quality wares produced in the Northern Regions of Arcas, and have a vast array of perfumes. Cosmetics can be custom made to fit the Lady’s skin tone though there are three generic base products that are sold in shops. The Ivankov Company also offers the service of preparing makeup for any desired event, but requires three Saint’s Days notice. Cosmetics Kohl / 50 Mina A dusty black powder contained in a glass jar, which is intended to be lightly brushed upon the lashes, drawing attention to the eyes. It also holds medicinal properties and has been reported to cause clearer vision . The Kohl is packaged neatly in a small box with a brush and spool accompanying it. Krazny Rouge/ 60 Mina Within a small delicate tub lays the compressed floral pigment, extracted from the Ivankov’s own hand tended roses . The cream is to be lightly applied to the eyes, cheeks and lips to accentuate the subtle colouring of youth and a healthy constitution, surely highlighting your natural beauty. Rose hip oil cleanser/ 50 mina A lucious and extravagant oil, used to both remove makeup as well as set a moisturised base for later application of beauty products, preventing the formation of blemishes and moles upon the face. Perfumes No. 4 / 40 Mina This perfume is made of the very essence of femininity. Encased in a minimal but elegant glass bottle with gold inlay, this scent is made with a floral bouquet of May Rose and Jasmine, top notes of citrus, and hints of vanilla. This timeless legendary fragrance is all you need to wear to make a lasting impression. As a very famous actress once said - “I only wear No. 4” Bior / 40 Mina An opulent, fruity-floral bouquet of fresh bergamot, opening into a vibrant armful of roses with a delicate jasmine drydown. The sensual, curvaceous lines of its frosted crystal bottle make this a legendary perfume, the perfect accessory to any fashionable lady’s ensemble. Hammer Bodyspray / 40 Mina This overwhelmingly strong scent is beloved by men for its impact, in particular young prepubescent boys. This scent contains clear punches of a deep woody aroma, and hints of oriental spice to keep you smelling ‘nice.’ You will never fail to make a statement when you enter a room, or choke a woman without effort. Hammer - Smash your way through your day. Monkye / 40 Mina This primal scent embodies manliness with its combination of musk and junglewood, with top notes of dark cocoa that harken to baser instincts. With just a few sprays you will be imbued with enough confidence to scale the most challenging of trees and let out the mightiest of screeches. You will never find another unique product that can transform a man like this - Monkye Alcohols One of Ivankov's claims to wealth is their production and selling of alcohols and beverages. All drinks are brewed safely in an Ivankov owned Brewery using only the finest ingredients. They are well-known for being cautious, and they toss out anything not up to standard which causes them a loss in revenue. Alcohol production began shortly before Alexi passed the company onto the twins, meaning most of the drinks sold are under ten years old. Alcoholic Products Ivankov Massandra / 8 Mina per Drink / 500 per 64 Ivankov Massandra, dated to 1784. This wine is made from ripe red grapes matured into a vivid tawny hue. Dried red currants and mixed spice aromas give it a more robust palate, with high acidity and sweetness, and just a sliver of tannin, almost non-existent. Suited for sweet meats and sumptuous feasts, this is a family classic found in many a wine cellar. Ivankov Vodka / 12 Mina per Drink / 750 per 64 Ivankov Vodka, dated to 1784. This vodka is not like other vodkas, with a hit guaranteed to warm you up on the coldest of nights. Bred from hand-picked organic wheat grains distilled five times, married with spring water from the mountains and matured in an air-tight ice-cooler, this liquor slides cleanly down your throat to deliver a fresh, crisp, and clean taste. As the Ivankov’s say, ‘nothing less than perfection.’ Ivankov Medhovuka / 10 Mina per Drink / 600 per 64 Ivankov Medhovuka, dated to 1774. This honeyed alcohol is made from a honey and a yeast base, with a delicious golden tinge with a hint of oak flavour from prolonged storage. Sweet and smooth on the tongue, it’s pleasing to the palate of those that prefer less intense flavours whilst still giving them the refined taste of a spirit. Ivankov Kvass / 6 Mina per Drink / 350 per 64 Ivankov Kvass, dated to 1774. With less than one percent alcohol, this drink made of fermented grain is a perfect party appetizer for every age. With a hint of cinnamon and spice for a kick, a little flair with some fizz, even children can feel like an adult with just a sip. Tobacco Tobacco and Tobacco based products have been the lifeblood of the Ivankov Company. They have worked with the same farm for the past twenty-years, and have a focus on cigars and chewing tobacco. Gradually they began to make moves towards pipes and the upkeep thereof which has garnered large attention and has become one of the most profitable of their wares. Ivankov Classic - 20 minae This cigar possesses an aroma of a smokey blend of roasted tobacco that brings a full-bodied, robust, and flavourful experience with each puff. Carefully and lovingly wrapped, this cigar is thick enough to fit snugly between your fingers. Packaged with a brass band and wax seal of a dandelion crest towards the base, this quality smoke maintains its standard as a fashionable accessory. Ivankov Sviet - 30 minae Ivankov ‘Sviet’ or otherwise known as Ivankov ‘Light’ is slightly thinner than the average cigar. Filled with a special blend of vanilla, nutmeg, and lightly roasted tobacco for a slightly sweet flavour, this cigar is perfect for a smoke after dinner as dessert. Like its cousin, it is carefully wrapped with a classy dotting of silver leaf in its wrappings, it lies sealed with a marbleized wax seal of the Ivankov dandelion. Ivankov Lady’s Kizura - 50 minae An elegant and thin elongated pipe made of polished mahogany. Embellished with delicate inlaid metal engravings, the small pipe ensures that ashes will not stain clothes nor hair, whilst preserving poise and grace. The perfect accessory to rising trends, this pipe is to surely display one’s sophistication and class. SNUFF BOX ACCOMPANIMENT: A discrete snuff-box of mahogany with ivy leaf inlay, containing crushed tobacco that when smoked contains hints of nuts, cedar, and sweet spice. Ivankov Noch - 60 minae A stately Ivory pipe with intricate carvings in the shape of a raven’s wings graces the body, topped with a polished Ebony wood mouthpiece. This manly and sturdy pipe reflects the noble stature of those who use it, perfect for relaxing by your manor’s parlour or during council meetings. SNUFF BOX ACCOMPANIMENT: It is presented in a sturdy lacquered Ebony wood case with gold enamelling, alongside with the complimentary snuff box filled with Ivankov Noch’s special brand of tobacco with dark cocoa flavour and hints of musk. Chewing Tobacco - 20 minae An innovative take on the traditional method of oral consumption of tobacco, this product is made from resin of the Mastic Tree with antiseptic properties to promote orthodontic health. Coupled with an infusion of tobacco and pressed into little chunky cubes, the smooth consistency akin to chewing gum means you can comfortably enjoy your nicotine hit without having to worry about getting tobacco leaves stuck in your teeth. Other Services The Ivankov family is diverse in both talent and skill, and they offer numerous services outside of basic trade to ensure all clients are happy. From Interior Decorating to Hunting down items, the Ivankov’s can do it all. Interior Decorating - Starting at 1000 Mina Just purchased a new house? No clue where to start when decorating? The Ivankov’s have your back! Two of our esteemed members will produce furniture and make your empty house into a true home. Pricing depends on size, location, and required specifications. Retrieval Services - Starting at 500 Mina Need something retrieved from your Ex? Looking for a book to complete your collection? No matter the item, the Ivankov’s can retrieve it. Note: We will not steal nor break into private property in order to retrieve items. Bird Nikolai Ivankov for more information. Other Services The Ivankov’s offer numerous other services to interested parties. All inquiries regarding these services can be forwarded to Nadya or Nikolai Ivankov. In addition, bulk purchasing of wares will give discount if spoken to before purchase. OOC
  11. Is there a place with the entire history of the beginning? Like, including the Aengul’s and Daemons that were involved

  12. Okay, real response time. The fact you have come to this conclusion without even attempting to talk to the leadership/player base is awful. You didn’t even give them a chance to fix this, I don’t even play a Snelf and I’m upset for them. The Snow Elves have been more active in the past week after having been cucked over by their former leader, and instead of offering help y’all just wasted years of work. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them left because of this.
  13. Gonna be prepping to launch a LOTC-YT Channel! If anyone has req’s for banners nstuff, lemme know!

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  14. If anyone wants to play some D&D (1PM EST) shoot me a message here or at Kry#8104. Newbies welcome!

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