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  1. Anyone need a char played? Bored out of my m i n d

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    2. Luminaire


      Dark Elves have been doing pretty good as of late, if you’re interested!

    3. Nozoa


      Make a hou-zi and join the Heise tribe!

    4. FlemishSupremacy
  2. Bounty Request Form Client Name: Price (Can be Negotiated): Who or What are you putting a bounty on?: Direct all letters through PM’s either here or on discord at Kry#8104
  3. Hiring some builders! Can pay in both mina and USD. Shoot me a message if interested!

    1. Aquarion_X


      I am very interested!

  4. Mylder’s Gale TLDR What is the Gale? Guild Law History Rank System Banished Members Membership TLDR Mylder’s Gale is a Adventuring and Mercenary guild built on top of the principles that all deserve a place to call home despite whatever their job entails. The Gale is a third-party, neutral organization that brings requests, bounties, and personalized clients to her members. Mylder’s Gale offers both a place to sleep, eat, and get jobs for any and all that join. The Gale is known for its neutrality, as an organization they cannot be bought as a company, but the members that serve as a part of the guild can. While you can organize to hire a large number of fighters, it’s impossible to buy out the whole organization. Most members prefer to take smaller jobs, such as bounties for beasts or criminals. What is the Gale? The Gale is an Oath that all members of Mylder’s Gale undertake upon being accepted in by one of the Founders. After completing their tasks and becoming eligible to become full-fledged members they are brought before the current Leaders and take an Oath dictated to them by those overseeing the oathing. Guild Laws While they have vowed to remain neutral, the Guild has its own strict set of laws that all members must follow. Although the laws may be altered by the Founder when need be, they are rarely changed without severe cause. Theft from your guildmates is deplorable, and will not be tolerated. (Minor Offense) Purposeful maiming or murder of fellow guildmates or innocents will not be tolerated outside of duels both agreed upon by the parties in question. (Major Offense) Slavery will not be tolerated, and any working in this line of work will not be allowed in the guild. (Major Offense) Harming of a minor (Below Eighteen) is inhumane, and will not be tolerated. No contracts to harm any children will be permitted. (Major Offense) The Guild follows a three strike rule, in which minor offences are one strike and major are two. This can be subject to change by the hand of the Founder and Acal. History Mylder’s Gale was founded back in the early years of Arcas under the banner of Saelihn Persatra and her two compatriots Brutus Jankovic and Hazel Aubry. Saelihn was a young Elf with a strong moral compass, and took many jobs while forgoing pay in order to help soothe anyone who needed aid of any kind. She established the Gale Oath and laws, and ensured the strong code of neutrality would follow her to her grave. The Guild was built and established in the forests, away from prying eyes or rebellious ex-members. After nearly fifty years, the Guild began to rot on the inside. Members would grow more rebellious. Seeking more compensation that the guild paid out of pocket, looking for more power within the guild, and breaking the core rules repeatedly until very few remained. Brutus and Aubry, both humans, eventually succumbed to either old age or death in glorious battle. Leaving behind only the original Founder to watch as her half-century of work began to wither. Rather than letting the guild die a slow death, Saelihn disbanded it and began working as a solo-mercenary for numerous years afterwards. Saelihn would eventually pass in battle, name forgotten save for the only son she left behind. Centuries passed and the history and members of Mylder’s Gale began to fade and disintegrate into nothing more than small records in a dusty old library. In Arcas, a young descendant of Saelihn would find the records of the guild and became transfixed. Challenging herself for years to learn the history from front to back, including the names of all of the former members. In 1764, 16th of Malin’s Rest, Celeste Persatra refounded the guild as a force primarily made to hunt monsters and other creatures roaming the world. Based on the land near Sutica, the guild serves as a third-party to complete jobs others cannot. Rank System The Gale’s Ranking system is based heavily on elven words and structure, as it was founded by an elven woman. Ranks are also given small pins that signify which rank they belong to, although it isn’t required they be worn. Founder The Founder is the head of the Guild, even if they are not technically the founder of it. They wear ebony pins, and dictate what jobs belong in which tier and so on. Founders deal with payment, jobs, and bounties. Focusing on providing work for those within the guild. Acal Those in the Acal rank are essentially the most powerful and trustworthy members of the guild, and wear golden pins to match their namesake. When the founder is not present, the work defaults onto the Acal. Whether this is organizing hunts, jobs, and payment or simply aiding in inducting a new member into the guild. Synalli Synalli is the most common rank of those inside the guild, and are recognized as fully-fleshed out members of the guild. Most members hold this rank, and wear it with pride. Their pins are silver, with copper in the design depending on how new they are. Inside the Synalli, there are three sub-ranks that dictate what jobs the Synalli can take. Silver The highest rank a Synalli can get is gold, and their pin is made completely of silver. They are allowed to go on the highest-paying and highest risked jobs. Bronze Bronze ranked Synalli have advanced through the copper stage and have began advancing through the ranks of the guild. They have Bronze-Silver pins, and are permitted to go on Copper and Bronze jobs. Copper Typically filled with new initiates and those new to combat, copper Synalli have copper-silver mixed pins, and are permitted to go on Copper quests only. Initiate Initiates are those who’ve yet to have taken their oaths but have proven to the guild that they are capable. There are rarely in this rank long, either dropping out or taking their oath and advancing to Copper Synalli. Recruit Recruits are those who’ve yet to have their skills tested and have not yet taken oaths. Mabidar (Exiled) Mabidar are those who have broken the laws of the guild, and have been exiled for their actions. Mabidar, depending on the severity of their crime, can either be shunned or KOS depending on what they did to be exiled. Mabidar (Banished) Thalia Persatra Membership In order to join the Gale, send a letter to Celeste Celtaire (SappicStarlight/KryvsGod) with the following information. OOC Info IGN: Discord: IC Info Name: Age: Specialty: Additional Information:
  5. Workin’ on a bit of a doosey, if anyone here would be interested in making some good ole monster hunting guild rp shoot me a PM!

  6. A certain bard would grin upon receiving his invite, and would go on to ask his dear Winnie if she needed someone to play the party.
  7. I need a couple of chars played, in case anyone is interested!

    1. Pieman


      What kind

    2. Renz



  8. Renz


    There once was a dwarf named Bjor, A dwarf named Bjor, A true Dwarf at heart, he was never even fraught Bjor once came across some poor, Giving them his coin, He was told of a beat, ravaging the farmlands, and knew what he had to do Traveling deep into the forests, Bjor prepared for war. In the forests, he found a boar, the size of a hoar. They battles for a hundred days and niiights, But only one could win As Bjor, began to tie up the boar Looking into it’s eyes, Bjor knew, The poor had defied the nature’s core Releasing the boar with shame, Bjor could hear her name And returned to the poor, he rang Spending a year with the villagers, He taught them peace and grain, And from then on the village lived free, Free, from nature’s cane Paragon Bjor was true, Teaching us to live to Nature’s tune
  9. Renz

    The Hills

    In the hills of the deep of Haense, Lived a family of three, There was only one thing they could agree, The people in the village beneath were never truly free Lo’ the family was Elven! wise beyond their years They watched as the people began to disappear, Life goes on, Life goes still, And eventually one went up the hill. A strong lad, made her weak in the knees, his charm and wit making him quite the tease The lass fell quickly and hard, leaving only a shard. As they grew older their hands were tied, He made her his bride. Life goes on, Life goes still, And eventually she went up the hill. “Mother Mother Why? Am I never satisfied? He lays alone in bed, nearly half-dead.” “Daughter of mine, it is his time. Leave your prayers behind,” “The life of a bard is short, but it won’t be bort.” Life goes on, Life goes still, And eventually they descend the hill.
  10. A certain bard would perk up at the notice, stopping in his tracks as he’d scan over the flyer. Immediately off to search for a bird, he’d whisper only one word to himself as he drafted up the letter. ”Magnifiqe!” Name: Jacques Halcourt Race: Human Act: Singing/Lute Playing (Mc Username: KryvsGod) (Discord Tag: Kry#8104)
  11. Anyone wanna join my D&D campaign?

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    2. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

      Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

      Where and how do?


    3. Jakraes


      Can I still join?

    4. Renz


      add me on discord @ Kry#8104

  12. Any cool artists who take USD here? Could b skins or art

  13. Lookin’ to get back into lotc. Anyone need a char played?

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    2. DahStalker


      possibly could use a servant if you’re into that rp! Toss me a pm on discord. cottage cheese#9620

    3. howard


      yes play my son

    4. LaffenOutLoud


      you can play a member of my characters wood elven tribe, it would  be really cool to see you join! we’re all about vibrant colors and dancing, primal ritual, painting, and art. here’s a post to our culture, and you can just play a blood-related cousin or something. 

      Our playerbase right now is directly centered in Aegrothond, and more mainly in a wood elven village right outside of Aegrothond’s walls called Siramenor

      if you're interested, my discord is pathetic aesthetic #1931
      (we can also make you a skin)

  14. Renz

    Avette's Art Shope

    “Come one come all! Avette’s Art Shope is now open!” Headshots 5USD or 300 – Sketch 5oo – Line Art 800 – Color Half-Body 20$ USD or 1000 – Sketch 1500 – Line Art 2000 – Color Full Body 30USD or 3500 – Sketch 4000 – Line Art 4500 – Full Body Other – Varies USD Pixel Art Head – 200 Mina Body – 400 Mina Walking Gif – 1000 Mina Scenes One Character (full body) 5000 Mina +1000 per character Send all questions or concerns to Alvette in the Carrington CO. headquarters.
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