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    Headshot Sale!

    I’ve been out of practice for several months now, and something about my current characters just aren’t cutting it. So, I’ve decided to discount my normal headshot prices and do a quick sale for about a week. Got five slots open, but I don’t know how long it’ll take to get them finished. Sketchy – 500 Mina Color & Shading – 800 Mina Shoot me a PM on Discord @ Kry#8104 if interested.
  2. The Smoeni “Hae’mel. Hae’mel. Evharn ito aven na reti fesh loev ma’saerrana.” -Prayer to The Mother In the beginning, there were four. Broken and bruised; cast out from their homes and families for crimes not committed. Wounded, alone, and scared, they bound themselves together in a pact of blood and founded a story that would transcend lifetimes. What are They? The Samoniian, shortened to Smoeni, are a wandering tribe that has lived in the deepest forests since the foundation of Axios. As time has passed, and numbers have dwindled, the clan separated upon their arrival on Atlas and have only once again reformed into one. Smoeni are a mostly elven people with orcish blood, leading them to have an almost hideous appearance compared to their elven cousins. Though the original Tribe Sisters were all Mali’ker, outsider blood has influenced their heritage into a melting pot of just about anything. Though they are few in numbers due to the Elven curse, it is lucky that these gentle giants have no desire to bring war to the others on the continent. Traditionally they are a tribe of merchants and craftsmen. History The history of the Smoeni is a difficult thing to pin down due to the lack of records the tribe would have. Little is known on the exact date or time that they were founded, some believing they predated several organizations while others believed they formed at some point in Axios. Despite what persona beliefs may be held, it is a well known fact that there were four founders. Brutalized for their heritage, four elven women left their homes and family behind in order to escape the never-ending abuse heaped onto them. They found each other in the forests, and slept beneath the stars; when they dreamt. Two Spirits are said to have appeared to them in their dreams, a pair beings called the Watcher and Kesag. Lost in an endless void, the two offered the four a deal; they would watch over and guide them if they sacrificed a creature to them every full moon. Accepting this deal, the Smoeni were born. The Four Sisters In the beginning, there were four sisters. Though they may have not been related by blood it would be their bond that would found a story that would be passed down for generations. Many of the modern-day tribe are descendants of one of these four, and as such tend to take on the characteristics of their founding mother. Atizar The family of Priests አዳኝ Those that descend from Atizar tend to be smaller Smoeni, not standing anywhere near the height of one of Tumash’s offspring. They tend to have lighter skin tones, with a soft bronze hue. Generally, Atizar’s tend to have brighter eye colors. normally green or blue, yet this still varies. They tend to be fairly muscular, but only range in heights 5’5 to 6’. Current Family Members Tumash The Family of Warriors ድል አድራጊው Tumash had an early demise, only bearing one daughter. This began the limit of Tumash’s successors. They are by far the largest of the tribe, exceeding up to seven feet in height. Though this also brings in great illness and a potential for heart failure. Tumash’s are generally mali’ker in skin tone, but with many features of their orcish forefathers. Current Living Members Olirel The Family of Tomes ጥበበኛ Olirel’s children are a darker skinned group, with smaller frames than Tumash and Minilmia, but larger than Atizar. They tend to have darker colored eyes, coming in shades of browns and greens. The Olirel have a longer life expectancy, and have a slightly better immunity to disease. On average, they range from 5’7-6’7.. Current Family members Minilmia ብልጣ The final birth family of the Smoeni is the Minilmia, the lighter ashen skinned women. They tend to be fairer than the other Smoeni, having their fair use of makeup and other cosmetics. They tend to have a decent muscle mass, but are more fair and ‘lithe’ than some of the other Smoeni. Minilmia range from 5’9-6’2, the middle area around 5’6 for most. Current Family Members Arezara Religion By nature, Smoeni worship the spirits. Typically a mix between both Orcish and Dark Elven considering their Ancestry. Though what spirits worshiped by any given Smoeni is subject to change from one to another, there are two that remain the most important in the eyes of the people. Kesag Nicknamed the ‘Mother of Smoeni’ by those that worship her, Kesag is the Spirit of Life, Death, and Nature. Though not a major Spirit compared to the others, she remains one of the most important in the eyes of the Smoeni. Her true domain remains mostly unknown, though her children believe her to be a giver of life. Kesag is a silent Spirit, rarely speaking to one of her chosen Shamans unless deemed important enough. She is regarded as a silent protector. In text and art, Kesag is depicted as either a woman with the head of a black cat or a woman with seven cat-like heads. Because of this, cats have become especially important to the Smoeni and have religious indications. They look upon the Kharajir with awe, and treat them as if they were demi-gods. Tenets of Faith Harm not your sister or brother, for even if they are not of the same flesh and blood they breathe the same. Spread not seeds of discord into the outside world, as they have a right to live as does the people of the tribe. Thieve not from your brethren, as a hart stolen will not be returned. The Watcher Out of everything the Smoeni do, it is the Watcher who is the most mysterious. Little is known about this being, whether they’re a Spirit or a god, all that is known is that their all-seeing eye guides the fates of the children of Smoeni. Depicted as a single eye in every writing about them, they grasp not the concept of gender and remain as an incorporeal being that truly has no physical form or appearance. The Watcher’s name has been long forgotten in the abyss that they reside in. The Smoeni worship them as if they were a deity of Fate and Time, praying to the Watcher for a variety of mundane reasons. Tenets of Faith Fate is inevitable, do not run from it. The all-seeing eye watches all, from birth till death, do not scorn it as it does not seek harm. Culture Smoeni have a wide culture, varying across from cuisine, to the usage of slaves and servants. Despite this, they still keep most of the culture from outsiders, and have a very different outlook on the few who enter their camp. Clothing Throughout time, Smoeni garbs have changed of course. As they live in warmer climates, they tend to relatively dress down and have a harder time in cold areas, such as Karlsburg or Norland. Although, dress is purely based on the woman's preference, most being under dressed, and some being dressed in layers. Colors also hold a great part in dress, as it is also a key to slaves. Red: Battle/Conflict White: The Spirits Green: Nature Brown: Health/Medicine Purple: Wealth Black: Happiness Language Most of the tribe do not know how to read in common, and instead use the Smoen alphabet to write letters, or literature. The letters make a very firm resemblance to pictures, each symbol having a separate meaning if alone. Soemeni have a stranger accent, speaking mostly in common- despite having a different written language. Their accent varies, some thicker than others. They also have several words and phrases in their own ‘language’, even though most of it is borrowed from Blah and Ancient Elven. Their tongue is twisted and hard to speak, only to be broken and not a whole complete language. ((In real life, the accent would be equivalent to a thick Navajo accent)) Karug- Greetings Van’ye- Farewell Ahernug- Thanks, Thank you Smoenii- Sister, Tribe Mate Eloz- Kha, is used as an insult Ologri- Friend, companion Cuisine The Smoeni have a vast array of dishes, their diet usually healthy with lots of greens and meats. The Smoeni are a hunter tribe, and have many meats due to their hunting. Normally their dishes are spicy, with sour twists and tinges- certain dishes being extremely hot for one who has not tasted some of their delicacies. The Aggid Smoeni have many festivals, although the Aggid is by far one of the most important. Aggid’s are held at no specific date, but are normally used for introducing newborns and new Smoeni into the tribe. The event is also used to give trials to the born Smoeni of the tribe, and formally inducting them into the clan.
  3. Would anyone be interested in a tribal-esque culture I’m building? Got a lot written down

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    Updated Artwork to match current syle
  5. Just got my new tablet in, Art Commissions are open !

  6. f6fc5fc35f338bb3815aedd6115acb17.png game development is h a r d

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      Looks amazing!

  7. heyo, looking to play a new char. don’t really care if it’s a kid/adult. hmu on discord 

  8. A Letter of Sanctuary Sent of the back of a Crow, Dak’ir would be the recipient of a letter bearing the Delevoye Clan Crest. Dak’ir Des’nox, It is with great sorrow that I greet you under these circumstances. The last I visited your vast caverns I sought a place to rebuild my clan, my family, after the loss of my haelun. I swore to you that the Delevoye Clan would offer it’s services to the Onyx Sanctum, and I am not a woman who takes back her words. Despite our disagreements, my clan’s hall is open to both you and our people in Asimu’lei. Should you seeks refuge, the Lunar Domain’s doors are open to both your clans and your citizens. While the Lunar Domain is not exactly what you wanted whilst forming the Onyx Sanctum, you will forever be welcome. Whether temporarily as you rebuild, or permanently. You and your faction have options; and I will not allow our kin to remain without a home. May the Ancestors guide you, Luna Delevoye.
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    commissions are open! I take Mina 😄

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    A new challenger approaches

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    Updated Prices and Artwork.

    Just updated my pricings, PM me if you’re interested!

  13. heyo! I run a darkie clan, PM me on Discord at Kry#8104 if you want to join or just want to RP with us!
  14. commissions are open in case anyone wants to buy art!

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