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  1. f6fc5fc35f338bb3815aedd6115acb17.png game development is h a r d

    1. AlaSol


      Looks amazing!

  2. heyo, looking to play a new char. don’t really care if it’s a kid/adult. hmu on discord 

  3. A Letter of Sanctuary Sent of the back of a Crow, Dak’ir would be the recipient of a letter bearing the Delevoye Clan Crest. Dak’ir Des’nox, It is with great sorrow that I greet you under these circumstances. The last I visited your vast caverns I sought a place to rebuild my clan, my family, after the loss of my haelun. I swore to you that the Delevoye Clan would offer it’s services to the Onyx Sanctum, and I am not a woman who takes back her words. Despite our disagreements, my clan’s hall is open to both you and our people in Asimu’lei. Should you seeks refuge, the Lunar Domain’s doors are open to both your clans and your citizens. While the Lunar Domain is not exactly what you wanted whilst forming the Onyx Sanctum, you will forever be welcome. Whether temporarily as you rebuild, or permanently. You and your faction have options; and I will not allow our kin to remain without a home. May the Ancestors guide you, Luna Delevoye.
  4. 0c9383fc6887cd0e6254a24b8fa26270.png

    commissions are open! I take Mina 😄

  5. 28995736884a511ba9e9e021e601936e.png

    A new challenger approaches

  6. Renz

    Kry's Art Emporium

    Updated Prices and Artwork.

    Just updated my pricings, PM me if you’re interested!

  8. heyo! I run a darkie clan, PM me on Discord at Kry#8104 if you want to join or just want to RP with us!
  9. commissions are open in case anyone wants to buy art!

  10. Renz

    Clan Delevoye

    Clan Delevoye Codex i. TLDR ii. History Kalvo Delevoye Archontas Delevoye Arabella Delevoye Ethir Delevoye iii. Family Members TLDR The Delevoye family History is long and devastating. Traditionally a matriarchy, the Delevoyes have a history of fun-loving carefree mali’ker with a big focus on family. In appearance, most of the Delevoyes have dark ashy skin with either black or white hair with dominant purple eyes, most of the clan have small forms with the women usually being under 5’7. While they are not the most well-known clan, the Delevoyes have persevered and thrived for centuries. OOC: Currently looking for people to join the clan, we’ve been around since vailor and are currently based out of the onyx sanctum. HISTORY KALVO DELEVOYE ARCHONTAS DELEVOYE {Read More Of Arabella's Story Here} ETHIR DELEVOYE Family Members Matriarch: Luna Delevoye Kalvo Delevoye Aries Delevoye Astrid Delevoye Nova Delevoye Relmius Delevoye (Unplayed) Caelum Delevoye Nerrin Delevoye-Arvellon Eretria Delevoye-Arvellon Ava Delevoye-Arvellon Cassiopeia Delevote-Arvellon Orion Delevoye-Arvellon Rigel Delevoye-Arvellon WIP
  11. 004df4f53f533c691129200a56494d96.png


  12. Got three darkie chars that need to be played. I’ll pay for the skin + giv free art ❤️

  13. Reviving the Delevoye Clan. If you’re interested in playing a dark elf, let me know! Free art if you join ❤️

    1. Tigergiri


      man i play alot of dark elves.. but art

    2. Harrison
  14. got a few slots open if anyone wants art!


  15. Renz

    [REQ] Orc Skin

    This has been completed
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