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  1. wait, waitwaitwait


    is this big world event basically the plot of Dai


  2. Man, I’ve been drawing a lot of dudes with beards recently

  3. Untitled-4.png

    A new character approaches!

  4. Luna hobbled drunkenly into their shared home, stumbling through the doorway she gazed around the open area. “Haelun?” The elf hollered, a light frown forming on her face. With no answer she moved sluggishly towards the stairs and stumbled down them. Something familiar twisted in her gut, and despite the alcohol she felt her head clear somewhat as she stopped before Arabella’s door. “Haelun?” She tried again, trying to open the locked door and failing. With a resolve she forced the door open, and froze in her tracks. All of a sudden she felt alone. Lost in a way she hadn’t been since that monster broke into the windmill. Lost as the time she had been when she had lost both her ear and the innocence only a child could have. Lost in a way she hadn’t felt in over a hundred years. Her stomach twisted and lurched violently, and suddenly her legs were moving without her consent. Terror and bile crawled up her throat yet she somehow managed to make it to the bed without throwing up. Luna moved her hand towards her mother’s face, then down to her neck to check for a pulse. Not finding any, the elf collapsed to her knees. She stared at the still warm corpse of the only constant in her life, and for the first time in a long time, she wept. Later, when the other members of the family would return home- they would find the oldest daughter of Arabella staring numbly at the matriarch’s body.
  5. c81cd9c1ea2444f55295eaf7ea622487.png

    wip of a bearded lady

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      you been drinking too much gay juice, kry

    2. Renz


      let me draw my butch dwarf ladies in peace, okay?

  6. If anyone is looking for people to play a character, hmu

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      oh my lord is that kry, hmu on discord i may have something for you

    2. Pikel Boldshoulder

      Pikel Boldshoulder

      If you’re interested in a monster hunting dwarf let me know

  7. man, I love it when ten year olds steal my minecraft account. Literally the best thing ever.

    1. Unwillingly


      u just got ur account stolen by a 10 year old?

      im kidding that sucks 😞 try sending an email to Mojang about it. My problems were fixed last time my account was stolen

  8. 5cd025ddeb697116b38f5df218874849.png

    working on character design for new character. I dont know what the **** to do with their hair. 

    1. rotund_man


      afro clearly


    Got some slots open again if anyone is looking for free art!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ivoryyy_


      free art? uhm yes!!

    3. Bluee


      f r e e ? uwu

    4. Renz


      shoot me a PM if you’re interested!

  10. 6606f41c8edae676e11fc4557685b9db.png



    If you don’t make your characters memes, whats the point?


    aka I should be doing commissions but I’m procrastinating 

    1. ChaseusBelli


      Wise philosophy 

  11. Renz

    Kry's Art Dump

    14 turning 15 in May yeah, we really weren’t in the same circles but it was always fun when we did ^^
  12. Renz

    Kry's Art Dump

    oh my gosh, thats probably one of the few older drawings that I actually like. Thank you ^^
  13. Renz

    Kry's Art Dump

    Right, so. As the title implies I’m just going to post some of my art here in order to keep track of it. Most of the art is either of my d&d characters/characters from my comic/lotc characters. Each one will have their own little subsection in their spoiler, going from oldest to newest. 2018 2019/January-February 2019/March 2019/July

    Some slots are open if anyone is looking for art!

    1. DarkElfs


      Ello, been a bit. But you needing characters to draw from what I'm hearing then? If so you want to draw my mage possibly here? – https://prntscr.com/mtri0z

    2. Renz


      Could you send me more of a description in PM’s?

    3. DarkElfs


      Sure! I got a couple of other things artwork wise on the character


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