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  1. The Imperial Union of Dragon and Bear A painting of the union between Romulus Horen and Anabel Devereux is pictured here. Dear Citizens of the Imperium Septimus, It is with the greatest pleasure that the entirety of the Empire invites all to witness the giving of Anabel Devereux, with great honour, to her betrothed, the Imperial Prince,Romulus Horen. This union will be made before the empire’s great mercy in accordance with the ritual of Canonism, below the divine authority of GOD, he who is holy the father and lord. The pair will be joined in their right and lawful matrimony with dignity befitting their spectacular power. Following the marriage, The Prince and Princess-Royal will host a smaller event secluded to whomever wishes to join, in which the people will be entertained within the Imperial Palace via song and dance. It is with their greatest sincerity that the pair wishes the attendance of all, So long as they may hold peace above their heads and love within their hearts. Signed, His Imperial Highness, Romulus Horen, Imperial Prince of the Empire of Man and Duke of Cascadia Signed, Her Royal Highness, Anabel Lisette Devereux, Princess-Royal of The Kingdom of Curonia Scribed by Joanna Margaret Jrent and prepared by Maria Viktoria Horen.
  2. knees of ur fingers sis

  3. Alexandrine Victoire is so proud of her awesomely strong husband.
  4. r u a Phatty ?

  5. if i can see ur tracks ur not a bad ***** ma'am


  6. 123 4 a free skin onlee 1 person

    1. mitch dharma
    2. Papy


      ur disqualified. pls read the instructions b4 entering another contest.Insert other media

    3. rotund_man


      hello can I have a free skkin

  7. some of y'all look like blac chyna cat

  8. 7/8/2017 SUCKS ! !  ITs CURSED

  9. Hero_

    Inb4 fat paki tells me her names something diff

  10. some people u just want to clobber upside the ******* head with a chancla.

  11. im bored and want 2 make some skins  only do females
    full skin is 800 , head is 300 & dress is 500 | send me a message & heres my pmc: http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/papyb/

    1. rotund_man


      would u give me a skin if I diamond'd all your planet mine man posts

    2. ChumpChump


      highly recommended skins found here!

  12. nice pic f00l

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