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  1. The Imperial Union of Dragon and Bear A painting of the union between Romulus Horen and Anabel Devereux is pictured here. Dear Citizens of the Imperium Septimus, It is with the greatest pleasure that the entirety of the Empire invites all to witness the giving of Anabel Devereux, with great honour, to her betrothed, the Imperial Prince,Romulus Horen. This union will be made before the empire’s great mercy in accordance with the ritual of Canonism, below the divine authority of GOD, he who is holy the father and lord. The pair will be joined in their right and lawful matrimony with dignity befitting their spectacular power. Following the marriage, The Prince and Princess-Royal will host a smaller event secluded to whomever wishes to join, in which the people will be entertained within the Imperial Palace via song and dance. It is with their greatest sincerity that the pair wishes the attendance of all, So long as they may hold peace above their heads and love within their hearts. Signed, His Imperial Highness, Romulus Horen, Imperial Prince of the Empire of Man and Duke of Cascadia Signed, Her Royal Highness, Anabel Lisette Devereux, Princess-Royal of The Kingdom of Curonia Scribed by Joanna Margaret Jrent and prepared by Maria Viktoria Horen.
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    Conversion Overflow Thread

    main username: papyb alt: klobonk
  3. The Arcas Landing Festival Human nobility congregate in the outskirts of the new Imperial city in the year of 1706. [!] The Imperial Palace doors open majestically as purple-cloaked couriers flood the city in a sudden rush of activity, fleeing with the single goal to navigate their way throughout the lands of Arcas, giving letters to all those who speak the common tongue without exclusion of any. One would direct their attention to passerbys, motioning them to his stack of flyers before he would continue on his route. DEAR CITIZENS OF ARCAS, All today are cordially invited by the summons of his Imperial Majesty, Augustus Horen, to partake in multiple festivities of the greatest grandeur within a city of equal glamor. The adjournings shall celebrate the people’s escape from the torment of the Vaeyl, consisting of various events that emulate the spirit of adventure and persistence- two things which were shown to be of excellent appearance in the character of the travellers. ----+---- Planned Activities Imperial Scavenger Hunt Those attending the festivities will be able to partake in a hunt across the Imperial city, the first person to find all necessary locations shall receive an award. Imperial Joust The Imperial joust will be organized by his imperial highness, Hadrian Leviticus, and will be available to all those who wish to participate. Those competing MUST submit a 20 mina fee upon the day of the festival, as well as submit a sign up form below. Shops Stalls will be erected, and anyone who wishes to sell goods or services should locate her Imperial Majesty, Maria Horen, to reserve a stand. Games Games and contests will be set up in sections of the fairgrounds for all those who wish to compete. They may be joined at any time after a round is concluded. Signed, HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Maria Viktoria Horen HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Joanna Margaret Horen [Joust Application] ------------------ [OOC] ---------------------
  4. The Dancing of the Roses [!] A sweetly scented invitation arrives on the doorstep of any and all citizens of the Empire of Man. To celebrate the quickly approaching season of love and endearment, her Imperial Highness, Maria Viktoria, cordially invites all inhabitants of the glorious “Imperium Septimus” to rejoice in festive allure within a ball to denounce all the rest! The event will feature much dancing, though will hold socialization to a higher degree of importance, as it will aim to create new bonds where there had previously been none. People of both finer and less defined status shall be equally encouraged to attend. To ensure safety and piety and prevent duels from shattering the peace of courtly love, certain standards shall be held to the attire of both men and women. Those of single status shall wear a sigil of pink. Those of married/courting status shall wear a sigil of red. Those visiting without intent to pursue a courtship shall wear a sigil of white. Those of elven descent shall wear a sigil of black. The central theme is roses, and thus flowers shall be granted to all attendees upon their entrance. These may be gifted to potential courtiers or eternally faithful partners. May romance live forever in the union of love. Signed, Her Imperial Highness, Maria Viktoria Horen Her Imperial Highness, Joanna Horen
  5. Papy

    Cup Bearer Wanted

    [!] A flier would be distributed throughout the Imperium, it’d appear to be a hiring notice! CUP BEARER WANTED! HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, MARIA VIKTORIA, SEEKS A CUP BEARER TO SERVE BOTH HERSELF AND HER KIN. Those interested may find her within the Capital city of Carolustadt. A modest salary will be delivered yearly, and if any harm were to come to the appointed bearer, a large sum will be awarded to their immediate kin. Her Highness will enter all viable candidates into a simple game, the winner will subsequently be hired.* *No harm will come to any persons involved in the competition. Signed, Her Imperial Highness, Maria Viktoria Horen
  6. AN IMPERIAL WEDDING Couriers clad in formal, purple attire would traverse across the Realm of Man atop finely bred white steeds - all with a singular motive; informing all within the Emperor's demesne, from the snow-capped South to the Eastern swamps, of the Imperial Union of His Imperial Highness, Augustus Horen and Her Imperial Highness, Helen Elizabeth Horen. The realm, jovial at such an occurrence, would have ample time to prepare themselves for the grand excursions that would be transcribed to persist over the course of three Saint’s days, each dedicated to a particular aspect of the marriage. Day 1; The Imperial Ball A grand extravagance to initiate such festivities, the Imperial Palace will flow with aged wine, fine food and elegant music. The ball will start off with a period of presenting gifts to the exalted prince and his bride to be, after such, then the festivities will officially commence. To attend such an occasion dressed in anything less than the finest of fabrics would be seen as an insult to the Imperial Family as a whole, and the garments that impress the bride-to-be the most will be crowned with an award to signify them as the Imperial Patron of Fashion and Courtly Attire. Day 2; The Imperial Hunt & Tourney To pay homage to the foundations of Renatus’ reformation upon the lands of Axios that was plagued with activities that became a staple of a Renatians core prowess in regards to their fierce abilities in combat, raids and wars - an Imperial Hunt and Tourney shall be held. This shall mark the second Saint’s day of festivities. Deep into the forests of the Crownlands the nobles and gentry that attend will traverse across - in search of the most exotic or fierce animals. The most prolific hunter within the party, judged by the crown prince, shall be crowned with an award to signify them as the Imperial Patron of the Hunt. In a brutal display of combat centered in the capital, combatants will gather, compete and fight in the gruelling affairs to claim themselves as the Imperial Patron of Combat. Day 3; The Imperial Wedding and Grand Feast The final date of celebration shall include the Imperial Wedding itself. All will gather within the Cathedral of the Holy Martyrs in order to witness the holy union of the Crown Prince and his bride, officiated by his Holiness, Siegmund I. Following the ceremony, a grand feast is to be held in the ballroom of the Caesaromagnus Palace to which all citizens of the Empire and allies are welcome. The previously decided Patrons are to be seated alongside the Imperial delegation for the rest of the night. All guests are expected to conduct themselves with the appropriate mannerisms and behaviors, and any undue weapons shall be removed from ones person at the first and third days of celebration. HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Maria Viktoria Jozefa Horen nee Ivanovich, Duchess of Krajia, Baroness of Vsenk and Vilacz SIR, Lem von Drache, Imperial Scribe
  7. Maria points to the priorist pumpkin while her child judges the competition.
  8. just wanted 2 give u a big hug ❤️
  9. hope it motivates you to be good ❤️
  10. depends on the situation, if it’s dewper im going to have to do an immediate A.
  11. IGN(s): papyb Age 15 Timezone est Discord: pap#8250 What map did you join during?: athera Do you have access to a Microphone? yes Average Daily Play Time? Normally four hours a day, if sometimes more. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: None. Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? In the past, I have been an administrator on a smaller scale server. Beyond that, nothing particularly inside of lotc. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I have a genuine want to excel by any means that are presented to me. If accepted to the team, I would first seek to apply my skill-sets and relative neutrality in improving communication on a lower level between players and their moderators. As someone who has never been a staff member before, I see first hand how many may perceive the GM Team is not working for them - and rather in some cases against them. I believe thoroughly that this can be mended through communication and kindness to the community that utilizes our services on a daily basis. I believe a notable quality of any GM is to be both fair and tough in their approaches to misdemeanors. The rules, whilst not made to be looked at subjectively, provide the means with which we may help the community flourish, and in so doing facilitate players who feel as if they have been alienated in the past. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: No. Anything else you want to tell us?: My lack of experience does not make me a liability. I am confident in my ability to go beyond the usual requirements of a GM and to surpass, in some cases, unfairly held predispositions that people may have against me.
  12. knees of ur fingers sis