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  1. Petition to Receive Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Frederick John de Capua Age: 18 Liege Knight: Ser Septimus Bracchus Were you a Page?: No Were you a Squire?: Yes Reason for Knighting: I squired under Ser Septimus Bracchus at the age of 16 after Ser Reynald de Chatillon, I have been on multiple quest under Ser Septimus, slayed countless of creatures, and have been involved in numerous battles with Renatus. I have also lead defenses against bandits in the city of Cyrilsburg. If I am knighted I will dedicate my life to Cyrilsburg and it’s Count. However I will also help my brother Count of Istria, with his errands. Potential Liege Lord: Willhelm Devereux Potential Lands: None.
  2. Marius realizes Why the ******* Tosalis or Marbrands are not ******* up there!
  3. Marius Marbrand would sign the paper" Placing the seal of House Marbrand upon the letter.
  4. Accepted Accepted Accepted
  5. Name: Magnar Eiriksson Clan: Ruric Experience: Bear Fighting. Equipment ((provide a detailed account of your char's slapped together equipment)): He'd have a Blue shirt, and brown pants, over the blue shirt would be chain and then a piece of leather, to protect his chest. His equipment consists of a Bastard sword, and Hatchet. Are ye 'o faith?: Yes.
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