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  1. Arsenal

    Tournament of Markev

    Sign up (RP&MC) Name: Cinead Aquinas | Ars3nal_ Age: 20 Title: Nothing Holdings: Nothing Heritage: Nothing Events: both
  2. Arsenal

    Nick's AMA Part 2

    Best character and best lotc memory.
  3. Arsenal


    APPLICATION FORM ROLEPLAY Name: Sven Koveric Age: 7 Race: Human Status of Blood (Nobility, Gentry, Commoner): Commoner Past Labor Experience: Helped Horses/Stables boy Past Military Experience: Royal protector of the Queen Place of Residence: On a small piece of fur in front of the palace. OOC Username: Ars3nal_ Discord: Gecko#7153
  4. Arsenal

    Re-drew my old Ref Sheet.

    Sick like actually
  5. Arsenal

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    Marius Marbrand frowned up on his Warrior son in the Seven skies
  6. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Stakok | Ars3nal_ Ban Reason Spamming D20 Avoiding rp Players Involved Caranthir_ By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was memeing around and they tried to pk me because my memes and I called pvp default and when I was down I spammed d20, and I was lagging out it crashed me out of the server and when I logged back on I was at ct and was contacted by Caranthir Why should you be pardoned? Well I am a Strong member of the society of Lotc, and I have been given a good amount of time for my punishment, I believe I should be pardon because I did the time like a true strong man. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? Stop memeing around so much and take matters more seriously, and read the Community Guidelines and Rules every month like I have been doing for the past month I have gotten much progress from it. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Community Guidelines allow you to keep a healthy opinion on everything and causes less toxicity between players, staff and all alike. If you continue to read this daily it will give you a good perspective on how to act and treat players of Lotc how you want to be treated because if you don't arguments will break out, and Ban reports and Ban appeals like this one will have to be placed in order to continue to rp on this beloved minecraft rp server. So If yer willing to take a piece of you're time to come over and read the community guidelines and insure our new and old players get a good time of rp without being harrased with massive amounts of toxicty in ooc then I think you should.
  7. Arsenal

    Farewell lotc my goodbye

    Cya my brutha should have mentioned me
  8. Arsenal

    A Standard letter to Cyrilsburg

    Idiot of a man” Frederick would comment before moving into the Barracks of The Ursus Soldiers.
  9. Arsenal


    Petition to Receive Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Frederick John de Capua Age: 18 Liege Knight: Ser Septimus Bracchus Were you a Page?: No Were you a Squire?: Yes Reason for Knighting: I squired under Ser Septimus Bracchus at the age of 16 after Ser Reynald de Chatillon, I have been on multiple quest under Ser Septimus, slayed countless of creatures, and have been involved in numerous battles with Renatus. I have also lead defenses against bandits in the city of Cyrilsburg. If I am knighted I will dedicate my life to Cyrilsburg and it’s Count. However I will also help my brother Count of Istria, with his errands. Potential Liege Lord: Willhelm Devereux Potential Lands: None.
  10. Arsenal

    Fiesta de Fantasma: The Undead Tournament

    IGN: Ars3nal_ RP Name: Frederick de Capua RP Age: 17
  11. Arsenal

    I’m sorry

    Me niether Lotc is life, much more important then School
  12. Arsenal