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  1. Young conscript and drummer boy saeed ibn Hamza smiled as he plays the qalasheen violin as his father sang.
  2. A very well kept muffin and polite. Ot to help everyone and support the small rp communities. #muffins2020
  3. Sheikh Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen Signs the document with a warm smile
  4. Sheikh Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen smiled as he read the missive, receiving a private invite by suffonia, “Let us make a hearty effort, and brave stand. Bismillah!”
  5. Saeed ibn Hamza would play the oud, as he and the Soldiers sat around a campfire, the young boy, smiling as he listened to the Proud AIS men.
  6. [!] A response from the sheikh "salam, if what you claim is true, then we shall meet to discuss the matter, Allah indeed loves the just, and God fearing." ((Soory short written this with broken hand
  7. Declaration of Treason and War Date and issued on 15th of Snow's Maiden, 1752 As-salamu alaykum, This is a declaration of Treason and war of the Karamanoglu. You the Karamanoglu, have been found in an agreement to war and give aid to the treason of Saalih Al-Nabeel. When your people were but refugees, we took you in and gave you shelter, love and respect, we funded you to get you upon your feet and took care of your future, even making trade and agreements of protections. You have broken your word, you have swore an oath to attack us and aid Saalih Al-Nabeel in his treason against Al-Faiz, Supplying him and funding him. For these crimes we will hunt you down, and kill you. Your main horse stables and base of operations in Al-Faiz has been seized, all horses and belongings are now taken as war booty, and will be used in our Just Jihad against you. We will not stop until the Karamanoglu come and beg and repent for their crimes against the Sheikhdom of Al-Faiz and proper reparation, We will not forget this treason, and you will never rest easy as the Soldiers of Allah Seek you out in every corner of the world. May Allah punish you with the deepest pits of the Fire, and give you no shade on the day of resurrection, and no aid. Your crimes are as listed: Planning to coup the government of Al-Faiz Supplying the enemy of Al-Faiz Supplying the enemy of the AIS Aiding A Terrorist and Traitor Aiding in Planning terrorist acts against Al Faiz Upon finding you, you will be either arrested or killed. Let this be a lesson to all of those who dare to harm the AIS or The Sheikhdom Of Al Faiz. Signed SAYYID, Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen, Sheikh of Al-Faiz, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Defender and follower of Al’Imam Rashidun, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, Sheikh of the Fursaan Al-Saqr.
  8. The Declaration of a Snake Date and issued on 15th of Snow's Maiden, 1752 As-salamu alaykum, Let this be known that Saalih Al-Nabeel, is a traitor to Al-Faiz, for committing the highest acts of treason against the Nation. His crimes have almost become endless, and actions clearer than day. His crimes are as listed: Attempt in assassination against the Sheikh of the Sheikhdom of Al-Faiz, Plans to overthrow the government of Al-Faiz Gathering the Clan Karamanoglu in arms Against Al-Faiz Plotting to Kill the royal and holy family Kharadeen Attempting to start acts of terror against the Sheikhdom of Al-Faiz Attempt to Kill and Harm Allies of Al-Faiz Conspiring with Enemies of Al-Faiz Aiding in the War against the Ais Attempt to kill Innocents of Al-Faiz Attempt to Coup the Government Attempt on the Life of Government officials Attempt to Bribe Government officials Giving Arms and Supplies to the Enemies of Al-Faiz Planning and carrying out acts of terrorism in the territories of Al-Faiz The Murder of his past wife “Flower Al-Nabeel” Attempt of kidnaping for ransom and Several acts of Terrorism Including but not limited to: Killing livestock, stealing livestock, murdering of pets. For these and Countless more actions, He is hereby declared a traitor of the highest treason, and when found, will be sentenced to justice and death. His Children Also conspiring with their father in these acts will be judged accordingly in the law, and will be given a fair trial. Chapter Thirty Eight of Kitab Al-Salam Importance of Peace “Remember That you are all Brothers and Sisters and how Allah has created you so you may Worship him and praise him for his mercy upon you, Allah created you so you may show others the Mercy of Allah. Lo! He did not create you so you may Cause Corruption and evil throughout land and that you Shed your brothers and sisters Blood For Allah Surely has to Punish those with nethers for Eternity, Allah Loves those who stop Violence and the ones who stand for peace in times of Evil But remember Allah does not condemn those who fight in self-defence or fight against Corruption and Haraam For Allah loves those who fight in Jihad for Peace and the destruction of Evil. Allah is indeed the most compassionate and the best at placing peace.” Indeed Allah Speaks the truth and Haqq. We will find you, and we will bring you to justice. Signed SAYYID, Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen, Sheikh of Al-Faiz, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Defender and follower of Al’Imam Rashidun, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, Sheikh of the Fursaan Al-Saqr.
  9. this makes the use of it as a weapon, pointless, as the weapon would just bend upon a few hits. With all do respect, its just a steel stronger than normal iron or steel, able to handle a bit more hits than normal. Changing this also changes a large part of Qalasheen history, As their most renoun warriors of their past used Qalasheen Steel as a weapon of fear. I understand the wish to make it weaker than slayersteel, but to remove it’s strong ability to make it very weak, is in itself changing quite alot.
  10. Why was the lore changed where it bends easier? where the old once states this Striking aurum mixed with Kadarsi repeatedly against solid objects showed that the new welded aurum could take more hits before needing repair. Not only this, but repairing was much easier as the Kadrasi could easily spring back into shape with simple repair methods. The same results were shown with ferrum testing and so Qalashi Steel was born. Why was this changed to make this steel weaker? This is sadly half true, it is not used by many but the Qalasheen still use it, for example to people of the sheikhdom Al-Faiz, still use this steel in almost all their weapons.
  11. Zubayr greeted his old friend at the gates of jannah. Dipping his head in respect before taking his friend's shoulder, lifted up a magical rectangle pointing at himself and his friend Edward I, waving is hand in a weird form of sign language. "Its me and my rafiqi Edward akhis, we in jannah akhis, things are going to be lit akhis, to jihadi club 101 we go akhis! Gana show him his hoor al ayn akhis!!"
  12. Should have the majority or at least half of the ros to coup. When couping a pk clause is put on the couping side and defending side. 1 hour to coup the person. And person can escape or just repel the coupers. If either side wins it can be agreed to have a mass capture or somthing and then execute them soundly. If the people being couped are aware of the inevitable attack, they may call allies to aid them. And if they are taken down before the allies arrive allies have a chance to defeat the coupers and help their past leader back into power. And many other ideas
  13. Wait I cant be friends with band players wwwuuuuttt? Also how was the real world while you were banned
  14. Zubayr is smiling in jannah before remembering that fact “F***!”
  15. Batool’s and Zubayr’s Final Mission Thunder shook the void, The brave descendants held strong against the beast grief, but a part of them were the Janissaries, Brave and unyielding soldiers of the Sheikhdom of Al-Faiz. Among them were two renown Janissaries, the Janissary captain Zubayr Ibn Zayad, and janissary Batool Nazari, the two grown up together in the past caliphate, being the last remaining original janissaries. The Battle was fierce, until a hero of Allah’s came forth and set forth a cannon, in which the Janissaries rushed to take control of, turning the mighty cannon to aim to grief’s heart, “Push! Push men! For Allah! To The End!” The Captain shouted, Pushing with his might, the cannon being pushed with a “HU! HU! HU!” the janissaries shouted. Aiming the cannon to Grief, With the beast seeing this, the beast barrage the cannon crew with dark magics, but this did not hold the brave men of the Sheikhdom, for they remembered the call that it was either Martyrdom, or victory. The cannon aim was ready, with the crew taking a step back as the captain took the string of the cannon giving a large prideful shout “ALLAHU AKBAR! MOTHER FUCKER!” with that grief took a glimpse to the braves of the sheikhdom before being blasted to the heart with a mighty lazer. The Descendants rejoiced until a voice was heard “One must stay to hold the cannon, Or all efforts and dead will be in vain, Rush to the portal!!” Zubayr looked to the descendants who were to far, and the fellow janissaries who looked to him, ready for the order. Zubayr Cursed himself...They all told him not to enter the source, but he charged in anyways, and they charged in after… It was his fault if one stayed to die...So Zubayr spoke up “All of you to the portal! I'll meet you there! GO!” he shouted holding the cannon in place. But One remained, Batool “You better come back with us.” Batool pleaded, but Zubayr smiled “Go, I'll catch up! If any of you stay I'll Be forever angry with you! Now GO!” with that said Batool and the janissaries made their way to the portal, Zubayr sat silently as he began to sing the Janissary’s final death song. “The Hoor Al Ayn are calling me, So let go of me mother, Let go don't cry mother, you can't stop me from this path O mother, my way has become clear And my heart is happily treading its path A blazing war and jihad and blood which flow for honor The Hoor Al Ayn are calling me, So let go of me mother, Let go don't cry mother, you can't stop me from this path The Hoor Al Ayn are calling me, So let go of me mother, Let go don't cry mother, you can't stop me from this path O mother, my way has become clear And my heart is happily treading its path A blazing war and jihad and blood which flow for honor The Hoor Al Ayn are calling me, So let go of me mother, Let go don't cry mother, you can't stop me from this path.” The song was heard from his Janissaries, but their faces turned pale from their tanish faces, Batool attempted to run back was taken by the fellow janissaries by the arms, they all knew what Zubayr was about to do. “COME ON ZUBAYR! COME BACK! It'S NOT TOO LATE!” shouted Batool, but Zubayr called out in return to his comrades with a teary eye “Good bye, my comrades, Stay true to the path of Allah! Arth, tell Aera she was like a little sister to me...And Batool...I love you...Now run!" He could not bare to look them in the face as he turned to the cannon. Batool attempted to break free from the grips of her colleges, but with the rush of the descendants, a blade was plunged into her belly, knocking her and the janissaries into the portal. Zubayr watched as his friends left through the portal, only a few remained with him...the world crumbled and as Zubayr fell...He ushered his final words “At least I got the *****..” falling into the void. The descendants fell through the portal, the janissaries breaking off from the huddle they all remained silent, for their captain was left behind. They began to smile knowing the rewards of seven skies he would receive and began to rejoice, but batool laid against a rock, tears in her eyes, not for her own wounds but for the love she and Zubayr had. Their future never able to continue. A janissary noticed batool, as she removed her hand to reveal blood coming from her belly, She rushed to Batool trying to aid her but with Batool refusing “So he really did love me, after all…” With this the janissary fatima would tear up and nod “He did indeed…” With Fatima said in a shaky voice “Tell the kids that I was proud to be their Aunt, and tell them goodbye and that I shall watch them from seven skies, and not to waste their tears for my death, for this is what I was born for.” Batool said as he gasped for air “WE WILL BOTH tell them that together.” But before Batool could respond Batool smiled, her eyes becoming dim as her head went limp against fatima’s arms which cradled her. Zubayr would open his eyes, he would be dressed in a white thobe, a soft chuckle began to emit from himself as he looked before him and saw the gates of Jannah.. But suddenly some one from behind him was heard, it was batool dressed in white, and a magnificent white Hijab, They remained silent looking to one another with a larger and warmer smile every moment, they went to embrace holding one another in love and compassion. Tears in their eyes which glowed like pearls, they held each other as they made their way to the gates of Paradise, where they were met with his mightiness, the unifier of the farfolks Faiz Kharadeen himself with Zubayr’s and Batool’s family behind Faiz. They lowered themselves in respect to him but was hushed by his calm voice “Allah has seen your efforts for the sake of Allah, and your efforts in fighting shaytan. He has rewarded you the best of rewards and the best of houses, the rewards of a martyr. He has seen the love in your hearts, and though you did not marry in the past life, he marries you in everlasting life, and gives you the gift of children and peace. Allah is pleased with you.” With this Batool and Zubayr made forward into Jannah, and there within enjoys the comforts of Allah. “Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord; They rejoice in the bounty provided by Allah. And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the (Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they (cause to) grieve.” -Kitab Al Salam, Chapter fifteen “martyrdom” (this was really hard to write, as I did not intend to pk zubayr so soon, and it hurt even more that this was a double pk post, for me and purrfect’s characters, thank you all for reading and if you are interested in their funerals will be hosted in Al-faiz at 6pm est this friday the 27th.)
  16. Zubayr would enter seven skies with batool, holding her hand with a warm smile. "We did it... we stoped shaytan, my habibiti. And now we gain the rewards of shaheeds."
  17. Declaration of Jihad [!] Banner of Jihad that is being hoisted up The black flag with gold lettering raised above Al-Faiz signaling the call of jihad with messengers riding with speed out of Al-Faiz! Open letters were sent and spread everywhere within the Arcas. The letter would read as such “Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, I Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Khardeen, Leader of Al-Faiz and Head of the Imam Rashidun Faith, Announce this Jihad, All Within Our faith are Required to Participate in this Jihad, For grave understanding and knowledge has been revealed to us that this voidal tear sole master is shaytan or what some of you may call iblees! We believe that this voidal tear soul goal is to free Shaytian unto this earth by creating a foothold on this land! This is a battle and jihad that every mumimeen! Every elf! Every dwarve! Every kha and houzi! Every man, woman and child is needed to aid in fighting shaytan and his proxy! Whether it be on the battlefield, in the kitchens, in the forges, by the campfires, or at the clinic aiding our brothers and sisters of this world's wounds. For those of you who love Allah the almighty the most gracious all glory goes to him, Come to jihad for the sake of Allah!! We will be at the fields, in the cities, in the forts, in the mountains, in the forests! We shall shatter the rocks, we shall sharpen our swords we shall tighten the bows, Oh men of Allah! Isn't the hereafter better for you than this dunya? By Allah we will be steadfast as the mountain, and swift as the falcon! With the shahada on our tongues and fear of Allah in our hearts! We shall take the fight to shaiytian servants and aid in sending them to jahanamn to meet their master as they belong! We shall set an example to all those who aid shaytian that they are known and will not be unscathed! The soldier of Allah will never relinquish their oaths to Allah and will set your heads on the pikes! For those we kill will go to the nether! And those who die by our sides will be with Allah the most rewarding! May allah grant us martyrdom and for us to be among those in the valley of shaheeds! Any who follow ALLAH and Imam Rashidun! Fight in Jihad! For this is a clear Jihad for Allah! Fight not just for the pleasure of Allah, not just because your employer, fight so your children are free, fight so many future generations may continue to live and be about in this world without shaytian himself haunting their every breath! Remember these two Words… Martyrdom or Victory. Let us make it victory so the religion of Allah and our future generations can live on!” With this letter, Jihad was called, All Mumineen from all around arcas should found themselves enlisting in the Al-Faiz, or sending supplies to help their brothers and sisters fight in this Jihad Al-Akbar. This jihad will be bloody, it will be harsh, and will have shaheeds, but for the Sake of Allah we MUST prevail. In short, jihad has been called to fight for Allah, those who claim to be followers of Allah and fight with the enemy will be killed for heresy and fighting for Iblees. [Sorry if miss spellings, had to finish quick for work gota be done!] (shout out to @adamc2000 for writing this for me and @APurrfectNobody for making the flag!)
  18. "Silencing voices....but that's our thing!" Sheikh ibraheem stated in his room reading the documents. "Let us see the outcome, and pray that the southernos don't make a mistake they will regret, inshallah." He said before tossing the papers on his desk, making his way to his throne room to speak to his advisers of the future jihad.
  19. Sheikh Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen read the missive and noded “Interesting.” he would return to petting his falcons as his advisers silently waited for a order. "Let them squeal."
  20. connect the dots>Medieval2>rome2<Attila
  21. Zubzayr passes this man stoping giving him pita bread and date fruit “Farfolk lives matter my friend.” he nodded proudly of godfric who he now gave the qalasheen card to.
  22. “Al- Jihad Al-Jihad, may we fight to please you, for the lord knows our souls, and has sharpened them for you. Al-Jihad al-jihad, may we right, the wrong, may we dance in the fields, and spill the blood of him, for we will be called one day, to gain the rewards of the all high. To the high lands we march to the low lands we cross, to the rivers we drink, to the fields where we sleep.” Zubayr Ibn Zayaad marched with his fellow janissarys, singing the marching song of the shaheed across arcas until he saw the letter and reads it “kaffirs, Insulting farfolks where they can, no matter, Allah has blinded their hearts and they shall walk blindly on the day of judgement into the fires of the nether... We all know farfolk women wear hijab and cover themselves head to toe, to hide their beauty for only their husbands unlike these kaffirs....And the cactus green? We use it for medical purposes.” he shruged tearing the letter and marched away with his men humming the Nashuds of jihad.
  23. Haram’s of Injustice [!] A paper is found across Arcas, Ais, and Oren allied alike, but especially around Al-Faiz and Cloud Temple “As-salamu alaykum, peace be upon you, friend or foe, traveler and settler, priest or disbeliever, brave or coward. This Is an issue from the Sheikh of Al-Faiz, the high leader of the Fursaan Al-Saqr, for all to see and read. War has taken the lands of Arcas, the sweet flowers of the land has turned to a valley of roses of martyrs of both sides of the war but this issue is to the soldiers of the war, Not just any soldiers but the Mumineen, The believers, a reminder of your duty to your faith. The Fursaan Al-Saqr be aware of your faith’s rules of Jihad and war. My people, Long have the Farfolks been a brave people, strong with their heart, wise with their swords, and accepting of the outsider. We have a duty, during this time of war, to stand with our morals and enforce them onto ourselves. My lions, Brave Knights of the Falcon, Humble women of the Guild, and men of the horse, Remember as we enter this war with opened minds and brave hearts and steadfastness, That ALLAH ALMIGHTY has commanded us to obey these laws, Dont Cut a Tree unless you need to, Do not Kill a Child, Do not Kill Old People, Do not Destroy Places of Worship, Do not destroy a Building, Do not Kill those who have surrendered, Do not Kill those who run away(from battle and in general), Do not Kill a Woman, Do not Kill a Sick Person, Do not Kill those dedicated to worship(Ie. Monks and priests), Do not disfigure the dead, Do not Kill an animal except for eating, Be good to Prisoners and feed them, Do not Enforce The faith! MY LIONS! When you march remember you march because we were forced to march, We will not waver, we will not bend our knees to those who oppress, We will remain steadfast, our heads high with the banner of Allah waving high above our heads. We will shatter the rocks of injustice, we will strike like lions on the land and our eyes sharp like the falcons of the skies, the battle will soon take place where both sides shall have death, and the ringing of the sword sings its death song, and the shield shall bang it's drums of oath. Remember my lions we do not hate the enemy, we stand at the ready to defend our allies as we were called! MY LIONS the kaffirs whom attacked our Zakat runs lay slain in the muddied roads by your sword. We will continue to give zakat to ALL people, No matter your race, NO matter your allegiance, No matter your beliefs, For Allah blessed us with the chance to give Zakat, so we will go to Haense, to Curon, to Helena, To Mosengrad, To Krugmar, To Druids, To Talons Grotto, To Fenn, to ALL LANDS and we will give them their rights, their right of food and charity! My braves may Allah protect you wherever you march, May Light be shown to those of war whom kill ruthlessly, May your bravery be witnessed by Allah and your mercy shown as a HAQQ of our faith. That we will never kneel, that we will never surrender our goals as an Ummah to give, EVEN TO OUR ENEMY! To you whom pass and read this message, No matter whom you are, If you seek peace, wave a wave, smile a smile, and talk to the Fursaan Al-Saqr who you see walk by Arcas, And give them your Salams, For they fight to end a fight, they fight to preserve your right of peace. Ask them for Zakat, they will not turn you away, may you be AIS OR Oren men. They will honor their oaths before GOD and gift you mercy of food. Seek shelter, they will give it, for they are knights not like what the great nations have. But Knights of an oath, Knights of a purpose, Knights of Haqq. So to the Miskeen, the unfortunate of Arcas do not fear, the braves have not hid themselves, nor have they taken their pride dress off! They rise with the banner of truth, to ensure your right of food and charity. Do not worry miskeen, for we have swore an oath to aid you, you shall not suffer the war as martyrs of starvation, of abuse, of the cold, of the heat. Come to Al-Faiz oh Miskeen, and we will cover you a cover of peace, and protection, you no longer will be refugees of this cruel war. May Allah protect the weak, May Allah protect the braves, May Allah protect the people of Arcas, May Allah reward the Martyrs, May Allah end these cruel wars, and May Allah preserve the Sheikhdom of Al-Faiz.” Signed SAYYID, Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen, Sheikh of Al-Faiz, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Defender and follower of Al’Imam Rashidun, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, Sheikh of the Fursaan Al-Saqr.
  24. Great post! Love the culture!
  25. Fursaan Al-Saqr Customs Warriors of Unknown pasts, their skill determined, everlasting, and always growing. The Fursaan Al-Saqr, a Knighthood of brave men willing to lay down their life for Imam Rashidun, The Sheikh, His family, and his Sheikhdom. Discipline unquestionable, loyalty unscratched. With this custom have been set, to remain the best in discipline and professionalism. Al-Sharaf “The Honor” These elite knights have garnered the weapons that remain forever their pride and symbol: the Shamshir, the Bow, the Spear, the Dagger, the Mace, the Axe, the Halberd, and many more. Their respect to their weapons which they must master with the flame of their heart, and the care of their weapons taken in almost a daily basis to clean, polish, sharpen and repair would be done religiously and with precision. Al-Taqdir “The Appreciation” Their uniform always cleaned, respected, and perfect to the qualifications to the worthiness of their order, their Janissary cap, shall be their dignity and honor and commitment, always kept and treated as if it was their own child. Their uniform always cleaned, tailored, repaired, and refined to its peak - this is the way of the Fursaan Al-Saqr. Al-Bariz “The Prominent” When they meet with a high official, noble head, or leader, the respect given in a fist of the right hand to the chest and a dip of the head slightly dipping their bodies, with their left hand behind their backs in a fist, giving the respective title of the person, and the respect to the person they would be given a Zaeim. For the Sheikh and religious leaders and the honoring of Allah and their order they will give a HU. An example “Sheikh, HU!” “Ameen Zaeim” Al-Akhua “The Brotherhood” When addressing members of their order, one should speak the name of their comrade and their rank, giving them a hand to the heart, and a slight dip of the head. To the Janissary Captain and Amir, they would perform the Al-Bariz. An example of the Al-Akhua is “Hassan Alwafid” “Hassan Muharib” “Hassan Ghullam” or “Hassan Janissary” Al-Aintibah “The Attention” When addressing or announcing the coming of an important, one would begin to shout - for an example: “Allah Allah! Ya Rabbi Allah! Make way for his Sheikh Ibraheem Kharadeen, Allah Allah, Ya Rabbi Allah.” the men would line up and do the Al-Bariz, keeping their head down until ordered to go to ease. Al-Mufid “The Useful” The action of a Salute is quite simple, yet passionate. The Salute, also known as the Affirming, is when you make a fist with your right hand, and extend it, slamming it to your chest, as you turn your head to the right shoulder down, giving your loudest “HU!” This is to affirm your belief and to pay respect to whomever you salute. Often done at once together in a group, this is one of the best of honors to partake in Fursaan Al-Saqr. Al-Ailtizam “The Commitment” The Commitment, an honor like no other, the protection of his holiness the Sheikh himself and his family. Often a task for two, carrying weapons at the ready, these men would lay down their life for the soul purpose of honor and martyrdom. Guarding the Sheikh wherever he goes, often staying with him even when he rests, Fursaan Al-Saqr are stationed ready to lay down their lives for him. Al-Khashie “The Humbled” Payment Ceremony - During the time of payment, The Fursaan Al-Saqr would line up in rows with their hands clasped together in front of them. “Allah Allah! Ya Rabbi Allah! Allah bless this day, Allah bless our sheikh and sheikhdom, Allah make our eyes wise, Allah make our hearts brave, Allah give us strength, Allah humble us, AMEEN!” can be heard as they approached, In which the response is given of a HU! A Ghullam would be assigned with making rock candy as payment was received. Should the payment be sufficient, one would be blessed with this delicious treat and it would be distributed. *line up in rows. Hands folded in front. Prayer. Make Rock candy.* Al-Nashud “The Song.” The singing of Nashuds, The Fursaan AL-Saqr would gather at night around a fire, and sing with one another, of nashuds, past glories, and stories of the companions of Faiz Radiya Allahu anhu. Often hookah is shared as well as meat and honeyed milk. Some may sharpen their swords, and sometimes the Fursaan Al-Saqr would dance a Qalasheen Dabke. Al-Shorbaji “The Soup Cook” Every army has their men of steel, the veterans and non-commissioned men with the experience and firm resolve that inspires their men and passes on vital lessons to new recruits. The Janissaries are no exception - except their traditions are slightly unorthodox. The head of a unit is known as Al-Shorbaji, and carries a ceremonial soup ladle as a sign of their rank and the brotherhood of men who live, eat, fight and die together, though they serve no food themselves. This is to symbolize humility before the Sheikh, and devotion to providing for one’s soldiers - and also the unspoken rule that a Fursaan Al-Saqr should be capable of destroying their enemies with anything at hand - even a comically oversized ladle. Al-Taelim “The Education” A Farfolk saying goes, “to make different the fighting man and the thinking man is to have one’s fighting done by fools and its thinking done by cowards.” In the finest Qalasheen traditions of the warrior-scholar, the Fursaan Al-Saqr are expected to be trained to write their stories on the pages of history with the pen and the sword. Administration skills, religion, history, etiquette, literature, horse-riding, archery, wrestling, and even music and poetry are included in the training of a Fursaan Al-Saqr. Al-Dayiqa “The Trial” A Fursaan Al-Saqr is not born, they are forged. Just as all mortals are equal before Allah, all can become an elite Fursaan Al-Saqr - but they must first prove themselves worthy, and strive for perfection. It is a road of hardship, one which the Fursaan Al-Saqr view as an honourable tradition. Hours spent standing in freezing water, days of fasting, brutal physical training and years of grueling, humbling labour on farms and other menial work in service to the Qalasheen people and great Mumineen families builds a sense of purpose, humility, strength, and identity that defines the Fursaan Al-Saqr. Unlike some Knightly orders, they are not just given a fancy uniform for being of noble birth - they earn the right to enshrine themselves in such glory.
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