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  1. Issued on the 15th of the Grand Harvest, 1747 By the will of His Illustrious Majesty, Erasto I of the Sulynèan Dynasty , the Crown of the Southeron has ordered the indefinite closing of the Public Library of Thyra due to an array of incriminating and treasonous evidence of books composed and submitted against the crown. Furthermore, an investigation has been queued against the leadership of the library regarding the origin of these treasonous scrolls and unnamed entities. ሪጋSigned in the name of His Illustrious Majesty, Erasto I of the Sulynèan Dynasty, Ras of Thyra, Suldaan of the Southeron and Seyam.
  2. Transcribed the 12th of Malin’s Welcome, 1747 On the 3rd of Malin’s Welcome, 1747 - the Jassinissa Council of the Medri Negasi met privately; for a solid 4 hours, they met with no intrusion - save for the sound of indistinct chatter outside the shut doors of the Festival Grounds, heavily guarded by Jeshi guards. After the time had passed, the Matoaloga stepped outside the room - ordering his guard to immediately spread out and allow a protected passageway for the Suldaan and his advisors. The Jeshi guided the Suldaan to the citadel - allowing him to step above the dais with an emboldened demeanor. Lra Suldaan’s words were as followed : “To you, my Southeron people,” he said with a pause, his head turning slowly from side to side as he peered over the mass of people. He took a deep breath, continuing with a more defined tone. “For countless years, we have been shoved into a generalization that we have never, as a people, consented to. Our attempts to embrace such a generalization was met with a steady coalition against the people who proclaimed to be our ‘brethren’ - however, our attempt to completely dispose of this generalization was met with opposition as well; presenting to us a state of ‘Farfolk Incertitude’. Allow us to take a moment to decode this phrase as separate entities.” as his tone turned from simply bold to outright aggressive - as displayed by a formulated frown and more emphasis on the important words On the Farfolk “Farfolk refers to a group of disparate people who allows their cultures and traditions to be subsumed into a false unity. A unity of Subjugation and assimilation. It is a word coined by insensible humans in an attempt to solidify their ideology that we are their lessers - and certain groups of these humans considered ‘lessers’ agree with the ideology, because being a lesser to the imperialists, kissing their boot, and being friendly with them despite their scorn for our kind comes with the benefit of being seen as a step above the others - despite this servitude being a disdainful trait. This is a damaging ideology that has began the basis of our subjugation - which is why we, albeit alone of these wronged people, have outright refused to acknowledge such an odious term. Now, my people, does this at all describe who we are? “ Erasto asked the crowd, being met with mumbling voices and a few bold yells After a brief pause, Erasto continued. “Now I will answer you what the meaning of ‘Farfolk Incertitude’ is - it is the inability of the ‘Farfolk’ leaders to affirm that their acceptance of the aforementioned term is not for ‘unity’ purposes. We who are considered ‘Farfolk’ are all different, infact I boldly proclaim that we share more differences amongst one another than the Highmen and Heartmen do - and that is simply a truth that any knowledgeable descendant can conclude. Along with the inexplicableness of the term in itself - if all humans, even all mortals, are derived from the same place - then why are we ‘the Far Folk’? We share the same lands as the other humans, however we have been considered foreigners above all else, why is this? I cannot truly answer this for myself.” he turned to look at his advisors, whom had the same angered expression upon their visage as he did - and he turned around, with an affirmity in his voice. “The reason why this term is so widely accepted by the mass of humanity that is considered ‘Lesser’ than the imperialists and their several subgroups is simply for reasons of subjugation, nothing more. Every ‘Farfolk’ leader believes in a directive that we should all be together, but this directive is looked at from a place of self-entitlement rather than true unity - I, of course, do not share such a directive as I am not a ‘Farfolk’ leader nor do I parade as a leader of a people that should not and could not exist. During our communion, the Jassinissa has concluded that our state shall appeal to ‘Southerainty’ - an ideology that supports Southeron sovereignty and suzerainty as a unified people rather than a subservient people to the ‘Farfolk’ front, this word shall also be used to refer to Southeron collectivity. From here on, we shall treat those who consider themselves ‘Farfolk’ as we do all foreigners and nations - with neutrality devoid of slavish loyalties.” As he concluded, he nodded - and the crowd began to clap, roar, and chant the words “Maarhali amaan Lra Suldaan!” in a melodic intonation - which translates to ‘Praise be to his majesty the Suldaan.’. This chanting went on for hours after the Suldaan and his advisors retreated into the citadel, an entire celebration forming around it’s gates to confirm to the Suldaan and his advisors that the message was well-received by their people.
  3. Erasto chuckled slightly at the irony of it all, pointing at the addressed name of ‘King Peter’ “They referred to him as a King and not a Emperor, I believe that to be slight disrespect.” He said, making an inference before even reading the address – and when it took a turning point he said “Aei! There it is, the climax .”
  4. just reminding everyone over 13 yrs old that calling someone emotional isn’t an insult and can be used to measure maturity because everyone has the capacity for emotions 💤 

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Southeron


      You aren’t wrong – but I was more or less reacting or as you’d put it “overreacting” to something else that was said to me, and decided to express my opinion on it here. Is that not my prerogative?

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      hi, everyone has emotions but maturity is the factor that changes how you express them, thats how i feel like... everyones emotional but mature people just dont let it go off so easily

    4. Southeron


      @Man of RespectThats something that I actually strongly agree with. You can have a calm reaction to something you feel strongly to – or a respectful reaction. Now, if the person does that then the mature thing to do is to take their feelings into account, as they’ve publicized them in a respectful way.

  5. “Another loyal subject justly rewarded, congratulations Mardochi.” Erasto said with a confirming nod as he wrote the last period on the document, handing it over to a Jeshiman as he commanded “Make copies and send them to every renowned family within the land, and ensure the new Ras recieves this document with a gift of ale.” and with that, the Jeshiman nodded – being sure to memorize every single word commanded by his Suldaan
  6. 14th of Malin’s Welcome, 1746 መገለጽ Through their glorious acts on behalf of the Medri Negasi and it’s government and nobility, in the name of His Illustrious Majesty, Erasto I of the Sulynèan Dynasty , the Crown of the Southeron has deemed it necessary to ascend the Rutledge Cadet Branch of ‘Hinseli’ into seignoria - led by their Patriarch, Mordecai Moses of Rutledge. He shall be known from henceforth as Mardochi Musē ag Hinseli; his ‘True Southernos’ translated name with the updated dynasty. We allow him to carry the titular name of ‘Ras’ along with his other valiant entitlements. We declare that this ennoblement be extended to all forthcoming Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Hinselian Dynasty, undisputed in its entirety. We bless this title and its holder in the light of Alaha, and pray that they and their heirs continue to serve in the best interests of Seyam and its successors. ሪጋSigned in the name of His Illustrious Majesty, Erasto I of the Sulynèan Dynasty, Ras of Thyra, Suldaan of the Southeron and Seyam. Ras Mardochi Musē ag Hinseli, Patriarch of the House of Hinseli

  8. We finally have an lotc variant of the Hundred Years War 🙂

  9. “ ‘Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen?’, damn!” Erasto would remark with an aggressor sigh “I knew I was being followed.”
  10. Erasto received the letter in good time, easing up as one of his Jeshi men opened it, speaking with a very curious and excited tone “Rutledge?It is rare to get couriers from them.” – the guard opened it, handing the opened letter with eyes closed to the man “Hmm....Karamonoglu..?” he thought for a moment, his finger tracing over the words continuously as he said “That does resemble the spelling of one of our old vassals, doesn’t it?Kara-mandul I believe was its name.” he inquired to the guard with a one-sided question “However, to insult our racial sovereignty is 2nd place to a grave crime...” he paused, rising with a grind of his teeth as he commanded to the Jeshi-man “Do send a transcribed copy of this letter to the Enderase.” as he handed the paper to the man. @Krib
  11. Me 🤝U = ERP

  12. @Lsuvsfar Me & U, discord pms 😉

  13. “The orcs have once again risen.” Erasto would proclaim jovially, reading over the missive with a widened smile “Congratulations Skalp, you’ve done something that im sure many would’ve failed at. I’d have to admit though, vassalization seems a bit unorthodox...”
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