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  1. What’s the plan for your 666th annual drinking night?

    1. Trigamar


      I think they plan to drink.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      On the 666th Annual Drinking Night, Iblees returns and kills everyone.

  2. got dumped before Valentine’s Day, is that how it feels to date poor people ????

  3. ((Best dwarf clan wbk))
  4. “It is a shame, to die so quickly after a marriage...” Erasto sighed, pondering over his cousins untimely death before he concluded “Hmm..A venomless serpent is a dead one, as they say..”
  5. can we go back to 1.13 now

    1. Thedeadoor


      idk I prefer my chunks loaded

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Go back to Minecraft 1.6, every update made past 1.6 was a mistake.

  6. A public letter has been posted around the city of Thyra, though its format resembles that of a personal one. It reads : To my daughter, the Heiress of the Southeron and Seyam, Carawelo. As I grow older, and the chance of me wedding a woman of my liking and attaining a son decreases, I find myself thinking more of you – my precious daughter. The thought of you brings me to remember a story my father once told me, of the only woman to ever publicly embarrass him and for a moment, to strike fear into his bold heart. During the Elven-Orkish wars in which we fought alongside our orcish brethren on the previous continent, the dwed were a common face to see – a friendly one. There was one instance he recalled, after a battle at a fort named ‘Strong’, in which he met the leader of these men – a woman. He described her as a woman of ashen skin like coal, but eyes of a flame that kept contained unless she had willed it. She spoke of her magical prowess – and naturally, as a practitioner as well, my father felt inclined to challenge her. Of course, this challenge was protested by the Orks – and after a barrage of insults, they had agreed to a simple arm-wrestle. My father was a man whom had protected Kings, both human and non-human – he was a man whom had battled creatures never before seen on this land. Yet, not only did he lose, but he had momentarily fractured his arm, his spirit, his pride, and his ego. It was through this lesson, a gift of wisdom and humility from the Dwarven High Queen, that he was shown the might a woman may attain, to become an elected queen and rival the strength of generals. Now, I do admit that the legitimacy of this story remains questioned, however fact or fiction – it does fill your old father with excitement for your reign. If you are to reign, that means that I have passed on to Semayata. This means that your reign should be powerful enough to shake the heavens, I will that you shall rule as the Queen of Kings – and if this be a dream, then make sure that you pass this dream onto your children as I have done to you. When in doubt, remember the story of the ‘Dwarven High Queen’ and the dream of your father. Adellhallyu Sincerely, Erasto I
  7. “This is the most interested I’ve been in this war. This, I tell you, is the climax of the story! Wageni!” Erasto said after reading the missive, a smile on his face
  8. 8 Negesitati, 1753 It is on this blessed day in the light of Alaha that we, the Crown of Southerainty, declare the creation and vindication of the Southeron Calendar. This newly issued calendar serves primarily to give homage to prominent Southeron ancestral entitie and to serve as a replacement of the common calendar for all Southeron domains - granting us a time system of our own language. The months of the year are as follows : Sun’s Smile - Semayata Ambineti The Amber Cold - Ghan ina Mel The Deep Cold - Negesitati Snow’s Maiden - Azolu’eti Malin’s Welcome - Valgariyin’ia The First Seed - Khonma’mene The Grand Harvest - Ein Darapo ሪጋSigned in the name of His Illustrious Majesty, Erasto I of the Sulynèan Dynasty, Ras of Thyra, Suldaan of the Southeron and Seyam.
  9. “Such blasphemy will not be tolerated on any level.” Erasto would say with slight rage “My bloodline will not be forsaken with such defectiveness. She has named grand cities in insult, and decided to do this before her own marriage – this is self-sabotage.” He concluded, crumbling up the paper with irritated grunts
  10. To my noble courtier, Mardochi Musē ag Hinseli, I send you this letter casually in hopes it will find you well. From your own personal valiant efforts, you have amassed a title amongst your people. However, although your name is renowned, you have not wed – which is the first step to building yourself a legacy. The common dream of all men is to be known by people long after you’ve died. The only way to fulfill that dream as mortals is through stories, however these stories cannot be told in their sincerity by someone who is not your blood. Upon your demise, your titles would be disposed and all your efforts would have been in vain, you would have no children to continue your legacy whatsoever. To alleviate this worry, I have contemplated on ways to establish a closely knit union between our two dynasties without making you a one-sided offer, and so – I have decided to offer you this. As marriage is the purest form of union, granting us lawful procreation in the light of Alaha – I shall offer you the hand in marriage of a blood relative – Zuwena Maridhia Kiros ag Sulynè, who in relation to me is my first cousin once removed. Of course, if you are to accept this – you’d have to give a dowry to show her father Kiros that you are a pious man. I am the patriarch of our royal house, however I do not believe in giving away the purity of another man’s daughter without their knowledge, even if we are blood. After all, I must set an example for those who succeed me aswell as my fellow courtiers. If you are to accept, send word back to me and I will summon my cousin Kiros for your request. I will, of course, speak to my once removed cousin shortly after sending this letter to you – she has been eager to wed so I don’t doubt she would be ecstatic towards my recommendation. May you find nothing less than serenity and everlasting grace in the light of Alaha. Sincerely, Lra Suldaan Erasto I @Ayoou
  11. 8th of the First Seed, 1753 It is on this blessed day in the light of Alaha that we, the Crown of Southerainty, declare a reformation of the Seyami Jassinissa council. Due to the steady rise in corruption, organized crime, and the recurring inactivity of our standing government, our Suldaan has seen fit to install a new Jassinissa that is sure to enforce a degree of variety, grant more power to the lower stratum of Southeron society whom are affected the most by these negative traits, and to re-activate our standing government. This reformation enforces the following amendments to the Crown Council and it’s associated roles : ፩.The Jassinissa is, henceforth, to be considered a separate entity from the Suldaan’s advisory roles - with the exception of the Taezzaz. ፪.The Taezzaz will now be an elected role, with the following clarifications: -All confirmed citizens of the Medri Negasi of Seyam are eligible to vote. -This elected official shall serve a quinquennial term of 5 years, however there is no limit on the amount of times one official may be elected. -The Taezzaz will remain a dual role - serving both as the Suldaan’s advisor and a Jassinissan councilman. -All citizens above the age of 15 years old may be elected as the Taezzaz. ፫ .The Jassinissa will now encompass the representatives of each and every seignorial house that is vindicated by an acting Suldaan, these representatives being chosen by that houses Matriarch or Patriarch - who may also serve as council representatives for their houses. ፬. A Suldaan may, through vindication, grant a House membership on the Jassinissan council - however he does not hold the power to revoke said membership. This membership shall only be voted off by the remaining council members. ሪጋSigned in the name of His Illustrious Majesty, Erasto I of the Sulynèan Dynasty, Ras of Thyra, Suldaan of the Southeron and Seyam. After the publication of this reformation, letters has been personally sent to the Jassinissan members installed by these new laws, the letter reads : “To my newly imposed councilmen, I send to you this letter. As the reformation begins, it is necessary that you choose a bloodline representative to represent you on my Crown Council. For the Sulynean dynasty, I have chosen my heiress – Carawelo Erasto ag Sulyne – to represent my houses interests on the council. Once you have chosen your own, send word to me right away so we can begin council procedures to contribute to this reformation. Sincerely, Lra Suldaan Erasto I “ @AffectionateGanche @Krib @ScimitarMan @Ayoou
  12. Southeron#6408 – Crash Bandicoot
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