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  1. Oh wait, I think I've already played this storyline.....

  2. Band practice from 9AM to 7PM tmrw YIKE-

  3. Southeron

    The Young Lion Rises

    "Nun one but wi will decide oar future, yuh should focus on yuh own future as a vassal." Kalfu replied
  4. Southeron

    Challenge to the Dominion, 1688

    "Its hard for me to imagine they'd fight honorably...."
  5. Southeron

    Just got in a fist fight with my trashman

    and your first reaction was to share this on the forums for a Minecraft roleplay server, that's golden.
  6. Southeron

    Panda people

    Amazing Idea, +1
  7. I don't know him, however the one conversation I did have with him he seemed to express a deep sense of judgement and genuinely cared about the well being of this server. So it's a +1 for me
  8. Southeron

    The Khonma Tribe

    Nice repost, let's do it ;^)
  9. Southeron

    [I] Burnsy__'s Game Moderator Application

    This guy is actually the LOML so yes.
  10. Southeron

    The Law In The Empire Of Man

    Literally this.
  11. People actually think im a man?LOL

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    2. Hyena


      God is a woman?

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Gender is a spook

    4. Suxals


      There are not women in the internet.

  12. Southeron

    ooc chat

    Don't say I didn't warn you - the argument is simply pointless because no matter what you say or points you make, lotc will remain lotc.
  13. Southeron

    ooc chat

    Expect to get alot of backlash from this sadly, this community generally doesn't like being called out for their toxicity and offensiveness as I've learned - staff team included. It's also not only holocaust jokes. Its almost like a consensus for this server to support beratedness even in their nation leadership and staff team from admins and down.
  14. Southeron


    “Cause life bi but a simulashin uv death….” KALFU General Information Birth name : Valgarai Kenyatta uv Zailu Titles : Rakshasa uv Méllé, Champion of Southeron, Grand Chief of the Zailu Tribe, Scildan of Apo, Honourary Orc Age : 67 Date of Birth : 8th of Sun’s Smile, 1639 Place of Birth : Temple uv Zeal, Lakavo Status : Living Current Affiliations : Méllé Previous Affiliations : Krugmar, Ghanyah Gender : Male Race : Farfolk(Southeron) Sexuality : Heterosexual Culture : Ghanyan Languages : Caeole, Blah, Common Aroma : Smoke Alignment : True Neutral Appearance Height : 6’2” Weight : 180 lbs Form : Mesomorph Eye Color : Fawn Brown Skin Color : Burnt Sienna Hair Color : Black Hair Style : Dreadlocks Markings/Tattoos : Greyish facial tattoos, Greyish tattoos on his right arm Clothing : A pale white toga with golden ends, a golden band on his left arm, aurum rings upon his dreadlocks – he is shoeless. Skills Fire Evocation : Highest Tier, TA Telekinesis : Highest Tier, TA Beast Smithing : Professional Black Smithing : Professional Wood Working : Intermediate