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  1. The 'Give and Take' system sounds like a handicap for either new or unimaginative role-players. For most characters it isn't that hard to imagine real-life versions of them and decipher what bonuses they'd have in a battle. There's literally pictures and example for most situations - we see the same or similar beings in most fantasy settings whether it be in books, media, or here. To ignore a characters innate skills or bonuses in turn for this childish system would literally break roleplay, I think it's definitely time to mature and accept that you win some and you lose some. If you wouldn't
  2. You're right to assume the magic was written before the actual deity, but they were actually written originally without relation to eachother. The deity was written in 2018, starting as a hive-minded daemon who obsessed over forcing solidarity - I stopped going through with it because Tayl already existed, but now after coming back from hiatus I totally overlooked that fact. I still think that Segradien is quite different than Tayl and could contribute to roleplay as an Aengul . The magic however, started as a voidal support magic and was drafted not too long ago. Starting as a voidal magic, i
  3. Lol I totally forgot of his existence, thanks for reminding me.
  4. Sorry, I’ll see if I could format it in a less confusing way. The number modifiers can be hard to document, however I’m not sure of any other way to really document the progress. Basically, the buff multiplies your stat by that number, influenced by D&D though I’m not sure how effective the system would be here. Assuming most people in role play go by a stat system, at tier 1 you’d be 0.3x stronger meaning that if your strength is around 15 it’d raise to 19.5 and so forth and so on. I do agree, I tried to piece the drawbacks in a way that would force the players reliance on one anoth
  5. Oh I forgot to add! Tier Progression : T1 - Able to choose 1 buff, and have 1 companion. (Cost about 5 emotes to imbue a buff on someone)(Buff modifier x0.3) T2 (2 - 4 weeks) - Able to have 2 companions now. (Cost about 4 emotes to imbue a buff on someone) T3 ( 1 - 2 months) Able to have 3 companions. (Cost about 3 emotes to imbue/change a buff on someone - gained another stat and the 'Sensory Swap' spell which requires 5 emotes)(Buff modifier x0.5 T4 ( 2 - 3 months) Able to have 4 companions[CAP] (Cost about 2 emotes to imbue/change a buff on someone) T5
  6. The Mortals of Segradien ((PLEASE READ DEITY LORE SUBMISSION BELOW PRIOR TO READING THIS)) Origin Segradien is the Aengul of Honor, Oaths, and Commitment. During the first war of Iblees, the Aengul Segradien held a personal grudge against Iblees - doing all they could to ensure that their brethren ended up executed for their traitorous actions. As such, they began to grant abilities to their followers to assist in their cause. their followers were not judged by whether they were good or evil - them seeing it as a eschewed concept, followers were ins
  7. Segradien - the Hive (Seh - gra - dean) Aengul of Honor, Oaths, and Commitment (I DO NOT OWN THIS ARTWORK) “Loyalty renders all weapons useless.” Sigil - A large hive of light wisps forming into a circle. Colors - Pink, Blue, White Appearance Segradien is the Aengul of Honor, Oaths, and Commitment, taking the form of a humanoid made entirely of light - having no face, or any other physical features for that matter. In reality however, Segradien's true form is an abundance of small beings made completely of light. They are binde
  8. come back bud, lets be green again


    1. Tato


      oath bruh I was actually just thinkin bout this

    2. rukio
  9. What’s the plan for your 666th annual drinking night?

    1. Trigamar


      I think they plan to drink.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      On the 666th Annual Drinking Night, Iblees returns and kills everyone.

  10. can we go back to 1.13 now

    1. Thedeadoor


      idk I prefer my chunks loaded

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Go back to Minecraft 1.6, every update made past 1.6 was a mistake.

  11. “This is the most interested I’ve been in this war. This, I tell you, is the climax of the story! Wageni!” Erasto said after reading the missive, a smile on his face
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