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  1. I love everything about this except this please god why
  2. Hareven reads the missive
  3. A magpie just makes a very confused noise
  4. I was expecting this to be bad ngl But this actually isnt terrible Huh This was unforeseen
  5. Imperial letters offering the fortune of a prince for your credit card information

  6. Preferably not being a mental spastic Hopefully for being a fun guy
  7. Hareven battle screeches loudly off the top of his house, swinging a smithing hammer in a crazy circle above his head
  8. Druidic screaming ensues
  9. Keefy

    The Swamp

    ((I love you @ScreamingDingo))
  10. Keefy

    The Swamp

    A fourth druid would scream bloody murder before gathering some fire accelerant
  11. Alright first time I’ve posted in awhile. This has promise. My first suggestion is probably around the same as Auriel. Redline it that one of these cannot be asked about what regular players are doing. Maybe for the history of Arcas as a landmass but not, say, asking it what the Potato Farmer was doing with the Mystics or some crap. Secondly, a question, as to why Ascended magic allows communication? Am I missing something. I feel like this also needs more substance to it. It’s a very brief read for something that could belay an extensively large amount of World Lore interaction, and could use more fluff and meat to it, make it heavy, make it bold. As for the attributes of its body parts I’d poke at whomever is doing the Alchemical rewrite, Dunstan maybe, and talk those possibilities out with the ST to make sure they’re not going to lead to a potion of **** you im immortal or s o m e t h i n g. Aethling/Luci already dropped it into druid chat cause they’re apparently a natural creature though if you’d like to avoid Druids trying to cuckhold them for events, cause I know that worry will crop up if this piece is accepted, I would see about asking ST and looking into the Pantheon lore to have them as a creation of something other than the Aspects to make things more even on the playing field. I’m very tired and sick so just shout at me on discord in the coming days if you want me to provide anything else. This is niquil keefy signing out.
  12. 27 years since I was pooped out into the world. Here we go...

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      happy poop day my dude

    2. Pun


      Happy birthday keefy 

    3. Zacho


      Happy birfday!!

  13. “Why t’e **** are there more princes on t’is that fuckin’ hair on a mans ‘ead?” A bewildered Hareven would exclaim
  14. Hareven, a druid, wonders why druids would stop hunts outside of the Grove.
  15. Why are you such a good person? Xoxo
  16. No i mean the striga. A vast majority of them pked not long ago. I processed said PK’s as a LT when they occured. As for monsters/spooks in general for them to be played, lore must be made and repaired when shelved. The server isnt going to fart out a monster for people to play if the lore for it isnt of a certain standard.
  17. They’re all dead man.
  18. Why are you such a big dumb What brand stool do you use to hug Matt properly When will you come to terms with your terminal case of edgy
  19. ((did you just make a detailed lore post about an ingredient to tapioca pudding
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