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  1. Imperial letters offering the fortune of a prince for your credit card information

  2. Preferably not being a mental spastic Hopefully for being a fun guy
  3. Hareven gets word and just sort of
  4. Hareven battle screeches loudly off the top of his house, swinging a smithing hammer in a crazy circle above his head
  5. Druidic screaming ensues
  6. Keefy

    The Swamp

    ((I love you @ScreamingDingo))
  7. Keefy

    The Swamp

    A fourth druid would scream bloody murder before gathering some fire accelerant
  8. 27 years since I was pooped out into the world. Here we go...

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      happy poop day my dude

    2. Pun


      Happy birthday keefy 

    3. Zacho


      Happy birfday!!

  9. “Why t’e **** are there more princes on t’is that fuckin’ hair on a mans ‘ead?” A bewildered Hareven would exclaim
  10. Hareven, a druid, wonders why druids would stop hunts outside of the Grove.
  11. Why are you such a good person? Xoxo
  12. No i mean the striga. A vast majority of them pked not long ago. I processed said PK’s as a LT when they occured. As for monsters/spooks in general for them to be played, lore must be made and repaired when shelved. The server isnt going to fart out a monster for people to play if the lore for it isnt of a certain standard.
  13. They’re all dead man.
  14. Hareven says **** it and signs up.
  15. Why are you such a big dumb What brand stool do you use to hug Matt properly When will you come to terms with your terminal case of edgy
  16. ((did you just make a detailed lore post about an ingredient to tapioca pudding
  17. From the loneliest soul to the most popular person around, whichever you are, I hope you had a good day today. 

    1. wan
    2. Keefy



    3. Zacho


      I saved it to my hard drive.


  18. I miss everyone

    1. Gallic


      I miss you too

    2. Jondead


      I miss you too Keefy ❤️ 

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    2. rukio


      @Merkaken Maybe cry more beta male. Actual 2iq, thinking I’m throwing a hissy fit when really I just think you’re dumber than a box of rocks (takes one to know one) because you aren’t getting what I’m saying. Not that you matter. Actually irrelevant irl and on lotc even after being on the server since 2012. Big yikes. Have a fantastic day. Go exercise. Lord knows most of the server could use it : )

    3. DizPanda



    4. rukio


      ily panda xoxo no homo ily in mom way not bf way!!!!!

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