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  1. Mary bids 10003 and choc chip cookie
  2. d’Arkent Events Co. An Event and Catering Solution for all Mission Statement Events breathe life into a group or nation. They allow the populace to come together, usually in celebration, bringing upon rises in culture and connectivity between the citizens. d’Arkent Events Co. are an up-and-coming company dedicated to providing the citizens of Arcas with especially tailored events, specifically weddings. Our services allow one to sit back, relax, and enjoy their events! We can prepare a range of different options for those needing a particular occasion catered to, all hosted within our lavish estate of Selm. Our Services Weddings Our wedding services can take the stress off of the to-be couple, allowing them to fully enjoy their marriage experience without the need to handle the planning of the ceremony, reception and other various details. d’Arkent Events Co. provide a number of varied packages and services to suit each individual wedding need. Our Packages: d’Arkent Signature Wedding Package {3000 Mina} Includes: -Selm Estate wedding venue -Invitations, sent out a few saints days prior [Done via forum post] -Ceremony and Reception planning, catering and execution to a deluxe scale -All church and priest negotiations -Handcrafted Wedding rings d’Arkent Quality Wedding Package {2000 Mina} Includes: -Selm Estate wedding venue -Ceremony and Reception planning and catering, to a comfortable scale -All church and priest negotiations DIY Wedding Package {1000 Mina} Includes: -Selm Estate wedding venue [All event planning must be completed by oneself with our DIY package] Packages can be modified to fit individual requests. We can also build custom packages, if one would like to mix different elements. Wedding Add-on Extras: Wedding Gown/Men’s Formal Ensembles/Bridesmaids Gowns {7000/8000 Mina Each} Full ensemble (Skin) sent at least a saints day prior to the wedding. Stylistic choices are up to the individual, and references may be given to our tailor, Mary d’Arkent. Wedding Bouquets and Rings {30 Mina Each} Lavish wedding bouquets can be provided for the bride, as well as bridesmaids. Twenty mina for one, and an additional 5 mina afterward per bouquet. Handcrafted wedding rings made in conjunction with our local blacksmiths can be commissioned. Specific details may be requested, and the price may vary dependant on requested materials. Our Other Services: Secondary to our primary trade, wedding hosting- d’Arkent Events Co. are also able to host a number of events within our Selm Estate. -Feasts -Tea Parties -Balls -Dinners -Funerals -Senatorial Campaign Fundraisers Should an individual have specific requests or requirements, please contact a representative to discuss your options. The following packages are available: Full Event Catering [3000 Minae] Includes: Selm Estate Location usage All invitations & guest arrangements Food and Drink Catering Estate Hire [1000 Minae] Includes: Selm Estate Location usage Our Venue Selm Estate Nestled within the picturesque location of the Helena Hilla, the Selm Estate boasts the perfect location for your wedding, party, or event of any kind. Our grounds include an extensive garden area, outdoor entertaining space, as well as a lavish interior space for all your event needs. The palace incorporates multiple feast rooms, courtyards, a grand entry hall, as well as a library and bathhouse. Outlooking the lake, our wedding grounds offer the most beautiful location to tie the knot with your loved one. Whether you seek a small and private ceremony, or a grand celebration- we can cater to all preferences. -=- Please contact a member of our team should you wish to discuss your event options. Additionally, please reach out if you are experiences and interested in being employed in event hosting and/or catering. John d’Arkent : TangoIsPointless Vespira d’Arkent: Marinaemily Mary d’Arkent : Ivorey Charlotte d’Arkent : Koander Daniel d’Arkent : Capace Alexander d’Arkent : Chaosgamer Peter d’Arkent : ErikAzog John d’Arkent : Mcpancakes
  3. THE IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY BI-ANNUAL REPORT As issued the 14th of Malin’s Welcome, 1750 PREFACE In efforts for transparency with the public, the Imperial Office of the Treasury shall begin publishing Bi-Annual reports, detailing all new advancements and news of note concerning the department. This endeavour, as proposed by the Comptroller of Finance, shall be overseen by the Secretary of the Treasury. -=- TABLE OF CONTENTS ARTICLE I Roster of Treasury Staffing ARTICLE III On Imperial Taxation ARTICLE III Financial Report Bi-Annual Earnings Budget Distribution ARTICLE IV Vassal Taxation ARTICLE V Stewardry ARTICLE VI Private Donorship ARTICLE I Office of the TREASURY - Staffing Roster Secretary of the Treasury HIS EXCELLENCY, Peter de Sarkozy [Beamon4] Deputy Secretary of the Treasury MISTER Francesc Galeas [Monkeypoacher] Comptroller of Finances MISS Mary Philippa d’Arkent [Ivorey] Undersecretary of Municipal Affairs MISTER Harold McScribley [PremiumRoleplay] Undersecretary of Trade MISS Honour Rackam [GoldenGrie] Undersecretary of Labour MISS Edyth Ash [Rukio13] Chief Counsel MISTER Joseph Adler [wealthypiano] Clerk of Helena MISTER Alexander Pruvia [SerFinnick] ARTICLE II Office of the TREASURY - On Imperial Taxation In most recent times, the Office of the Treasury has seen fit to refurbish the Helenic Taxation office, located beneath the city’s own bank. With renovations now complete, taxation may resume as per normal. Residents are expected to pay taxes within a timely manner, through purchasing state-mandated slips. Should a resident be unable to pay their taxes, be of any legitimate reason, they are asked to inform the Office of the Treasury so that necessary arrangements may be made. The housing and estate taxation shall be paid in the equivalent amounts outlined as follows: CLASS A : 50 Minae Annually CLASS B : 150 Minae Annually CLASS C : 200 Minae Annually CLASS D : 250 Minae Annually CLASS E: 400 Minae Annually Isolated Stalls: 150 Minae Annually The Taxation framework is within a constant state of review by the Imperial Senate, and subject to change at any time. ARTICLE III Office of the TREASURY - Bi-Annual Earnings & Expenditure The Treasury earnings remain at a high, increasing by very nearly thirty percent from 1749-1750. Albeit a slight decrease from earlier audits, the flow of income remains stable in the coming budget. Expenses have decreased by a variable of twenty five percent, attributed to a growing economy within the Empire’s own city, creating a lesser need for foreign trade, and the costs associated with it. Overall, the Treasury’s coffers sit comfortably, with a ten percent higher total than last audited, upon the seventh month of 1749. IMPERIAL BUDGET: 1750 AND ONWARDS With the continuation of the Morsgradian War, significant funds shall once again be contributed toward the Imperial State Army, and their efforts to safeguard the citizens of Helena. The Treasury itself, the Office of Foreign affairs, the Office of Judicial Affairs, and the Department of the Interior shall also receive state funding. That being said, the 1750 Budget shall be as follows, subject to review after two years. DEPARTMENT OF WAR: 60% DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY: 17.5% DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS: 10% DEPARTMENT OF JUDICIAL AFFAIRS: 7.5% DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR: 5% ARTICLE IV Office of the TREASURY - Vassal Taxation Ongoing discussions continue into the prospect of Vassal Taxation, as recently put forth upon the 1750 Senatorial debate. It is to be expected that this topic shall be brought upon the Senate floor, following elections, with decisions made as to the taxation required upon vassals. Those wishing to voice questions or concerns are encouraged to contact their local senator. ARTICLE V Office of the TREASURY - Stewardry As dictated by the Helenic Steward Mandate of 1749, ALL current stewards are required to reapply under the Office of the Treasury, to be determined by a panel of the Secretary, The City Mayor, and the City Clerk. We encourage new applicants whomst have a desire to serve the Empire dutifully. Employed Stewards are subjects to the benefits of a Fifty Percent discount on all personal store and housing prices, as well as Five Percent of all house sales, as a personal salary. Given the recent disasters as seen by the Fire of the Helena Slums, temporary relocation will be provided to those affected. If deemed to be you, please contact a Steward. The Stewardry Roster is as follows: Lord Mayor, Alren DeNurem [Markosi] City Clerk, Alexander Pruvia [SerFinnick] Steward General, Tylos [James2k] Steward, Andree Keller [TonyStankk] Steward, Gildi McScribley [LostPoet] Steward, Aplex Wynn [AplexofWynn] Steward, Rylan Swint [BobBox] Those interested in the possibility of employment within Stewardry are asked to contact the City Clerk, Alexander Pruvia ARTICLE VI Office of the TREASURY - Private Donorship As a fundamental catalyst to the formation and continuation of the Imperial Treasury, private donations are able to be made toward the Treasury, with the option to donate toward a specific endeavour, department, or proposal. Should one wish to place a donation, they may reach out to the Secretary directly. Anonymous donations are also accepted. As dictated by the Secretary of the Treasury, and scribed by the Comptroller of Finance. IN NOMINE DEI Secretary of the Imperial Treasury, Comptroller of Finance,
  4. I love u sm bb U kno this. ❤️
  5. Thank you for making this, it needed to be said
  6. Mariya de Sarkozy turns around and gives Milena a firm slap from the Sevens, storming off to go find her (allegedly) ***** of a husband also.
  7. Mary prepares her sewing needles with a stern glint in her eyes
  8. Mariya peers down from the seven with a keen interest, passing her glass binoculars to Milena. “Ever intriguing family, that one” She comments offhandedly @Axelu
  9. Mary sends a bird to the lord, dawdling idly as she awaited a response
  10. Mary prepares her best sewing needles to create a masterpiece for the raffle winner
  11. CLOSED I will go through now and contact the winners! Thank you so much for another great auction 🙂
  12. EDITED IM DUMB 1100 northern noble via discord
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