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  1. Mary sends a bird to the lord, dawdling idly as she awaited a response
  2. Mary prepares her best sewing needles to create a masterpiece for the raffle winner
  3. CLOSED I will go through now and contact the winners! Thank you so much for another great auction 🙂
  4. EDITED IM DUMB 1100 northern noble via discord
  5. On behalf of Fridtjof Nansen the Sloth#9220 over discord Blue Nobleman: 1000 Northern Nobleman: 700
  6. IVORY’S SKIN AUCTION pt 2 Alright hi again. I did this once about six months ago, so here we go again! I’ll be auctioning off a number of skins. Almost all of these are newly created for the auction, but a couple are still old ones of mine 🙂 Rules: You can not edit a comment, please post a new one with each new bid. I am keeping track of the auction, and will not count any edited comment bids. Bidding starts at 800 mina The auction will close off exactly 24 hours from the time I post! (9:20am Est, 9th December) BID FORMAT: Discord: Skin/s and bid/s (List separately if multiple): SKINS: Best of Luck! Side note: I am opening a few commission slots, but only for USD atm as I haven’t much use for mina! Message me on discord if you’re interested: Ivory#8860
  7. Ivorey


    Alexandria smiles from above.
  8. Alexandria Barbanov, having spent her day collecting snow to build forts with her brother- set out to collect only the best of materials, hoping to surprise him Alas, that was not what the day held for her. The child couldn’t understand why the doctor had offered words and actions of calming, yet others spoke of her fate around her still. A cruel twist, an innocence lost.
  9. “So clearly do I recall the day you wed my brother. It was spectacular- your gown! I’ve no doubt that the fabrics you wore that day shall forever be recorded in history as some of Haense’s finest, her finest Queen. Given, I’ve only lived to see Klaudia reign by my Father’s side- but somehow I do feel inclined to believe you greatest yet.” Prior to her death, Mariya had left final letter to her dearest friend- a sister not of blood yet entirely one of soul. In her final waking moments she had prayed desperately to any God that’d listen that she wouldn’t see Milena beside her in the skies, submitting to an end that was anything but the peace of old age. Yet, as she watched from above each merciless thrust of a blade, the Queen’s final moments, a solemn pride crossed the aged Duchess. Her sister had done all and more with her livelihood, and the long awaited time that they’d meet once again grew ever near. There was no doubt that Milena was welcomed to the seven skies by many a soul. She had looked on as the woman ascended, and looked on again as each person known or unknown congratulated her on the vestiges of her life. As she met Milena’s gaze, she offered the shadow of a smile. At last, she welcomed her home.
  10. COMMUNITY TEAM UPDATE LOG OCTOBER 2019 INTRODUCTION Hello again! These update logs seem to come a lot quicker every month. October has been full of different things for the CT, and overall, we’ve had a great month. From different work with focus groups, to applications, to inner reworks- we’ve been busy! Last month, I briefly touched on the CT’s direction for October. We made a lot of progress on these four projects, and I expect that it’ll only continue to grow and develop with time. Each group has undergone a lot of restructuring, as well as making huge advances in their respective fields. The focus groups will be elaborated on below! OCTOBER DATA Overview This month, we saw a total of 206 apps handled, with 146 new players welcomed onto LOTC. This is a slight decrease from last month- 70 less total applications, and 40 less accepted players. Ultimately, this can be chalked up to the timing with regards to school/uni, and should be expected to pick up going into the later parts of the year, as well as going into 2020. Our accepted/denied ratio stands at a really, really good number right now- with almost every ¾ applications being accepted, and over ¼ of them on the first attempt. Across the last few months, the amount of INSTANTLY ACCEPTED applications has continued to grow- which is great to see! I believe that this comes down to an increased amount of resources for new players. Not long ago we made the application process harder, but even still acceptance rates rise each month. Accepted/Denied Ratios Race Specific Data Another aspect in which we’ve started collecting data on is the locations in which New Players are commonly being guided to, through our guidance and monk system. I’d personally like to encourage any Nation Leaders and/or Stewards to reach out to the CT, in order to help set up a more productive monk system within their nations, as well as improving communication! TEAM DATA Application Team Data Other Team Data Quota King/Queen This month’s Application Queen goes to one of our newer members- Language! This is their second month running, which is impressive. Throughout October, Language personally handled over 50 applications, earning them Quota Queen. @Language Followed behind by Katarama and LadyCarolina, yet again! MEMBER ALTERATIONS + Aurea was accepted into the Community Team + Z3m0s was accepted into the Community Team + KaleyKitty was accepted into the Community Team + Mememallower was accepted into the Community Team - Z3m0s stepped down from the Community Team - Tahmas stepped down from the Community Team PROJECT UPDATES WIKI - Ivory Hello again! So, I know that the wiki was a hotly contested topic this month. The playerbase had a lot of issues- many of which were addressed in this thread. I briefly touched on a lot of different ideas within my response, relating to aspects of the concerns brought up. Be sure to give that one a read- Tarren’s too! Let me give a run down of what the Wiki Focus Group has been up to this month. Our system is being outlined by a ‘weekly goal’, in which each member is assigned a page, or multiple, to work on. Some of the pages we’ve completed/are working on include: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Guilds_and_Organizations https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Mechanical_Guides https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=New_Player_Guide https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Settlement_Guides https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Factions_and_Alliances We are also going to be slowly making a new front page, which will be a lot of this month’s goal. If you’d like a wiki account- please reach out to me. The community are welcome to help out with maintaining and/or updating the wiki. COMMUNITY EVENTS - LotsOfMuffins The community events focus group has been hard at work this past month ideating, planning, and running events for the player base. At the beginning of the month, we released a feedback form collecting event ideas and feedback as well as asking how many events you guys would like to see per month. Most people voted on two, so for October, we headed 2 different events: the Great Arcas Scavenger Hunt in the middle of the month and Escape the Temple as Halloween approached! During our first event, we received feedback that not a lot of people could participate because it didn't last long enough, so we expanded the escape room event to last four days in order for as many players as possible to participate. Please keep the feedback rolling, as we want to make these events the best experience possible for you guys. Our group meets typically 2-3 times per month, with our first meeting being the third for this month, and I'm super excited for the upcoming events we have planned, and I hope you are, too! If you have any feedback regarding events, please reach out to me at LotsOfMuffins#0119 on Discord! TUTORIALS- MamaBearJade Tutorial Island is underway and in the early stages of construction. Be on the lookout for our Tutorial video that we hope to have out before Thanksgiving. As for guides, we are on hold until we can discuss this further with the playerbase the will affect. MEDIA - Tahmas/LotsOfMuffins The media focus group is currently being set up. This group will encompass our social media, including (but not limited to) Twitter and Reddit! In addition, this will include the creation of various content for the team, though it is largely under construction. If you have any suggestions or ideas concerning media, please reach out to one of the leaders of this focus group! OCTOBER’S DIRECTION Alright. So, looking into October, the CT are going to be having a lot of both external and internal changes. We’re taking another look at our policies and responsibilities, and reworking these to fit an improved overall team vision. Tarren is taking a short break, and whilst she does, Telanir will be helping to direct the Community Team. It’s fair to say that there have been some issues with the team recently, some in which I’d like to address. Moving forth, the primary role of the CT will be to solicit, compile, summarize, and deliver important information. This means essentially, acting as journalists on behalf of the staff for the community. We will be personally reading through feedback posts, interviewing players, and acting as a means of communication between players-staff. CT will be able to bring forward the playerbase’s concerns to the relevant people able to help. Secondary to that will be applications, guidance, focus groups and appeals. We will NOT be using the ‘player intervention’ system anymore, as it proved to cause more harm than good. Some areas that will be worked on especially this month: Playerbase Engagement / Feedback Nation and/or Steward Communication Open Attitudes, Losing the ‘Backseat Moderation’. It is easy to identify that the team has encountered some problems along the way, so this month will be full of looking into new policies and restructures to create a better CT. Appeals Appeals have been something we’ve been fleshing out for some time now, and throughout November we will see these come into play. Keep an eye out for an updated appeal system which adds additional eyes and hands to the process to help keep it fair for players and prevent the abuse of staff power. More information on this soon. Commission Central Overhaul The New Player Discord has recently had a massive overhaul to Commission Central. In this overhaul, skin requests by new players (classified by having applied less than three months ago) are paid for completely by the Community Team! In addition, Story Team members can now request skins to be made for their events which are also paid for by the Community Team. Payments are getting rolling, so be sure to pick up the Skinner role from #role-request, take skin requests, and donate skins to the skin archive (handled by the amazing @SoulReapingWolf). Lots to do, new policies to write, meetings to be had. Expect lots of changes throughout November. Until next time!
  11. TO SOAR “We shall learn, Mariya, through nothing short of blood and tears. For we are crows, and that is what we do.” *** Mariya’s eyes narrowed upon the faded parchment, her feathered quill in hand, hovering above the blurring array of words. She stared, watching as the letters and lines swam before her eyes. The hours had droned on, and yet, she felt she had done not a single thing. Even given the growing stack of letters upon the Mezarin’s table- she had not made the smallest of indents on her workload to come. Her gaze grew vacant, no longer attentively looking to the papers- instead, she looked toward nothing at all. With a small noise, the ink upon her quill simply rolled off, soiling the page with a blackened blotch. Such an occurrence caught her attention once more, bringing the idle soul back to the land of the living. “****” She muttered under her breath, raising the page toward the firelight, assessing its damage. With a huff, it was carelessly tossed aside- joining its comrades in the growing pile of errors. She extended her hand, reaching to hastily retrieve a new sheet of parchment. Her hand however fell upon an empty desk, for the papers were long ago used, leaving none to be found. With a depleted sigh, she wearily moved to stand, retreating to the outskirts of the palace, papers left within. Helena’s people continued to mill about, even as the sun began to fade once more into the abyss of nightfall. Such a city was always vibrant, lively. It was something that Mariya had come to both adore, and despise. She gripped tightly upon the wall’s edge, her bitten raw nails digging into the stone’s surface. The constant spirit chipped away at an already fragile countenance- weighing heavily upon her mind. Each day and night now seemed to blend into the next, allowing for the cyclical aridity that she’d grown all too used to. Tonight, she decided, she had not the strength to brave the city, instead returning to the warm seclusion of her bedroom’s fireplace. She was in the heart of the Alimar manor, nothing but a child running rampant- hair left in unkempt tangles, clothes in disrepair. With a flurry of anger, she reached upward for the ceramic pots by their bedside, smashing them to the floor. The pieces scattered around her, dust coming to settle in a thin layer. The princess grinned towards the pair, and for once, they did not show the too familiar stain of disappointment. As she reached for a second, a small glass crow- he extended a hand, the youth placing it down as she flung herself into his arms. She looks upon that same small crow, its place still sitting neatly beside her own bed. The passing years showed nothing, its surface still as pristinely smooth as it had been all that time ago. It mocked her. It mocked her in the fleeting shadows of faces past, of people and time lost. She ached for the bliss of her youth, the ignorance that came along with childhood. She ached for the embrace of her aunt, the quips of her uncle. Not much was capable of making such a stoic woman smile- yet always, they could. She traversed the length of her room. Back and forth, her paces grew ever more intent- ever more anxious. When she halted, an eerie silence filled the expanses of the room. It was near dark, par a small panel of the dimming moonlight casting patterns upon the colours of the floor. She seated herself by the fireplace, eyes settling upon the ever crackling embers of a flame long passed. The words of her prior written letter lingered mercilessly in her mind. Taunting her, as a predator would its prey. “Are you scared, Mariya?” He quipped, peering down toward her from the stone stairs. Though a year or so younger, the boy stood almost a foot taller than the teenage princess. Intimidating to some, perhaps- yet never to her. “Never.” She narrowed her eyes in deep contemplation of her next move. It was a game, afterall, and she had not even the slightest of intent to lose. Thereafter within her silence, she simply took a single step backward- offering nothing more than the shadow of a grin, watching his countenance flicker with fear. Without leaving a moment to retaliate, she quickly moved to skid her weight underneath his arm, landing carefully behind him- now atop the stairs. His mouth fell agape, so clearly caught in surprise. With a defeated sigh, he could only whisper. “Please do not push me down the stairs” And she didn’t. Her hand shook violently. Not a matter of cold, no- it was the shaking of fear, of panic, of regret. Within the privacy of her room and seclusion she allowed herself to break. Not a soul would hear the stifled scream. She sent her golden tiara flying haphazardly through the air, striking the opposing wall. Papers and ceramic figures in the same received no mercy, leaving an array of broken pieces. Nothing was spared, not until the dust settled upon her bedroom floor. And when it did, when she saw the horrors of her own doing- shards of the rubies from her Mother’s crown, she wept. She was a difficult child, as Marius had told her. Too often she slept restlessly, leaving poor Valera to tend to her from the break of dawn to the setting of the sun. She played for her- melodic tunes coaxing a screaming child to slumber. The chords of the piano rang out across the palace’s walls, heard even within the confines of her nursery. Barely a child- she remembered little of the image, simply the sounds. To this day, a barely used piano sat within her chambers, longing evermore for the warm touch of a mother lost. She read and re-read the contents of his letter, hours spent pouring over the mere page of words that had struck her. Truly, she knew why he’d not have told her- for Adrian was a man born of pride, of a warrior’s honour. His thoughts, as she imagined, were of wishes not to taint years of memory in a single of sickness and pain. In their last words spoken, she’d argued- snapped and huffed in frustration. He’d asked her of one simple thing. To wait. And wait for him she did. She waited whilst the armies marched, the soldiers left. She waited in the months of silence- so dutifully continuing each day. And finally, she’d waited for his return. Yet return he never did. The elongated skirts of her wedding gown trailed behind her, smothering more than simply the chair she sat perched upon. Behind her, her ladies- the two women whomst prepared her so skillfully on this day. Milena tended to her hair, the woman’s careful fingers delicately creating a most spectacular onyx braid. Sofiya stood beside her, incessantly fiddling with the angle of her crown. “Oh, Mariya!” Her sister cooed, a grin set across her features as she took a step back to examine her handiwork. Milena moved in a similar fashion, however leaning forth, lowering her tone to barely a whisper. “The Duchess to be, Princess of Haense. Long may you reign, Mariya Blackwing” Peering forward into the mirror, it was a sight to behold. Three women of entirely different demeanour- yet together, they stood. A triumvirate of crows, bound by more than just blood. Today, she told herself, she’d seal an alliance for Haense. For the first time in the girl’s life- she would make her Kingdom proud. She strode to the floor below her room, eyes peering upon the bedrooms of her four children. Joseph, Anna, Philippa and George. Each of them bore such a striking resemblance to him, yet barely of her. Her eldest- six, youngest, two. She stepped into the nursery of her youngest two- each cradle facing outward from the adjacent wall. They slept soundly, peacefully. She leant forth toward little Philippa’s frame, running her fingertips gently atop the child’s head. The infant stirred, and Mariya retracted her hand instantaneously. “Until Morn” She whispered, her hand lingering upon the cradle’s edge. “Perhaps we shall take a stroll together, little one. I’ve yet to take you far from the palace.” With that, she carefully closed the nursery door once more. Wandering through the now darkened hallway, Mariya’s eyes fell upon a portrait she’d so recently hung on the wall. She smiles at the memory of the nightmare it was, coercing the children still for hours on end. Her own figure was placed near the middle of the frame, the only one of five to be seated. Beside her, Adrian- donning his military formals, a hand upon her shoulder. George sat upon her knee, Philippa held closely by. Joseph between them, attaching himself to each sibling’s arm. It was Anna, in fact, who stood the furthest away- hugging the opposing side of the Lord Protector. She was barely separable from her Father, ever since birth. The very thought made her avert her gaze once more, continuing intently upon her path out of the Mezarin. “Lady Duchess!” Cried the nursemaid, her face alight in a jovial grin. The aged maid rushed forth, moving to pass the enervated woman what she’d so prized. A birth that bore difficulty, too much difficulty. There was too much blood, too much pain- yet even still, she prevailed where her mother had not. “A boy, my lady.” She peered down toward the restless infant- the child’s eyes casting an all too familiar pale green. Her pride swelled, a rare moment in which she could prove only pure love toward the boy. Yet he cried, relentlessly so. She could not quiet him, not calm him. In the coming days the governesses all too often ushered Mariya off, knowing that the young Sarkozic would not sleep peacefully in her presence. Everything had been made perfect by her hand- his room, his clothes, his very name. It pained her that the only thing not perfect, was her. For when she’d held Joseph in her arms, he felt as much a stranger as the milling courtiers. The endless hills blended into one, a simple blur in passing. Though she walked slowly, time seemed to leave her with no conscious say. Each step, one closer to the place in which she’d always felt a home. Though the city stood no longer. Instead, greeted with barren plains and mismatched ruins. She quints, surveying the land with a thin scowl. All that remained was the distant Prikaz, its walls standing despite surrounds of buildings gone. She stepped forth into the palace- a world of memory overcoming her fragile mind. Despite the silence, she could almost hear the voices of her youth echo throughout the halls. “There is nothing left for us but death and disappointment, Mariya” Chimes a familiar voice “Now. Walk around the room for me, princess" Muttered the man, gently placing an older history tome upon the ten year old’s head. “Be careful, you mustn't let it fall.” Mariyas eyes craned upward, narrowing in determination. Though she so loathed her etiquette lessons, there was not a chance that the girl would allow herself to fail. She was stubborn, yes- yet her determination to succeed greatly outweighed any resent she could possibly hold. Prancing around the room in a practiced fashion, she barely allowed the book to move. Not even a single inch. Each step was careful, calculated. A smile of pride began to creep across her features, smugly displaying her inherent skill. "Her posture is remarkable for her young age." Commented Joseph Marna, rubbing his chin. At that, she paused in stride- taking a hand to extract the book from her head. She extends her arm forward, carelessly releasing the book, allowing it to fall to the floor. The youth tilted her head to one side, meeting his gaze. “Done.” The man released a short sigh "Acting brash and stubborn might seem wise and truthful to you, but others will someday use such knowledge against you, Mariya. Once you grow older, you shall be more involved in court life as is natural.” He moved to pick up the book, holding it tightly within his hands. “And in court, the greatest strategy is to hide your hand from others. Never for them to know what you think, yet to always know exactly what they think." Mariya had long ago asked if it would hurt, to die. Merely a child in her curiosity, one that’d feed into her later years. Though never fearing death- it fascinated her all the same. “We are warriors.” She’d told her niece, Karina, in the days prior. “Not because we’re born strong, no- but because we fight each day as if it were to be our only.” It was a lasting regret that she had lied to the child. For she did not fight. As she found, it did not hurt. The assailant struck her crudely; without hesitance. The two never broke glance as the instrument became wedged into the Duchess’ middle. Her red gown stained redder, the scent of blood creeping through the ruins of her familiar home. In her final moments, she thought not of the pain, not of the suffering she had so long endured. She thought of her sisters, brothers. Though time and place had led them apart- Sofiya, Andrik, Matyas, Aleksandr and Adryana all held a piece of her soul as their own. Milena, though not a sister of blood, crossed her mind also. She thought of her children: how they’d grow older, how they’d marry someday, how they’d have children and grandchildren of their own. She prayed to whichever god would listen that in later years they’d come to know the rise and fall of their parents. A fleeting hope that perhaps, they’d not despise her for leaving them too early. The single other figure caught her as she fell toward the ground, holding the dying woman close. She ran her hands through the duchess’s hair, her own tears falling to mix with the pooling blood. “For we are crows, are we not? Ones who were born to soar.” Mariya repeats a statement spoken years prior, her fading voice barely that of a whisper. “Soar then, my crow.” Responded the woman, looking upon the Duchess’ ghastly silent frame. “Be amongst your exalted kin” “And say privej to that Valera for me.” MARIYA ANGELIKA BARBANOV PRINCESS OF HAENSE | DUCHESS OF ADRIA == 15th of the Deep Cold, 1705 – 6th of the Grand Harvest, 1738 ==
  12. Amongst the crowds of Helena’s square, a local messenger would announce the news of the Curonian King. From upon the palace balcony, Mariya’s gaze would settle upon the stars above. She long ago recalls a man who’d taught her that the skies could provide beauty. His words- “The stars, they bring me comfort. For in a world where things are constantly changing, shifting- they are the single thing that shall always remain the same, no matter when or where you look upon them” She dearly hopes that wherever his mind may lie, he finds that same solace.
  13. On the eve that such news broke, Mariya remained behind the closed doors of her chambers. Her handmaidens relentlessly knocked upon the door in attempts to coax the woman out, echoing whispers of her need to remain with her four children. Yet, she never saw them that day.
  14. THE PALATIAL OFFICE OF THE IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD As penned by the courtiers of the Palatial Office, and issued and confirmed by HER GRACE, Mariya Angelika de Sarkozy -=- REFORMED FRAMEWORK For too long, the courts of Oren have lacked the vibrancy of empires old. They have been left to grow barren, halls no longer filled with the bustling of servants, courtiers and noble folk alike. It is in this sentiment that Her Grace, the Duchess of Adria has brought such concerns before the Council of State, and it is by their combined wishes that the Palatial Office of the Imperial Household is created. The system shall be outlined as follows: The Palatial Office of the IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD Her Ladyship, Helaine Katherina of the House of de Sarkozy, Grand Lady of the Imperial Household The OFFICE OF THE IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD serves as the primary council of event planning within the Holy Orenian Empire, as well as maintaining the integrity of court staffing and management. It shall be comprised of the servantry, artisan population, scrivenery, event administration- as well as those serving as wards to various members of the court. The Office is managed and overseen by her Ladyship, the Grand Lady of the Imperial Household It comprises of the following divisions: Event Administrates Event Administrates are the direct committee responsible for aiding the High Lady in holding large scale events. These may range from weddings, balls, festivals, feasts, tourneys and the likes. Scriveners Those who prove to possess strong writing and literary capabilities shall be inducted into the ranks of the Scriveners. They shall be tasked with scribing various courtly letters and documents upon their Lord/Lady’s wishes. This division also includes History Keepers- those who specifically seek to record and document historical moments of past and present. In such, they shall update the Imperial archives. Artisans Artisans of the court are responsible for breeding the cultural elegance that comes alongside the disciplines of the arts. They will serve as both personal entertainers to the court, as well as being granted resources to further their own personal capabilities and endeavours. A broad position, encompassing poets, musicians, playwrights, painters, magicians, jesters, animal tamers- as well as any other artistic avenues an individual may pursue. The High Lady of the Imperial Household, Helaine Katherina de Sarkozy Governesses Governesses are those individuals whomst aid in the raising and education of the children of the courts. The Royal Governess shall be tasked with the care of the Imperial Children, and those who are junior governesses will serve under her, aiding in her various endeavours- as well as acting as governess to the Orenian youth residing within the palace. Servants Servants shall act as the main staff within the confines of the Imperial Palace, charged with serving the Imperial Royalty first and foremost, as well as the various nobility stationed within court. The Servantry shall be comprised of butlers, chefs, handmaidens, housekeepers and stable boys- all overseen by the Head Servant. Ladies in Waiting Ladies in Waiting serve as the personal attendants to Her Grace, as well as other highborn ladies of the court. Their duties shall range from the organisational support within their Mistresses’ own endeavours, as well as seeing to her correct care and aid- acting as a confidant and trusted individual. Ladies in Waiting shall be bestowed additional educational and monetary privileges, should they prove to excel within their duties. They are managed by the Head Lady-In-Waiting of the court. Privileges granted to those employed within the Imperial courts: = Individuals holding a recognised position within the Imperial Court shall be granted HALVED housing taxes, provided that they remain active in their duties. = Mina payment shall be granted with proof of work, operating on an individualised basis dependent on the drive, quality and activity of the work. = Highly positioned staff will be granted residence within the Imperial Palace. = Those employed shall be given adequate etiquette and courtly mannerisms training. -=- APPLICATION FORMAT You may follow the format in a post below, and we will reach out to you. Otherwise, seek us out in RP! [Ivory & Eryane] IN NOMINE DEI HER GRACE, Mariya Angelika de Sarkozy nee Barbanov, Duchess-Consort of Adria, Princess-Royal of Reza HER LADYSHIP, Helaine Katherina of the House of de Sarkozy, Grand Lady of the Office of the Imperial Household HIS EXCELLENCY, Peter Faust de Vitus, the Secretary of the Interior, Lord of Vitzburg, Admiral of the Fleet and First Sea Lord of the Holy Orenian Empire
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