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  1. Ivorey


    Mary d’Arkent hears news of the Queen-Mother’s passing from the shouts of Helena’s square. Amidst her work, she’d pause- allowing for a moment of stillness. Maya had been, at times, the woman’s only confidant. Though very nearly the same age, she’d been wise in everywhere Mary was not, strong in everywhere she was weak. Mary allowed a moment- just a moment, to still herself of work and think only of her friend.
  2. Mariya Angelika Barbanov’s homestead within the Seven Skies had grown ever smaller. As time passed, and trust was broken, she’d retreated into the confines of herself, as she always had. She looked down upon those she held dear. She looked down upon them as they grew, as they lived and learned all of life’s lessons. At last, Mariya found peace, both in the skies and on the earth. When Karina ascended, she welcomed her lovingly into her arms. At last, she saw the daughter she never had, once more. ”Come, little crow” Though the woman was older and wiser, she would forever be her ‘little crow’. ”Vladrick and I have missed you dearly.” And with that, she led her on. A mother, father, and the daughter they never had.
  3. love u fat ***** LOVE U
  4. Mary Philippa didn’t sleep that night. Or the next, or the one after. Instead, she simply lay there- eyes open, recalling the events that had transpired in each painful detail, over and over. There was no denying that both Charlotte and Mary had seen the best, and worst of eachother. They had fought, as sisters did, again and again until there was nothing more that could be said, no more insults to be thrown. Yet, as the years had gone by in Charlotte’s absence to Kaedrin, Mary had felt an emptiness she’d never felt prior. The halls of Selm seemed quieter, too quiet. No amount of degrading titles and sour words spoken about her sister behind her back could deny it. Charlotte had embodied a certain sense of self that Mary could only wish she had, and she’d forever envy her for it. And when Charlotte returned, pained in loss of her husband and a baby in arms, she saw that sense of self once again. As Mary watched Charlotte upon that balcony, on the eve she’d remember for years to come- she had only thought the worst of her sister. She always had. Charlotte had assured her days prior of her own ability, of her own strength in stepping forth into something unknown. She had thought the best of Mary, always. Mary was never a religious woman. She had always felt nothing was above, and all that remained was on the world she lived in. But as Charlotte lay dying in her arms, the life slowly leaving her as the blood did, she prayed. She prayed that a God might reunite her sister with her late husband, and that someday- her too. For Catherine would live without a mother. John and Vespira would live without a daughter. Charles, Daniel, John and Alexander would live without a sibling. Peter, without his twin. And Mary would live without her sister, by nothing but her own hand.
  5. IVORY’S SKIN SHOP Hello! With how many people have been contacting me about skins of late, I figured it was best to put together a post outlining all my info / pricing for skins, so I don’t have to repeat myself a bunch in pms! I do love to do some rp stuff related to this with my tailor character also, but I realise a lot of the time it can be impossible to rp out so many skin transactions. This post will detail my system & prices: Please do note however that these aren’t set in stone. If a skin seems particularly difficult or time-consuming, prices may change a bit. SKINS / PRICES: Basic Skins: Male / Female Non-armour NO FACE or Hair 3k mina base price. More complex designs up to 4k OR 8 USD Examples: Basic Skins (With Face): Male / Female Non-armour Includes face & hair 4k mina base price. More complex designs up to 5k OR 9-10 USD Examples: ARMOUR (i hate armour) Steve / alex versions I hate making armour but a lot of people love it, and I am able to do a pretty okay job. But, because i hate it, and it takes a long time to make, prices are higher. Sorry! 10k mina base price, up to 12-15k if you’re after something fancy OR 20 USD I will make both steve & alex versions, no extra cost. If you’re wanting a bunch of different tiers of armour for different military levels, with slightly different designs, reach out to me and we can work out a price. However those sorts of things are huge jobs, so it depends what my list is looking like. Examples: Note that sometimes i will just say no to armour bc i hate it. Some of my favourite skins ever, just to showcase my best ones 🙂 WAITLIST PROCESS: So, at the moment with the coronacation, I’m swamped with skin requests. I’m keeping my current commission list at around 8. These are the ones I’m actively working on. But, because I’m sick of answering 100 of the same questions in pms, I’m going to set up a waitlist. The way this’ll work is that I’ll contact you once it’s your turn for more info on your skin request. This will work in a numerical fashion, down the list. Please be patient with me, I do my best to make skins quickly, but sometimes it’s very hard! I will allow people to pay extra to move up in either my current working list, or the waitlist. PM me if this is what you’d like to do, and I’ll make note of it! I’ll also be making the waitlist public so you can check your position on it. The waitlist does not include the skins I’m working on right now, as that’s a different list. FORM: WAITLIST: When I do reach out to make your skin, please have a few things to make my life easier! References- preferably images with clear details to follow if you’re particular about certain aspects. If you’re not too fussed, at least be able to give me an idea of what you’re after- a few images with the general style, a time period etc. PLEASE do not just tell me to ‘make a casual outfit’ because i will get angry. I ask for payment after I’ve completed the skin, but before I send the file to you. Sometimes people want to pay me first- and generally that’ll make me work quicker. Either works. thanks.
  6. one of the first people I rly spoke to on lotc. Good times, best of luck with everything lion! at least u can stop asking me for skins on Snapchat now o_O
  7. Alexandria welcomes Aleksandra with a wide smile to the small place in the Seven Skies in which those fallen Hanseni had made their home. Though she still didn’t understand much of what went on in the world below- and never would, she knew that Aleksandra deserved the pure light of the seven. For she had told Alexandria’s story when many didn’t.
  8. For Helenic Prosperity Mary Philippa for Senate, 1760 With the announcement of the Senate Elections of 1760, I, Mary Philippa d’Arkent, do make public my intent to run within the Province of Helena. Today, I pen this missive to be honest and open within my intentions, allowing the good people of Helena to cast their votes wisely. My Policies and Philosophies: Encouragement and Growth of Economy within Helena Imperial businesses, those of both a small and large scale are integral to the promotion of a healthy economy within Helena, and the Empire as a whole. As a Senator one of my primary focuses would be to pass laws of Government support and funding to newly-starting businesses, as well as those already existing. This idea would be implemented in the following ways: More accessibility to gaining shopfronts and stalls, especially for newer businesses Government grants of funding and support to newstart businesses and individuals Harsher regulations on the upkeep and maintenance of Helena Stalls and shopfronts. Higher Support for the Imperial State Army As those whomst safeguard our walls and citizens, the ISA prove as a principal organisation within Helena, and the further Imperium. As of current, the Army remains largely unpaid. My intent is to pass bills providing funding for an increase of wages to the average soldier, as well as introducing housing and living benefits for current serving members and veterans. Promotion of Educational Ventures within Helena Inspired by the prior spoken words of the late Countess of Pompourelia, throughout my Senatorial tenure I aim to reinforce the importance of education within my decisions and propositions. As the forefront of progress and development, the lack of proper educational institutions within Helena presents a key issue. This matter shall be addressed in the following way: Renovation and continued maintenance of the Imperial Library, as well as increased pay and benefits for those employed within the Library. The further promotion of educational programs such as the Imperial Exchange, bringing equal opportunity to Imperial youth. An inquiry into the potential of an Academy within Helena Establishment of personal mentoring programs and wardships between various Imperial Officials and government workers, allowing children firsthand experience to build particular skills. These three points shall prove key in the length of my potential Senatorial tenure. I ask that the citizens of Helena choose to support prosperity and advancement in allowing me the privilege of serving as a Junior Senator from Helena. Signed, Mary Philippa d’Arkent
  9. SURNAME: D’Arkent / Carrington FIRST NAME: Mary Philippa ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 8 Merchant Street DATE OF BIRTH: 15th Owyns Flame 1730 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Helena?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): Ivorey
  10. Ivorey

    A Bell Stops Chiming.

    Liliana cracks open a cold one for the newest addition to the Bell house in the seven skies.
  11. Mary Philippa grins- despite her dear brother’s prior insults, he certainly was her favourite sibling.
  12. THE IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY BI-ANNUAL REPORT As issued the 16th of the DEEP COLD, 1756 TABLE OF CONTENTS ARTICLE I Treasury Roster and Appointments ARTICLE III Taxation report Introduction of New City Expansions Vassal Taxation Bill ARTICLE III Financial Report Bi-Annual Earnings Stewardry Roster and Staffing Appointments ARTICLE IV Imperial Reserve ARTICLE V Imperial Contract House PREFACE The Bi-Annual Imperial Department of the Treasury Report, known simply as the [BITR], is an ongoing endeavour by the Office of the Treasury to achieve transparency with the citizens of the Empire through publicising the various steps and achievements of the office on a two-year basis. ARTICLE I Office of the TREASURY - Staffing Roster & Recent Appointments Secretary of the Treasury HIS EXCELLENCY, Peter de Sarkozy [Beamon4] Deputy Secretary of the Treasury MISS Mary Philippa d’Arkent [Ivorey] Comptroller of Finances MISTER George Casimir de Sarkozy [Bungo] The position of Comptroller of Finances has been awarded to Mister George de Sarkozy, by the will of his Excellency, Peter Sarkozy. Undersecretary of Municipal Affairs MISTER Red Rodger [Diddyski] With the departure of Mister Alexander Pruvia, the position of Undersecretary of Municipal Affairs has been awarded to Mister Red Rodger, by the will of his Excellency, Peter Sarkozy. Clerk of Helena MISTER Red Rodger [Diddyski] With the departure of Mister Alexander Pruvia, the position of Clerk of Helena has also been awarded to Mister Red Rodger, by the will of his Excellency, Peter Sarkozy. Undersecretary of Trade MISTER Sylvester Voronov [proskiier772] With the departure of Miss Honour Rackam, the position of Undersecretary of Trade has been awarded to Mister Sylvester Voronov, by the will of his Excellency, Peter Sarkozy. Undersecretary of Labour Peter Bisk [Raccoonpete] With the promotion of Mister Red Rodger, the position of Undersecretary of Labour has been awarded to Mister Peter Bisk, by the will of his excellency, Peter Sarkozy. Chief Counsel VACANT ARTICLE II Office of the TREASURY - Bi-Annual Taxation Report The taxation office has again undergone a restructure, taking heed of the new city expansions. Taxes are expected to be paid on a yearly basis, collected at the end of each Saint’s week [Sunday]. Taxation prices have been slightly adjusted, alongside the introduction of CLASS F manor homes in the newer districts. INITIAL SALE PRICE: CLASS A : 200 Livres | CLASS B : 400 Livres | - 50 mina reduction as of 1755 CLASS C : 600 Livres | CLASS D : 1500 Livres | CLASS E : 2000 Livres | - 400 mina increase as of 1755 CLASS F : 5000 Livres | - Class introduced as of 1755 Isolated Stalls: 400 Livres | YEARLY TAXATION: CLASS A : 50 Livres Annually | CLASS B : 100 Livres Annually | - 50 mina reduction as of 1755 CLASS C : 200 Livres Annually | CLASS D : 300 Livres Annually | - 50 mina increase as of 1755 CLASS E : 400 Livres Annually | CLASS F : 500 Livres Annually | - Class introduced as of 1755 Isolated Stalls: 150 Livres Annually | The Taxation framework is within a constant state of review by the Imperial Senate, and subject to change at any time. INTRODUCTION OF NEW CITY EXPANSIONS As the city construction nears completion, a number of new housing estates have become available- with much of the housing, especially manors, being sold via auction. The new districts and available housing within are named as following: SABARI STREET D’ARKENT SQUARE -1D d’Arkent Square NICEPHORE NECK -1A Nicephore Neck -1B Nicephore Neck -1C Nicephore Neck -1F Nicephore Neck ARMAS AVENUE Additional available housing within existing districts is as follows: MERCHANT STREET -6 Merchant Street VASSAL TAXATION The Imperial Vassal Taxation Act, as passed by the Imperial Senate in 1750, dictates the implementation of an annual taxation upon all Imperial Vassals. The Act lays a framework of taxation as follows: ROYAL VASSALS Dual Crown of Haenseti-Ruska : 1,100 ₤ | Commonwealth of Kaedrin: 1,100 ₤ | Province of Curon : 1,100 ₤ | DUCAL VASSALS Duchy of Adria: 900₤ | CROWNLAND VASSALS County of Harlingen: 400₤ | Barony of Selm: 250₤ | His Excellency the Secretary of the Treasury as decreed that no vassal taxation shall take place until the conclusion of the reconstruction efforts in both the Commonwealth of Kaedrin, and the Province of Curon- as to make all matters of vassal taxation fair. ARTICLE III Office of the TREASURY - Bi-Annual Financial Report With the surge in home purchases in the opening of Helena’s new districts, the Treasury finances have once more seen a significant increase. Between 1754 and 1755, a profit increase of over 50% was recorded, encompassing the largest single-year profits ever achieved. A total sum of 73,000 Imperial Livres income has been achieved in a single year, marking the largest profits ever seen by over 50,000. STEWARDRY REPORT As headed by the Office of the Treasury, the Department of the Stewartry handles all affairs associated with the sale, taxation and repossession of Helenic commercial and residential properties. ROSTER City Clerk of Helena MISTER Red Rodger [Diddyski] Head Steward MISTER Rylan Swint [Bobbox] City Stewards MISTER Aplex Wynn [AplexOfWynn] MISS Gildi McScribley [LostPoet] MISTER Peter d’Arkent [Erik0821] MISTER Alexander d’Arkent [Chaosgamer_] MISS Henrika van der Oude [gay_gandolf] The Imperial Stewardry also asks any person who wishes to serve as a steward to contact the City Clerk or Head Steward, as openings are available. Positions in the Stewardry include employee perks of reduced taxing, as well as a salary cut of any residential or commercial property sales made. Specifics can be read within the Helenic Steward Mandate of 1749. ARTICLE IV Office of the TREASURY - Establishment of the Imperial Reserve As dictated by the Edict of The Imperial Reserve, his Excellency does decree the creation of the Imperial Reserve. As an organisation aimed to uphold the integrity of the Imperial treasury, it shall be tasked with accumulating a 10% amount of the bi-yearly treasury income, as well as acting as a regulator to the Orenian economy. The Reserve shall be able to be called upon in the cases of National Emergencies, or otherwise as proposed by the Council of State. ARTICLE V Office of the TREASURY - The Imperial Contract House As the Treasury’s newest endeavour, the IMPERIAL CONTRACT HOUSE is formed with the sole purpose of effectively facilitating trade and commerce within the Empire. The Office shall be primarily managed by the Undersecretary of Labour, Peter Bisk. Contracts will be made available to bid upon by the Imperial Government, Nations of the Empire, as well as third party businesses or organisations. Contracts will be awarded based on a bidding process that will take things such as price, reputation, and terms into consideration. Those wishing to apply are asked to fill out the attached form, and return it to Mister Peter Bisk. https://discordapp.com/invite/Qvjjh6W IN NOMINE DEI Deputy Secretary of the Treasury,
  13. Mary feels personally attacked at the shoulder rule.
  14. A certain Mariya Angelika smiles from the Sevens above. A life marked by fear of fading from the tomes in which her ancestors would someday read, she could peacefully look upon a world in which remembered. Though time had, and ever continued to pull apart the vestiges of her life- her family, her name- something true remained. Though her mortal body walked no longer, her writings and spirit lingered. Perhaps, that was enough.
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