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  1. Ailred 'pon seeing this profound scene, rest a hand to the shoulder of his brother. "Godan sees all, borsa."
  2. The Royal Wedding Of 373 ES Our Kingdom’s own prestigious reigning house of Barbanov, and the esteemed house of Ruthern are to show unity anew. HRH, Princess Fenika, will join hands with the to-be Lord Ailred Ruthern, in lasting matrimony. Inside the City of Crow’s basilica will be the ceremony, where the entire populace of Hanseti-Ruska, supporters and allies of the crown are to be invited to watch the fete. Once the pair are finally wed, a mirthful feast is to take place inside the Nikirala Prikaz. Again, all wedding goers are invited to join the feasting, and every o
  3. Ser Alric Ruthern, amidst his nightly patrols of the palace stumbled 'pon the Koeng and his starry-skied exploits. A silent gasp exuded his agape mouth, as the Paramount made a swift escape, hopefully unknown to the Royal.
  4. Ser Alric Ruthern grits his teeth at first, but then he fondly calls back to his youth, looking over the paper in court, as he guarded over the Royal family, casting a stray glance to his borsa, Maric, the Palatine. Ailred Ruthern was far too busy gloating his one-bomb knockout, to pay any heed to the paper, yet!
  5. Ser Alric respects the hustle.. and da name.
  6. Brick the Ferrymen proclaimed, "Sheesh!"
  7. Ser Alric muses on the Dame Viktoriya plot, recalling those few minutes he had once spent in her office; crumpling up his nose.
  8. Kaal bearing the crimson armour of his kin looked upon the wyvern scale cuirass, holding it high-handedly, as a proud, but bittersweet smile brandished across his lips. Drifted eyes of the man then glanced to the written words of, 'you are not allowed to falter and show weakness.' The dragonkin reflected on those words for some seconds before casting his mind to a past vision, that seemed to caution him. But that, and what was written, seemed to resolve his mind.
  9. Ser Alric Ruthern Memoirs of a Dragonknight Volume I: Who am I? [This information is not yet obtainable, unless proper RP pertaining to it occurs.] While simple to most. I beg. Who am I? Oliver, Oliver. You explained it all, but you did not tell me this: who am I? I thought I understood what you meant, truly. When you said I would rise from the flames and the lava of the volcanic lands, a new being. The same old Ser, but no, it was all very much so different. The memories all the same, but did those emotions and the very presence of being in t
  10. Ser Alric amidst Duma kept a curious gaze upon the back of Igor Kort's head, sharing a second of thought or two for the man.
  11. Ser Alric Ruthern eyed the limp Queen through the eyeslits of his helm, feeling the weighted loss of an old friend as a solemn sigh parted from his lips.
  12. Megamuncher prepares da blicky uh
  13. Free B[eboon]obby Shmurda. how unfortunate
  14. The Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska, occupied by other duties, rest a hand over his chest plate, from where a pained ache would not quite subside. His letter would later arrive, as he occupied his mind elsewhere in the knightly halls, hours before, he had seen Ser Brandt -- and in a way, he could still feel the presence of him. A one-over sufficed for the long-suffering memory of Ser Alric. "A dobry man." Taking his leave subsequently, he wends his way through the palace of Karosgrad, hoping to hear from the other knights of the orders.
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