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  1. Ser Alric Ruthern Trial of the Fortress The Battle of the Blackmeu Mire & The Siege of Stanford Keep A story about the Impatience of Man The Battle of the Blackmeu Mire Soft squelches of boots resounded at the near center of Blackmeu Mire, from where the men of King Alexander intermittently took watch of the night. Morale was sunken and at full tilt, spreading throughout the camp, like leeches burgeoning and fattening out as they ingurgitate the blood of men. For the posted soldiery, wrought together by the impuls
  2. more damage on bows dont remove the extra line of hp, because a good pvper will kill u in 4 crits (which is easy to do) saturation less
  3. im not sure about anybody else, but the big 40v40 training we did with haense/norland/dwarves was some of the most fun I've had this map if ur complaining that the health is too high / damage too little, u can't jump crit or group fight properly 1.9 pvp = high skill gap, and personally more fun 1.8 pvp = more of the same, less fun and idk about you, but the server hardly ever does pvp, so when it does i'd preferred slightly extended fights rather than just blobbing into a big autoclicking mess
  4. always thought i'd hate 1.9 but these ore-[redacted] mfers still havent figured timed hitting after 3 months, so im inclined to say 1.9, ez soap and if ur saying 1.9 fights last longer, its only because u havent figured out jump critting / actually doing damage
  5. HAESENI MILITARY ETIQUETTE As penned by THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, the Lady Chamberlain Rosalind Elizaveta Amador de Astrea, and by SER Alric Sigmar Ruthern, of the Marian Retinue and approved by HIS GRACE Lord Friedrich Barclay - 359 ES Etiquette, while needed in court, is also essential in military practise. The HRA albeit a brotherhood, it is still paramount that all soldiers conduct themselves properly on the field, as well as in court. Being a member of the HRA means that you represent the Kingdom of Haense and the Royal family as well as acting as a protector
  6. Ser Alric frowns deeply. He had been one of the initial knights to bring him down, unharmed, so he thought. Regardless, upon pivoting on his heels to face the man once more, he was no more, inanimate and put to death. So he signs the lorraine in his office later that night, uttering a prayer - but most of all, respecting the late man for fighting until his last breath. A fete not many men were willing to do.
  7. feel like pure ****. just want saddles back.


    Feel Like Pure Shit Just Want Her Back x | Know Your Meme

    1. frill


      he didn't vault a saddle

  8. Alric var Ruthern sits within the confines of his study, rubbing his palms together excitedly as he hears of such fantastic news. He makes off to find his brother, and once in his presence he does frown at the state of his children, but he congratulates him nonetheless, giving him a swift bow. "Congratulations borsa, vy have once again lifted this family into greatness." He then flicks around, leaving him to deal with his unruly offspring. Ailred is stuck up a tower somewhere, yelping for his mamej.
  9. i miss horses 

    1. AnonymousAlexa


      Same but I like vortex

    2. GMRO


      always knew u were a horse girl louis

    3. dyselxic
  10. IGN: wwwdotfreesmiley RP NAME: Grimnir Ireheart CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  11. Snail Owner: Alric var Ruthern Snail Name: Bombarosclaatlabiftabum Residence: Karosgrad, Haense
  12. haha brofist

  13. MC Name: dyselxic RP Name: Grimnir Ireheart Discord: louis#1234 Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): GMT
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