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  1. Alric var Ruthern sits within the confines of his study, rubbing his palms together excitedly as he hears of such fantastic news. He makes off to find his brother, and once in his presence he does frown at the state of his children, but he congratulates him nonetheless, giving him a swift bow. "Congratulations borsa, vy have once again lifted this family into greatness." He then flicks around, leaving him to deal with his unruly offspring. Ailred is stuck up a tower somewhere, yelping for his mamej.
  2. i miss horses 

    1. AnonymousAlexa


      Same but I like vortex

    2. GMRO


      always knew u were a horse girl louis

    3. dyselxic
  3. IGN: wwwdotfreesmiley RP NAME: Grimnir Ireheart CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  4. Snail Owner: Alric var Ruthern Snail Name: Bombarosclaatlabiftabum Residence: Karosgrad, Haense
  5. haha brofist

  6. MC Name: dyselxic RP Name: Grimnir Ireheart Discord: louis#1234 Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): GMT
  7. Alric var Ruthern laughs, he was no scholar and it was merely a trial of his to complete. Though, he does fondly smile at the thought of such seasoned scholars perusing his work. He then mulls further, another notion passing through his mind, perhaps he should write another study to improve on his previous work - maybe on fabricated plagues.
  8. "If 12+ people become engaged in the combat, the combat is defaulted to PvP. This can be overridden through a majority vote of all people involved."


    fyi, should be an unanimous vote, i wonder who rewrote this...

    1. JokerLow


      i rather /d20'ing instead of 12 people crp in which 1/4 will powergame and drag the rp for hours in which a metarally is guaranteed to appear

    2. Urara




      I've been in mass CRP events with 10+ people and it's death. Pulling out your fingernails is more fun.

    3. LynxEssence


      Should definitely be 8 or more players, not 12, with a 6/8 vote needed to default to rp. however.. Just associate with role players who don't power game. I have seen conflicts with 15-30 people done in rp just fine, when others have patience and dont powergame

  9. +12 pvp pog, saved

  10. can we have some clarification on GMs going into vanish mid raid to avoid capture and labelling it as "GMing the situation.." and can this be an addendum to the main post. . . :•)
  11. IGN: dyselxic Character Name: Alric var Ruthern Age: 20 Place of Residence / Street Address: 3 Koengstriet Position: Alderman
  12. war rules are cool and all, but what about 12+ player majority vote ..? time for your 4 hour crp session 

    1. Anore


      scheduled field battles and sieges in war are PvP.

    2. dyselxic


      i know, raiding is still 5 hour crp sessions

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzB1VGEGcSU A STUDY ON THE EDICT OF SEPARATION and the events preceding Haense’s independence WRITTEN BY ALRIC RUTHERN EDITED BY IRENE C. RUTHERN & COUNT MARIC RUTHERN A STUDY DONE BY THE NORTHERN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY As from the 11th of Harren’s Folley, 1786, the nations consisting of the Holy Orenian Empire and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, who were previously tied together, have been separated since. This was the result of the Edict of Separation issued by HIM Empress Anne I and HIM Emperor Joseph I
  14. 212121212121212121212121121212 yuh ah yuh 2122121212121212 straight up, straight up, straght up yuh 21for real on god 21212121

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