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  1. Aeonn would slowly crumple a copy of such news with a look of over whelming hatred and sadness...as the lantern lights flicker in the tavern from one of the many new frequent storms outside. "Something is no longer right...in that damn city...and ill find out what ...I owe that much to Lex...you wont be forgotten brother...not by a long shot..." He would then throw the mug of mead he had been nurseing to the floor bellowing out into the rainy night "When will this world not only see black and white!"
  2. The Animation was WAY better than you thought it was 11/10. Look forward to seeing what is to come.
  3. A knight of azure markings would gather the seven others like him and would prepare for yet another venture towards unknown parties. For it seemed such a visit brought no good tiddings for the Descendants...
  4. Dang tree our guild lore better be this good when it gets written lol +1 lovely viking post
  5. Aeonn shook is head with a sigh "I agree with this given my brother is a half elf...but damn...just sounds like their becomin terrorists...doesnt help their cause but makes them seen as even worse...I understand a fight for equality but a conflict cant just be waged with fists...minds and words help alot more..." he would just drone off speaking his piece to the few armored figures at his sides
  6. The Soul Lag reminds me of DarkSoul 3 when the Pontiff gets his body double mid fight. Really nice to see a middle ground feat between magic and sword.
  7. Aeonn simply shakes his head "Someones become a meat head...that kinda body can be achieved by anyone, heck Id know given ive gotta keep up with these monsters ive such a look myself" hed slap the paper as he held it "Buncha garbage and delusion"
  8. Full name: Aeonn Ign: RogueChaotic Reasons for joining: Experienced Hunter looking for work Experience: Inferi War Shuul of Ando Alur Ratiki Frost Beasts of YongPing and much more... Discord: RC~#3417
  9. Aeonn's rage filled slamming of a chair echo'd throughtout the keep "A simple opinion of the common folk being lower is one thing, but to go about slaughtering the people like a disease...like live stock....these titans will know the true punishment of such actions...for I am of the common folk...yet am more worthy than most whos lives are paved in gold" once more a slam, but of a fist against table "Hunt them down..." he utters to many dark metal clad figures
  10. Aeonn would shake his head as he reads the missive "Every person who wears full plate, anyone who they dont like, and anyone who even wears dark clothes, orcs will scream theyare undead cultists and junk...their endless and senseless hunt of those undead are driving them mad even more so than usual."
  11. Aeonn would have had missives out of order looking to the newest now "well dammit were late, GET THE BOAT READY!"
  12. Aeonn runs his armored fingers through his golden locks as he reads the missive "Mal'ik is the damn boat ready yet? Seems we needa knock some high horses down a notch or two....and yes bring the big fire power we aint taking any chances with em...."
  13. 1. How long have you been playing your character, and how have they changed and developed RPly? About coming onto 1 year playing Alistair/Aeonn now. 2. What are some small nuances or details in your character that might not be so obvious to other players upon interaction? For example, I often use the hand movements of my snow elf to express certain metaphors or his state of mind. For me he changes his tone and how he talks depending on who he talks with, example if its a dewd he mimics their vulgar way of talking, if a high elf he mimics their elegance in his voice. 3. Does / Did your character have a strong bond with another character that you found to be memorable based on what it was founded on? (Characters who had a brotherly relationship, romantic, rivalry, etc.) He had many strong bonds with his sister, with a few since passed soldiers he fought with and now his guild members 4. What's the most badass thing your character has ever done? Jumping head first into the inferi war in front of everyone else and began cutting them down 5. Character Art? On phone so not :yet: atleast 6. Anything else you'd like to talk about regarding your character? Hes on the silver lineing between good and evil, youll just need to meet him to see what side youll see.
  14. "Well we planned to ruin abunch of those rats sometime, might as well get the extra coin" Aeonn's voice would echo out into the room as the six of eight thrones have been filled.
  15. Aeonn claps his hands together "Well Dorimnur Id never thought id see the day, ya were always such a hard working and im glad ya get some peace to yourself finally, itll do ya good my friend" as one gold throne in a keep somewhere next to 7 others awaits "The Mortal Forge"
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