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  1. Aeonn would simply read the missive before tossing it in the fireplace "...What a mess..."
  2. Aeonn would sit along the round table reading a copy of the missive slipping on his magic ring "Im sure whoevers going to reclaim the land needs a shield..."
  3. Aeonn resting at the roundtable would once more hear chatter, mutters, and whispers through the wind from many he had passed that would allow this to reach his ears. "Seems more interesting spots are opening in this land...time we made a visit..."
  4. Aeonn sat at the round table a glass of some alcohol in his hand and one across from him in an empty chair as he clinked tbe glasses together "you were a true friend....rest easy now"..
  5. Aeonn looks around the round table "a cannon could be useful?" He consults with the others seated to his sides and front
  6. skin: What a lovely shawl bid: $18 discord: RC~#3417
  7. skin: What a lovely shawl bid: $16 discord: RC~#3417
  8. Skin: What a lovely shawl Bid: $11 Discord: RC~#3417
  9. Skin: what a lovely shawl Bid: 70 mina Discord: RC~#3417
  10. Alistair takes a long sigh before uttering a soft prayer in his native tongue "Mayþúr rest vel, fyrir þú hafearneðr slíkr með þinn valiant ok sterkr munu" (May you rest now for you have earned it with valiant and and strong will.) ... where ever you go from now....i wish only the best and to one day...see you again he procceds to then pour abit of carrion out unto the grass of the bastion
  11. Id like to traverse the ruins as well if youd be so kind
  12. Axel, on one of his walks around the grove ended him in the library where he noticed the single book on the shelf, then picking up the tome and reading it mutters to himself "...glad theres a book about this now...its important" once finished replaced the book onto its shelf and continues his walk smiling.
  13. Aeonn simply hears of the fight from chattering civilians of oren as he wandered the city "an eye for sn eye and the world goes blind indeed"
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