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  1. Alistair Brashton would read the missive from the wall of the palace “...very odd.....but it states partial turth...”
  2. Alistair would sit in the tavern with a copy of the missive. " always thought he was an odd one....didnt think hed be THAT bad" hed cripple up the paper after reading tossing it in a bin. " Let's hope things get settled....correctly"
  3. Alistair Brashton now sits in the bastille stitching the gash on his eyebrow and under his eye from the enemy's claws
  4. Derik still not at 100% After everything that's happened still raises his cup of tea "God save the empress indeed"
  5. Alistair Brashton after setting the box down and leavening John to his work would continue out into the wilderness to procure more herbs off every kind he could find.
  6. Alistair Brashton once back in helena would await the days till he could have his right arm replaced from his failed attempt with orcs to siege the land of korvassa in hopes to possibly take Vik from the demons clutches
  7. The entire Brashton family took a moment of silence as they received the news of the emperor's passing, as it was indeed due to him and Simon Basrid that they were where they are today.
  8. Derik receives news of another one of his friends falling as night fell he stayed awake looking back at the fond memories of their group Sir Adrian, Elene and Rylan, then himself...and now realizing his the only one left stays awake with his thoughts through out the night until morning, where he would go to see Simon Basrid the man who brought them all together....he simply utters "...may you all enjoy the sleep you've all earned"
  9. Derik would hear this news and smile “...glad you get your due rest Simon...you've done better than us all” he would salute in the direction of the palace, where Simon’s office once resided
  10. Alistair Brashton catches wind of the of the uniting forces against the demon threat "It's time I got down to business" as he continues to sharpen his warscythe waiting on the battles to come
  11. SOLO REGISTRATION: Competitor’s Name:Alistair Brashton Competitor’s Age: 18 Username: RogueChaotic
  12. Derik Brashton sits alone at a table in the tavern, whiskey in hand as he catches wind of the man who lead him to Helena and the man who he thought of as a brother, a rival, and a friend. He talks to himself as if Adrian is in front of him "You may have turned in your red coat... for a black hood...but you are still the man who gave me this life, and I will respect you till I meet my end....let us both hope it is not on different sides next we meet again"
  13. Derik would hear murmurs of the news through out the Bastille "Planned on visiting sutica again sometime soon, wished it was under better conditions"
  14. Derik Brashton smiles at the news "might as well see how they all are doing after what happened last I was there"
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