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  1. Invites for A Dance of Flowers, have been sent out to the following nations: Urguan Aegrothond Irrinor Curon Haelun’or OOC information: 07-09-2019 4 PM EST
  2. Alenia Tundrak perked a brow from the news, keeping her gaze locked on her husband, Aelthos “Again?” She asked with a heavy sigh escaping her lips “So be it. Yet we only make war so we may live in peace, no?” ”For the safety of our kind.”
  3. i am very very very tired but it’s fixed mhhhhhhhh
  4. The Grand Feast Memorial of Fenn “The famous Fennic Acrobats performing at the square of Tahu’Lareh” The Grand Harvest of 1722 The Fennic people are proud people, who devote all their lives for the Princedom of Fenn. In the past and near history, the Princedom has lost lots of Mali’Fenn, heroes who gave their lives so Fenn can thrive and prosper. In their memory, the Grand Prince has announced that on the upcoming days, everyone is invited to join the Grand Feast dedicated to all those heroes. From Sigirath Tundrak, who’s skill in diplomacy and trade helped Fenn to grow to Sulien Annungilben, the warrior maiden who defended Fenn until her last breath. Celaena Sylric, the medic who helped so many injured and wounded Mali’Fenn and anyone who was brought to the tavern. And then Aelthir Tundrak, the longest standing Grand Prince of Fenn, the one who held Fenn at its toughest. In their memory, we should celebrate and drink, as they have given their lives so Fenn can exist. The Feast will start at the Temple, where the Arch Vigilant will bless everyone there and then perform a few sacrifices. Later, everyone will move to the graveyard where the blood of the sacrifices will be placed as an offering to the statue of Wyvurn. After all that, everyone will move to the tavern so they can eat and drink and lastly, a small tournament will take place and the winner will be rewarded with a Tundrak shield and 500 minas. Invitations will be sent to any other major nation or settlement: The Holy Orenian Empire and its people. The Under-realm of Urguan and its people. The Kingdom of Curon and its people. The Crown of Elvenesse and its people. The Silver State of Haelun’or and its people. The Golden City of Ves and its people. The Principality of the Vira’Ker and its people. Every single Elven nation and settlement out there. And last, Omar the womaniser HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, third of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun (( OOC: The date of the Feast is the 6th of July 5pm EST))
  5. [!]Flyers would be hanging all around the Princedom of Fenn. A portrait could be spotted of a lady on the flyer itself, with the text ‘MISSING’, right above it along with the ladies name.[!] MISSING “Vuln” [!]Beneath the portrait the following things had been written down:[!] “It has been notified that, Vuln, has been missing from Fenn for a couple of days now. She was supposed to arrive at the public meeting – yet she never arrived.” ”For those who manages to find her - alive and well – will be rewarded with 1,000 minas.” - The Princedom of Fenn
  6. ❅❅The Fennic Grand Council❅❅ Aelthos Tundrak III Grand Prince As the Grand Prince, his duty is to lead the Princedom of Fenn as their Leader. He is sworn to maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Wyrvun’fiyem and the worship, discipline and government thereof, as by law established in the Princedom. And to solemnly promise and swear to the people of the Princedom, to lend his hand and generosity at all costs. ((Ioannis)) Hadolph Tundrak Grand Chancellor The Grand Chancellor is responsible for the Grand Council of Fenn and the Treasury. The Grand Chancellor’s duties are to maintain order within the Council and to make sure that every Councillor are doing their work. The Grand Chancellor is also by default the leader of Fenn when the Grand Prince is not present. Lastly, the Grand Chancellor is also responsible for all trade within the Princedom’s territory. ((premiumroleplay)) Alenia Tundrak Arch Vigilant of the Wyrvun’fiyem The Arch Vigilant is the head of religion. They are also known to be the real leader of the Temple of Wyrvun, for it is they that own the lands under the control of Wyrvun’fiyem - they are in charge of induction, promotion, and conversion, and run the day of the Temple. They are the only ones qualified to occupy the Wyrvun’fiyem seat on the Grand Council of Fenn. ((MissJosey)) Thalion Drakon Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal holds their own position within the Grand Council itself and leads the Ivae’fenn. Their duty is to oversee all defenses of the Princedom and maintain internal functions within the Ivae’fenn. ((beng363)) ---- Diplomacy The Diplomat’s duty is to be conducting negotiations between representative nations and to form and maintain international relations with regards to the issue of peace and war, as well as trade and economics. The Diplomat also has the ongoing responsibility of collecting and reporting information that could affect national interests. ((Vacant)) Hadolph Tundrak Grand Exchequer The Grand Exchequer is the leader of the Bilok’thuln. The Grand Exchequer is in charge of accepting and promoting members. He also is in charge of resource management, inventory and the distribution center as well as fulfilling any citizen or government requests for materials. ((premiumroleplay)) Aldred Tundrak Grand Steward The Grand Steward is responsible for all the housing within the Princedom of Fenn. ((Nectorist)) Hadolph Tundrak Grand Treasurer The Grand Treasurer is responsible for the treasury of the Princedom and for all trade operations within Fenn. ((premiumroleplay))
  7. OOC information 16-06-2019 6 PM est
  8. The Atmorice Bloodline (Banner of the Atmorice Bloodline, and symbol: The Snake) “We would rather sacrifice ourselves for our nation, our freedoms, and our Mali’fenn kin before we bow to those who despise us.” History The Atmorices were one of the founding bloodlines within the Mali’fenn. It all began with Siol Atmorice, the first woman of the bloodline. She was one of the original Snow Elves, one who went through the world altar and Wyrvun’s Blessing. As she was blessed, Siol is rumored to have seen Wyrvun, whereby the Aengul gave Siol some instructions of her own. Wyrvun told her to ensure that the Mali’fenn do not stray from Wyrvun’s blessing, and to keep a watchful eye on them. To let them stray to the path of darkness, will be the fall of the Snow Elves. Siol agreed to this and soon after she was blessed, Siol became the first High Priestess of the Mali’fenn. That was, until her death. They say she died of illness, but they remember her last words. “Let me not be remembered as a coward, but for the courage and rights we have all fought for.” Since then, the Atmorices have held high expectations to become priests and priestesses, with most becoming high in the ranking. That was their tradition. In revent there has been many changes within the bloodline and many events to go alongside this. The betrayal of Katrina Atmorice saw the first Patriarch Varan Atmorice become the leader of the bloodline for around five Elven months. After Varan had decided it was time to step down his eldest sibling decided to lead the bloodline. The current leader of the Bloodline is Alenia Tundrak, Archvigilant of the Wyrvun’fiyem, Matriarch of the Atmorice Bloodline and Grand Princess of the Princedom of Fenn. Common Physical Appearance The Atmorices have a wide range of heights ranging from around 5’4” to a little over 6 foot. They are often considered to be in the middle when comparing heights of the Snow Elves. Typical of most Mali’Fenn kin they would usually have a rather athletic and muscular build as that is expected of them in the service of the Ivae’Fenn. The common color for an Atmorice’s hair, is pure white to blonde though very rarely, silver. Their eye color comes in silver, blue, and very rarely, purple. Disposition A common Atmorice is usually discovered to be dignified, eloquent, cultured, well educated, and respectful towards their snow elven kind, putting their main focus into their work and to see and ensure the success of the Snow Elves. The Atmorices consider family to be one of the most important things in their lifestyle, often showing to be very protective of their family members. They are also protective of their Snow Elven kin and would often put their life on the line to ensure their safety. The Atmorices often consider accomplishments to be apart of their lifestyle, taking their work into serious consideration. Towards other races, however, they are untrusting, even hostile, in particular, to the other elves. The reason for this being that the Atmorice bloodline make up and focus on one of the main aspects to the Mali’fenn culture, religion. This religion being the one in which follows Wyrvun. Furthermore, centuries of warfare against the Mali’mira have led to hostility towards such outsiders. You can usually find an Atmorice studying or working hard to accomplish their goals. The Atmorices are rather honorable as well, despite looking rather cold towards others. They especially honor their previous ancestors, taking what experiences they have had and learning from it. Specialties One of the key specialities of an Atmorice is that they are very knowledgeable about the world around them and can often put up good arguments. This makes them skillful politicians. As part of their religious fervor, they are often adept at motivating the Ivae’fenn for battle. For some who know the Atmorices, they consider the bloodline to be “snakes”. The reason for this is due to their strict views and masterful political prowess. Professions The Atmorices are often found to be the priests of the Snow Elven society, acting to give blessings and ceremonies to their fellow snow elven kind. Their service in the ranks of the Wyrvun’fiyem is profound, and they often occupy the position of High Priest/Priestess. However, they are not strictly to become priests. The Atmorices are also the ones who often put on and plan ceremonies and festivals, as well as other festivities, for their Snow Elven people. About half of the festivities are dedicated to Wyrvun, while the rest are for things such as celebrations and memorials. Style of Combat The Atmorice Bloodline mainly choose to wield lances, spears, and bows, although swordsmanship is common as well. During battles and wars, though, Atmorice would often be found acting as the cavalry of the Ivae’fenn, riding heavily armored horses into battle - making them skilled horse riders as well. These skillful horsemen wield lance and shield, launching thunderous heavy cavalry charges to decisively shatter points in their opponent’s lines. Ceremonies The Birth of a New Member- When a new Atmorice is born, a small ceremony is hosted in their honor. The ceremony is hosted not just for their honor, but to be blessed by the Priest and to wash away any sins that may have been brought. The Priest may also determine a good or bad future for the Atmorice. After the ceremony the Atmorices have a large feast to celebrate the blessing of those born and blessed. Coming of Age- At the age of 30, the Atmorice would hold a coming of the age ceremony to have the Atmorice who turned that age prove their worth. To do this, the Atmorice set up a fighting tournament to see who will come out on top, for all of the Mali’fenn. Passing Memorial- Whenever an Atmorice passes away, the bloodline will host a ceremony in their honor. They often dress in black to honor them, and usually give offerings for those who had died to ensure a safe passage into the afterlife. Ancestral Belongings -Iheuhii'ante - The Last Whisper- Forged for the daughter of Cirnelle Atmorice and Thar Tundrak's coming Five-and-Twentieth birthday by the master blacksmith Rhegon Anarion, this blade of black ferrum's pommel was attached the morning of the Scouring of Lindale, the day that marked the end of the First Princedom. The Mali'fenn would, for years, disappear from the Fringe - its young wielder Serelia one of many. The blade, and its owner, would not be seen for over a hundred years thereafter, when the princess would suddenly reappear battered and muddied at the castle gates of Tar'sil. While she would leave the Princedom days later, the blade was left with her nephew that day. This weapon of war, as spotless as the day it was forged, serves as a physical reminder of the many tragedies of the Mali'fenn, and some say it echoes the wishes of a thousand long-dead Elves when swung. -The Armour of Siol Atmorice- Forged for Siol Atmorice, the first Matriarch of the Atmorice bloodline, by an unknown smith. The armour was passed down from generation to generation and was now in the hands of the first Patriarch of the Atmorice Bloodline, Varan Atmorice. The Breastplate would be masterfully crafted, made of Blue Steel. While made Long ago the breastplate has been very well cared for. Engraved in the center of the elaborate breastplate would be the symbol of a Snake, embedded with purple crystals. The Leggins would be of the same level of crafting and would be in the same well kept condition. The leggins would be covered in intricate engravings of old Mali’Fenn symbols, all of which were embedded with purple crystals. Finally the boots were again of the same calibre however the soles showed quite a bit of wearing. On the sole of each boot there was the word ‘Atmorice’ engraved in the bottom. It is unknown whether or not Siol Atmorice wore any headgear and if she did it has been lost over the many centuries. Although it is speculated that she wore a circlet around her head to show her high standing in Mali’Fenn society. Please contact Josey on the forums or through Discord (Josey#5073) to inquire about receiving an Atmorice
  9. Invites would be seen hanging around Fenn and its allied nations: Adria Haense Curon Vira’Ker The Elveness Upon reading closer, the following message would be seen: OOC information: 24-05-2019 4PM EST
  10. Ty for clarifying My bad – Didn’t notice
  11. Invites for the masquerade ball; The Calm Before the Storm Have been sent out to the following nations: Adria Haense Elvenesse Vira’Ker Curon An evening to celebrate before the upcoming battle OOC Information: Friday 17-05-2019 4 PM EST
  12. MissJosey


    Alenia was born near the town Rivia. She grew up to be a healthy woman, but as the time passed, her parents would start to lose the energy within their body. Alenia had a hard time letting go of her parents, it was a tough decision, but either that or she'd have to see them both suffer. Years went by and she's now turned out to be an independent, strong, caring woman. Snow Elves are known to be cold towards others, except to their close ones, Alenia believed in something else. She believed that all people had a good side, she also learned to respect others more. But the more she trusted and respected others, the more conflicts would head her way.
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