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    [The Order Of Oak] Charter Application

    Signed by Daqcaer.
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    Admins of Lotc? Low IQ?

    Okay gamers i started he timer... when is this one gon get removed
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    Sugarfoot n’ friends Post written by Chris History The sugarfoots uprooted from the early years of Atlas. A few born in dunshire but quickly ventured off and kept the nomadic life at the highest capacity. They would walk in the scorching heat north of cloud temple in the deserts near the War Nation of Krugmar. Quickly they began to put in work for these orcs. They did not live as slaves or tributaries. They lived as equals among the orcs and quickly offered their hand in the mercantile field for the Fort Stronk Wars. One of the most vicious wars putting orcs into the ground and elves heads plateaued on the pikes leading towards the entrance of Fort Stronk. Quickly the Sugarfoots took up with their gear and quickly headed towards the roads towards the Dominion of Malin. From this point the elders of the sugarfoots clan were passing at a quick rate leaving only but a handful of children. The twin brothers Dekimbe and Donyae, the youngest daryn, along with DeAndre and Deon. Donyae led the pact and strived for a way to make the name known. Assassinations mostly on elves along with the humans of belvitz and the Empire of Man. Eventually the group fell under and departed. Some time passed and they met up again but this time they had invited their cousins who had stayed at the camp they set up and now had sights on dunshire. They stopped halting the roads and worked more on mercenary work. Once a quick dispute shutdown the sugarfoots plans, they up and left with no point in bothering and went under again. This time they are back and here to stay on the lands of Arcas under a new leader. With Donyae passing, his nephew taking over, being the son of Dekimbe, his name would be Daqcaer Sugarfoot. Combat Sugarfoots have a lack of creativity with weapons. In the past they used to use projectiles commonly such as flower pots, dirt, shovels but not on hand. Now they have an approach of a one handed crossbow that hangs at their waist along with an array of daggers slid through-out slots in their clothing but a hefty shortsword being what they use as a main weapon. Dartguns may still be used from time to time. Ranking Holy Camel : The deceased leadership of the Sugarfoots added to the list, they are looked at and viewed as gods after passing and the sugarfoots who passed away without lead are viewed as angels. The life of a Holy Camel is highly important in their religion and if disrespected they will not tolerate it in the slightest. High Sultan : The current head of the Sugarfoots and once passing away will ascend to the after-life being a Holy Camel. They ultimately have a final say in politics being handled after praying to the Holy Camels themselves. They lead the fights and plan the group whether is be in peace or prosperity or war hungry and blood driven. Amir : Amir positions consist of keeping a council below the king to dictate in case they feel he is running the group into the ground. If something were to happen to the High Sultan or They were to step down then a member of the Low Sultan would step up from the votes of all the members in the group. Blood Sugarfoot : Instantly having the birthright of holding more favoritism in the governmental politics of the tribe due to being born with the last name Sugarfoot. They are heirs of the original sugarfoots listed previously in history. Honorary Sugarfoot : An Honorary Sugarfoot consist of the many halflings who themselves did not get to experience being born into the sugarfoot life-style. They were in through a series of trials set up by the current High Sultan. The rule through time no matter the trial is you must be a halfling to be an Honorary Sugarfoot as well as you must wear a hijab at all times unless told otherwise. Roadrunner : A Roadrunner is the sugarfoots newbies and or grunts. They recently joined and have not yet been given a trial. The most they can claim is to be associated with sugarfoots. The living situation is shared with them and other Roadrunners if available at the time. Roadrunners do as asked for task that others can’t be bothered to do. Religion The Sugarfoots have constant services and connected to their roots of religion. They believe in the dead who had purpose to be the Holy-Camel. The Holy-Camel is what they refer to as their deities. Over time Sugarfoots would have multiple influential leaders each taking on a specific form of either misfortune or power. Each Deity having their own personal traditions amongst the sugarfoots and prayer is often how the current sultan makes decisions. He would pray to the Holy-Camels who have passed as recent leaders and ask for guidance if they seem to be in a struggle. Application You want to join the sugarfoots as a roadrunner? Well you’re in luck we are currently recruiting and handing off the hand of one of the sugarfoot woman. If you are interested in just applying follow this application process. Persona name : Age of persona : Blood or Honorary: In-game name : Discord :
  4. AlphaMickael1

    Images of the Brandybrook Shogging Tournament!

    “Ef dey’d onleh allow dem Sugarfootz.”
  5. AlphaMickael1


    “Aye, da ota’ ones dunnae count, dey ‘ad deir laces untied” Says a Sugarfoot, keeping track of the score.. one hand would hold 3 fingers up... and the other only 1.
  6. AlphaMickael1

    The Defence of San'Strohk

    “Run frum lil’ dark man... boriiing!” Says the sultan of everyone who bares the name Sugarfoot.
  7. AlphaMickael1

    Imperial Folly

    “Aaaa better be flossin, there’s gonna be dust ‘tween ya teeth fo’ ‘tleast a couple o’ days.” A farfolk halfling snorts.
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    What The Shoot Admins of LOTC??

    Unfair, it’s only been a few days and i miss him already.. that vid he posted got me kinda sad too. FreeFlame
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    Help me

    Imagine playing anything that isn’t a Sugarfoot, Chris, lal.
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    Possible Dwarven outpost?

    cool stuff
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    Battle of the Bloody Bridge

    A farfolk halfling snorts.
  12. AlphaMickael1

    [REXULKS-OB-ÖRTAG] Raguk Charter Application

    Daqcaer Sugarfoot leaves a scribble of a camel stealing the sun, acting like his signature.
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    Diss Tracker Maker and Edgy Character Creator's Egotistical AMA

    Hey it’s me, ya boy Whenisurcityoffcooldown. When is the collab w/ Bobo the halfling coming up?
  14. AlphaMickael1

    The Sack of Ves, The Emperor Reinforces!

    “haha” A farfolk halfling says.
  15. AlphaMickael1


    A black halfling prepares his golden shovel to fight the lich emperor.