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  1. AlphaMickael1


    I miss you already, but deep inside i know we’re still gonna play some other games together.
  2. AlphaMickael1

    The return of the Lord of Mynebor

    “Mynebor will alwaes ‘ave a special plaec ehn me heart, for being a bubble of imagination, it alwaes was sumfin ah couldnae understand...magnificent.” Utak Ireheart would smile brightly as he went on ”...Sumfin dat be ‘ard t’a describe, but ah’ll give it a shot.” He’d clear his throat ”A place sum call ‘ome, n’ some call a shoite’ole..ah call it intrestin. evereh day a lesson is tuu be learned, frum Balrog we learn t’at ye shud never bite da ‘and t’at feeds yeh, neva’ stab t’ose w’o would bleed fo’ ye.. n’ alsuh t’a never attempt t’a clean up da sewers o’ Holm n’ make a snake den out o’ it.. or is it a rat nest... prolleh both.” ”Tuu everehfin comes an end, n’ Mynebor’s was a w’ile agoh..”
  3. AlphaMickael1

    Frostbeard Removal Act of 1698

    Fluffy misses his friend Boldrumir, who died to the hands of Balrog “Lord but not lord yet kinda lord but was never elected as a lord but he’s surely a lord that was kinda the lord of a ghost town but is it still considered a lord? I think it is, oh lord” Firebeard, Grandaxe, Frostbeard, Ironkiln, the magician who turned black after living in a cave after 12 years of dishonor.
  4. AlphaMickael1

    Frostbeard Removal Act of 1698

    Utak snorts upon reading the document. https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8
  5. AlphaMickael1

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    Yeh what Earthmonkey said.
  6. AlphaMickael1

    [Denied] Bluee's Forum Moderator Application

    I was promised ASMR videos if i said he was a nice man. +0,5
  7. AlphaMickael1

    sneakybandit's Event Team Builder Application

    Amazing builder, can already smell him banditting my build-requests sneakily.
  8. Ladies and gentleman, we need em.
  9. AlphaMickael1

    Vtyx, DPMagnum's Event Team Actor application

    10/10 Would collab with again.
  10. AlphaMickael1

    [Denied] Crim_Crim's Event Team Actor application

    I always feel bad about myself when roleplaying with him just because of his emotes being way more lengthy and well-worded, 100% deserves to be in this team. Have roleplayed with this man for a while now and haven’t had a boring second, amen. +1
  11. Username AlphaMickael1 Discord Mickael#1445 Timezone GMT+1 (Belgium) Group/Nation: Confederation Of Hammers / Bogrin Have you ever held a staff position before? Not on this server, but i have been build team manager on another fantasy rp server, which just went down so i can put my time into another server, like LOTC! I have also carried builder rank on minor servers. Have you ever been banned before? I haven't gotten banned yet...if i remember right. What style do you prefer to build in? I prefer dwarven builds, mostly dungeons! Are you comfortable using World Edit commands? Yes, very comfortable. Provide screenshots of three builds you have created from the following list: Terrain, Creature, Medieval, or High Fantasy https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/427532665030311959/495345102882078730/2018-09-28_23.23.17.png High fantasy dwarven gate https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/427532665030311959/495349466304610304/2018-09-02_21.45.43.png Landscaping https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468433482649960459/493843850901717004/2018-09-24_19.58.55.png Medieval ship Explain what you feel results in a quality build An amazing combination between landscaping and actual building will always result in a good build. From the past i have learned that planning (using bright colours of wool) has helped me provide greater quality builds, the usage of voxelsniper, worldedit and gopain have also made this much easier. Taking inspiration from drawings, artworks or real-life pictures and the right block-combo. Why do you wish to become an Event Team Builder? I helped Overlord8000 with some building and he told me that i had done an amazing job, he then reccomended me to apply for ETbuilder so we can work together in future events. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strength: I put an insane amount of time into building, i don't give up or hook off until i feel satisfied and/or the build gets approved. Weaknesses: Stubborn at times and a little too perfectionistic How much time could you give this position in the foreseeable future? 0-4 on weekdays and 0-10 on weekends.
  12. AlphaMickael1


    Born in the city of Kazulrah, Loksu had an intrest in the art of trapping, dedicated to develop his trapping skills, he joined the army. Everything went alright, he had become on of the greatest trappers in the world of Atlas. In a war against the Elves Loksu created a trap behind enemy lines, trying trap the elves while they were fleeing. The dwarves charged forwards and the elves had to flee, they walked right into Loksu's trap, but the elves weren't the only ones who had been trapped. Loksu trapped a part of the dwarves too. he was later executed for working against the dwarves...but Loksu managed to escape and is able hide underground, fearful and paranoid because he thinks the dwarves are still searching for him, he sets up traps all around his underground cave to prevent others from entering. Loksu now lives underground in a highly secured area trying to survive without the help of others, he is a lone wolf, and he will die one.