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  1. Trixie would peer at the noticeboard, nodding as they read the list of laws. "Aye, tha' looks 'bout right. No more improperness in this village anymore!" However even as they spoke they would read a concerning line. "No going into No-Booze... Bu' me' burrow be scarce more than a couple o' yards from there!" With a sigh Trixie would continue to read. "It's probably for the best. I am not one to doubt our great sheriff!" With a smile and whilstle they would strole back to their burrow. ((Looks great! ?
  2. "Stinkin' dwarves. " They'd grumble to themselves. "Thinkin' tha' they can jus' do wha' they want with us wee' folk." Looking through the bars of their prison, they'd let out a sigh. "Need to stop comin' to this place.... Stupid dwarf teacher..."
  3. [!] A pigeon would attempt to  land near to Koralon carrying a message.


    Dear Teacher Koralon


    I 'ave recently signed up to join your class on the Arcane in the Academy o' 'olm. 'Owever, I am afraid your reputation precedes you, I 'ave 'eard many a gruesome tale regardin' 'ow you like to treat us 'alflings. But, I am more than willing to let the past remain exactly tha', the past. I 'ope tha' neither me' race nor me' lateness will sour your view o' me. Still, I 'ave a great passion to learn your subject and I am aware that you come 'ighly recommended. I 'ope tha' I will make you a proud teacher as your future student. If there is anythin' I need to do prior to joinin' your next class, please inform me.



    - Trixie

    Edited by TrixieTheHalflingTrap
    Added appropriate 'alfling accent. Because for some reason Trixie has to write the way they speak...
  4. hi i heard you like squids and traps? if so we have a lot in common

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