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  1. Lumiin

    ask hex

    what is ur favourite moment in league from when we were playing with eachother? favourite album? catboys?
  2. conspiracy theory: marimbamonk is actually 501. 501 promoted himself to community manager and then marimbamonk will be promoted to admin (from community manager).


    1. marimbamonk


      hahahahahaha this just made my day

    2. MrSnowball


      Illuminati confirmed?

    3. ZachoSnacko


      it all makes sense now, thank you lumii

  3. Lumiin

    In with the New

    Thank you for all the work you've put in. I hope that your career takes you good places.
  4. Lumiin

    [I] Sky's GM App

  5. Lumiin

    Just some Feedback

    Thank you for the feedback! As the person who's leading the project on the rules rewrite, I'll be sure to take this all of this into account. A draft should hopefully be up sometime tomorrow so we can gather feedback and then get to work on the rules once again. As for your feedback, I couldn't agree more. The next iteration of the rules (assuming they get passed through) will be clear, concise, and to the point. I hope to remove all loose ends and leave out any vague definitions. I'm unsure if a glossary type section at the end of the rules would work best to define each LOTC-specific vocabulary, or if defining them directly in the text would be better. The stuff that has to do with bans is out of my jurisdiction so I cannot exactly comment on that section of the feedback. And as for the RP default part of it, I'll toss a message into the GM team chat to see what they think.
  6. Rules rewrite draft should be out soon. Sorry for the wait. Will be gathering feedback on how it's organized, worded, and seeing if anything is missing.

  7. This is literally indefensible and hypocritical. How can issues like this still be prevalent and we are in 'the best state the server has been for quite some time?'
  8. Lumiin

    The Virarim

    IC information Name; Meriel Race: Mali'ame Nation: Dominion Age: 31 Experience: Medical experience only. Zero combat experience OOC information Ign: Lumiin Timezone: Central Discord: Lumii#0001 😎
  9. Lumiin

    GM Monthly Update Log - July

  10. Lumiin

    Fawbole's Game Moderator Application

    would love to see Fawb on the team. definitely a +1
  11. Lumiin

    Worn Down

    sad to see you go DS. i hope whatever you do in the future ends up well.
  12. Lumiin

    Anything Ideas and Feedback

    i took on a project to rewrite the rules & don't even know if that's going to pass through yet. the majority of my job is to just moderate the server. i really wish i could do more & i know it must seem really shitty for a gm to say nothing is being done; but it's just that, nothing is being done (or it's moving at a ridiculously slow pace). i asked in staff chat today if anyone was thinking of making an alternate CB system or fixing wars (as players have been asking for) but was only meant with a two word response that didn't answer the question at all. i can only do so much as an individual GM.
  13. Lumiin

    Anything Ideas and Feedback

    literally this. players have been voicing their opinions for so long but nothing is done at all
  14. Lumiin

    Anything Ideas and Feedback

    fix the CB system + wars
  15. Lumiin

    lackless's drawing shop (O P E N)

    BE CAREFUL!!!!!! I sent this man my mina to have a drawing depicted above and he stole it! just kidding lock just told me to like comment and subscribe