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  1. big issue is players griefing to escape the nuke by going ‘deep underground’ so logically tons of ppl would’ve died 🤔

  2. so whos making the big thread about the event today and gonna farm the rep?

    1. Burnsy


      I retired from that, please God just end it.

    2. Destroyer_Bravo
    3. Unwillingly
  3. pm switch friend codes for invite to LOTC smash bros inhouses

    1. NicktheRed20


      Took me  a good minute to decipher this cryptic message

    2. Harrison
  4. hey can u gank top

    1. Riftblade


      bro where’s my 30 second gank

    2. CheapTrick


      hex useless jungle idiot man

    3. tenredux


      sorry full clear til 6 🙂

  5. smash ultimate comes out in 1 week!! add me so we can play online 🙂 

  6. Lumiin


    MCname: SimbaTheFatDog UUID: 0d15d5b8-f49e-496f-b5a6-907f20efb5ad Reason: Conditions of unban. Conditions of blacklist: Will expire on December 9th. No appeal needed.
  7. Lumiin

    [Complete] SimbaTheFatDog

    Moved to completed blacklists.
  8. Lumiin


    In regards to the suicide comments, the players who continued after the warnings were given to immediately cease the comments were given community guidelines violations, and banned for longer than three days. If you have any more evidence of the players continuing after the warnings were given, please send them my way. Behaviour like that is unacceptable. It will never be acceptable on LOTC.
  9. bog darks are big

  10. Lumiin


    to all the FM’s: thank you so much. i appreciate your service and what you guys are about to go through.
  11. Lumiin

    Message to Elvenkind - Have you seen my waifu?

    ((VIP perk in the future??
  12. Lumiin

    DPMagnum, Vtyx

    Mcname(s): DPMagnum 3aedd0ca-58f9-47df-93f4-9ed7117bca89 Vtyx c87984e2-06f1-4e6d-b7d0-958cc0f750ab Why he/she is blacklisted: Repeatedly griefing into a freebuild city to antagonize the players within. In the past, player has shown poor behaviour when partaking in villainy, as present in their previous villainy blacklist. This behaviour has been repeated despite the other punishments. Edit: Player has also broken the conditions of the villain blacklist by participating in a raid; villain blacklist has been extended accordingly. Conditions of blacklist (temporary, permanent, until appeal, etc.): This blacklist will last until it is appealed. You may appeal January 2nd, 2019. This blacklist will last 62 days from the original duration of 31 days.
  13. Lumiin

    Unable to login

    This is a known bug! All you need to do is go over to the #support chat in the official LOTC discord, which can be found here. When there, ping a Game Moderator to help you out. All we will need to do is teleport your character elsewhere while you’re loading in, and it should fix the issue.
  14. Yes. Definite +1 Soviet is a very nice man who would do a great job on the team. He has the drive and passion to do great things. 🙂 On the other hand, why are you doing this to yourself?