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  1. R3D7uP

    With love, from Knox.

    Take care Knox, best of luck in your future endeavors.
  2. R3D7uP


    Arthos Silversteed would read over the terms of the act, glancing to his Advisor before sighing the document. _________________________________________________________________ Signed, Lord Arthos Silversteed, Count of Arbor, Duke of Umbra, Warden of the South, Lord Paramount of House Silversteed.
  3. R3D7uP

    [Denied][I] gamingfishtv's Game Moderator Application

    Seemingly good man, has a level head. +1
  4. R3D7uP

    The Black Guard of Arbor

    Elion Tyranor would read over the the document handed to him by the citizen, signing his signature at the bottom of the page and stating to the man "Accepted, welcome to the Arborian Blackguard."
  5. R3D7uP

    Arbor's housing papers

    MC NAME: R3D7uP RP NAME: Elion Tyranor Number of adults (including yourself) who live in your home: 1 Number of children who live in your home: 0 Are you planning to have more people living in your home in the near future (state how many adults and children if so): 2 adults including myself, and 2 kids.
  6. R3D7uP


    good job!
  7. R3D7uP

    North Stow In Art

    Looks really nice!
  8. I'd be interested in hearing the problem behind all the crashes that have been happening recently. Either way, can't way to see the stream!
  9. R3D7uP

    Soul Pillars

    Well, time to grind out direwolves only to be bandited of my hard earned mineman loot
  10. R3D7uP

    [Denied] Captain_J_Ultra's Event Team Actor application

    Eh, why not? +1
  11. R3D7uP

    Reformation of the Guard de Vasilie

    Name: Arrnir Race: Highlander Age: 31 Any past military experience?: ((OOC)) MC Name: R3D7uP Discord: R3D7uP#6992 Timezone: CST
  12. R3D7uP

    General LOTC Screenshot thread!

    Receiving a sermon before marching (literally /walk'd half the way >.<) off to the Dominion only to be met by an army at their gates. We received a swift death but it was hilariously fun!
  13. R3D7uP

    [Character] Bom Tombadil

    Really neat looking and sounding character, hope to see Bom around!
  14. R3D7uP

    Ask your favorite halfling main anything

    Ah my apologies, haven't seen anyone there in my visits, and I've been told several times it's severely inactive. My apologies!