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  1. Snowypaw

    A Map of Arcas

    And where’s that on the map?
  2. Snowypaw

    A Map of Arcas

    Where do the Qalasheen people live on the map? Do they even exist anymore?
  3. i’m a tryhard skskksksjskskskj

  4. Juliya Maria Ludovar frowns at the paper, letting out a long sigh as she rubs her temples. ”What has Jakob gotten himself into?”
  5. Mcname: Snowypaw IC Name: Juliya Maria Ludovar Residency/ Street name, number: Ludovar Manor Class/ Title: Noble
  6. Juliya Maria Ludovar huffs with outrage as she scans her gaze across the note. “Fool. I’m sure my application was the best!” Scowling she begins to scribble something on the back of the note, quill trembling in her hand from fury. ”Well, I guess I’ll have to show them why I ought to be in their stupid band.”
  7. [!] The application is written with flourishing, but messy cursive letters. It seems that the child who wrote this was an amateur at writing this way, with some of the letters being larger than others. Name: ThE Young LAdy, JuliyA Maria LudovAr Age: It’s impolitE to asK a WomaN her age! ThOUgh, I am cerTinLe CerTainly YounG EnOugh RacE: HumAn, of cOUrse! Gender: FeMaLE I aM juST jOINing to lET my pResEnce be nown knOwn!
  8. I mean, obviously. The quality is so there!
  9. thank u, ness



    1. Snowypaw



      just look at this qt

  10. ”I didn’t receive anything?!” Juliya Maria Ludovar sniffs disdainfully, curling her lips upwards into a snarl. “Surely I deserve something.” Huffing, she tosses the paper aside with a lazy flick of her wrist.
  11. Warriors of the Crown First of all, if you read the entire story, kudos to you, my friend! Second of all; yes – I am aware of the messy formatting, and possible mistakes I made with grammar, spelling, etc. throughout the story! * Constructive criticism is deeply appreciated
  12. Out-Of-Character IGN: Snowypaw In-Character RP Name: Rosetta Puddifoot Race: Halfling Age: A lady never reveals her age! (Around 40). Job / Occupation: Dunshire's Official #1 Baker! (Shop Owner of a little bakery).
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