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  1. Snowypaw

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Snowypaw Screenshot of the item: https://snag.gy/5xAUTr.jpg How you got it: It was a wedding gift from the player @roseways
  2. Snowypaw

    The Jolly Band of Ruskan Children

    Juliya Maria Ludovar huffs with outrage as she scans her gaze across the note. “Fool. I’m sure my application was the best!” Scowling she begins to scribble something on the back of the note, quill trembling in her hand from fury. ”Well, I guess I’ll have to show them why I ought to be in their stupid band.”
  3. Snowypaw

    The Jolly Band of Ruskan Children

    [!] The application is written with flourishing, but messy cursive letters. It seems that the child who wrote this was an amateur at writing this way, with some of the letters being larger than others. Name: ThE Young LAdy, JuliyA Maria LudovAr Age: It’s impolitE to asK a WomaN her age! ThOUgh, I am cerTinLe CerTainly YounG EnOugh RacE: HumAn, of cOUrse! Gender: FeMaLE I aM juST jOINing to lET my pResEnce be nown knOwn!
  4. Snowypaw

    Merry Christmas 2018

    I mean, obviously. The quality is so there!
  5. thank u, ness



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      just look at this qt

  6. Snowypaw

    Writ of Abdication, 1693

    ”I didn’t receive anything?!” Juliya Maria Ludovar sniffs disdainfully, curling her lips upwards into a snarl. “Surely I deserve something.” Huffing, she tosses the paper aside with a lazy flick of her wrist.
  7. Snowypaw

    The Dunshire Inn!

    Rosetta Puddifoot pokes her head in through the Inn’s doors, nostrils flared in disgust. ”Good grief, Pe’rus... T’is beh ah ‘ot mess ‘n ‘ere! Yeh should’ve called meh t’eh ‘elp wif’ decora’ing...” The halfling grumbles, shaking her head.
  8. Snowypaw

    Warriors of the Crown

    bless ❤️❤️ owo
  9. Snowypaw

    Warriors of the Crown

    Thanks man ❤️
  10. Snowypaw

    Warriors of the Crown

    Warriors of the Crown First of all, if you read the entire story, kudos to you, my friend! Second of all; yes – I am aware of the messy formatting, and possible mistakes I made with grammar, spelling, etc. throughout the story! * Constructive criticism is deeply appreciated
  11. Snowypaw

    The Afturkvald Festival

    ”How dreadfully, deliciously brutal.” A pale, slightly gaunt woman comments slyly, her lips curving upwards into a small smile. ”I shall attend this event... It will be quite interesting.”
  12. Jon’s an all-around amazing player with his in-depth emotes and creative roleplaying. A true asset to the Event Team! +1
  13. Snowypaw


    Rosetta Puddifoot shifts from one foot to the other, her expression turning grim. ”Maybeh oi take meh leave now... Oi don’ ‘fink Dunshire’s t’eh place oi wan’ meh kids t’eh grow up in.” The Halfling woman mutters, shaking her head and plodding away with a slouch in her posture.
  14. Snowypaw

    A Message to Dunshire, circa 1685

    Rosetta Puddifoot tightens her grip on the now crumpled, and slightly dirty paper. Her nose wrinkles in disgust, while the expression on her face remains somewhat neutral and blank. ”Maybeh Dunshire ain’ ah safe place nay more fo’ meh teh raise meh fu’ure children in.” The Halfling woman mutters to herself, suddenly looking aghast as she realizes something. ”Will oi ‘ave’a move somewheh else?”