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  1. HOUSE KAERONIN Basic History Kaer was born a long time ago to two elves who followed the prophet Larihei to the golden pools of yore. His Grandfather was a son of Malin by the name of Aearon, a Mali loyal to the King of elves with an adventurous streak. Kaer and his Grandfather got along well despite the disapproval of his parents. The Young elf learned his respect for the ways of old from his fatherly Grandfather and admired him deeply for it. The day the news of Aearon’s passing reached the rash Kaer, it lead him down a path filled with distraught and the questioning of the meaning of what life could be or offer. He did what he saw was best to stay close to his beloved Grandfather; He privateered a ship and set sail over the waters his Aearon had loved so dearly. Over the years Kaer acquired a crew of elves alike to his ways, including a certain Elfess stunning in looks and cunning. He married an elven lady by the name of Onin, he loved her, and she loved him. There was no one more caring than her. With her they gave life to two sons and Kaer got swept up in his new life, continuing to explore the seas with his new family and kin. Decades had passed before eventually, Onin died. Pushed off the ship by the wind of storm in attempts to usher a crew-member inside for safety. Kaer was broken and for many a year hardly himself. Even when he remarried and had more children, he was never the same man asOnin once knew. Colder and without much joy in his passion. Kaer and all of his crew died. Atleast, that is what is assumed due to their sudden disappearance. His family had long since split, the younger Generation had built a ship of their own and set out to follow their own course. His bloodline remained strong and alive, setting sail to Atlas. Where their voyage ported, but never finished as the lines of Kaer exist to this very day. Residing within the halls of Aegrothond along the Almenodrim, follow Mali of the Sea. they are currently lead by Kailu Kaeroinin The Kaeronin and the Almenodrim The history of interaction between the Kaeronin and the Almenodrim is a long one with various encounters occurring. Once a large battle was fought between the two! The Kaeronin and Almenodrim did some cultural exchange over the many years between then and now but mostly they stayed clear of one another to avoid more bloodshed. That is until the Kaeronin’s arrived in the Dominion of Malin on Atlas, ready to instate there place. The Kaeronin then moved to old Aegrothond in Atlas for a safer home base. The Kaeronin in Arcas wandered for a small bit even creating their own charter by the name of Attica but they eventually found themselves in Aegrothond once again. RELIGION The Kaeran praise their ancestors and a handful of minor entities for their prior ways and deeds. They aim to roam free and follow their hearts to distant shores yet unknown. The Edge, the home of afterlife, where the souls of all Kaeran go and their voyages come to an end to live with those who had previously been brought there. There they live together as they wait for the Ferryman to bring more kin or sail them back to roam the world once more. The most important and influential ancestors are Kaer, Onin and Malin as well as Aearon. Some Kaeronin will follow other religions alongside this belief in their fore-fathers. Followers of the way of the Kaeronin named themselves ‘Kaeran’. Weaponry The Kaeronin do not have a common set of weapons, each Mali preferring their own. Though, reoccurring preferences tend to fall upon nimble blades such as Cutlasses or Sabres. Traditions/Customs 1.) Kaeronin are from day 1 thought to always follow their own path and live with the wind in their backs. If this path guides them to different shores compared to that of their direct family, so be it. It is expected all Kaeronin will support their kin in their voyage to their own life. 2.) The Kaeronin are a caring bunch. Prioritising family and close friends over the masses in any situation and often seek for ways to show their unity. (Such as common colours) 3.) One of the visual traditions of the Kaeronin is the red-beads they proudly wear within their hair. It serves to remind them of who they are, what they follow and what is important to them. 4.) Kaeronin more often than not seek to drown themselves in both physical and magical crafts and arts. From Sailing, Shipbuilding and Weapon Crafting to the Arts of Weapon-Wielding and Magic. 5.) Not as much a tradition as a cultural pass-over; Kaeronin often posses superiority complexes passed down from their founder, Kaer HOUSE RELICS Kaeronin Relics are far and few between. Plenty of tales run within the house, telling of these mythical objects, though none have yet been found. 1.) The Cutlass of Kaer and Aearon. A cutlass of fine elven make, forged by Aearon very long ago and passed down to Kaer to aid him on his journey. The supposed unending sharpness and controllability of this weapon would surpass the common blade by thousands. 2.) Onin’s Cloak. Though Onin was not of any traceable decent. Her love for her family solidified her importance to the Kaeronin only second to Kaer himself within Kaeronin history. Legend has it her cloak, soaked in blood from her death is still floating in the sea, not rotting and free of decay from so long in the salty brine.
  2. Cant wait make a nation in Russia
  3. Kailu Kaeronin would hear the news about the war, and would chuckles while making a red wine “Yikes” he’d then move long this day like nothing has happened
  4. RP Name: Kailu Kaeronin MC Username: Commissar_Voop Discord: Комиссар Voop блять#1941 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Aegrothond Why Do You Wish To Come?: To gain knowledge and protect and be with the sea prince feanor sylvaeri. What Skills Can You Bring?: Shipbuilding and repairing. Navigation at sea. Medical
  5. I mean, it is mainly 1.14 fault. P.S Praise the Sun Korvic
  6. Well what can i say, i tried my best to help out ET for build and such, but i wish you a happy new year fam. Later wanna Rush B?
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