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  1. oh wow you still alive?

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    2. JuliusAakerlund


      Biggie da real g

    3. CommissarVoop


      Ayy man, we should talk more in discord.

    4. JuliusAakerlund


      I don't have access to a PC, haven't had one for 6+ months. If you want to talk to me you'll have to add my temporary phone discord: Julius55#0077 


      I can't get onto my original discord since it has 2FA as a result of me activating it when I was a ST MANAGER. 🤣

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  2. Hey there, by looks of it, your minecraft account is using the old login please try to login using the mojang site https://account.mojang.com/ once you are the you need to migrate your account to use Mojang account.
  3. Because tech team didnt ask for a poll for this, but someone though it was a good idea to make a poll in the first place.
  4. Hey all! We here to announce information regarding the temporary map for transition between Arcas and Almaris - ‘The Daeperician Archipelago’. The final day of Arcas will be November 23rd, with Almaris set to release on the 27th (mid afternoon GMT), this will give you all about three days to have some fun! Why are we going to a temp map? In the past, the transition between maps was essentially the Tech Team pulling an all nighter the day before release, taking a mere 8-12 hours to move the map files over, do data maintenance, update plugins, and bugtest. This would leave
  5. Bigge Roy My dude sign me up boi. Art link
  6. Thats not cash money of you.

  7. Its monkey time

    1. Alfomos
    2. Nug


      can it be 8.0 monkey time

      eeee ooh aaah eee aaah

    3. CommissarVoop


      Oh definitely monkey time

  8. Вопрос, comrade—is Billy slav because Billy potato?

  9. Potatos are good slav power food.

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