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  1. Kailu Kaeronin hears the news about his wife death, he would slowly take in the news become unresponsive for couple of minutes, he leaves to Haelun'or to find the body, but he would not be able to find it, he kept looking for the body for like 3 days non stop until he gave up and gone back to his boat and sailed away, as he was sailing into the sea glances at the sunset "I feel like i have failed you, i tried everything i could. Well i guess you are now in a better place now. Let there be peace in the afterlife love, one day we will see each other gain" takes off his wedding ring and would pou
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  3. Good morning voop my friend.

  4. @RiftbladeGrandfather me that! You owe me one.
  5. As Kailu would be preparing and packing on the ship for a shipping trip, but suddenly a bird with a letter would find him with this news, Kailu would put the letter in the pocket as time goes by would take out the letter and reads it, after reading it gives out a chuckle "About time when someone would do it." chuckles and would spread the news on the ship.
  6. oh wow you still alive?

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      I can't get onto my original discord since it has 2FA as a result of me activating it when I was a ST MANAGER. 🤣

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