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  1. An adjutant hands the Captain the missive. The Waldenian knight reads it over, nodding once. “Rubern Delenda Est.”
  2. are you a mod? @Milenkhov

  3. “I highly doubt this Norlandic scum will remain in the light of GOD for long. The best thing for such rabid Northern dogs is to put them down, over and over again. Spay and neuter them like when the Emperor had done so when the great heathen horde marched onto Helena and turned tail.” The Waldenian knight signs the Cross of Lorraine.
  4. Username: Rhodesiaa Character name: Analach Age: 183 Race: Mali’aheral Are you a citizen of Tor Eldar?: Yes Discord: Rhodesia#0371
  5. The aged Knight, having stained his blade innumerable times with the blood of the Empire’s enemies, simply placed his old Kaedreni longsword onto the mantle above his hearth. “Spayed and neutered, the Northern hounds return to their dens- quite surely this will not be the last we hear from them.” A hand runs along the edge of the old heirloom. “Not today, old friend.”
  6. The Waldenian Knight applauds. “I applaud the Orcish intelligence shown this day, throwing their weapons down. However, the Nordlings- not so much.”
  7. death of the skaven queen @rukio

  8. Seeing how there’s a split, rudimentary handcannons/handgonnes like this should be implemented.
  9. Sir Oskar van Tirpitz stood over the corpse of his dear comrade. He held the Imperial Blutfahne tightly as he signed the Cross of Lorraine. “May you rest now, Vitaly. The Seven Skies await.”
  10. bless @devvy gonna pugsy her now
    also let my boi @KBR into story team


    1. devvy



    2. Rhodesia


      i regret


  11. The aged Imperial Knight signs the Cross of Lorraine, empathizing with the Emperor and Sigismund II. “Complacency breeds weak men, and weak men allow such heinous acts to befall the nobility.”
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