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  1. Peter Baldwin would lift his glass of Sunholdt Red in a celebratory manner, “Long live her Imperial Majesty, Empress Anne!” going to down the drink immediately after, going to wipe his lips of the wine, “I continue to eagerly dedicate myself to serving the Imperial State.” smiling wide.
  2. “Justice is done.” says the Duke of Sunholdt, going to raise his glass to his son Joseph as they celebrated their victory.
  3. Peter Baldwin d’Arkent remembered the veteran soldiers fondly, he was a prime example of what an Enlisted should be. A figure that will remain legendary one of the first Master Sergeants of the Imperial State Army. “I remember when I first enlisted in the ISA, you were one of the first and foremost prominent figures back then Haarald. I pray that you rest in peace in the seven skies, resting well on the accomplishments that you achieved here in the ISA.”
  4. “It has been an honor to serve under his Imperial Majesty Peter III.” would state Peter Baldwin d’Arkent. he would go to form the cross, going to set aside his uniform for cleaning, and went to prepare whatever plans the ISA had for the funeral.
  5. Peter Baldwin would form the Lorraine, “May he rest in peace, Our Emperor.” he’d state, having known only Emperor Peter III as the only monarch for his entire life, years had come and passed, Helena with many changes. But Peter III was the constant in the ever changing world going to look towards the Novellen hopeful of whatever the Empress Anne I Augusta had to offer for the future of the Empire, “Long live the Empress.”
  6. Sign up format: ((IGN)): Erik0821 Name: Peter Baldwin d’Arkent Rank: Lt. Colonel
  7. Peter Baldwin, the Duke of Sunholdt, would look across the Lake Helena, thinking on his Grandchild, Charles Augustus. "He reminds me of when I was young. A boy with a silver spoon in his mouth. But with the drive to do whatever he wishes for. I know for one I will support the young lad in whatever he desires.” he’d state, going to swirl his glass of Sundholt red, going to down it.
  8. erik0821


    Cyrus Basrid, would look read his newspaper in his familial home of Provins, his mouth agape at the sight of his Brother’s retirement, “My goodness it’s been forty-four years. How the time has passed since we journeyed here from the homeland. the Rubern war and many other trials and difficulties that the Empire faced..” pausing, he would look out of his window to glance at his son John Michael, a smile coming across his aged face.
  9. Cyrus Basrid in his rocking chair would widen his eyes at the invitation that arrived to him in his country home, “Johnny is finally done with rocks and getting married.” smiles knowing that he’ll be attending.
  10. “Your Wife and Mary Lucille jumped out of my window.” Alpha’s words echo’d in the mind of Peter Baldwin, he would go to look at an opened bottle of Sunholdt Red. placing his hand on his mouth, his would gasp sharply, going to grab hold of the bottle, going to down what little remained of the contents. He had been in drunken stupor since he dismissed his comrades in the Imperial State Army from their patrol. going to scratch his chin, going to look at a singular painting he had in his office, before turning off his lantern he would give a grimace as the dark words plagued his mind.
  11. erik0821


    The Lieutenant Colonel of the ISA would hum to himself as he read the contents of the poster, a moment after he finished, he went to take one of the posters from the board, he would then continue back on his way to the Bastille, a poster in hand.
  12. 8 years.... loser.... try being here 9....
  13. 1st Regiment Recruitment Office Just past the front gates of Helena stands the impressive red Bastille. All about you are posters with a snowy haired General pointing directly at you with the simple slogan “Oren wants you!” written in bold red letters. From within the Bastille a line of bright young patriots are lined up before a smartly dressed soldier of the Imperial State Army. An additional cadre of professional men at arms stands idly by with an astute look in their eye as they scan over the fresh prospects. As you take it all in, one of them beckons you over with a wave and a toothy grin- you can’t help but comply. You are quickly handed a pamphlet with many names delicately transcribed in gold ink, as well you are given a hearty pat on the back. “Oren wants you to join the Imperial State Army! Be a part of something that is truly greater than the sum of its part. Earn glory and purpose among an unforgettable group of comrades, fighting for the majesty of the Empire. Contact a recruiter today to get the process started- we hope to see you in red soon.” Below the preamble is a short list of names as well methods in which to communicate with them. In addition, a general mailing address for the ISA headquarters is provided should you opt to mail in your interest using the template provided . . . Lt. Colonel Peter Baldwin d’Arkent (Erik0821) ((ErikAzog#8112)) Captain Erik Othaman (grnappaa101) ((grnappa#6709)) Lt. Matthias Stafford (wyvernbro) ((wyvernbro#5602)) Lt. Viktoriya Châteaudun (treesmoothie) ((TreeSmoothie#2018)) Lt. Stervon Shadowsteel (adventuremaan) ((AdventureMaan#2645)) Lt. Arceus Reine (Arcean_) ((Arcean#3296)) Lt. Casimira de Sarkozy (Disheartened) ((Alicia#9441)) Sgt. Willem Galbraith (01wagwan) ((wagwan#0270)) Sgt. Ledicort d’Azor (da_emperors) ((Da_Emperors#2757)) Imperial State Army Enlistment Form Full Name (+MC Name): Age: Race: City of Residence (+Discord name):
  14. erik0821

    8 year AMA

    Wow not 9 years... loser.
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