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  1. Discord: Neii#5862 Bid: Pink Gown - 1200 Bid: White & Red Coat - 1200 Bid: Cloaked gown - 2300
  2. Discord: Neii#5862 Bid: Winter Gown – 5500 Bid: Cloaked Gown – 1700
  3. Discord: Neii#5862 Bid: Winter Gown – 5500 Bid: Cloaked Gown – 1000
  4. Discord: Neii#5862 Bid: Winter Gown – 3500 Bid: Cloaked Gown – 1000
  5. neii

    Ivory's Skin Auction!

    Discord: Neii#2480 Outfit: Purple Gown Bid: 1100
  6. neii

    Ivory's Skin Auction!

    Discord: Neii#2480 Bid: 700 Outfit: Purple Gown
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    Lena was born to a Hanset mother and a Kaedrini father. Her mother disappeared shortly her birth. Her father however, treasured her greatly. He was a merchant and a rather poor one at that. Due to his lack of money to support the both of them, the closest thing she had to a home while growing up was the carriage they carried their trading goods in. Due to the profession of her father, she’s made many trips to Sutica and enjoys the busy nature of the trade city. Despite liking the busyness of the bustling city, the one thing Lena always noticed and particularly enjoyed about it was the mass amounts of difference races and cultures coalescing. She’s always held a passion for travel and learning about the rituals and history of other races and upon her father’s death two years ago she has ceased being a merchant so that she may more freely explore the world and witness the mass amounts of culture and diversity it has to offer.
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