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A Student's Final Task

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The shadows shrieked and cried out, reaching towards the night sky. However, their efforts to escape the inferno was in vain, for the holy light lashed out at it, shackling it’s smoky tendrils and pulled it down from its chance at freedom, its chance at survival. The flesh blistered, boiled, and sizzled. Layer by layer the corruption peeled back and burnt into ash until only bone remained. Yet, that too gave way to the intense golden flames being forced upon it, slowly cracking and splintering until becoming nothing but dust.


A wave of a hand and the flames died away, sparkling into the sky like small fireflies that slowly became dim before disappearing from existence.


“Well done you two.” Her soft lips spoke as she looked up at them as the golden light gradually dimmed behind her eyes. “Not only did you both successfully complete the task to prove the First Tenent, but you also set the darkness’ plans back quite a bit by purging that cave of its undead inhabitants.”


A strong gust off the water blew her soft brown locks lightly, dancing in the torch light, as it picked up the remains of the rotten flesh and scattered them to places unknown. One bent forward, panting for breath still, his body covered in scrapes and cuts.


“It was no easy feat, but hopefully it helped.” He managed to get out between breaths as he stood up slowly. “But I’m going to retire for this evening. I’ll meet you in the morning, teacher.”


With that, the man gave a slight wave in return of her slight nod before setting off. She turned on her heel and slowly entered the building.




His cheeks blushed as he cleared his throat, stepping in after her as his brother in arms departed.


“I mean...teacher. I was hoping to take the next step, I mean, here, now.”


She turned slightly, looking over her shoulder at him as her eyes scanned up and down.


“You’re injured, Gray. You should be resting and tending to your wounds with the healing techniques you learned from your mundane healing studies.” Her steps continued inside, her heels clicking on the stone floor.


He reached up to his shoulder, wrapping his fist around the shaft of an arrow that had lodged itself between the iron plates of his armor. With a grunt he ripped it from its trap, casting it aside. His hand reached up grabbed her shoulder. “Wait!” It was as if even the waves, that could often be heard beating against the walls of the city, knew of his transgression and silenced themselves in shock. Her form had frozen the moment his meaty hand laid upon her slender shoulder. “Please...I want to do this.”


Her head slowly turned, her soft locks shifting, revealing the pupil of her green eye staring at him, the normal warmth from them gone and in its place, a cold seriousness. She shrugged his hand from her shoulder. “Fine.” She stepped to the left as he followed behind her. “Sit.”


Her back remained against him as she opened a cabinet, removing a single glass bottle along with a mortar and pestle. The choices of seating were limited, a solitary oak chair in the middle of the room, and thus, he placed himself upon it. “I know your an-”




“Hush.” The grinding of herbs and the stirring of a glass came from behind him as she worked. “The final Tenent you have yet to prove is the dedication to your faith in Him, Gray.” She shuffled as she flicked a flint and steel over a small wood fire and hung the, now, filled bottle of water over it by it’s neck. “Do you believe He is with you, now? At all times?”


His hand rubbed the back of his neck, massaging the soreness of his muscles as he realized he truly was as worn out as she had insisted he was. “Well, not physically of course, no. But I believe He’s there, watching over me, us, everyone really.” His hand lowered from his neck, resting on the chair’s arms, a relief to have some support.


“Do you believe He is here to guide you? That he will protect you?” The bubbling of the hot water followed her words as she used some cloth to remove the bottle from the fire and set it upon the metal platter. The green and brown crushed herbs spilled from the stone mortar, sinking to the bottom of the bottle.


“I don’t believe that he will guide me like the other’s may.” He replied, his head tilted towards the torn clothing that covered his knees. His fingers reached out and toyed with the loose flap of cloth that once covered his skin where a fresh cut now was, the blood flow only stemmed by the dried blood that came before it. “I think….we are the ones to walk on our own, and He will assist us as needed. He cannot force us, one way or the other, but if we take the steps, He will be there.”


A glob of amber liquid is lifted from a jar, hanging momentarily in the air as its excess drips from the spoon as she measured carefully. “You understand that these steps will not be easy.” With a swift movement, to avoid spilling the slightest drop, the spoon is made to the bottle where she stirs, clinking the metal against the cooling glass. “It only becomes harder, and it will only ever be harder for you, for any of us.”


The sound of the spoon being set down on the counter causes him to raise his head as her form appears next to him, holding a bottle of brown liquid, its contents steaming. “Drink it, slowly.” She instructs as she hands it to him, the bottle’s glass warming his hand. “How slowly, exactly?”


Her eyes narrow at his small smirk. “As slowly as you desire.” Her frame steps behind him, pulling up her sleeves as she inhales deeply before whispering a soft prayer.


The brown liquid was sweet, along with a minty flavor. Its warmth allowed it to slide down his throat with ease, and it spread throughout his body, rejuvenating it slightly and causing his aches to lessen. His finger tapped at the bottom of the bottle, shaking loose any remains that held to the bottles interior, before moving it from his lips and letting his reddened tongue to slide across them. As he lowered the bottle to his lap, his eyes raised and saw his shadow on the wall across from him darken. Golden lights appeared out of the corners of his eyes as her slender hands raised up to his temples. “How are you feeling?”


The slender fingers tapped upon his temples, allowing the golden light to spread from their tips into his body, seeping throughout his body slowly, warming it and bringing him a sense of calm. “G-Good….” he muttered, clearing his throat as his words came out sluggishly. The warmth was filling him, that was true. But his body was becoming weighed down, his eyes felt heavy. “L..Lil…”


“Shhhh….” She cooed as the glass he held shattered on the floor, the grip he held on it gone as his head fell forward upon his chest. “That’s it, Gray….just let go….and follow my voice....…”




“Gray?! Gray where are you honey?!”






“Gray my boy, stop hiding right now! Your mother is worried sick!”






“Mom?! Dad?!”




Gray gasped as he sat up, clutching his chest plate….but his hand only felt the soft cloth of his shirt. He looked down, his armor gone, his equipment as well. Only dressed in the clothing he had worn long ago when he lived in Vailor amongst his family as a youth. His feet pulled back as his hand pushed off the ground, lifting himself up. His eyes scanned around him, but only darkness met his gaze.



His voice echoed out as false friend answering him in the distance, over and over again.




Once more the shadows answered him with his own echo, twisting and slithering in the distance.


He took a single step, yet as he did the darkness around him shifted, collapsing in on him more. Whispers and murmurs reached out to his young ears. His youthful hands clasped over them, his messy blonde hair shaking like a dog’s coat as he began to cry. “N-No! This can’t be happening! Give them back! Give them back right now!”


Sinister laughter reached out to him as tendrils, wrapping themselves around his legs. “No!” His eyes widened as his voice cracked. He looked down at his hands, ever more youthful than they just had been, his clothing becoming loose. He tried to pull from the shadow’s grasp, only to tumble and fall. “Stay-Stay Away! Daddy! Mommy!”




The shadows slithered towards him, as if snakes circling its wounded prey, as he the terrified child screamed and pulled at the clothing, that had become so loose and wrapped around his limbs, that now binded him like shackles. A horrified childlike cry emitted from him as the shadows struck, leaping at him and coiling themselves around him. Their grip tightened, cold and wet, draining him of his hope, his life, his light.


“Follow my voice….”


A golden light shone through the layers of darkness that wrapped around him. Slowly they peeled away, hissing and screeching as the light’s luminosity began to increase. The hold they had on the child weakening until finally he laid on the cold floor, looking up at the figure. A woman hovered before him in white, her skin the color of a ripe peach, her locks a soft brown, her eyes a soft green, and she emitted such a wonderous warm golden light.


The child slowly rolled onto his stomach, pushing his hands into the ground as he rose up to his knees, looking up at the figure hovering before him. His hands moved to his face, wiping at the tears that fell down his cheeks. His sniffles short and repetitive as his nose leaked. “W-Who...Who are you? I want my Mommy.”


The figure lowered herself closer. “Shhhh,” she cooed, her light warming him and calming him as she neared him. “I know young one. But you will see her again, but only if you stand.”


The shadows hissed and slithered around them, causing the boy to whimper more as he clutched at himself. “But….But I’m scared….” he whimpered as he began to sob again, the shadows making their way closer to him.


Yet the figure remained resilient in her reassurance, offering him a hand as she hovered lower towards him. “Gray, being alone and lost in the shadows, this is your fear, a darkness that lives in your mind. But it is /your/ mind it lives in, Gray. You /can/ defeat this darkness, you merely need to take the first step and know your Light will be with you.”


The boy looked up, tearful eyes and uncertainty. The shadows chose this moment, this moment of weakness to lurch forward, shrieking as the light burned it, but its hunger for the child’s innocence overpowering it’s pain. “Gray!” She shouted as she urged her hand forward towards the child, her light growing in strength in a vain attempt to hold back the shadows.


His small hand moved, clasping onto hers as light burst forth from their union. His childlike eyes shut tightly as he was blinded by the light while his ears were deafened by the scream of the shadows. Yet as the blinding light that echoed against his eyelids, he slowly opened his eyes. The slithering shadows were gone, replaced by a fog. He looked down upon himself; gone was his child form but that of a man. His youthful hands had returned to those of a calloused fighter, his youthful messy locks returned to his trimmed hair. He twitched his nose slightly, feeling the familiar blonde whiskers of his mustache tickling his nose, and gave a nod of approval.


Light welled up inside of him, a feeling of warmth, a feeling of another presence within him. “We are by your side, Gray…” She spoke into his head as the light exuded from his form, materializing into a suit of golden armor, shield, and sword. Upon closer examination of the shield’s face an image of the head of a silver stag imprinted itself across the front, while the antlers of a stag jutted out from the blade’s guard. “Always by your side….but it is up to you….”


His gaze lifted as the fog began to part before him, revealing an entrance to that of a labyrinth. “Up to me to take the steps...right…” He grunted, rolling his swords arm shoulder. He took a breath, lifted his weapons and entered the labyrinth.




The walls themselves slithered and breathed, whispering to him. As if thousands and thousands of maggots wormed their way up and down the walls, dark hands reaching out to him as he stepped, trying to pull him back into their dark embrace. A bash from his shield or a slice of his sword, however, cut down their groping hands as he continued his way through the maze.


He looked down at the sword and shield as he huffed, miles of the maze he had chartered…..or at least he thought. The fears in his mind has created such a twisting and winding labyrinth that he truly felt like he was going in circles at a time. As his resolve began to weaken, a clattering echoed from around a far corner. He approached the corner with care, breathing heavy in fear and excitement, and lifted his weapon and turned the corner.


A figure stood before him, it’s back turned and stiff as a wooden board. However the outfit looked familiar, the fine strands of hair bringing back memories.




The figure slowly turned, revealing the face of his mother to him. The slight wrinkles in the corners of her eyes from smiling so often, the thin lips with just a touch of red dye to make them pronounced -just enough to leave a mark on his cheek-, her arms lifting towards him silently.


“Mom...I thought….”


The figure approached him, its movements fluid, as if it was gliding. The smiling face remained plastered upon her visage as she continued towards him, her hands reaching to embrace him.


“Mom….” He muttered softly, his golden glove reaching out to her, pulling her into his embrace.


A horrible shriek emerged from the, recently, silent woman. White steam rose from her back as golden fire spread across its frame. Gray jumped back, shoving his motherly figure from him as the flesh from her face began to boil and blister, melting from the skull that lay beneath it. But only then did Gray see the truth, the shadows that had wrapped around this undead’s body to fool his mind, to give him a glimpse of what he so desperately wished for, to lure him from his mission.


“Argh!” He shouted, raising his golden sword, rage and determination filling his mind, and bringing it down upon the undead beast. It shrieked horribly as holy fire burst from the sword, slicing the beast in two and forcing it upon the ground. The upper half of the body twitched and clawed still, ever trying to drag itself towards his sabatons. But the shadow’s tricks had failed them. Gray’s resolve had been reignited. At each turn he was met by the likeness of his mother, his father, his family, his friends. And at each turn he swung his blade, the edge slicing them in two, holy fire burning away the illusions of false love and happiness.


The labyrinth would burst with flickers and flashes of light, briefly illuminating the tall walls, walls that seemed to claw upwards, never ending. But each turn only fueled him further, each misstep only pushed him farther. And soon, he found himself at the center of the maze, the center of his fear.




There stood a pedestal, as white as can be, in the middle of a giant shadowed room. Atop the pedestal, a brazier with a small flame burning. Although the flame was ever so small, the dark shadows seemed repelled by it. He approached slowly, sword raised, ready for another illusion. But something in his bones made him trustworthy of this flame, a sort of knowledge that this was no illusion….a sense of familiarity. His hand moved his sword to a golden sheath that appeared as he prepared to, further signifying that this was what we was meant to do. His free hand moved towards the small light and slide it under its base. Even removed from the brazier, the fire continued to burn softly in his hand.


“The Light is always with you…”


A familiar voice echoed in his mind as he looked into the small light. Visions of his past flooded him. Warm family get togethers, the feelings of hugs from parent to child, the joy of shooting his first arrow, the taste of his first sweet treat, the pride of winning a race at the swimming hole, and the love of a kiss from mother to son. Visions of his present played before him. The rocking of a ship and a seagull squawking, the faces of friends and family, the clash of blades as he protects innocents, and the smell of the sea as he looks outwards onto the lake at night. A haze falls before his eyes….he sees things as an older man, the blurred face of a woman holding him tight and her lips pressed against his cheek, the embrace of small ones upon his legs as their blurred faces look up at him, a seagulls nest in the corner of their kitchen as two adult seagulls squawk as they proceed to feed their own children, he sees…..happiness.


His vision reverts back to the darkened maze, the fire idly burning within his hand. “Alright….then that settles it…” he says, his voice shaking slightly before he grunts, clearing his throat. “Time to get over this fear of being alone and get out of here.” And with this, the fire rises from his palm and floats slowly towards his chest, seeping into his being. He gives a long sigh as the Light spreads throughout his body, rejuvenating him once more, and allowing him to see his mission before him. The golden light shined brightly in his eyes, forcing the shadows to part before him.


With his path unhindered he walked quickly, the maze surrendering itself to him as he slowly conquered his fears. At each turn a figure stood there, but before he could even move to draw his blade, it would look upon his face and only fade away. Even the shadows themselves that had laid dormant in his mind as fears had given up their attempts to pull him into them. For as Gray walked, the walls of the labyrinth of his mind began to crumble as his faith in himself and the Light only grew.


He turned another corner, expecting yet another face, however this one merely had stairs. His feet scratched and thudded as he took each step, his knees rising and falling in rhythm as he scaled the spiral stairway. He looked over his shoulder, he could see the shadowy walls of his mind crumbling behind him, the maze’s power over him slipping away. As he turned back, he was greeted with a golden light.


His steps were silent as he entered the light, a warmth and soothing feeling washing over him. His equipment faded away into sparkles as he looked about the room. At first he saw nothing, but a voice called to him softly.




He turned around and was greeted with the white pillar and brazier once more. But in front of it, a figure sat upon a similar white bench. He took silent steps towards the figure, bending down on a knee as he placed his hands upon their knee.


My boy…”

“Is it…”


The figure nodded slowly, moving a hand to run through his blonde locks. “I’m so proud of you, Gray. Not for this day….but for everything you have done in your life….and everything you will do.”


His head tilted slightly, trying to lean into the palm of her hand, to feel more of her touch, to feel it just slightly longer. “Mom...I’m so sorry….I wasn’t there to stop it….I couldn’t protect you…”


“You couldn’t have stopped it even if you had tried, my son.” She whispered softly as her thumb ran over his cheeks, wiping at the shining liquid that dripped from his eyes. “But now...now you are on a path of good. A path that will allow you to help so many others, and you will be able to save many and keep many families together.”


He sniffled, swallowing back a sob as she wiped at his face. “I was afraid I’d be alone forever...lost and just….” He shook his head, trying to hide the thought and words from her.


“You conquered your fear, Gray…” She cooed to him, moving her hand under his chin and lifting it once more to look at her. “You feared that you would forever be alone but….”


His eyes blinked quickly, holding back the tears as he regained his composure. “But I’m never alone. You, Dad, my friends….they’re always with me, always inside me, just like the light was. They live on in the light, they give me strength, don’t they? I have to trust in myself but trust in the light, trust in Him to guide me, don’t I?”


She merely smiled and moved a hand to the side of his face, softly caressing it before lowering it to her lap and stroking his hair. “He is always with you, Gray. And with Him, comes our love for you. We will be your shield against the Darkness, for as long as you believe.” Her hand stroked across the side of his laid head, from the top of his head, across his ear, and down the nape of his neck to upper back. “But now, my love, you must rest. You must sleep, my Gray.”


He tried to lift his head, he tried to protest but he felt his body heavy and immovable. He continued to feel the warmth of her under him and her voice in his head, soothing him to sleep.


“My Gray...My Gray….my Gray……..my Gray………..Gray…...Gray……Gray?”


His eyes slowly lifted open as the torch light flickered on the walls of the room. The top of a broom’s handle waves back and forth in front of his face. He raised a hand to his forehead, rubbing it tenderly as he gave a slight groan.


“Well it’s about time.”


The figure in white slowly rose before him, her brown locks falling around her face,  broom and dustpan in hand, shards of glass that had been swept up shimmered in the torch light.


“How do you feel?”


He sat up straighter, his head lifting off his chin as he yawned, looking around the room, confusion on his face.


“Gray...are you alright? You shouldn’t of had a nightmare…I had-”


“No….No.” He fixed his posture in the chair, questioning the reality of what had just transpired. “I am fine, I feel...relieved.” He stated, honestly and genuinely.


She eyed him carefully. “Something….seems different about you. Something more….serious than your normal behavior, more...centered and stable.” She moved a hand to his forehead. “Are you sure you are not feeling ill?”


He smiled and moved her hand from his head slowly. “I am better now. The trials...the tasks...the challenges...the lessons...the thesis….the practices….everything now makes sense. My mind was foggy with uncertainty, doubt, and with fear. But I am now positive, that I am ready to serve Him and have Him at my side, always.”


She allowed him to hold her hand while he spoke his words in such a tone of seriousness and confidence that it resonated within her, bringing back a memory of a young girl standing before her future teacher and saying similar words.


“I am ready for my final task, Li...I mean, teacher.”




She pulled her hand from him as she set the dust pin down on the counter, with a soft tinkling of the broken bottle shards, as she moved her own hand to a cup of brown liquid, similar to that she had given him earlier. She sipped the tea with honey, slowly, and drank its warmth down, allowing it to spread throughout her body before she moved it from her soft pink lips.


“You just completed it.”



Another tale of another task that one of my students went through on his journey to be a cleric!


In an attempt to make Clericalism more interesting, we've been focusing on less about getting the magic and more about the character's journey and their character's development as they take on this mission.


For those that want to see some the maze that poor Greek had to go through (It took him One Hour and 40 Minutes to complete this maze!) check below!




In survival! In darkness! With monsters spawning on the paths! And if he died he had to start at the beginning! And he had to find his gear along the way!


And for the, apparently needed, explanation:


(Yes the maze was on our build server)

(No he did not actually speak to his mother's spirit, it was in his head/dream)

(No my character did not fly/hover, it was in his head/dream)

(No he did not use magic before he was connected, it was in his head/dream)

(No Tahariae did not come and aid him in anyway, it was in his head/dream)

(No we did not RP Tahariae at all, it was in his head/dream)




Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


@Tahmas Also completed the maze faster than Greek, Greek just got stuck in the same circle for an hour, seriously.

@SeventhCircle Thanks for building this trial, and thanks for agreeing to help me build more trials in the future! I haven't asked you yet but...thanks!

@ChumpChump & @morrisaye Thanks for helping me spawn in monsters and refill  supply crates!



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Just now, SquirtGun said:

@Tahmas Also completed the maze faster than Greek, Greek just got stuck in the same circle for an hour, seriously.

((This makes me a Cleric now.))


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reserved, I can't read this piece nor compliment its potential amazingness at 3am


I must say I am quite impressed. Though I am not one to post my lessons publically I think any magic teacher on the entire server can take a note or two about the creativity and effort put in magic lessons.


I see now I will need to step up my game (despite the absence of any students now)


Concerning the writing: brilliant, especially the voice transition got me... good! My compliments dear friend and excellent roleplayer!


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((Going to say this:  This really reminds me of Thesus and the Minotaur, which is a wonderful tale and I just get such vibe from this. But in all honesty, this is an interesting trial for clerics. Plus, I've always wondered how you trial'ed and this is actually very well done for one of the trials in becoming a cleric. Not to mention the detail gone into this post. So if I am going to say one thing publiclly and with an honest heart: I was wrong about you, Squirtgun, truly and utterly wrong. You are a brilliant cleric and it was wrong for me to act agressive towards you OOCly, being a prat. Now good luck in teaching your students and I hope we can work together one day.))


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((Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.- Some dead person))


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((I'm not one to read long RP posts, but I genuinely enjoyed this one.


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10 minutes ago, Tahmas said:

((This makes me a Cleric now.))

((Would like to mention he had creative and didn't have creepers explode on him from above! and hordes of zombies.. skeleton and all the witches and cave spiders you spawned on me ;) ))


And for a more serious comment. Fantastic post yet again. You ability to write these things and so accurately describe Grays Relationship he felt with his mother and father, the fact that yes. his greatest fear being left alone, due to him not being able to save the ones he cared about. absolute perfection and I could not have asked for a more better post, or in general RP Experience.

The maze may have taken an hour and forty minutes. (i had a timer) And 10 deaths to complete (Stupid creepers from above. :( ) But it was truly a really fun experience. And after the first hour of screaming and running in a circle.. over.. and over again until death. I learned a lot just from the quizzes you gave me as I did it, and A lot about other things that go on the server all thanks to @Tahmas himself. I would like to say. I would do it again, And I cannot wait for the rest of the Clerical RP to come.


Also I would like to edit in, I had chills reading this. 

Also **** Seventh for making the maze <3 lil demon you.


     Signed, the one and only,



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Just now, Greekbro33 said:

Also **** Seventh for making the maze <3 lil demon you.

(( Ngl that maze was just a little project I made several months ago never thought it would be used for this lol, Wonderful post btw Squirtgun.))


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Just now, SeventhCircle said:

(( Ngl that maze was just a little project I made several months ago never thought it would be used for this lol, Wonderful post btw Squirtgun.))

Yah Ik, but i had to give you cred for the maze. it was really fun to be the first one to complete it in survival while fighting off hordes of mobs. 


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