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  1. ChumpChump

    Legal action must be taken

    I dunno whats going just makin a funny cus charles did hack my account like 3 years ago!
  2. ChumpChump

    [Plugin] /sleep Command

    Cool idea +1!
  3. ChumpChump

    Legal action must be taken

    Charles would never hack anybodys account, I know for a fact
  4. ChumpChump

    Hiring Architect(s) for build project - 10,000 minas+ contract

    An architect is working on the contract, but don't be discouraged from participating! We are going to need a few builds for future and Ill still pay! Post will be marked complete when build is complete
  5. *A nice notice is posted around the Cloud Temple and various cities of import* SEEKING ARCHITECT(S) FOR SMALL BUILD PROJECT An up-and-coming caravan & merchantry guild seeks a skilled architect to design and build our provisional Headquarters. Location: Plot between Belvitz and Holm, bordering the Halfling forest (centered at about x: 524, z: 736) Plot Boundaries: Holm cobble fence towards South, cobble markers to East, cobble markers to North, Line of trees/cobble to West (Cardinal directions based from center coordinate) Build details: We need an operating headquarters/compound while we establish our company, and it should ideally be built in the style of neighboring Belvitz so as to preserve aesthetic quality, and would ideally be blended in with the natural aspects of our forest location so as to please the local Halflings and their Ents. It will ideally consist of a small compound, with a headquarters, a llama complex, a small entrance of some sort, and accompanying merchant stall. Structures desired: 1) A headquarters building: This should be the largest part of the build, headquarters consists of: 1) Sizable warehouse (large enough to fit double chests for each item in minecraft), can be built underground 2) Boarding rooms, a number (3-6) of small rooms to house tentative employees, each room should have at least enough space for a couple double chests, a desk, and a bed (maybe about 5x5), 3) Sizable offices for the proprietors of the company, at least 3 or 4 total, 4) the entrance of the headquarter should have a room where information can be displayed 2) Llama complex: need pens for our llama caravans. Structure needs 1) A decent sized outside grazing part (llamas need space + open air to breed apparently) 2) Llama rooms with double doors (not fence gates), each room should hold 3 llamas so maybe 4x4? 3) extra space for cows/sheep/horses would be nice too. 3) Noticeboard and sizable merchant stall by the entrance of this compound 4) Extra space can be used for aesthetics, small homes, or working land (crops/trees) Bonus Opportunities: -Aesthetic stuff, water or landscaping, wagons, busy looking stuff -Small homes/working land -NO WALLS, a wall is unnecessary REWARD: -10,000 minas base compensation on completion of build --> 1/3 on completion of blueprints, remainder on completion of structure (in game) -BONUS % for completing bonus opportunities -BONUS % for quick completion (more money the faster it is done and in game) -BONUS % for using own materials (we'll supply materials otherwise) SEEK OUT RED (Chumpchump) for further details!!! tl;dr- paying 10,000+ minas for this small build. More money if you bring own materials. Considered complete when it is actually built in game. [[DISCORD: Chump#9532 Message me for details + the world download file (cant figure how to upload it here)]]
  6. ChumpChump

    Stop adding money sinks

    As some guy who played a merchant on every map since aegis this map has the worst system relative to the player experience Ive seen and have had no desire to do anything within the current market/system. Take that as ya will econ team!
  7. Glad tuv aviv made it in! Cool post ebs!
  8. dude I love your follower count

    1. ChumpChump


      thanks hope life is treating you well bud

    2. Doggedwasupxxx
  9. ChumpChump

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    Got my mind on my minas, my minas on my mind
  10. ChumpChump

    Player Retention Part 2: The Noob Room

    an rp hub would be nce
  11. miss u man hope u ok visit my tavern someday ok?

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      stay off my wall hoodrat

  12. "the goldcrow"

  13. ChumpChump

    Offering Free Language Lessons to the Admin Team

    Nice thread @Sultan
  14. ChumpChump

    Mylasian Ventures

    Mylas quits and sends money to people and some others thanks for the fun see you next year maybe shout out to jakub jakob aka doggedleader270 for keeping the spirit of lotc alive