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  1. Mylas offers 2250
  2. Judas?
  3. idk how you can sleep at night, thief

    1. Travista


      idk how you sleep at night

      bring back Wun

  4. Sigh gentiles
  5. Agreed and selling rare nexus things on auction houses is a cool idea Id like to see More ways to get more minas flowing: -More competitions like telanir's noobie competition last map (even tho I dont think he ever ended up paying out on it) -$$/VIP minas , theres a lot of backroom dealing of pixels for minas its silly that the server doesn't profit on that Get a gm team on the economy like last map its the backbone of a lot of the server
  6. Mylas sets out to Laurehlin with plans of funding a bright future
  7. Live well arteh khan i will never forget you.
  8. Mylas prepares his news stand for the latest edition
  9. Mylas prepares his litigation team against the Flagship, having rated empty taverns above his own
  10. Never gets old #prayforaiim
  11. Mylas looks to the Prince of Ponce for his next move
  12. Mylas laments over the death of Mr. Manston and marks drinks half off in mourning. He wonders what will become of Johannesburg.
  13. Yea I agree with gangass and Niccum, as others have said we can work on just keeping the spawns away from RP hubs/cities but for the most part I don't see any reason to remove them