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  1. ChumpChump

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    Rumor has it that the war is almost over, but it feels unreal it could ever happen. We have been fighting on this front for four years now. The only thing real that we know is death. Most of us have forgotten there is an outside world. When we try to cheer ourselves up with stories from before the war, we can scarcely believe that these are, in fact, true stories. No, I don't believe that this is the end, not here in this forest, not today. We have no fear left in us.
  2. ChumpChump

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    I shall never forget the morning of March 28th, 1918, when I watched our trenches and the familiar landmarks disappear under the intense bombardment of hundreds of minenwerfers - those earthquakes in miniature. I watched and waited in a state of mental numbness or apathy, and at last the bit reserved for me hit me in the head. Nothing more terrible could be imagined....We advanced much too fast- a civilian fired at us- he was immediately shot. We were ordered to attack the enemy flank in a forest of beeches- we lost our direction. The men were done for, the enemy opened fire, shells came down on us like hail. -Journal entry of a survivor of the Ardennes campaign
  3. ChumpChump

    Red gets elfen malaria and retires

    Red gets malaria from an elfen mosquito on his latest business trip to the Dominion. He goes into resting, delegating the operations of business and writing a nice will as follows; John Rogers (Diddyski) will be named Director of the Atlasian Merchant Collective, to do as he pleases. MINAS: 20,000 minas to Buernoc Silvervein (Eteriani) for his devotion to architecture and making the Old Oaks tavern what it is. 25,000 minas to Cameron Halmar (Camocat9) for being the first to believe in Red’s vision, his devotion to the company amply rewarded. 150,000 minas to the Duke of Adria, John Sarkozic (VonGrool) to keep Adria safe and wealthy. 50,000 minas to Bruce Rogers (Diddyski) for being my eternal business partner. 25,000 minas to Jakub Altee (Doggedwasupxxx) for being a light in the darkness. PROPERTIES: To Jakub Altee (Doggedwasupxxx), I leave all of the Haensetic operations, including the Golden Crown tavern, my stall and its contents, and whatever else we had in Haense. To Cameron Halmar (Camocat9), I leave the Old Oaks Tavern title, under condition that he works with Bruce Rogers (Diddyski) in maintaining its success, and maintains Acacia Moonves (Cherriox) as head manager. To Kalina and Thorvn (Oblivionsbane and Jdesarno) I leave the animal pens of the Compound, and the llamas within, as well as the best of the Belvitz llamas, to continue their caravaneering trade. To Bruce Rogers (Diddyski), I leave everything else; including the Compound/Headquarters, the Holm shop, and its contents to bolster his business. To Adler (TrendE), I leave a chest of berserker axes. Its somewhere hidden in the compound! To the people I left nothing, you were probably useless. [[Do a /modreq and claim whatever i listed you, bank transfers dont work and I cant be bothered to do it myself]] [[Back to school, back to hibernation! You’ll see me again during winter or next summer! Some cool data on the company we had that lasted from July 7th-August 29: 625,712 minas in revenue Around 350,000 minas in profit Hired over 50 people in varying roles and activity Had about a 75% retention rate for noobies that got involved with us to date. By extrapolating the data, we would have reached a million minas by late October! We started this company with 2,000 minas on July 7th with only Diddyski and Camocat9, in a month and a half we were easily the largest and wealthiest non-nation related enterprise. Thanks for havin fun with me see yall next time]]
  4. ChumpChump

    [Serious Buyers Only] Legit Diamond Chestplate

    this looks completely fair, unbiased, and without staff abuse
  5. ChumpChump

    The Issues of Raiding

    its cus ppl wanna pvp and youre one of the biggest hubs lol not a lot to it
  6. ChumpChump

    The Old Oaks Tavern of Belvitz

    Red admires his artwork! Good post Cameron!
  7. *smokes weed* heh, minecraft pvp... am i right, gamers?

  8. ChumpChump

    The Council of Alderman

    The Council of Alderman -------------------------------- Within the town hall of Belvitz, the Council of Alderman do meet. Although the chambers are cramped, every man speaks as equal to another in matters of city governance. The Gradic government had brought life to these Alderman, but since the rise of Red, had fallen into inactivity. Thusly, the first Council of Alderman under Red has been called, to reinvigorate the People’s power within their city of Belvitz. Red calls the Alderman to council, allowing three days for the Alderman to make their appearance from wherever they might be. Under these special circumstances, it has been decided that any Alderman who do not make appearance shall be removed from the Council, to be replaced by more active denizens from amongst the populace. Once the Council has convened, and any Alderman have been replaced, the Council shall move onto matters of state, their first priority being to select a Speaker of the Alderman from amongst their ranks. [[This is a forum role-play post for the council of Alderman, please do not post if you are not one of them!]] Speaker of the Bench, Alderman Sabo Gradic [Dead] Alderman Lotoras Valharen Alderman Talsena Yvellyvian Alderman Artyom Vladov Alderman Erik Torberg [Dead] Alderman Medi’kru
  9. Red & Company can fulfill this order for 608 minas at your earliest convenience
  10. Think narth would do a good job, ive been around him for years at this point and Ive always seen good things on his end. Also think his experience in retaining new players would be of great benefit to the gm team
  11. ChumpChump

    The Golden Crown Tavern Hiring!

    Red endorses the burgeoning tavern and says "Wes got drinks from all over the world!"
  12. ChumpChump

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    you really trying to protect the dignity of a predator and would be child abuser? Dude should be named and shamed and reported to the appropriate authorities
  13. ChumpChump


    Still buying brews and **** we really need em!
  14. ChumpChump

    [Your View] Heists

    inb4 there is hallways of 20 iron doors and buried chests. Better than nothin tho wolfkite! the price is a good middle ground i think, but heists will only be profitable targeting roleplay items or stacks of diamonds- which clever people already bury. maybe something to address long hallways of iron doors and buried chests?
  15. ChumpChump

    Nominations for the Markev Maer Bi-Election

    Red ponders and rolls some dice