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  1. very cool remember to think abt liquidity and not supply/demand
  2. I deleted this poem
  3. This is nice perhaps this will help https://www.verywellhealth.com/how-to-use-an-enema-1942648 See ya in taiwan mate will roast a roo on the barby for u dude john lennon is dead i think @peachcoolwld be happy to help u are u good at red stone
  4. First thing I wanted to be at like age of 4 was marine biologist I started with ants tho. Ants is peculiar thingies. Was more interesting than humans
  5. Can use ur help
    Give away in comments 


  6. hello craftians, So recently i have discovered the power of the moon. Look I shouldnt show you this but Trevor Bacon wont notice Yes, this is the moon. Ignore distractions and noise by Biden government and WAP - Think, rlly think, Bezos was just lucky? Lol follow the moon. Coincidence that all billionaires love moon, hm? Heh Look but I digress, so there is this cute girl at workl who is Gemini. I think we are soul mates. So how can I use power of astrology here guys? Please?
  7. hope you're doing well sir, we miss you on the Craft

  8. hello craftians, I promised to tell my story of $cumrocket and Trevor Bacon. Well wouldnt you like to know
  9. This year has been really big for me, and I would like to share it with you As you may know, I started a company in my brothers name. I will not lie it was a rocky start. Fortunately around this time I met Trevor Bacon We got on well and soon I found my Angel investor. Since then we have been as thick as thieves, two peas in a pod. But lately it has been getting very stressful. Trevor Bacon calls me at midnight, he calls me 5 am. Trevor Bacon wants the bacon, lol. Sometimes I wake up and Trevor Bacon has left me voicemails- he says Look kid they don't call me Trevor Bacon for noth
  10. you ever cry to a song man?

  11. Ministry of the Imperial Treasury Notice on Imperial Reserve Notes 9th of Snows Maiden, 1767 Did you or a loved one purchase Imperial Reserve Notes? Due to the criminal absconsion of mister Veikko Harjalainen with all associated funds of the Imperial Reserve, the exchange of Imperial Reserve Notes has been suspended pending the outcome of litigation against mister Veikko Harjalainen. Imperial Reserve Notes will remain guaranteed, however, the Ministry of the Imperial Treasury requests that those in possession of said Imperial Reserve Notes
  12. [!] A courier in a 3 piece business suit smoking a cigar somehow finds Tanith and delivers a nice letter
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