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A Game of Thrones [RP]

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House Tully of Riverun


Lord: Ser Edmure Tully

Heir: Ser Brynden ‘The Blackfish’ Tully

Seat: Riverrun

Words: Family, Duty, Honor





Ser Edmure Tully – Riverrun

Lady Wynafryd Tully – Riverrun

Ser Brynden ‘The Blackfish’ Tully – Riverrun

Queen Margaery Stark – Riverrun – Heading Home

Prince Eddard Stark – Riverrun – Heading Home

Catelyn Stark – Riverrun – Heading Home

Sansa Stark – Riverrun – Heading Home

Arya Stark – Riverrun – Heading Home

Ser Sandor Clegane – Riverrun – Heading Home





| At Riverrun |


The Draw bridge of Riverrun along with the gates would open as Ser Edmure Tully along with his host rode into Riverrun he’d be met with Ser Desmund Grell, Lady Catelyn Stark, Lady Sansa Stark, Lady Arya Stark, Queen Margaery Stark, and along with Lady Wynafryd Manderly in the courtyard of his arrival. As he greeted his family along with Ser Desmund he’d stop at Lady Wynafryd as he’d take her hand as he’d then kiss it as after introducing himself.


Since Edmure’s arrival, he had continued to do his Lordly deeds as well as getting to know Lady Wynafryd to which both would seem to have fallen a bit in love with each other. As the two fell preparations had begun for a wedding ceremony at Riverrun.




| Riverrun Docks - The Wedding |


As the wedding started to begin Ser Edmure made his way to the docks as he’d wait for his soon to be wife to make her way to the front. After the wedding, a small feast would occur.






Once the ceremony was over and a month would pass Ser Edmure would receive word of the Lannister’s defeat as well as them swearing fealty to King Stannis.


“It appears the Lion has no claws after all. Now all we must do is prepare for winter and a potential attack from Stannis as it appears he wishes to be King of all Seven Kingdoms”




Lady Wynafryd walked in the room informing her husband of Winterfell and it is safe to return.  Upon hearing the news he’d send an escort for the Stark family to travel back home.




- Preparations for Winter continues throughout the Riverlands.


- The wedding between Ser Edmure of Riverrun and Lady Wynafryd of White Harbor.


- Ser Edmure would take a few tumbles around with Lady Wynafryd attempting to get her pregnant. [Mod]


- Defenses of Riverrun are worked on to be improved. [Mod]


- Ravens are sent to all the Lords of the Riverlands warning them of Stannis’s victory and to prepare for a potential rally call if Stannis ever decides to attack the  Riverlands. [Mod]


- Ravens sent to Seagard to begin to construct a fleet after finishing preparations for Winter. [Mod]


- An escort is sent to escort the Stark’s back home.

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King: Robb Stark

Heir: Bran Stark

Manpower: 23k

Seat: Winterfell

Words: Winter is coming

House Sigil: Direwolf

Titles: King of the North, and the Trident




Cat, Arya, Sansa, Maergery, Robbs baby who is named Eddard, after his Grandfather. And some Tully men go back to Winterfell, where repairs have been underway, and citizens have returned back to Wintertown. A new Maester is called for, and life for the Starks in Winterfell goes back to ‘normal’ as normal as can be anymore. A house Guard is set up to protect to the castle and the starks.


Robb Stark while preparing for the final preparations of the Wedding writes to his family and tells them he will try and be back soon.








Robb Stark (leading his host to the Dreadfort)

Bran Stark ( Missing)

Catelyn Stark ( Winterfell)

Sansa Stark (Winterfell)

Arya Stark (Winterfell)

Rickon Stark, Osha, and the Dire Wolves (With the Umbers)

Brienne of Tarth ( With the brothers without banners accompanied by Jaime lannister)

Maergery Stark: (Winterfell)

Prince Eddard of House Stark: (Winterfell)










-creation of the Kingsguard to protect the Starks at Winterfell


-A wedding is set up for the Starks and the Boltons

-loyal houses to the Starks are invited


- 10 cannons are set up around Winterfell

-reconstruction of Winterfell continues






















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<strong class="selflink">House Arryn</strong>

As High as Honour



Image result for Eyrie



-A funeral is held for the late Lysa Arryn at the Gates of the Moon as her death will be mourned by many, and her life as a protective mother, and a steadfast, persistent ruler will live on in the memories of many Valemen.


-Petyr Baelish begins to sponsor the military training of Robert Arryn under the hands of many different warrior-lords across the Vale, he seeks to bring together the military skills and talents of the entire vale into the future king, Robert Arryn!


-As winter begins the well prepared grain stocks of the vale begin to feed the people of the Vale for the long winter.


-Existing forts are given charters and orders to commence expansion, and two new castles are built on the road from Gulltown to the Eyrie. Defenses are also increased at the city of Eyrie, an important part of the Vales economy and prestige. Protection of it is neccessary!




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A Game of Thrones



King’s Landing

For three and twenty days and four and twenty nights, King’s Landing and the Kingswood burned. Debris from King’s Landing lit by the wildfire landed on the other side of the Blackwater, starting a small fire which would continue to grow over the coming days. By the end of July, there was nothing left of the city or the Kingswood and the flames began to quell, having little to spread to. The battle which had led to this ended with a Baratheon victory, and not long after Lord Tywin bent the knee to King Stannis of House Baratheon. Throughout the Crownlands and Stormlands, thousands mourned the loss of loved ones who had been in the city, and few knew who had managed to survive the carnage, it was expected none who had been within the walls had lived. Where the wildfire had come from nobody could even say, but many began to believe Stannis had planned this for if Tywin had won, with the plan going wrong. With the loss of the capital, the Crownlands had largely separated itself with the realm, no longer responding to the calls from Lords. The Stormlands meanwhile waited for the return of their King.


The North

King Robb of House Stark, the Young Wolf, returned North with his full strength, rebuilding Winterfell and preparing for a wedding in honor of his bannerman, Lord Bolton. The wedding would take place between his son, Ramsey Snow and the sister to King Robb, Arya Stark and would be hosted at Winterfell. After being sacked and destroyed by the Ironborn under Theon Greyjoy, Winterfell had undergone a significant and surprising change. Upon King Robb’s arrival, he had found that the castle looked nearly as it did before. Squatters within the castle had reportedly helped with it’s rebuilding and were compensated graciously by Lord Manderly’s son for their aid, knowing even the early winter without Starks would be harsh on any in the North. Even the Winter Town had boomed with the arrival of the Starks to the North, and things had seemed to be looking up for all. The promise of a wedding was good news to many as well, as food from the Reach which had arrived in White Harbor began to become abundant in the North, as well as exotic foods bought for such a wedding.


As the wedding began, a short ceremony was held in the Wolfswood during which Ramsey Snow, now Bolton following his aid in the North, was dressed in a pink cloak and a fine set of wool clothing, bearing the flayed man of his newly granted house. Princess Arya was dressed in a dress of white cloth, finely made and over it, a woolen grey coat clasped together with a grey-steel direwolf. As the ceremony occurred beneath the Weirwood tree, snow fell, reminding all there what the Stark’s promised. Arya was cloaked in a pink cape, finely woven and with spots of a deep red throughout as a sign of her new house. Upon the end of the ceremony, the notable Starks and their Lords trailed inside for the feast led by the couple. King Robb Stark, who many say looked like his father if he had been a Tully, and his wife, Queen Margaery Tyrell on his arm led the train behind the newlyweds, followed by the Queen Mother, Catelyn Stark who was accompanied by Ser Loras Tyrell. Behind them came Lord Roose Bolton and his wife Lady Walda Frey, then Princess Sansa Stark was accompanied by Rickon Stark. Lord Roose Bolton followed behind them with his wife Lady Walda Frey, as well as Lord Rickard Karstark, Lord Wyman Manderly, Lord Robett Glover, the Lord Jon Umber, Lady Donella Hornwood, the Mormont women, and the Blackfish who had accompanied the Stark Royalty North in order to protect them.


As the feast began, all seemed merry inside as the Bolton and Stark men feasted in the Great Hall. Many of the Lords had already become drunk as time went on, Lord Umber had managed to drink Lord Glover under the table before even the toast. Lady Dacey Mormont and Lord Manderly had spent the night laughing with each other but were often seen conversing in whispers. Lady Manderly seemed unfond of the pair, though remained silent on the matter, conversing largely with the Queens, Margaery, and Catelyn. Princess Sansa and Arya seemed to joke with each other having grown close following their traumas. King Robb had on a stern face, speaking to Lord Karstark and Lady Donella Hornwood who had come bearing news of a good final harvest. After a time, King Robb stood, striking his knife on his glass signaling for silence. It took quite a moment for the clangor in the room to die down, the Bolton and Stark men were having quite some time, and a small group of Dreadfort men had a been putting on quite the spectacle with a sword balancing act, but the Greatjon’s booming voice brought the room to a halt.


King Robb soon spoke up, “My Lords and Ladies, sers, we come here today to celebrate the union of two of the North’s greatest houses for the first time in our history. My sister, Princess Arya Stark had long been seen as the sister who would never marry, not willingly at least, but she was thrilled when we informed her it was to be to the new heir to the Dreadfort, Lord Ramsey Bolton, who had thrown out the Ironborn invaders and protected my brothers, from what he has told me of his time as Reek. Thanks to Wylis Manderly, the Great Hall has been restored as if it had never been burnt. When I had heard of the state of Winterfell, I swore that day the North would be avenged. House Greyjoy has been removed from the North, Theon Greyjoy resides in a cell beneath Winterfell. But there are some who no longer are with us. That day, a number of great men died. My mentor, a man who had trained me my whole life, Rodrik Cassel was slain just outside these walls. Maester Luwin’s body was found beneath the very tree which my sister and her Lordly husband married beneath. Old Nan, Beth Cassel, others missing… thousands in the south. Lord Glover’s son and more, all due to the actions of one man and his son.” As Robb finishes, the Starkmen throughout the room stand and draw their weapons on the Bolton men, killing any who attempt to draw their own and allowing a surrender from the rest.


On the dais, a number of the Lords had stood and drawn their swords in unison with King Robb. Ramsey Bolton, who had been drunk for hours, quickly found himself at the swordpoints in front of Lord Umber, Lady Maege, Ser Loras, and Wylis Manderly. Princess Arya is also said to have impaled her dinner knife through his hand into the table. Lord Roose sat beside King Robb stone-faced, none had moved on him yet, and Robb continued as the room came to a quiet again, most Bolton men had yielded. Sounds of a struggle could be heard outside, though with Houses Stark, Manderly, Karstark, Umber, and Hornwood sending men to the wedding it was likely a slaughter more than a fight. The King continued, “This castle, my father’s castle and hundreds more before him, Winterfell, was defiled and destroyed by Ramsey Bolton in an attempt to paint Theon Greyjoy as the man who destroyed House Stark. Theon Greyjoy may have betrayed me and my father, but he did not kill the innocents of Winterfell. He did not kill an old Maester, or kidnap women. Ramsey Bolton is charged with murder and treason. Roose Bolton led men into false battles, plotting their destruction, and thus I charge him of treason as well. The room was silent as the events unfolded.


Within an hour, House Bolton’s forces had been killed or captured, his Lords had bent the knee to King Robb pending the fates of their Lords, and Lord Roose and his heir Ramsey Bolton had both been sentenced to high treason against the crown of the North.


Storm’s End

As King Stannis’s Host finally made their way through the charred remains of the Kingswood, they found that the Golden Company had long been preparing for their arrival. They were continually harassed along with the ways. The region had been continually raided by Aegon’s forces, but as time went on some of the Lords had mobilized small forces to prevent this and most were prepared for a siege. However, the region directly around Storm’s End found itself at the mercy of the Golden Company, with many castles not bothering with a siege due to the lack of manpower. Storm’s End still held strong, though a light siege had set in around the castle. Small scuffles occurred between Baratheon and Golden Company scouts, and two scouts who had survived one engagement reported the presence of elephants remarking of their terrifying ability. They had not expected the large beasts to be so quick, but as the scouts fled, those who did not have forces were run down.


Other Events

In the East, news from Oldtown indicates that Ironborn presence had increased and the Redwyne Fleet which had begun its journey east is called back to the Reach. Euron Greyjoy has made clear to all that his motives are far beyond just the Iron Isles.


Prince Doran Martell also has been more active, and some of the Storm Lords to the south report that a convoy of Dornishmen approaches via the Boneway. It appears Prince Oberyn himself and the Princess Arrianne are amongst them, and it seems to be a small force traveling towards the Golden Company.


The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch sends letters throughout Westeros, begging Lords to aid the Night’s Watch against the threat of the Others’. Many Maesters dismiss this as lunacy and claim that the Lord Commander is getting desperate for men, while others think it may be a Stark ploy considering Jon Snow’s heritage, though that is not as common knowledge. One rumor which does seem to be consistent though is that the wildlings were allowed south of the Wall and have settled the New Gift, including the King Beyond the Wall Mance Rayder.


From the East comes news of war in Slaver’s Bay and troubles with dragons in the regions. It would seem the actions of Daenerys Stormborn were not appreciated by all and many of the slave cities had banded against her. While two of her dragons had seemingly not been seen in some time, a large and fiercesome black one was said to be roaming the Dothraki Plains and portions of Essos, making prey on animals and small children alike.


House Lannister of Casterly Rock

The standing army continues training, becoming one of the most elite forces in Westeros despite its small size. They soon become proficient with dragon sticks, though they are limited by the weapon’s own ineffectiveness, though they remain quite excellent with standard arms. As time goes on, some begin to demand pay increases arguing they deserve more than the average soldier due to their extensive training.


Tyrion reports that the Westerlands had managed to build a decent stockpile of wheat over the final months before winter arrived, managing a final harvest.


There is no King’s Landing to restore order to.


Some structures are rebuilt, but with no dedicated workforce and a lack of planning, the city’s construction goes slowly. All funding seems to come from Tywin’s pocket as well, with the Baratheon’s giving little.


The Brotherhood Without Banners

The Brotherhood’s expansion in the Crownlands proves swifter than even manageable, as thousands of refugees who had not been at King’s Landing at the time of it’s destruction and those who relied on the city soon found themselves hungry and prey to raiders. As time goes on though, Clegane’s Army begins to dissuade many from remaining in the Crownlands and the lucky flee to the Riverlands.


With the Lannister soldiers, these villages do little in the Crownlands, though some Lords provide aid to the refugees found by the Brotherhood. For the most part, these towns and refugee camps begin to crop up in the Riverlands where it borders the Crownlands, safely away from the Lannister forces.


With the fall of King’s Landing and the last remaining physical symbol of unity in Westeros, many smallfolk who hear of his promise find it to be enticing, and support begins to grow amongst Beric’s camp and the smallfolk of the Crownlands for a change in the leadership.


With the increase in refugees from the coastal Crownlands and the Riverlanders who had already been part of the Brotherhood, the fishing enterprise goes well with it becoming a primary food source for a number of the small villages.


Looting armors from battlefields prove somewhat profitable, with the core Brotherhood finding themselves well armored.


The wildfire sigil becomes a sigil of the pain and suffering of the smallfolk, and many begin to wear the sigil. Those in the regions occupied by the Lannisters or Baratheons often hide the wildfire sigil but still bear it.


House Baratheon Storm’s End

Progress is slow, not many workers could be conscripted at the time, with the roads south closed few workers from the Stormlands or Reach could make it to the remains of the capital, and the Lords of the Crownlands have been quiet since the defeat, with some saying that Stannis himself ordered the capital destroyed.


While Stannis ordered strongholds to fight to the last, few would risk so much. Rather, those who had heard the call committed themselves to a long siege if need be. They trusted Stannis to relieve them, but no Lord would risk his entire House for a King, especially one who had lost the capital. His call for castles to prepare for a siege however was taken much better, and most houses had already begun so following the landing of Aegon and the Golden Company.


The Stormlands had begun to mobilize 6,000 men at Crow’s Nest, though raiding from the Golden Company and even a small scuffle had led to the men relocating to Weeping Town, though the threat of the Golden Company still loomed.


The Hand of the King Lord Davos Seaworth and the Princess Shireen travel to a location near King’s Landing after the flames burn down, rejoining the main host. A guard is sent with her by her mother of Florent men.


The promise of gold had long been expected, though the offer of knighthood had increased morale and resolve amongst some men, with them hoping to return from battle with a title and known as a hero.


House Tully of Riverrun

As the soldiers returned home, some lords managed to coax out a final, but larger than what had been expected, harvest. The Riverlands was in desperate need of trade, with some Lords recommending that they reach out to Lord Tyrell.


Lord Edmure Tully and Lady Wynafryd Manderly are married in a lavish ceremony in Riverrun. Attended by a number of Lord throughout the Riverrun, the wedding is a much happier affair than the one held in the North. The Lords of the Riverlands are thankful for a joyful event and a feast following the war which had dragged on for nearly two years. The wedding was attended by a number of Lords including Lord Bracken, Lord Blackwood, Lord Mallister and others Lords. The Queen Mother Catelyn, the Queen of the North, Margaery Tyrell, and the Princesses Sansa and Arya were also in attendance at the wedding. Lord Manderly also attended the wedding, and alongside the Blackfish brought the Royal Family North via the White Tooth. Most notably, no Freys were in attendance.


Most Lords had heard of the destruction of King’s Landing but did not believe in Stannis’s threat the moment, just wishing to prepare themselves as much as possible before winter truly arrived.


House Mallister of Seagard begins the construction of additional ships, having avoided much of the conflict they were able to largely prepare for winter without difficulty.


The Blackfish accompanies the Stark family to Winterfell to attend the wedding. He will return early into the ninth month.


House Stark of Winterfell

While a defacto kingsguard had already existed in Winterfell, a formal force known as the Wolfsguard is formed. Lady Alysane Mormont and Ser Loras Tyrell are amongst the first to volunteer themselves for the Wolfsguard, and it is expected others will enlist to fight for their King as well.


[See The North]


The cannons are setup along the walls of Winterfell.


Reconstruction goes along well, with Wylis Manderly doing quite a good job. The roof of the Great Hall was repaired and the castle was quite hospitable again. Soon after the return of the Starks, the Winter Town began to boom as well.


House Arryn of the Vale

The Lords Declarant and many others attend the funeral of the Late Lady Lysa Arryn, despite her reputation she was respected as the wife of a just and strong Lord.


Lord Yohn Royce demands that Lord Robert Arryn be ceded to him and the Lords Declarant so he can receive a proper Vale education while he grows up. They offer this or a trial against Lord Petyr Baelish. They seemed to have decided against him in that case.


With the lack of the war, the Vale had an abundant stockpile and seemed to be prepared to last quite some time.


The charters are taken well and many appreciate the gold to upgrade their castles, with many choosing to make them more defensible via weapons or more traditional weapons. The castles along the road from Gulltown to the Eyrie begins but goes slowly, with winter delaying construction. It is expected to finish within six months. This proves to be a costly endeavor for the Vale, but with Petyr Baelish at the helm it seems it costs almost nothing, at the moment.


Aegon’s Host

The Dornish had already been on their way north and Jon Connington meets them on the road.


No response comes from the Lords of the Crownlands, it would seem that they await the coming conflict to decide their King.


Raiding throughout the Stormlands is successful, resulting in some income from towns and minor castles, as well as some minor skirmishes with mixed results. Rumors of the Golden Company’s elephants have given them a scary reputation despite any minor losses.


The High Septon has seemingly disappeared, with no one to turn to in Westeros after the Lannisters bent the knee. While this does not rule out his blessing, it simply seemed that he could not be found. Reports last claim he was heading south.

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Tywin Lannister sat in his chair, in front of the Iron Throne. The corpses had been moved, and the ash cleared. But all around were the still shouldering ruins of the red keep. How many secrets had been lost, how much burnt? It was clear the Warden of the West was not happy. All around him stood the groundworks of new buildings. Workers in small teams were chipping away at the enormous task. But it had all come out of Tywin’s personal pocket. Regardless, he paid the cost of last month. But he could not continue to fund the entire city. Thankfully things were changing with the arrival of Damion Lannister. Newly appointed Master of Coin for the Iron Throne, Tywin was giving him the chore while he rules for Stannis in the Crownlands. Damion also brought a thousand of the Lannister’s elite army with him....


*Above all else, Tywin excelled in politics, restoring order, and authority. The Crownlands was a ripe ground for a man such as himself to restore the Iron Throne’s power. Lord Addam Marbrand after several sorties into the countryside with his men brought back troubling reports. The Lords had gone silent, and the small folk flee or cower. Marbrand is once more set out, and Tywin continues his game. With Gyles Rosby most likely dead, their was no heir to the Rosby estates. He did have a ward however, which Tywin invites to his camp. If the Ward accepts, he will become the new Lord Rosby, provided he bends the knee to King Stannis and the Iron Throne. The same tragedy had befallen house Hayford, and Darry. Though Tyrek Lannister has still not been found, he is betrothed to Hayford’s only heir; a baby girl. For now the betrothal is kept in tact, with Tywin sending Lord Stafford to keep a stern eye on the castle, with a stout Lannister garrison.


*As for Darry there was only two female contenders for the seat. For now Tywin just sends men to help rebuild the shattered castle and restore order. Ami Darry is broached on the subject of a marriage to one of Stannis’s loyal lords. Stokesworth was another curious matter. No one knew if they had survived the hell fire of King’s Landing. If not, the castle will also be garrisoned, and await the word of Stannis.






**As Tywin restores order amongst the nobility of the Crownlands, other have perhaps harder task. Lord Addam Marbrand is once again sent out as acting King’s Justice. He flies the royal banner of the Baratheon Stag within the burning heart. Lord Marbrand did not ride out to scourge the small folk or kill lords however. As proper Lannister columns went to do Tywin’s bidding, Marbrand’s force was to restore order in the country side. Marbrand was Tywin’s best outrider, and scout. But he was also a brave and courageous lord. He was the best idol they had for the small folk. He will ride from town to town with his band, and help the small folk. The people of the crownlands can also petition Lord Tywin in his camp, who will start to restore law and order.


***Sadly not all answers could be answers with the Lord of the Casterly Rock. Some matters required the sword, no matter the circumstance. Troubling reports were all Tywin has heard from the land he finds himself policing. The thousand Elite Lannister troops from his personal army were the solution. Dividing into lesser “Banners” of units that can operate on their own. The officers supplemented by Lords and Knights will roam the Crownlands, and be the first response to any tales of banditry, revolt, or treason. A large garrison will also be sent to staff Maidenpool and Duskendale, and elsewhere as Tywin orders.





****Perhaps the hardest task of all lays in Dmaion Lannisters lap. The new Master of Coin for the Iron Throne. Lord Tywin had made it clear personal Lannister payments to fund the Iron Thrones expense on a city will stop. However Tywin does lend Damion a personal loan, to get started on his efforts. He begins to pull what he can from the ashes, and sends to Dragonstone for the treasury and any records. Damion also begins to restore what he can of the Iron Thrones financial team. The Justicars, and scales, and all those needed. Unlike Littlefinger though, Damion will not give out excessive titles and over staff. It was on a pure economic survival basis. 


****Most important of all was restoring taxes from the realm abroad. The entire Iron Realm and all the lords under it had to pay their due. But the Master of Coin would not harshly levy the lords for quick gold. Maesters and appointed members of the throne will travel across the realm. Ravens will be sent, and outriders sent to escort. The purpose to asses the Realm’s status abroad. Taxes will be lowered on lands affected by the war that can’t afford it. And lands left untouched will be restored to paying what they owe. It is expected the Reach will also keep paying what they owe. Tywin Lannister shows Mace the way, by restoring the tax on the Westerlands. Though the debt owed to Lannisters by the Throne was a whole different matter.



*****Back at home Tyrion was kept busy ensuring the Westerlands remained stable and at peace. As always the coast are patrolled, and the mountain forts staffed. Five thousand new levies had been raised, after such peace. Though some lords were annoyed at the lost, the men were needed. They would officially be mustered into Tywin’s personal Elite army. A army growing in fame, wealth, and discipline. The two thousand Elite Lannisters already well trained are made the officers and sergeants of the newer and large influx. They will begin to train these new levies, and show them the way. The army will be paid better then the regular Lannister host, and will be well armed and armored in proper Lannister uniform.




*Tywin begins to consolidate the Iron Throne’s control on local castles and lords.


**Marbrand begins to consolidate the Iron Throne’s control on local towns and small folk.


***Deploying 1k Lannisters in Tywin’s Elite Personal Army 


****New Master of Coin begins to rebuild office, restore taxes.


*****Continued training of Elite army.






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The Brotherhood


Lem lemoncloak and Anguy both were laying down in a tree. Looking from the forest at the crossroads inn, though crossroads town might be a better analogy. What had once been a single inn was now the center of a large tent camp. With hundreds of tents gathering around it. It had been a small camp at first, but Broterhood aid probaply had helped to increase it in size, it had practically become the pet project of the Brotherhood, and an experiment in ruling it could be said. With the Brotherhood having a large role in the camps. Though they were crossing their fingers about wheter the Lannisters were going to interfere with it, they hoped not. As the two talked there was a bit of a jolly atmosphere, specifically as they watched the road leading to the tent camp.


So how are you doing Anguy, enjoying dealing with all of those greenies” Lem teased Anguy, giving a small jab with the elbow and giving a grin. As a response Anguy merely grunted a little. “There are some good ones who show promise but honestly it gets so tiring, I am happy I only have to focus on the best ones. I don’t want to think of telling everyone to take account of the wind every time. However it is also gratifying.” Lem grunted in agreement with this. “I suppose you have it easier then. I have to train the greenest of the greenies in combat. God knows how dense they sometimes are.” Anguy nodded at this and the two enjoyed a moment of silence. Sharing a look before each having a quick laugh. Then, after checking that no one was around Lem spoke to Anguy in a hushed tone. “Have you heard of it ?” Anguy merely raised an eyebrow at this. “Heard what ?” Lem wiggled his eyebrows at this. “You know what I mean. That the Iron lady and he are in love with each other like some fancy knight and his lady.” 

Anguy let out a tired but not so secretly amused sigh at this. “
They are not doing each other Lem. Get your mind out of the gutter.” Lem did not miss a beat.

I know that but you know the way they look at each other. And you know that when anyone insults him the Iron Lady goes furious on them like a bear.” Anguy nodded at this, he was about to give a retort when he eyed the road and held up a hand, indicating silence. Then he pointed at a figure approaching from the road. Lem nodded at this. SLowly descending from the tree as Anguy readied his bow. Though of course not notching it yet. Then, as the figure got clearer Anguy got a smile and gave the signal to Lem indicating friendly. Then the two marched towards the road, when Lem saw the person approaching he laughed. 


If it isn’t the fearsome bull. The great warrior and master of supplies.” Gendry, noticing the approaching pair rolled his eyes, speaking in an exesperated tone. Glad Tom Sevenstrings was not there. “And if it isn’t the man who pissed on his own cloak.” Lem laughed at this. Speaking in an amused voice. “It is good to see you kid. Any news from the hill ?” To which Gendry shook his head. “Nah, everything is the same.  I am just heading to the Crossroads to gather how the supplies are doing and if more are needed to be brought.” Lem nodded at this. So it was just a regular checkup. He then realized a piece of news he had heard earlier today, which Gendry had not heard yet. Lem for a moment weighed the decision wheter or not to tell him and tease Gendry with the news or not. For Gendry it was probaply better not but hell. He would hear it anyway and at least he would see Gendry’s face. 


Lad have you heard the news ?” Cautiously, preparing himself not to fall into some kind of joke from Lem Gendry said. “No ?” 
Yer lady friend Arya Stark got married, got married to some Ramsey Bolton and stabbed him but still got maried.” Gendry’s face widened in shock at this, for a moment disbelieving, then he got a litttle angry before just getting an extemely sad look on his face. 

From his mouth simply came the word.



Looking down at the ground blinking furiously as tears started to well up. As he did so Gendry felt some arms clasp around him and Anguy looked at him, with a look of sympathy and similair loss. “Let’s go get a drink at the tavern” Gendry simply nodded meekly as he was guided to the Tavern by Anguy to drink his sorrows away, at least for today, when Gendry recouped he would realize the costs of aquiring booze and stop drinking. Or at least a lot.





The main Brotherhood is re-organized. With the added responsibilites of the Brotherhood requireing a more ordered command. The Brotherhood would be divided into several categories. These would be, Protection & Prevention, Supply, Hunting, Training and building. With each branch being assigned different leaders.


With the Protection & Prevention branch being dedicated to warning villages of the mountain or his raiding parties coming and countering small groups of raiders, this would be headed by the bald-man, as he has the most experience with the mountain and his tactics. The Supply department is focused on supplying the Brotherhood with Food, weaponry and other essential goods, as well as the villages under the protection of the brotherhood. This division is led by Gendry, in order to give him more experience with a position of leadership and his experience with smithing and thus with weaponry. 

Hunting would be led by Anguy and would mostly consist of his progidy’s. They would go trek through the woods hunting for game and useful herbs.

Training would be led by the iron lady who would train the recruits into a more disciplined unit, with some assistance by experts in certain fields like archery and other weapons. Finally there is the building department. Which is focused on helping the villages and refugee camps under protection of the Brotherhood by building new homes and assisting where possible. This department is co-led by both Beric & Edric Dayne. With Edric being the person most focused on this, in order to train him further as well. 

[MOD] (You don’t have to respond to all of this xD)


The Brotherhood, of course, responds to the refugee crisis in the Riverlands. They do this by helping to set up the Refugee camps, bringing a sense of order to them. Here they organize the refugees into groups who gather food, a group who care for the children, elderly and wounded, a group who help build warm houses and gather supply for winter and finally a group who would build pallisades around the camps to defend against bandits and who would be trained to defend against other threats if possible. These groups would also recieve a small amount of food from the Brotherhood in order to keep the smallfolk fed and busy. Thus making it so they have something to do and have a goal.

The Brotherhood would further help in gathering wood for lodgings and helping to build them. Whilst also of course, trying to get the sympathy of the smallfolk, even if they would not join the Brotherhood. [MOD]


More fishing boats are created, especially if there is any excess wood. These would be put to work helping to feed the refugee camps. [MOD]

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King: Robb Stark

Heir: Prince Eddard Stark

Manpower: 23k

Seat: Winterfell

Words: Winter is coming

House Sigil: Direwolf

Titles: King of the North, and the Trident




The Man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.

With the ending of the Grey wedding any remaining Bolton men would bend the knee to Robb, King of the North and the Trident, and swear fealty to him and join his ranks.


Deep in the Dungeons Roose and Ramsay, who now had a bandaged hand from his knife wound from Arya sat in the darkness in their own **** for 4 days. Finally it was time to decide their fate. Robb stark ordered them brought to the courtyard of the castle where many from Robb's host and Wintertown civilians had gathered, As the Guards brought forth the two men all sound in the courtyard died instantly. As the men approached Ramsey Bolton was thrown down into the snowy mud and surrounded by guards, while Roose was treated with more respect being the Lord of the Dreadfort.


Robb Stark spoke.

“Ramsey Bolton, you stand accused of treason against the North, the murder of innocent men women and children and the arson of this Castle, my home. Add these to the charges against your father, It seems to me that you also conspired against my family, Guardians of the North. That is yet another crime you have committed. You and your father have been nothing but trouble for the north, and you will both be punished for your crimes. The normal penalty for committing such a list of serious offenses is death. But seeing as you committed these crimes against me and my people I took that very personally.But I will be more fair to you then you were to Maester Luwin, and the people of this town you butchered, whose lives and homes went up in flame. You will fight me with no weapon but your fists, If you best me in hand to hand combat I will let you go back to the Dreadfort, and you can live with your shame for the rest of your life, stripped of all titles and positions. If I win you… you’ll wish you were dead and regret ever setting foot in Winterfell. You will be kept in the Dungeons living out the remainder of your days as a prisoner.

He finished, and waited for Ramsey’s response.

Ramsey spoke,

“I accept your offer Stark.


A guard moves over to Ramsey and unshakels his cuffs and kicks him forward while Robb steps forward.

Ramsey stands up, faces Robb and gets in a defensive stance as Robb takes a few steps towards him.

“I’m going to enjoy this Robb.” Ramsey spoke as he spat near Robb


Robb and Ramsey began to fight.

Robb punched at Ramsey expecting him to block it, and then sent a right hook at the side of Ramsey’s Jaw while it was undefended. Ramsey stepped back and hit Robb in the gut and the chest before Robb steps to the right of Ramsey and throws a fist into Ramsey’s kidneys and uses that second to completely stand at Ramsey’s Rear and kick the back of his knee where it meets the lower leg, causing Ramsey to fall down on his knees instantly. Following this a second kick to the back of Ramsey’s head sends him face first into the mud.

After a moment Ramsey regains his balance and stands and lunges at Robb as the two start trading blows to the face.

The crowds cheer on Robb and send curses and insults towards Ramsey

Robb grabs hold of Ramsey and knees him 5 times in the guts before chucking him face first into a cobble fence and bashes his face against it a few times before grabbing him below the arms and dragging him to the left to throw him on the ground, as he does this Ramsey tries to elbow Robb but it doesn’t cause a reaction from Robb who chucks him back into the mud. Robb lets him turn himself over and as Ramsey does this he kicks Robb in the nuts and stumbles up and punches Robb in the nose. While Ramsey had been focusing on that Robb punches Ramsey in the nose and a spurt of blood sprays out.


By now both men were bloody and bruise


Robb clutching his nuts in one hand spits out blood and says “So you like to fight dirty, Bastard?”


Then he charges Ramsey tackling him into the mud, following up with a series of quick punches to the face. He grabs Ramsey’s wounded hand, and sticks a finger in it before breaking his arm. Ramsey screamed in pain, and kicked Robb in the gut and stumbled to his feet, but before he could catch his balance Robb, with one hand clutching his guts, sends an uppercut towards Ramsey’s face and luckily it connected at just the right angle under the jaw that it sent Ramsey slumping backwards into the mud. Almost losing conciousness Ramsey lays there while Robb kneels down over  him so he couldn’t get up and punches Ramsey in the face one fist after another 10 times, but 10 led to 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. Trying to ignore the pain in his knuckles Robb sends 5 more hard hits into Ramsey’s blooded face before getting to his feet and standing over Ramsey as he spits up blood that he’s choking on and all that can be heard is gurgles and gasping, walking away from Ramsey Robb turns and walks to Roose, wipes more blood from his nose and lips before looking to Roose

“Lord Bolton, you should of chosen a better fighter to be your heir. Today your treachery ends.”


Roose is walked over to the cobble fence and kneeled down over the wall, facing Ramsey who still laid their disoriented, nearly unconscious spitting out blood. Robb walks over, picks up Ice and unsheats it

“What are your last words Lord Bolton?”

Robb calmly says “ Roose Bolton, Lord of the Dreadfort. Here in sight of Gods and men I, Robb Stark, King of the North and Trident sentence you to die, would you speak a final word?”


“I wish you luck Robb Stark, The North may yet survive. Your father was weak because of his code of ‘Honor’ holding him back from making the right choices for the north, I see you are nothing like him, Breaking guest right, promising to marry a Frey and breaking it. Any honor you had before the war is gone.. At the beginning of this war I saw how you looked at me, like I was a monster, you cringed and shuddered at me because of our traditions, now you are no different to us. That fact will keep me happy for the last few seconds of my life.”


Robb grits his teeth in anger, visibly angry but still trying to maintain his composure he raises Ice and with one clean swing Roose Bolton’s head falls into the mud and rolls near Ramsey. House Bolton was no more.


Ramsey stood up, looked at Robb who was wiping off the blood from his sword, spat blood at him and spoke

“You’re going to regret this day Robb, I’ll kill you. I’ll kill your whole family and finish what I started and burn this piece of **** castle to the ground, and then burn its remains. You letting me live will be the last thing you ever do.  

Before stumbling to Robb and attacking him, But Robb had a big upper hand and punched him 4 times in the face before shoving him into the wall and taking ice and shoving it against Ramsey’s hand and in a rage he pressed the blade hard into his hand, cutting slightly into the bone before beating him to the ground and said


“Your father is dead, and I strip you of all titles and holdings you might have enharated. You will continue to be known as Ramsey Snow, like the bastard you are, and you will rot in the Winterfell dungeons for the rest of your life serving your sentence. Guards take the bastard and get his wound cauterized and patched up and put him in his cell.”


Ramsey was trying to hold back his screams and gritting his teeth while he was hauled off with his hand dangling off by the wrist.


The courtyard erupted in applause and cheered on Robb “King of the North!” , before he sheathed Ice and went inside and went inside.








A week later..


Robb had been spending time with his family, especially Arya, who he had been training to fight. But as he was King and had to go North soon, and hearing from her that she doesn’t want to be a princess, she is a fighter and wants to learn. Robb gives her a bit of money and some House Guard to travel to Bravvos.



(Robb’s Throne in Winterfell)























Robb Stark and Grey Wind ( Heading to the wall)

Bran Stark and Summer: ( Missing)

Catelyn Stark ( Winterfell)

Sansa Stark (Winterfell)

Arya Stark (headed to Bravvos )

Rickon Stark, Osha, and Shaggy Dog: (Winterfell )

Brienne of Tarth ( With the brothers without banners accompanied by Jaime lannister)

Maergery Stark: (Winterfell)

Prince Eddard of House Stark: (Winterfell)

Jon Snow and Ghost: (The Wall?)

Lady: Dead

Nymeria: Roaming the woods.










  • Arya leaves on her own and Travels to bravvos

  • Roose Bolton is executed after his trial, and Ramsey Bolton is stripped of all titles and imprisoned after losing a hand.

  • Robb and his army continue heading north and march to the Wall

  • The Starks begin to hand out food and supplies to the needy for winter.

  • Maergery and Robb conceive a second child

  • Winterfell reconstruction finishes, The Starks remain at winterfell

  • A force of 3k previously trained troops, and the Wolfsguard guard Winterfell.

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Posted (edited)

House Tully of Riverrun


Lord: Ser Edmure Tully

Heir: Ser Brynden ‘The Blackfish’ Tully

Seat: Riverrun

Words: Family, Duty, Honor







Ser Edmure Tully sat in his Lords hall as he’d held court. His wife, Lady Wynafryd sat to his left, while Ser Desmund Grell sat to his right.  They’d listen to his Lords council of them in need to find some trade to fully complete the harvest throughout the lands of the Riverlands. Upon hearing the council he’d nod in agreement before he’d begin to ask questions throughout the Lord’s Hall.


“I’ve received word from our southern border closer to the Riverlands of King’s Landing being put to the flame by wildfire. As we raise defenses across the land to overcome anything that shall come to the Riverlands we shall also work on trade like many of you have asked to look for. Thusly, we shall end our meeting and continue the work that is needed to be done.”


As the meeting ended Ser Edmure began to walk on top of the walls with Ser Desmund as they overlooked at the defenses of Riverrun being upgraded. Though at the end of their conversation Edmure began to propose that Ser Desmund should begin to work on forming the military to be an elite force and that he will ask if his uncle would help him upon his return.






-  Preparations for Winter continues throughout the Riverlands.


-  Ser Edmure and Lady Wynafryd attempt to get a child. [Mod]


-  Defenses of Riverrun are continued to be worked on to be improved. [Mod]


-  Ravens are sent to certain places for trade. [Mod]


-  Ser Desmund Grell begins to improve the military to make them more organize and elite.


-  Lady Wynafryd has acquired Handmaidens.

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