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General Information:

Name- Butch

Titles- Maer of Reza 


- Very emotional

- Bi-Polar

- Short Tempered

Zodiac- Libra

Age- 95


Physical Description:

Race- Human

♂️/♀️ Gender- Male

Build- Wide Chest w/ a large belly

? Height- 4’ 11’’

⚖️ Weight- 235lbs

Hair Color: 

> Butch has lovely white hair that is visible on the sides of his shiny head

? Eye Color:

> Butch has beady black eyes that are quite large in dimension

> He also wears the late Prince Georg Stanimar’s spectacles. Click here to see:

✋?✋? Skin Tone- Pale like a Porcelain doll

Face Shape- Round with a butt chin

Scars/Tattoos- ‘Love Maltida’ tattoo on his left butt cheek

?? Clothing: Butch wears beautifully tailored blue overalls with a pair of brown flip floppers.

Dominant Hand- Right

Personailty Information: Butch is a quite outgoing fella and is quite lovely to hangout with but, don’t push his buttons or he’ll make very unpleasant noises and may threaten to bite your toes courtesy of sending his best bud Gilbert out to nibble your toes!

Personal Alignment- Chaotic Good

Political Alignment- The Greater Elders of Haense Preservation Party

Strength(s)- Bellybutton twirling

Weakness(es)- Bellybutton twirling

? Religion- Canonism

?/?/? Sexuality- Heterosexual

?? Marital Status- Single Pringle

? Best Friends- Gilbert & his obese piglet named Wilbur



[!] Above is displayed Butch--who is wearing a Blue Beret as he represents the Sanonist Republican Party giving Wilbur a shoulder workout.


Background Information:

Butch was born in a small village outside the former capital of Haense; Alban in the year 1629. He was born into a farming family with an obese mother and an obese father. At a very young age Butch was forced to take care of his family as both of his loving parents soon became ‘unfit’ to farm due to them consuming the majority of what they harvested each day they farmed--Doris & Howards both equaled the weight of 650lbs! Butch became well known among the other farmers in the fields.

Years later, Butch would reach the age of twelve and would yet again faced with a challenge where a group of bandits raided the village he called home since birth. He single handedly defeated the thirty bandits with his trusty farming hoe.

He would then from that day forward be recognized as the ‘Warrior King’ of the fields of Haense and the bandit ‘problem’ on the outskirts of Haense will soon be eliminated as his name was spread across the realm of Axios.



- Grew up in a small village outside of Alban

- Known as the ‘Warrior King’ and ‘Protector of the fields of Haense’

?️Current Residence:

The ‘Old Crow’ Retirement Home in Reza, Haense

?️Past Residence:

Shed on the outskirts of the fields outside of Markev, Haense

Shed on the outskirts of the fields outside of Reza, Haense

?Current Occupation(s):

Maer of Reza, Haense (3 Consecutive Terms) , Owner of the ‘Old Crow’ Retirement Home & Event Planner for weekly bingo nights!

?Past Occupation(s):

‘Warrior King’ to the fields outside the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska!


Mother- Doris

Father- Howard

?Language(s): Common



?‍?‍? Butch’s Friends:


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