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AUGUSTA BORSA, 1717-1742

Augusta Borsa headed out of the Haense city walls to attend to her old friends’ potato farm, shortly being met by an elegant man wearing purple. He asked to speak with her, and the young and Naive Augusta agreed, only to soon find that she would be murdered by him and his accomplice from Morsgrad. Tears flooded her eyes, they shortly stabbed her in the throat, her gushing, red blood spilling everywhere. She prayed for another chance. What had she done wrong? What made her end up like this? Augusta knew it was because of the war. A war that she would so proudly defend, and would not regret in her final moments. She knew this was the end for her. Her story was over, was she to be reborn? Or look down at her people she grew to love in the heavens; for only GOD knows. In her final moments, she regretted never having any children, never marrying, never living life to the fullest. She cried out in agony. She wondered if anyone would miss her. She wondered what would’ve happened if she grew old with her husband. She wondered many things that she would not get answers to. Then, the light came in. She was gone.

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apparently its 1742

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“So Norland have degraded to killing unarmed women now, for shame.” said Boniface.

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