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The Sohaer: Tradition and Silver

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Muriel Uradir steps up to the dias soundlessly, the tapping of his staff being the only sound that defied the silence of the Citadel. With cautious eyes, the elf gazes about the assemblage, though his demeanor was variegated with a knowing smirk which contrasted the characteristic vacancy of his eyes. Hands clasped behind his back, the Uradir proudly began to address accordingly.


“Mali’thill, we are all aware of the purpose of this gathering.”


The elf pauses briefly, eyes flickering as he observed the crowd 


“With nominations for elheial’thilln complete, a final position has yet to announced for our blessed governance.


The Sohaer, our ruler through teachings – one who is responsible for the political leadership of Haelun’or in unison with the Silver Council – shall now be open to nominations.”


Following the statement, Muriel huffs as he prepared to deliver his final proclamation, thereafter flicking his staff with a sweeping motion towards the audience of elves, announcing sternly.




Those that wish to nominate themselves for the position of Sohaer, step forth and proclaim your competence!


Let the elves of Silver know of your capability to lead our blessed nation, preserve the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and maintain tradition and Silver.


Let speeches be delivered, debate be had.


Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.




For further clarification on the duties of the Sohaer, refer to constitution linked as follows:




OOC notice: The thread will be open for 48 hours before elections for the position officially open. Responses to this post should be limited to SPEECHES for nominations or questions for candidates, with text preceded by your character posed for roleplay immersion. Use https://minecraft.novaskin.me/ to pose your skin

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Posted (edited)




Phandelver stepped forth before the assembly, maintaining an air of formality despite the hints of a smile that so often appeared on his face. 


“It is undeniable that these last couple of years have rekindled a sense of unity within each and every one of us,” the fellow stated. “As we move forward, each step we take must be deliberate, each decision done not wantonly, not impulsively, but with the hopes of Haelun’or’s citizens in mind. A Sohaer should hold the aspirations of the mali’thill in one hand, and the knowledge to maintain law and order in the other.” 


“I can think of no mali’thill better than Nelgauth Maehr’tehral,” Phandelver finally stated, without hesitation. “He has been nothing but a humble servant to Haelun’or and has flown above his station, dedication unwavering as he committed himself to our Silver City for centuries. When one searches for truth, balance, and loyalty, one will find none other than Nelgauth Maehr’tehral.”


With that, Phandelver stepped back, allowing the citadel to fall back into silence.

Edited by Herathus

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Anethra began, speaking lowly, as confidence picked up.


“We know times have been turbulent, and many things broken- friendships, property, and certainty going forward- lost, after the night Malaurir Azorella had been ripped from us.  As we know- strength, is always in unity. And unity, is progress. Throughout my tenture as ‘tayna, and brief venture unto ‘nor, I learned much as a councillor, as a citizen, and as a ‘thill- despite my lifespan to count beforehand. I learned how to create an efficient work, how to create friendships and production to be had. I have much experience, in my time within those roles- much experience, in my time as a member of the council regardless of such. As elSohaer, I would seek to get our feet properly onto the ground, with a first council appointed and successful to moving forward and repairing what was broken, and replacing what was lost- not to neglect, but to remember and progress. As is the way of our people, the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya of the council is just as important as is the people- and the people, have volunteered for such an undertaking. I would press forward, move unto times in which we can revel in a joyous and intelligent populace, a mighty military, and a busy people procuring and trading wealth. We have such potential, and through strong leadership, such can occur- under Sullas, under his council, and hopefully- under I.”

She finished, giving a respectful bow to the populace gathered.

”I understand the apprehension, should I be looked at as a relic of the old council. And I understand such- however, many a conversation between a then loyalist and I, yielded much awakened thought. Progress in the state, progress in it’s people- ne a side to pick, ne a icon to follow. Our only icon remains Larihei and her teachings, aswell as the malauriran which grant much wisdom- and confidently, will guide us forth unto an age of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya”

The Uradir completed rather sincerely upon the end, giving a glance to Ikur Sullas. 

“I look forward, to if I get the opportunity, serve my people for another term. Ahernan, lliran. May the most qualified succeed in their election.”

Anethra ended, giving another respectful bow to the populace in which she had hoped to service.

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You ne need to ask me twice whom I shall vote” Nuala Uradir proudly stated as she heard the news “I am and will forever support my Lari’onn and let me ensure there is no Mali’thill more competent than her” Said the missive that was sent to the Uradir manor “Ay’Uradir” 

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Elahern Aeth’sulier would rise up from his seat
“For me there is no doubts in this election, the most caring and capable candidate has presented herself. She deserves Sohaership and shall lead the council well while our journy continues.” The Aeth’sulier would make a last approving nod towards the Uradir. 

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13 hours ago, Herathus said:


When one searches for truth, balance, and loyalty, one will find none other than Nelgauth Maehr’tehral.”





Nelgauth tenders his papers, posing atop the dais, now absent of the late Diarchy’s imagery. Body and outfit at its most polished, he hails faces of new and old, retreating to his documents to make haste with notes.


“Frankly, it has been humbling to receive this nomination, along with all the appeals asking I campaign for Sohaer. Therefore, with the republic restored and the citizenry’s choice being of the utmost importance, I intend to satisfy demand by declaring my candidacy.”


He forges a pause, seizing the moment to observe responses, both supportive and of rare contempt.


“For the preceding decade we – as a people – have hurt. We have witnessed tragedy, apathy and stagnancy, familiar of our nation when stricken with disunion. Yet, the feats of the wider people, the majority, have allowed progress to dawn at our horizons. We are treading on favourable precipices, my lliran, restitution and tradition defining our advances hereon in. Regardless, being embraced by the capable persons is ne less an imperative and relies on the verdict of our most esteemed populace. We only risk our success if we fail to choose someone able to seize a recovery before basking in their indecision.”


“I have had the privilege to act as Sohaer before and, while it’s a position I have long since departed, my memory of it affectionately lingers along with my experience. I know of its demands: the steadfast eye, being connected with your people, upholding your intuition for the synchronisation of politics and tradition. Our nation currently pales in the latter department, with the pursuits of our forebears deliberately snuffed by inaction and indolence.”


“But that in and of itself is recoverable. You need only ask the right questions and vote for the persons your confidence lies in. Other than that, I bid all good luck and service. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.”








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Kaelan Aldin walked into the citadel, having heard Anethra speak.


“Ahernan for your words, Anethra, yet I cannot support your nomination under the basis of accusations held against you for being a shade. Granted, the test was inconclusive, yet to my knowledge and understanding a shade may disconnect themselves from the void, allowing them their status to remain incognito to the world. Please do not take this as an accusation, but rather a paranoia playing on my mind. If you do not mind me asking, what would you do as Sohaer?”

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5 minutes ago, Knox said:





Anethra considered the Aldin’s words, then considering Nelgauth and his speech some.

Ti, while I believe the fear is unwarranted, I will not make fuss over anxieties on one’s mind- if anything, I thank you for such. I had not thought people thought of me in such a time. Regardless-“

She paused, continuing forward.

”As Sohaer, I would focus on unity and rebuilding- bringing a council which works together cohesively and executively in timely fashion, working alongside their Tilruir to bring forth a plan, a vision, of a greater future we build together. I have experience of how previous council was run and put together, and I had long been a champion of bringing in the ideas and quarrels of the populace to the table, as we are enlisted to service our people, and our state. Answering query and taking idea, real issues brought to us answered thoroughly and with proper action will lead to a good relationship between council, as not mali to Okarir, but mali to mali. Unified in our people, intelligent in our actions. With my experience as ‘tayna I more than have listened to the greivances of ‘thill, previous council or not, and tackled the issues with careful thought and plan. Such is the issue going forth- bring together a council unafraid of the people ‘nor their decisions, but one confident in their advisory, the vision they push forth, and a forum in which we can talk as ‘thill to ‘thill alongside public counsel- proposing change effectively to elMaheral, should there be need.


She continued, her hands brought before her belly as she lowered her chin as she spoke to meet at eye level- stepping down from the dais to be on the same level as The Aldin.

”I plan to rebuild our lost relations, alongside a council revive a stagnant economy- a stagnant military, and struggling activity to make Haelun’or and Mali’thill a careful eye upon the stage of Arcas, watching the world carefully as our city-on-a-hill thrives and succeeds. A city of desire, joy, purity, and peace- though not merely flaunting such. Military might to back our words, wealth within our trade and city, and denizens happy, plenty, and pure to fill our Silver Bastion’s walls. As Sohaer, Uradir, and ‘thill, I would see us brought nowhere else but a golden age of Haelun’or with a reinvigorated republic and people. Unified, strong, and wise.”

She finished, then dipping her head respectfully as Mali to Mali with Kaelan.

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Kelthran made himself known with a sharp clear of the throat. He spoke from the audience, he made no grand gestures, and he did not even so much as approach the dias. All he did was stand, and then deliver.

“Anyone under the mere suspicion of being a dark mage, or with a history of being so, should not even be considered for a position in our precious new republic. Especially not that of its council executive so early in its infancy. Haelun’or has had enough troubles with the infestation of their kind. Let us not forget it was them that saw the death of my beloved kin, Azorella Elibar’acal, in the first place.”


After a pause in quiet mourning, Kelthran continued.

”If Kaelan will not accuse you, then I will. I believe you both to be subverters, I believe you both to have occult inclinations, and I see you both as unfit. If two shades is the best the city has to offer, then I nominate him.”


Kelthran bellowed, gesturing to perhaps the man everyone least expected. The facilitator himself, Muriel Uradir.

“He has done more work for this new Republic than either of you anyway.”


“Regardless of his acceptance, I call upon all pure citizens to elect the one above suspicion. The one who has shown himself worthy by action, not words, and whose purity is above reproach. Let this new republic begin with an alliance between Sullas and Uradir, as it did before in our blessed city’s history.”


To this, Kelthran paused again. This time to allow the audience to settle.

”My question for the remaining candidates is simple. Will the occultists step down in the interest of preserving the sanctity of our elections and the perceived purity of our state? Or will they, in the hunger for power characteristic of their kind, plant the seed of occult suspicion in this new republic as they have so many times before?”






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The small Maheral clears his throat, making his presence known. He smiles to Kelthran and to the others before he pipes up.


“Mister Uradir will not be running for Sohaer. I’ve other plans for him, oho!” he chimes, clapping once and bowing to those present before sitting back down.

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Muriel Uradir winces at Kelthran’s nomination, a relief following thereafter as a content smile drew across his expression.


“As much as I am honoured by your nomination of myself for the position, malaurir Maehr’indor, my work lies elsewhere, as Elmaheral has stated.


Perhaps a nomination for the future, but at the present, my duties are invested.


Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.”

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