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Baruch's Trading Co.

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Est. 1786




Advertisement Published by:

Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing


Our Background

          The Baruch Trading Company was an idea formed from Duke Matyas and Maverik Baruch. The House of Baruch had acquired a decent sum from their part in Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing, and subsequently Matyas’ grandfather’s successful “Golden Crow Chronicles”.  Also, the “Baruch’s Bees” shop had some profits as well – the Baruchs had already established themselves as adept businessmen.

          With this money, the two cousins afforded a shopfront in New Reza with the idea of selling products oft enjoyed in the much further northern reaches of Haense. They stocked the shelves, hoping to spread aspects of far-northern culture to the Royal City.



Baruch Toy Boats - A toy boat, meticulously carved to resemble the boats that sit in the Haeseni northern harbour. The sails are black and gold, the color of the reigning house of Haense, House Barbanov. Details are finally carved into the sides and back of the boat, and a nautical figurehead resembling Lady Haense is carved into the bow. The name, “The Sea Crow” is carved onto the Stern.


Jan Daniels - A clear glass bottle encases a whiskey with rich color, signature of the oak barrels it matures in. Its taste includes an explosion of caramel and vanilla flavors, with the whiskey’s notes of fruit and oak.  


Baruch Spittin’ Tobacco - A sack of finely shredded tobacco leaves sweetened with sugarcane. The finely shredded leaves leave a grainy texture perfect for spittin’ tobacco. On the back of the can is instruction. Step 1 - take a chunk out of the sack. Step 2 - place it in the side of your mouth. Step 3 - enjoy.


Baruch Biscuits  - Baruch style biscuits walk the line of being flaky and tender. These crisp delicious biscuits come with a stick of goat cultured butter made by the goats that roam the countryside of Valwyck.


Baruch Toy Whale - A toy Sperm Whale carved out of the whale bone of the slain “Eerie Richard” which was taken down by the Baruch clan on their pristine ship “The Sea Crow”.


Valstadt Castle Snow Globes - This snow globe encases Valstadt Castle, the seat of House Baruch in Valwyck. It captures the frigid essence of the northern keep by including snow which dances around when the globe is shook. (the snow in the globe is artificial and not to be eaten.)


Valwyck Cigars - The Valwyck Cigar is a large, rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves. On it, a sticker is wrapped around the top of the cigar with the words ‘Baruch Trading Company’. Because of its size, it can be smoked for upwards of one hour before dying out. 




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Isabel Baruch gives a thumbs up as she snacks on some Baruch Biscuits with a bottle of Jan Daniels in her hand!

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