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The city of Karosgrad on fire, c. 365 ES


Some of you may know me, yet others may not, so I will gladly introduce myself to you. I bear the name Matthieu, and you ought to respect it. I am not a violent man but rather a simple businessman, one that does not enjoy losing. After all, who does? For those of you who haven’t heard of me, I am rather new to Karosgrad. Most of my business is in the cities of Providence and the underealms of Urguan, places where I’ve done quite well for myself. Of course, no one there knows me either. You see, I tend to do my business more covertly than other businessmen. The fewer competitors that are aware of me, the less competition I must deal with. But with Karosgrad, it seems that my previous ways of doing business will not do. Karosgrad demands splendor, and I mean to meet this demand with all I have.


You have no doubt heard of the burning of the Wittenbach Warenhaus this Saint’s day. A terrible shame, to be sure. I had hoped to work closely with Mister Wittenbach, but it seems he thought he knew better than me. A little fire goes a long way in teaching a man a lesson, as does a knife between the ribs. Let this be a lesson, not just for Wittenbach, but all of Karosgrad. My name is Matthieu, and I will not be so easily subdued. I have been told that my name means “gift from God”, and this I surely am. With all that I have, and all that I can do, what else could I be but a product of the Seven Skies?


I hope those of you who remain will be more willing to do business with me. I have been especially interested in your Northern Geographical Society, and mean to do business with it as I meant to do business with Wittenbach. I hope you will be wiser than he was, for your sake.





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Ava Sirsk looks over the paper with a disgruntled face, "Sets fire to a shop because they don't wish to be partnered. Might as well take my books off the market now. Rather perish to my own means than this."

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"Oh my, we've got trap lords in town now" chuckled Ser Brandt Barclay as he shook his head "Quite the ballsy one too" he went on before making to sit and work out some papers...

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Ivarus Bishop crosses himself as he read the letter, a rather angry look on his face would be revealed, he speaks to himself about the horrific event that happened "The last thing you would be is a gift from God." He says as he rips the letter apart. "You are a Daemon, perhaps even an Iblees incarnate, do not even dare to implicate the Almighty One God in your unforgivable crimes. You are not a gift from God.." He says, shaking his head "An apostate, is what you are, nothing but a heathen. I trust in God to judge you for your miserable life and for the dishonorable murder of this man. My prayers go out to the relatives of this man, may peace be upon his soul." He finished speaking as he threw the remains of the letter into the campfire which would be right in front of him.


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"Looks like someone should be arrested for arson quite fast, you cannot use Godan as your shield against the law of the state." Gregory Bazin would shake his head at the blunt tone of this criminal.

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