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Passerine Birds Take Flight


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┊ “ Passerine  Birds  Take  Flight  ┊ 

 . . ╰──╮Sedani Royal Debutante of 1848╭──╯ . .

.・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.



╰┈➤ The de Joannes Triplets, age 15, amidst Sedan’s land


In the household of Joannes, the year of 1848 has been looked forward to with great anticipation. For this year, the eldest daughters of house de Joannes turn of age. This Saint’s year, the birth of  Their Highnesses, Olivia, Cesarina, and Margarita de Joannes will elapse for the sixteenth Saint’s Year. A murder of Crows leaves the keep carrying large stacks of paper. Within each stack lay a parchment bedecked with the wax  seal of the House Joannes, inviting each reader to join Sedan in celebration of the young Joannes’ coming of age. 

 .・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.

Penned by the hand of their Highnesses Olivia, Cesarina, and Margarita de Joannes

˗ˏˋ 1847 ´ˎ˗


To the subjects, allies, and friends of the Principality of Sedan,     ༊⋆·˚


Quickly have the years passed, and it is time once again for a Royal Debutante. The Royal triplets: Olivia de Joannes, Cesarina de Joannes, and Margarita de Joannes have reached their sixteenth birthday, thus a celebration of their coming of age will commence.

The Debutante Ball will start within Sedan, in Urguan- a schedule of the events can be found below. The trio look forward to finally being able to celebrate their coming-of-age.

.・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.


 Brawl of the Goats pvp :

Anyone who wishes, may commence in a friendly brawl amongst brothers and sisters. This will be held in Sedan’s fight pit. Winner of the tournament will earn the title of “Mightiest Goat of Sedan'', as well as Winner’s Wreath and Her Highness Olivia’s hand in dance marriage to further signify their winnings. 





The Ball:

All will gather within the confines of the Prince’s Castle for a period of dance and celebration. During this time, people may offer to dance with one of the sisters, or dance among their other peers. Additionally, Drinks will be offered to guests during this period of time. 



Lantern Release: 

After the closing song is played, all will be asked to join the Joannes family outside of the castle gates. There, each of the debuted princesses will cast off a lantern, signifying their journey into the world of young adulthood. Following the releasing of the princesses' lanterns, all are welcome to join in and set one off of their own.

.・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.


 Her Highness, Olivia Isabel de Joannes



Her Highness, Margarita Orion de Joannes



Her  Highness, Cesarina Franziska de Joannes

Birmingham Signature Italic




December 4th, 7pm EST

Cords to Sedan:  1185 / 77 / 428


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Cesarina twirled about in her bedchamber as she read over the missive again, and again, and again. Her mind running rampant with every small detail pertaining to her upcoming debutante with her sisters!

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The young Valentina Bojo at once began to harass her father about attending, hoping nothing else would arise! "Pa! I wanna make them a cake! Or cookies! Or pie!" The girl squeaked, naming all the goods she could think of.


pray i dont work


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Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg would look to Prince Leopold "They grown up so fast my friend, you must be proud" he'd smile to his friend 



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The young Frederick Stanimar de Joannes smiles a warm smile, excited for his three sisters debutante event. "This sounds like a fun time!" He says excitedly. "The goat brawl especially seems like good fun. I wonder who will win." He would mutter to himself, speculating before going back to exploring.

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Olivia yawned as she slowly came out of her hiding, one of her sisters shoving the missive towards her presence. She read over it slowly before her eyes stopped where the card read of her hand being offered. Quickly awake she tackled Margarita, “You offered WHAT?”

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