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[✓] [In-Game Ban] [Tomatoh757] Appeal


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Minecraft IGN(s):








Ban Selection


In-Game Ban


Ban Reason


Offensive and prejudice remarks https://gyazo.com/c2628dc6149cbd87122d5778915d276d


What circumstances led to this ban?


I contacted a user on discord to buy a skin for my character irp, then i logged in and proceded to pay in game at the cloud temple, i then joked about spanish people selling drugs because the person i bought the skin from had a hyspian character. I'm personally a spanish person in real life and i understand this shouldn't be said because it's prejudice to an ethnicity. After buying the skin and ending the transaction i got banned for 1 month by a mod.


Are there aspects of the ban you agree and/or disagree with?


I do agree with all the aspects of the ban, in fact i wouldn't like anyone to say prejudices about certain ethnicity, i understand this kind of behaviour should not be allowed anywhere and not even in lotc. I regret every other behaviour i have had in the past months on the #ooc chat, i would like to ask for a little more moderation on the chat because it's something that sometimes it's not punished but i'm glad it was this time, i certainly agree with the ban and it's length.

When i got banned i talked with a few admins about my disconformity with the ban and i apologize for not understanding it before, i took my time and i think it's way more clear now. The community guidelines are there to be followed, i respect that and i am honestly not willing to break them again.


What motivates you to return to LOTC?


It's honestly not something i wanna do when i return, but it would be better to clarify this situation and not end up on bad terms here. I think the server has a great community and it wouldn't be bad to play again on it.


Attach other relevant information.



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Upon discussing with the team this appeal reaches the bar we expect. We hope that your actions and attitude will improve for the better and we will be keeping an eye on how things progress. As has been mentioned to you multiple times if you see bad behavior in chats ingame that does not give you a free pass to act out in racist and immature ways. Simply file a /modreq ingame or file a report to have it handled through the proper and respectful means. There is no need to mention something that has already been explained to you in order to save face on your appeal.


Welcome back.

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