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Time for a little work [PK]


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A bird born of wood would find a large seed, and spirit it away next to the sea.




The seed would settle into the earth, and after a time, a man would be born of it.




The man would think long and hard about where he should be.




The man would stare out to the sea.




The man would find family and friends, and grow a great tree. They would carve from it a modest ship to sail the seas.




The man would meet with his brothers, and sail off as if looking for the edge.




The man would meet more people and gather more ships to follow him.




He would come to a stop, upon a very large island never before seen.


The people here, his brother, would help him plant a tree. A tree that would grow to a size those new to him would have never seen. Great plums grew from its branches, and it would give protection from some of the monsters people had seen.


The people he brought with, would listen and soon see. The way he saw the world, and what he sought to seek. One by one over the years they would take to clear waters, and come out with a new way to see. And they'd take their own boats out, to see and help all the damage left behind on the sea.


The island would stay quiet, despite how it seemed, and never sought more than what it needed to continue peaceful means. The nature folk who came to be on it would simply come and go as they'd need, and live as they sought, and when their time was up, be floated out to the sea.


Where the man who watched over the island came from, it was like a wind rolled through. Dust covered furniture, a chill through the tavern. His footprints disappeared, the Tree by the Sea faded away. By no means did he die, but by no means did he stay. From this island he'd set out to continue his work, in a new way.


Hareven Lorenthus was always a strange man, and only grew stranger with time. He made good decisions and bad, he did great things and sometimes blew off his own hands. He lived and would continue to live, but not near the evermoving people he was from. 


He decided on a new path, and so. He lives among the sea. And so he stood side by side with his daughter and wife, and sent Vaki out back across it.




A Letter Left Behind



Years soon after Harevens disappearance, the wooden bird would arrive with a letter cluster. Individual names are delivered, and a letter generalized to his people of the Druids is as well.


"I'm not ******* dead. Starting off with a high note. It's been a very long time that I've been a druid, and it's been a very long time since I should have died. But I didn't and I kept on and on. Most of you know me. Some of you have heard of me. I don't like either of these things. We've new generations popping up and idolizing those who came before them rather than looking at themselves and standing up on their own two feet and judging who they want to be, for themselves. So I have left. 


I am not coming back. 


And yeah I'm tired but we all are. Anyone like me can testify; we are tired souls. But I don't want to die  yet, so instead, I have founded a small island, a Grove, and set to doing a new path of work. It'll probably kill me eventually, I'll be honest, but it's better than just laying down and dying. I've assembled people from sparse settlements I've found along my way, and set about heading back in and out of Unseen Lands and lands that might have the stamp of descendant destruction on them, and returning them to nature the best we can. And so if it kills me. Then sure. I did my best. And if it doesn't, and centuries from now people wander up upon this place I've found, I'll see you then. But this is all. And this is it. 


I love you all, even the ones I hate, hated, and hate me. And I pray that you do the best you can to be the best you can be, every day."





"I wish I had done more for you and been there for you more than I already was. You saved me. In a time where it was so dark that all I could do was grab hold of the heavy reigns I was handed and move forward, your little white haired mop brought me back, so many times. I will always love you and one day we'll see each other again somehow, and just like always, I'll make you your favorite honey foods, and give you a big hug. Always and forever."




"You're hurting so deeply inside and I wish I could have helped you heal from it all, but this is what I gotta do kiddo. But you know what to do, and you hold my teachers staff not out of coincidence. That shit isn't real. You hold it cause you can do what is needed with it, cause you are strong, and I expect to hear when I die, the grand tales of the Fox Druid and the balance she wrought to the fuckers who kept taking from her. You are strong. Don't let up."




"You've an utter shit memory sometimes but I will always remember the weird dark elf with my kid on his shoulders, humming along to a violin. Don't be so lonely, you have Rylanor now and you are not alone even when everyone else is gone. You never were. You always had my back and I will always have yours, even when you do utterly stupid shit. Don't scratch up the floors. Don't cry, even though I know you will. Don't be sad. Get a fishing pole and a pipe, and smoke enough for the two of us. I'll see you when the sun stops setting."




"Forgive me for making that dagger with Taynei, and you ending up with it. I did all that I could for our people and the pain of it all ended up on you. And you've kept losing more and more as a result. I can't give anything back to you that you've lost, but I hope the small trinket I've left behind will help ease your pain. We'll drink and smoke til the sun turns blue next time we meet, without a care for responsibility. You are a wonderful sister, and I'll make sure to throw you and Viene higher into the air."




"Gods above I wish I were as good with woman as you, and I wish I was as half as clever as well. You took to automatons like a fish to water, and alchemy just the same, and you flourished. I took in rumor before leaving of what you'd been through, and let me tell you, don't let your shit get kicked in too often. Scars'll get you respect but eventually cold winters make them hurt like hell. Don't end up in the Forest before me, or I will absolutely shave you bald kid."




"You got no idea how proud I was when you took Father Circle, and turned it on its side. You got rid of all the rep it used to have, and made something new and good for our people, and then went on to support the 'Ame just as strongly. The Vale is lucky for you, Father is lucky for you, and I am lucky to have someone like you as a grandchild. I promise you a few of these people I tend to here are tired of me bragging about you, and they'll have to suck it up. Keep going strong."




"Gods forbid the day you stop tripping over your own feet you will be a force to be reckon with. I'm sorry I couldn't do more when your dad left. I also wish I could have cured that allergy of yours before I had to go, but you'll just have to be careful without me. You're a good kid, don't end up like me. If someone gets in your way, beat them back with that kind heart of yours."




"I don't imagine it will be long before you use the instructions Vaki left with the letters and you and Taal find yourselves on these shores. Val and I will be waiting. Don't hit me too hard sis, but even if you do, I'll hug you when you get here."




"This'll probably surprise you to get a letter, you didn't know me very long but you left an impression on me kid. Gods above you're naive, empty-headed, and a glutton for sad endings. But you're kind. You are unfathomably kind, even as you smile and I could see the sorrow and grief behind your eyes, you were true-heartedly, and powerfully kind. I don't think you'll be anything huge amongst our people. You might not even live that much longer than this gets to you. But that doesn't matter.

I leave Vaki to you. They'll tell you what you need to know about them and their purpose. Continue to be kind, and remember that if I could get a letter to you, you can get one to me, eventually. The promise stands. I'll always be a shoulder, as a not-dad."




"Don't rush ahead too fast. Gotta give me time to catch up eventually."


To The Rest of the Family


"Good ******* lord, four hundred years ago if someone told me I'd have a family so large I couldn't get them all each their own letters, I'd call them drunk and kicked them out but here we are.


Some of you are children. Some by blood, some adopted, some I picked up out of a bush, or from a attic. It really doesnt matter.


Some of you are grand kids, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, god ******* damnit there are so many of you.


I love you all as much as the next though. That'll never change. Doesn't matter what you are, what you become, what you do. I am a far from perfect person, and I never will be, and there will be actions I have done I can never undo. So I refuse to judge any of you.


You will all, always, forever, be loved by me at least, even when the rest of the world leaves you behind. I can promise you all that. "


And to everyone else.


"Y'all be fine without me around, there'll be another crazy ***** like me at some point and there are so many good souls in our people that they'll turn out to be a better druid than I ever was. And I was a damn good druid. I pray you all fight strongly and that at the end of time, the world is consumed with green and we can all rest our heavy heads on the ground and know deeply that we did our job and we did it well. No dragons, no deep dark evil gods, no weird armies of the past. Just the Balance and Nature..


I'll miss everyone. And if anyone wants to do as I am, and leave behind the Migration and work on fixing up what all we've left behind, the path'll be clear, but only when you are truly and utterly ready. How I got here, is unclear, but resolve seems important, as some who have left, don't come back if they lose it, and the sea takes them.


Oh. As well, I have left important things behind for some of you. You'll find them in the bottom floor of my brewery.




Damien, take care of The Perch. 


Sonna, take care of the village.


But until then, or until even further. I'll eventually see most of you in the Forest. Don't be ******* daft now that I'm gone."


-Hareven Alard Lorenthus, The (Former) Bluejay and (Current) Mountain Druid.










Oh god oh **** is a pk without a death its a trick. Naw, I just couldn't envision Hareven going out with suicide or giving up, and I wouldn't be shooting him if I had any intentions of playing any time soon or I'd throw him balls deep into the end of map scenario and have him go out in style. So this'll do. Retiring him out as it will be a very very long time before I come back.


And yeah, I'll probably get sucked back into this place, but Hareven has always been my central character and without him, that pull will be less so I can focus on life better. Things are up and down but it is what it is and this is effectively his PK, even if he remains canonically alive somewhere with hookers and blow and what have you.


My dear lovely ST friends, please deny all of his apps effective immediately. He may be alive but as a character he will be further unplayed so please shoot them and give me no hesitation.


I'll still be around, I have too many friends made from LotC to not be hanging out, I just won't be playing. So I'll still be annoying alot of you. But not on the server itself.


This was a hard call to make but I've had Hareven since 2017 and yknow what, it's a happy ending. So, **** it. 


I'll see all yall later.




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One by one, they all keep leaving. Dropping like flies, eaten by maggots, migrating like wild birds. How many more will I lose, she wonders as an empty gaze travels over those crushing words.


"You're hurting so deeply inside and I wish I could have helped you heal from it all."


She wonders if there was anyone out there at all who could help her heal. How many more years will she live in torment, forced to watch as everyone turns their backs and runs? How much heavier will the burden on her shoulders grow before it eventually flattens her against the earth?


"But you know what to do, and you hold my teachers staff not out of coincidence."


As if having been summoned, that staff of ancient birch appeared beside the damaged elf, singing a calming tune that had nearly become a dependency. Eyes of sage looked to it, dry as the barren wastelands of the South.


"I expect to hear when I die, the grand tales of the Fox Druid and the balance she wrought to the fuckers who kept taking from her."


A scarred hand reached for Hileia, using it to stand on shaky legs. Oh how I wish I could cry, she thought to herself, but it seems she had no more tears left to spend.


"You are strong."


You are strong.


"Gods I hope you're right."



I'm glad you're moving on to better things, but I'll miss you dearly old friend. Thank you for everything you've done for me <3


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Soft footfalls sounded against the wet sands. Traipsing across a south facing beach, crimson eyes sought a horizon. Tears glistened there. Wood creaked and cracked. 

A murmur fell from the elf’s lips as a strange glowing form, an ethereal squirrel, perched upon her shoulder.


“He always takes too much upon his own shoulders. It was my choice, though he felt responsible for it. Stubborn man.”


A tiny boat was pushed from the shore, bottom grating against coarse sand. Within she had set a bottle containing a letter as the spiritual companion looked on. 


Soon the dinghy bobbed it’s way outwards from the shore. Creatures of the sea rose to the surface, casting a glance shoreward before judging the boat further out. Hours later, they and the current had carried it far from the woman’s sight. Whether to be lost upon the sea or reach the intended recipient, it was reliant on fate now.


Left alone with the strange squirrel the woman’s facade seemed to crack. Her flesh shifted, flaking and peeling away to reveal a strange bark running along her arms, stopping only near the shoulder. Wood and sap where flesh and blood should be. 


Markings of the Father burned up the left, while the aqua of the Mother flowed up the right. 

Upon her back, silver burned. Grandmother’s touch illuminated beneath the twilight skies…



•••The contents of the letter addressed to Hareven, written in Jalfmarr’tal•••

“Don’t you dare blame yourself Hareven. You did what you had to, and you protected scores of Druids. Without your sacrifice that cursed place would have lingered.


You made your choice. I made mine. You have carried far too much for far too long. It was my turn to bear the load. I regret nothing. I would change nothing. Move forwards, Hareven. Do not linger on that which is lost.


I do not understand what strength you’ve seen in me. But now you’ve entrusted this part of the duties to us. I will do my best to be the woman you saw I could be. I won’t run Hareven, I promise. 

When we’ve earned it, we will rest together at the end. I miss you. 


Your Sister,



•••At the bottom, the paw print of a raccoon would be left in crimson dye•••


I’ve had amazing times rping with you Keefy over the past few years. You’ve been a great friend to me. It’s been a privilege getting to interact with and learn from Hareven. Take care of yourself, you definitely deserve a good long break after all this. <3<3<3


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Evar'tir Oranor regarded his generalized letter from his dock 'pon the southern shores of the Hinterlands. "The bastard's finally gone and done it." He commented amusedly, passing the note off to Velenius whom sat to his flank, once more taking up his fishing pole and casting a line. "We should visit soon."

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WIthin the works of the forge, The horned ker would no doubt hear news of an old friend now being gone. Though not dead, the thought of never seeing him again did bring such grief. Though as the horned ker stopped, he went to one of his alcoholic barrels soon after. Recalling the first ever drink he had shown to Haraven. Before taking a cup to scoup out some and raise it to the air. "Haraven, you were one of few people in this damned continent that ment something, From the grand fight within the Attunland...To our drink, I will cherish each time I've entered your taven and still do despite it being quiet. Wherevere ya go, Let us hope one day we meet again before our paths divert to our afterlifes. There are few people like you in this world, let us hope they follow your path well!"

Within the woods, a blue eyes Mali'ame watched as he heard of another druid that had fall. though familiar, he could recall of what idle one of speaking they spoke, or the sight of him sitting on what was now the clinic. But a frown had formed, The ame was ashamed he didnt least get to know the man before he fell. But offered no words.

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A 'ker sat within the mouth of his house as he received his letter, reading a flurry of emotions flew through him as his ears wilted...perked...and eventually tears welled up. The Druid knew it would happen, that he'd get weepy over this but his lips curled into a smile. Looking to his companion he let out a sad laugh...
"You know I cant remember the first time we met...I dont know why. He's told me several times but I've never....the memory never comes. Weirdly one of my earliest and most powerful memories of him is me, freaking out for some reason....and he just slams to the ground and roars in my face 'Calm down or I will ******* eat you!'."
The 'ker laughed, wiping away at his eyes  as he smiled down to the letter.

"Bastard is going to miss my Wedding, jokes on you I'm having it at the Perch! Still...I'm glad he's happy. I dont want...to see him end up like Harold did. I'm glad...in a way."

The 'ker stretched as he stood, rolling his shoulder.

"Right...go there....cry....come back...cry more..."
And then the 'ker set out.


(( Ooc I'm glad you're taking this full step away, I know LOTC can be a poison. Rest and relax, maybe next map will draw you in with it's lush new waves of bullshit. XD
Till then, see you in the discord. ;) Stay Fancy Cowboy ))

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A tired elf writes. Her arthritic hands curl and fold old paper. She finds time to write to an old friend.


 "Sometimes when the sun crests over a cold field and the grass dew is just too cold, I sit down and I think of all the things that could be, the things that never were, and never will be... but that's the trick of our long lives, isn't it? 


So when I look out in the morning, and I see the birds fetching worms from cold loose dirt, I think that the realm will be okay; not better, not worse, just okay. 


I think we will be too.



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Liri fell to her knees and wept, inconsolable as she clutched the note close to her chest. No words or comfort could break her out of her miserable state as she began to incessantly mutter. The voices in her head were growing louder, the dreaded call of nature becoming nigh insurmountable. 

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Deep into the eternal forest, in the frigid bioluminescence of the third's domain, a child of ivory hair awaits...



[OOC:] Hey man, have a good one, rping with you was fun, and you deserve to rest.


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Along an untravelled path in a dotted Forest somewhere on this rumbling, wretched continent - Nimue sprinted and dipped through brush and branch with a knowing glee - a paper clutched in her hand, barely having been read. Whoops of joy echo through the leaves and foliage around her as the white blur continued to run - an action she had come to love; the wind in her hair, the freedom in her metallic and fleshy hand, something she had been so fortunate and lucky to have been given.


She kept running, and running. There was nothing behind her, there was only what was in front of her, and she would walk, sprint, and limp all the way to the finish line - for what was life without struggle, and HELL be damned, she was not going to ruin her second chance, not that easily. An amethyst gaze zipped by the beams of sunlight, and lush greens that surrounded her, as she reached her destination: a clifftop, that plunged deep below into the vast blue sea. The elfess' fists clenched tight as the small thing took in a deep breath - wavering and trembling, as if holding back whatever wanted to spill forth.




[OOC]: Take care man! I know that it's been a long while, and you out of everyone definitely deserve the peace and quiet from the shitstorm that is this server sometimes - catch you on the flip side!


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"Ah, so that is where he went..."


The Scorpion sits quietly beneath a large oak tree, an aged letter between her wooden fingers. Her dull glowing eyes occasionally broke its gaze from it to look to the many other unsent letters that rested within her bag, though it always returned to the one labeled neatly with a certain dwarfs name. When she had first heard she could not help but laugh, it was just like the Bluejay to leave only to tend to more work. 


"Thank you for my path. Thank you for teaching me."


Though soon her laughter died then to a pondering silence. It was true that the two of them had disagreed and fought on a million different fronts, but deep down she owed a great debt to the other.  He was to blame for some sorrow within her life, and yet was also the cause of much joy.


"Thank you Ianril. Thank you for Liri."


Her stone hand soon reached into her bag, pushing past the letters to carefully pull out a bottle of whiskey, it's label long since rubbed off and faded over the many years. How perfect of a timing it was for her to seek him out before. If she had waited any longer, they would not have been able to reconcile. She would not have been able to hear him call her family still.


"Thank you for your patience. Thank you for forgiving me."


Popping open the bottle, her wooden hand lofted up towards the branches, extending the letter up. It did not remain long as a blue bird swooped down to pluck it from her fingers. Silently the druidess watched it take off, her gaze remaining upon it until it finally dipped beyond her horizon and out of view. Only then did she lift up the bottle to her lips.


"Thank you for the drink."

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A certain red haired 'ame stared up at the sky for a moment, the light of sunlit walls reflecting within her gaze. "You're the reason im still alive, dont let me beat ya' there old man." A softened sigh exhaled from between her lips as she then tilted her head to gaze at the palms of her own two hands "Ahernan, for teaching me what you did when no-one else would."

Her hands reached to gently trail along the bark of the towering maple behind her, closing her eyes for a brief moment in thought "I'm glad you left before experiencing the darkness that is to come. You never needed more of that in your life you deserve peace for once."

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