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Vikelian Threads and Fashion


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Between elves and humans, Vikela fashion and textiles are a specialty. One might even argue that they are more far folk than traditional human threads. Because of a society with such mixed-race ideas and systematics, it is only fair that they integrate each element into what might be deemed traditional. Nonetheless, the moods are considerably more dramatic and passionate.  The original vikelians were generally raised in human environments, but the present Vikelia Free Spirits were mostly raised after the population shifted back to elves. Looking at this is like diving deep into the origins of such an odd civilization. Using influences from Abahambi, Ishe, Auvergnian, and wood elven cultures. Developing brilliant finery and fundamental design elements that are then layered upon each other to produce something distinct. As a result, a perfect balance of vibrant materials and textiles is created, with just the degree of skin varying from each. Both Vikela fashions have traditional clothing styles that can be incorporated into your outfit. Mixing Vikela fashion's brilliant colors and strong designs with Ishe fashion's elaborate embroidery and cultural influences may result in a gorgeous and distinctive aesthetic. Vikela uses vivid patterns, so combine a combination of geometric and organic shapes in your clothing. Try combining these motifs in prints for a unique effect. Beadwork is an important part of Vikela fashion, so try to include beaded jewelry, belts, or purses in your ensemble. Search for pieces with detailed patterns and motifs that complement the overall appearance. Don't be scared to mix and match materials and textures. Look for complementary textiles, such as cotton and linen or wool and leather. Layering is an excellent method to add depth and intrigue to your ensemble. Layering a patterned Vikela blouse over an ame-inspired skirt or adding a beaded vest is a great way to update your look.


Begin by selecting a color scheme that combines Vikela fashion's bright and vivid colors with Ame Fashion's earthy tones and natural materials. Warm oranges, reds, and yellows contrast with deep browns, greens, and blues. Though many stray from this to combine neutral colors with bright blues, and sometimes even pinks!


Traditional Vs Contemporary 


Traditional clothing is a more covered approach to the way of fashion to be more conservative in aspects of clothing while still using beaded and layered aspects in bright colors to help the elements, and while one may switch from one style to another, it is noted that many of the older citizens seem to adapt to traditional overtime.



Girls are not usually bashful about their shoulders or arms, as most of them have tattoos on their skin displaying them with pride for everyone to see. Therefore it's fairly typical to see low-cut blouses or shoulderless gowns with only a few slips of translucent cloth here and there.




Men are more drawn to traditional features of life and attire than females are. they were using vibrant designs for shawls to attract attention to their dull hues. Shawls and cloaks are very popular among these men, who wear a nice neutral-toned shirt and pants with a little flair by adding a more extravagant shawl on top to flaunt both their status and wealth. 



The bravest are frequently spotted wearing half-shirts or more exposed clothing farther into the city. vivid colors and half shirts or more robes mimicking the attributes of a sort of garment. These free-spirited people are recognized as contemporary because they use Abahambi and wood elf skills to make unique cloth and designs that appeal to themselves and others. The usage of a scarf or shawl to hide their front or tie around the waist is a typical characteristic that deviates from tradition.






Coronations are comparable to social seasons in that they are staged by the river for the benefit of the river. Blue, teal, light greens, and browns are among the colors visible in the river.

A sash is passed down through generations and the Avonlea crown is never altered, but the garment itself may change depending on the person. Akin to the lavish parties of Coronation is the Highlight of most young adults' life, the social scene is made up of a range of occasions, such as formal balls that allow the wearing of robes and gowns in a variety of designs. Women are significantly more lavish than men when it comes to drawing attention to themselves and requesting to dance. The first dance of the season inaugurates the river court of gems, and all competitors must participate while wearing river shades.


Weddings are unquestionably one of the most important ceremonies in Vikela. When a couple marries, the bride receives a white gown adorned with fur that their soon-to-be husband has captured and deems worthy of such embellishment. Though it is typical for the groom to wear white or blue, others opt to make more drastic changes, such as wearing black. Presents fashioned from materials hunted by the two are usual and can be shown in a variety of styles.

Married men wear circlets or headbands to cover their heads, but married women wear anything from a simple hat to a circlet of beads in the colors of their family.



Gold is the word, and with such richness within Vikela mines, it would be a mistake not to emphasize, with gold bands or gold headpieces to wear, a mainstay that has been seen in both: "Avonlea" and Many royal headdresses. There is a little custom in Vikela that every newborn seems to be covered with gold beads. They are hand-carved beads created by the mother and etched with runic qualities that represent who she wants them to be. Maintaining a clear head and a pure heart. Among the accessories are gold necklaces, earrings, and bangles on both men and women. Scarves and sashes are highly vital in adorning the body from head to foot in vivid glinting colors. 




Vikela fashion is an intricate yet simple design, and as such, the vikelian crew is working hard in their weavers and threads to bring you a shipment so you may appreciate their culture and appreciation for all things cultural. For free to use skins, please click the spoiler underneath for both male and female skins that are all free to use. 



Vikelika skin drive  all skins are free to use,   https://www.planetminecraft.com/collection/138198/vikela-skin-drive/



Her Highness, Paramount Larissa De Astrea 

 Ofisyèl  Leika de Astrea Wildflower of Vikela, 



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