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A Keepers Return Home: Volume 4


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Grigori crouched low behind the crates, looking around the narrow Snohast street he could spot rebels in their own hiding spots, weapons held tight in their hands. Grigori thought back to Captain Makarov’s words, about how Norland generously offered up whatever weapons they could, and how they were enduring their own trials, of a great and terrifying enemy, it sounded as if he was lucky that they could send anything at all.


Grigori grasps the old Norlandic seax sword, nearly a hundred years old at this point, yet its blade was well taken care of, and cuts like it was made yesterday. A rebel quickly walks down the street, waving a small red handkerchief, the signal that the Burghermeisters men are coming, Grigori watches the hidden rebels tense up, for some, this may be their first battle, Grigori makes a silent prayer to Donovan to keep his brethren safe, not only here, but back in Norland as well.


The time finally comes, a column of soldiers march through the street, STEP, STEP, STEP, the sound of their clanking armor echoes and resounds through the buildings. CRASH! On que, a stack of heavy crates falls behind them as they pass, CRASH! A second stack of heavy crates falls before them, blocking their way, “Just as is being planned” Grigori thought to himself, pleased that nothing yet has gone awry. The guards break their columned formation, drawing their weapons and circling up, a shouted command pierces the air, a call from Stepan, rebels appear on the roofs ahead and aside the soldiers, bows, arbalests, and slings at the ready as they begin pelting the soldiers with arrow, bolt, and rock.


“Make of the charge!” Grigori shouts out to his comrades hidden below, as men and women dash into the chaos of the street, slashing with swords and bashing with hammers at the few armored figures left standing. It was not much of a battle, but a quick and easy early win was needed to show the rebels that victory was possible, but now that the men of the Burghermeister knew there was a rebellion, the next fight would not be so easy, he hoped that Makarov would return in time with fresh arms and armor, for their next fight would surely not be as easy.



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