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  1. can’t wait to be an ice mistress.
  2. There, roosted atop the sill, besat a fille of Montresor. her lips left uncleft at the prospect of the gathering troupe that would gather in her hall in the nigh distant months ahead!
  3. "Hey, je la connais!" the nightgowned fille yammered to her mère
  4. "Hey, that guy owes me!" hollered a wiley witch
  5. As the girl was torn away through that hellgate she yielded herself to slumber atop a clement farmer's bedding of spoiled straw. And dreamt, she did, of her opulent court and the rewards the king would bequeath..
  6. At her ladies' flank, a Handmaiden readied herself!
  7. The void tastes like grape
  8. [!] The aimless wayfarer's treadings halted in brief, dismayed for their acquaintance..
  9. MC Name: Orphvius RP Name: Júlianne Persona ID: #79119
  10. A witch howls in delight, she was craven for only one thing..
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