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The Moon's Quill Letter II

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Letter II




Dear Readers,

Recently, our Koeng has announced the declaration of war against the League of Veletz. While normally, I find these letters to be of a positive nature, I find it necessary to share my thoughts on such. We must come together as a kingdom to rid the world of these cold-blooded beings. I am confident that the Covenant of Five, under the guidance of our Koeng, will ensure the safety of Aevos for all who inhabit it.

This kingdom has given all for its citizens to live a free, healthy, and safe life. Now, it is time we return the favor. In this time of war, it is paramount that each and every citizen aid in all efforts. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl, while the protectors of our realm, shall be in need of resources to benefit their efforts. I urge all citizens to donate materials and food to the BSK - from what I have heard, what they value most are donations of raw materials. I would go on to further urge for resources to be donated to the clinic to assist in the medical attention of any wounded soldiers. If you do not have materials to donate, perhaps give your able-body to fight on the battlefield, or work within the clinic. Whatever you can give, I believe will be appreciated with the highest regard.

During this time, I also remind all that it is important to lean on one another. Show your care and concern for family, friends, neighbors - any whom you hold dear. We shall not let this war consume our pride and joy. I implore our Queen’s Court to continue any festivities and events within the gates. Let there continue to be some sense of joy and happiness within our kingdom to ease the mind of those who have loved ones off fighting, and of those children who do not understand the meaning of war. 

As citizens of Haense, we have a duty to uphold. As beings in our realm, we have a duty to uphold. Do not turn your back during a time such as this.


Krusae Zwy Kongzem,

Lady Moon, Writer of the Moon’s Quill


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