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Celebratory Feast And Talk

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Year 170  of the Second Age


Issued By: 

Roseen Mossborn



Sitting Down






With the elections due to kick off I decided to personally host a feast with some lovely food and drinks served in my clan's hall tomorrow evening for my fellow dwarfs. Everyone in Urguan feel free to come tomorrow and voice your opinions and issues to me so I may listen and take in your troubles and burdens. I wish to hear your voices and enact change with them for the future. If you don’t have anything to say still feel free to drop by and share an ale with me. 


(OOC note: Feast will be around 3:10 pm est Monday)  <3 <3 <3 <3



Roseen Mossborn,

Priestess of Grimdugan

Urguan Candidate



(This banner represents a forge, and with this forge I shall create a new Urguan)


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