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  1. A certain one-armed, scarred Paladin spots the missive from afar, hanging on the notice board of Haense. He blinks, and laughs. The 'thill laughs.. and laughs, until tears wet his cheeks from mirth. He plucks it up, and takes it home, pinning it above his desk on the 'wall of incredibly stupid things'. From there he stands back, hands on his hips, and just stares. "Well ****."
  2. So this is just food for thought, but. Scarcity is an unfortunate necessity of any resource that's both sought out and is actively influencing the economy. However, having the current nodes set up to be global allows people to oocly camp out sections of the map and particular resources, enabling one portion of a playerbase to have that resource in excess while all others do not, and then charging exorbitant prices. (Which is, bah, inflation! the thing we want to avoid for now, it being a new map) I personally think that scarcity should be enforced not by global nodes, b
  3. Name of your plant/reagent: Foxglove Sign(s): Water, Air Symbol(s): Endurance x3 Chaos x6 Swiftness x4 Appearance: A tall, bright green stalk with spade shaped leaves and conical groups of downturned, bell-shaped flowers that can come in violet or white. The inside of the bell-flowers are speckled with dark purple splotches Location: Fields and sparse forests, found in the shade of deciduous trees or long grasses, sheltered from rain and direct sunlight in a temperate climate. It’s rare and exceedingly difficult to find.
  4. Does this mean that the freeze on submitting new herb lore is still in effect, or no?
  5. A Paladin side-eyes his wife, missive in hand. Well aware that he was about to be suplexed through the floor, he opens his maw and lets loose an eldritch shriek of fervent desire. "It is time.. for more c̸̢̐̿͑̀̌r̷̡̯͓̗̱̳̎͂͌̈́̆͘̚͜o̶̹̮̫͌͑̈́̄͂̉͂͘t̵̨̳̹̪̟̏̊̑̌̇͌̋̔̃͝c̷̬̰̭͇͇̬̜͔̿̎͛̀̓͒͗͋̍͝h̶̢͇͙̲̘̗̳̜̮̫̋̋̔̚͝f̶̨̝͓̖̟͕͂͌̎͋͑̃̒̀r̵̛̠͆͌̑͂̊̏̎͂̉̔͗ų̶̹̼̰̼̮̳̖̮͛i̵̮̭͖̾̚t̴̡̨̻͓̯̭̩̻̭̦͎̰̪̹̏͌͂̎͂̀͛͑̅̓̈́͘̕, wife." @Vic
  6. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Sphookas)) Name: Seregon Vote for Sohaer: ( ) Anethra Uradir (XX) Eredael Rhenaer
  7. Rhaelanthur Seregon blinks. As he remembered offing the wretch..
  8. A lone ‘thill ponders to himself seated in the empty clinic, Golden Owl armour shifting at his wrists as he brushed a fingertip over the fresh parchment.. “Tis our duty as ‘thill to engage in debate in the name of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. To cut such down with this.. derisive terminology is a crime against Larihei herself..” The young Paladin breathed a soft sigh of sorrow, an ode of grief to his lost Llir before continuing to speak unto himself. ”Ay’Azorella Elibar’acal, Maheral of El’cihithilln... Whose kindness, taught us Kaean'leh thilln chul'okarae. For Ay’Maheralan simpl
  9. An abhorrent ‘ker devours what enlightenment can be found amidst the written poster- Musings ensnared by the graven image of the Apocrypha. A chatter rattles deep in the broad-chested idolater, followed by a bemused meeting of malign and jagged teeth. Tracing an begrimed digit upon the writing, the ‘ker employed his elementary level of literacy. The scathing sound soon to erupt seemed an unfitting form of laughter that readily trailed into a thin, reedy hiss. ”Interesssting. Dsaru like’s this one.”
  10. RP Name: Rhaelenthur Seregon MC Name: Sphookas Discord: Sphookas#6272 Nation Affiliation: Haelun'or and Northgate Why Do You Wish to Come?: Paladin business! Hopefully, also cool character development! What Skills Can you Bring?: Medical Equipment and skills, battle skills as Paladin, diplomatic skills as a helf, and good spirits!
  11. Rhaelanthur would brush long fingers on the advert, quickly scrawling his name in elegant shorthand, adding a small smiling face to the end for Dele’s benefit, “Hmm, a hunt sounds Interesting. I could use some...excitement.”
  12. Cypher_nicus


    Alright, my whole character has been completely rewritten!
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