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  1. A dead body laid over a horse, a suspicious scene passing Rhaella Ashwood-Uialben as she would walk over the bridge towards Sutica’s closed gates. Rhaella thought the unmanned gates were odd to see, until she heard the yell of the gates keep above her. “Hey, you on the horse” The gate keep would knock back an arrow. Demanding the Masked Mali on the horse to get out of there. “I saw you with that body.” Rhaella would turn around to see the man behind her, turning his horse to leave the front of the city then. Her heart seemed to drop at the words that escaped his mouth as he rode away “That was Myst, Yes” And the man was gone, not stopped, nor questioned. Gone over the bridge that connected the city back to the main road. Maybe it was a growing sense of anxiety that caused her to lash out on the working gate guard, or the fear that her Mar’maln had been murdered mere moments before she arrived in the trade city. What Rhaella also didn’t prepare for was seeing Xavis cry. As she left the city, she would see him, calling out to her to tell her of her grandfather's death. There, in front of the city, Rhaella would hold her father as he cried over Mysts said passing. The Mali’ker woman’s mind would race.. Telos and Hiren, and now someone who she loved dearly. Though her last memory of her grandfather would be throwing him and Xavis off of the taverns balcony, all she could think of was the love she had for him, regardless of his smartass remarks or jabs at her character. He was family, and she would always be a proud Uialben. The Ashwood would feel pain, but she knew her mourning and tears would have to wait. With her father in her arms, she had only hoped then that she could keep him safe from this danger, or at the very least help him fight the person who had taken so much from the people of Sutica and her family.
  2. Rhaella Ashwood would smile as this was made known to the rest of Arcas. Pleased, Rhaella would order bottles on bottles of Honey Mead with the intent to deliver it personally to the Kingdom of Renelia and their people.. Eager for her and her son to visit family back and forth without worry or anger. The young Elfess would sigh, a soft smile forming on her face as she thought over her next actions to aid in the betterment of Asimu’lei, not only for her people, but at the benefit of her allies as well. Breaking out a bottle of her favorite Goldhand Gin, she would sit down at the table in her apartment, writing a letter then to her father, Xavis Ashwood, about this development. The letter simply read “Don’t **** this up for me. – R.A.” Though, as the letter was sent off, she couldn’t help but think of those in Vira’ker, a land who’s keys she once held dear to her heart... Her smile simply faded. Though, she was still intent on looking towards Asimu’lei’s future...
  3. The Lunar Sage, Rhaella Ashwood would smile, hearing about the news as she would sit inside her apartment within Asimu’lei.. Her eyes would fill with tears as she thought about all the memories she had left in Vira’ker after her father had stepped down as High Prince. Her heart continued to live within Vira’ker, but she knew her duties lied elsewhere.. She just hoped Rhys and Zaos, two boys who she had once considered her sons, do well with the land they she had given Rhys permission to use some years back..
  4. If and when the new’s of Alva’s death would reach Rhaella, the elfess would cover her mouth, shaking her head as she took a seat right down where she stood.. Her eyes filled with tears. “Oh.. My Alva.. From our teen years, past that of adulthood.. I am glad I was able to meet you and call you my friend. A blessing it was to see you again after all these years..”
  5. Rhaella Ashwood would read over the missive, she smiled softly and gave a small laugh.. “Oh.. Goodness.”
  6. Her eyes red, and her cheeks stained with angry tears.. Rhaella Ashwood’s jaw would tighten as she reread through the last two paragraphs a few times.. She would walk over to the desk and light the paper on fire.. going to throw it away as she mumbled “I stood by your side, and I followed Luara’s light.. Even turned my back on blood. This is how they repay me.. they threaten to spill my blood.. and take my son.” She would swallow the lump in her throat “We will see.”
  7. Rhaella would put a hand up to cover her mouth. Was it to hide a smile and a laugh? or in horror? Who knows.. All she could think though was “Maybe I shouldn’t have given Xavis that clown head as a gift.. It seems he didn’t like it very much.”
  8. I think in my mind it was hard for me to to comprehend the idea that a bandit might break into the house and be like “Oh.. A book... Huh this seems like a letter from a mother to her son.. Im takin it.” so i figured it wasn’t that important while I was away for holiday.
  9. Water isn't wet.

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  10. Fortnite dances on my dead first lotc characters grave with the dude who took the books
  11. A speech written from Lady Mayor, Andree Esmee Keller, as the Mayor elections drew near once more. Beautifully written across parchment, she hoped her heartfelt words would move the citizens she had grown to known over her term, despite having to be absent at the elections itself. “To The Citizens of Helena, I thank you all for the term I have served, it’s been a privilege and I loved every minute of it, good and bad. However, I feel as if I have not fulfilled all that I wanted to. I feel as if my time is not over. As war and conflict winds down, and our city continues to evolve in strength and opportunity, I’ve decided to rerun for mayor. When I originally ran for Liveryman and mayor, I promised to contribute to Helena’s future prosperity. To inspire the citizens and provide for them. Currently we are working towards a better Helena, through a Bazaar, Library, Park and more. I hope to work more often with the children, our future leaders, to not only provide them education but confidence. I would love to be able to continue to work closely with our liverymen as well as other valued members of our community to bring you events that will not only further encourage citizens to engage with the city, but to also continue to add to our spirit. It would be an honor to be given the chance to continue on as mayor. Forever looking forward to a bright future for Helena. I still feel passion in my work, and hope that the confidence the citizens once had in me still burns bright as the day I was put in office.” OOC NOTE Hey everyone! Writing this due to having to be absent at the elections due to having to work. This statement is just to let everyone know that for the past couple weeks I've been really busy with school, family, work, and thanksgiving. A lot’s been on my mind but I’m sure irl business and it’s importance is something we can all agree on. I am excited to say that as the semester winds down and winter break is coming up, I’m ready to be more focused on being able to help everyone and bring more roleplay to Helena as a whole! I know there are a lot of events planned for the future and I am super excited to be able to work on them. As well as other things could be implemented not only for the betterment of our roleplay but as well as our communication and bonding as a community. I do hope that as time goes on I can get to know more of you better and work with more of you to make sure everyone gets a chance to get their input in. 🙂 If you have any questions, my discord is Catalina#8540
  12. Rhaella would reconsider the invitation, but only for a second
  13. A Hopeful Revival [!] Parchment posters are hung up around several nations, some hang neatly against the brick and stone of multiple buildings, others lay scattered on the floors here and there or buried in the sand of beaches. The paper is full of blue and black writing, but tones of purple and white lined some of the keywords that were deemed important by the writer. “The Principality of Vira’ker has gone through many political changes, the throne being passed down from leader to leader. As a result, there's been much silence as of late, our halls and beaches empty. To see my home in such a condition pains me, as well as the remaining citizens of Vira’ker. We would like to invite the following nations and their people to join us in a festival that we hope will help showcase the beauty of Vira’ker and what we should truly be trying to represent. On this day, our beaches will be filled with colors and light, our beaches covered in market stalls with pits for sparring, our taverns will be open to the public, and vacant homes open for showcasing. In the future, we strive for a place where we can not only thrive but serve as a protecting force for not only ourselves but for our allies as well. As we plan to grow as a military force, we encourage those who strive for such strength and cause to join us as we provide information and some basic training to introduce you all to the opportunities we shall offer.” The following nations are invited, including other allies and non-hostiles that were not mentioned: The Holy Orenian Empire and its people The Under-realm of Urguan and its people The Kingdom of Curon and its people The Crown of Elvenesse and its people The Silver State of Haelun’or and its people The Golden City of Ves and its people The village of Brandybrook and its wee-folk The Talus Grove of the Druidic Order and its people The Federation of Sutica and its people The Concord of Llyria and its people The Principality of Fenn and its people [!] At the bottom of the parchment was a signature, written out carefully by the writer. OOC Information Date: Friday, September 13th, at 6 PM EST / 5 PM CST Location: Vira’ker, both on the beach and within the city (XYZ: -1363, 42, 141) Note: Many market stalls will be open as well as other entertainment as one might see fit, including game stalls and roleplay musicians and dancers. If you have any questions, would like to participate, or suggestions, please send me a PM on Discord (Catalina#8585) or find me in roleplay!
  14. The violent scream of the young rhaella ashwood would erupt from vira'kers sandy beaches. "Are you ******* kidding me!" the unecessary reaction continuing to ring out.
  15. Phersephatta


    Eryis Lenora Di Luca Lenora Di Luca is the offspring of her mother, Aleana and father, Bendriek. A high-end Snow Elf and a traveling “Farfolk” Human. Female 26 Appearance ~ Due to the two very different races, Lenora’s appearance never fit in with either side in one way or another. Taking characteristics from her mother side, Lenora is a Porcelain skinned woman, pale and flawless for the most part. Though her Mesomorphic body build is more of an implication of human qualities, she is still oddly thin much like that of an elf despite her muscular build. Despite her being half elf, Lenora falls on the shorter end of the spectrum, standing at a 5’6, and weighing in at about 145. This being both muscle and fat weight. Her more interesting features are her snow white hair, and more notable, the color of her eyes. Due to the mixed races, Lenora has Heterochromia Iridium, causing her eyes to be two different colors. One side being a light lavender and the other being a deep golden Amber, often times coming off as red in the sunlight. She also notably has more human like ears. ~ ~ General Characteristics Guarded Lenora can be very guarded. She doesn’t trust people easily, and she’s always on edge. Never knowing who might come her way and if they are as manipulatable as she can be as well. Manipulative She knows that she can’t be friends with everyone, and that everyone on her journeys won’t be as much. Using her charm and wit, she knows she must use her skills to gain others trust and to get them to bend to her will in order for her to get by in life. Whether or not she likes it, it must be done. Loyal For those who she’s developed a sense of trust with, she is very loyal. She has her friends(s) back(s) at all times, and is willing to protect them if it means harm to herself without turning away. Sarcastic Lenora is always sarcastic, she finds herself delivering sarcastic comments and undertones to her words. Sometimes they come playful, but can also come seriously. Mature Though she’s still very young, she knows a time and a place for everything. She knows that not every situation can be met with curiosity and messing around. This is especially when going intro potentially dangerous situations or lands. Alert As a young traveler,, Lenora is very alert and aware of her surroundings. This is both in teaching and in everyday life. Charming Lenora is a very charming woman. She finds that winning the eye and love of everyone around her can make her more trusting, though this can be used as a manipulation tactic. This can come in handy when it’s her turn to help them, or be against them. Or for her own personal benefit. Organized finds herself to be quite clean and organized, both in combat and in everyday life. Planning events as well as attacks, to something as simple as cleaning her living space and keeping it tidy. She must also keep it tidy when traveling so she doesn’t lose anything, or become slower Humorous When comfortable, Lenora is quite funny, having a good sense of humor. Taking much after her father Very Irritable Though Lenora is fun and playful with those she’s comfortable with, it is also very easy to irritate Lenora. ~ Story Lenoras parents met when Bendriek was sent to The Citadel to discuss some matters with the Grand Council. Aleana happened to run into the said outcast. The two fell in love, but was ultimately short lived as Aleana’s father sat on the Grand Council, disapproving of the two. Aleana would sneak out however, meeting Bendriek whenever time allowed her to. Much to her surprise, Aleana soon found out she was pregnant with the humans child. Once her father caught word of the pregnancy, he confined Aleana to their home until Lenora was born. The child grew up in the Citadel under the comfort of her mother, occasionally taking trips with her mother outside of the Citadel to visit her father when he came to visit. Due to her grandfathers political position, she followed Wyrvun’fiyem and learned more about the religion, laws, literature, and other aspects of her culture until she turned 15, when she joined the military to begin training. While spending her time in the military, she often times snuck off to spend time with her father. Despite what she’s learned all her life, her father began to talk to her about his take on religion and laws, allowing for Lenora to began to journey of self-thinking and discovery. She continued this until about the age of 23, before leaving the Citadel an her mother all together to begin traveling with her father, abandoning her position in the military. She spent the next two years learning about her fathers history, and learning under his wing about how to take care of herself when moving from place to place. Eventually she found out about her fathers dark past with Dark Magic, and how he was considered an outcast, causing him to travel as he does now. One Evening, Her father went out to explore a few nearby villages from where they camped, when he didn’t return she went searching but never found him. leading her to present day time. ~ Motives / Goals / Ambitions o After leaving the military, she promised herself she would use her newly learned combat as well as militaristic knowledge to help others around the land, either through contracts or pure nature of heart. o She hopes to find more knowledge in terms of religion and laws, being stuck in between a lawfully loyal moral, and justified freedom. The laws arent always right, and neither is religion. o After learning about her fathers past, she hopes to also get into Dark Magic, even if it may cause her to become an outcast. o She wants to continue training in combat, in order to never lost her skills.
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