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  1. Celia'ii Siadrrar would read over the missive written by her father... She smiled softly as she would place the message down on the tavern's table. "The brightest of futures.. We will bring new memories, new life, and new legend to Malinor's name. They will see.."
  2. Celia'ii Siardarr would pace back and forth, reading over the missive carefully.. She clung to each word, and held the message close to her heart. A sense of pride filling her greatly as she finished reading. "Well Written, Cyrus.." She mumbled under her breath as ran through her thoughts on the future of Malinor, and the city being constructed. "There is so much beauty seen in Elvenesse, too bad those who defend the walls and their people do not meet the same standards."
  3. Chocolate chips.... On the Chuck-E-Cheese Plate?

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  4. [!] A missive would be sent out, posted on boards for citizens to see in most nations. The claim for a reward with the return of a lost item posted at the bottom of the parchment page. The message on it wasn’t too long, however if one looked closely to the writing, it was clear that the writing was shaky, and no word was the same in style. It was adorned with a small sketch of the clans outdated flag. “As a child, I was given a book in the empty halls of my home by my lovely caretaker, Rien’dar Nas-Garan. The book was a poetry book, one that spoke of love, emotion, and experience. It was f
  5. Username: Phersephatta Name of skin: freira Bid: 115
  6. Username: Phersephatta Name of skin: freira Bid: 75
  7. Rhaella Ashwood-Othan would have read through the missive. She hummed softly upon getting to the end, glancing down at two newly born boys. She thought for a moment about her many homes in Arcas, before looking around at the safety of the one she currently sat in here in Almaris. For the first time in a long time, she felt security in it's walls and hoped her children would one day feel the same. However, her gaze drifted to a small memento box that sat in the main room under some old paintings. To some people, its contents were old and useless, a flag from the long gone Vira'ker,
  8. Rhaella Ashwood read through the missive as presented to her. The Mali'kers eyes scanned the pages and words on them with great interest.. impressed by the outlook and view some had on the evolution of their kin recently. She didn't think much of this however, until the paragraph about the Evar-Sae'Ker.. She stopped at the mention of her two homes, Vira'ker and Asimu'lei, both of which meant more to her than just holding a simple place in her heart.. She scoffed at what was said "I wonder who it was within Elvenesse that claimed such.." The dissapointment in her long
  9. Ruilia Othan-Ashwood and her mother both looked over the invitation.. The familiar name made the Mother smile some, confidence that those of Clan Indoren will lead the 'Ker to a brighter future. Ruilia never met any of the Indorens, but with her growing fascination with Varhelm, the little Othan-Ashwood figured it would be time for a trip.. (Side note, I hate marb)
  10. Oh How Exciting! ill be entering for my char. Ruilia Othan-Ashwood. Heres her Skin: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a9/24/72/a92472f1d5a855edcf85d9f461d19309.jpg Heres past art I've gotten for her: And here is a pinterest board for her for new clothing and design ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/pookiebear79800/ruilia-othan/
  11. “Rhaella Ashwood” Would look over the letter.. her face contorting in confusion for a moment as she responded with “I did only two thirds of what he claimed... to be fair”
  12. One elf in particular felt a pain in their chest. The tightening of their throat as it burned in the fight to hold back tears and cries. It was one of the worst pains they had ever felt in their short existence on this world. Their mind and heart was hit with the absolute heaviest amount of guilt one could feel. Their Maln, the only one they had left. He had taken their mother from them, this was true, but that didn’t get rid of the feelings they held for the man as they grew older. They watched Xavis slowly lose his mind from their childhood to where their story ended as an Ashwood. T
  13. The Mother And Her Lamb ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Rhaella Ashwood-Velulaei’onn couldn’t help but think about what she could have done better in her years of being an early mother. She thought about it every day, but as the time passed, the thoughts grew cloudier, darker… “I should have never ran for Lunar Sage...” The Mali’ker woman mumbled as she paced around Asimu’lei’s ‘Vallel’ame Forest.’ The beautiful blue trees gave her a temporary feeling of peace as she aligned her thoughts. They ha
  14. Rhaella Ashwood-Velulaei’onn would have signed the pact with a smile.
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