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  1. Viktor scratches the name out with a swiftness, then having Anthony dragged off in the night to the Orenian re-education camp to forget this ever happened.
  2. Wedding of 1817 HIH, Princess Helen Antonia of Crestfall ready for her wedding A N N O D O M I N I 1817 Penned by the hand of TH, Maisie Adelheid d’Arkent To the Subjects of the Holy Orenian Empire, It is with great pleasure for the Imperial Household and the House of Ruthern to announce the marital union of 1817. Within the passing months, The Princess Helen Antonia of Crestfall, daughter of HIH The Duke of Crestfall, is to be wed to the eldest son of the Count Kositz, Viktor Siguine var Ruthern after some years of their betrotha
  3. Seath, unable to read, decides to take the sign because it looks nice.
  4. "Treason is treason" A passing figure chimes in "The noose picks no favorites."
  5. Username: egodeath_ Full RP Name: Viktor Siguine Ruthern House / Family: Ruthern Year of Birth: 1788
  6. A mali sits by a long-extinguished pyre, gaze upon the ashes as he laments the loss of kin.
  7. eatin a burger with no honey mustard

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      eatin a burger with no honey mustard

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      eatin a burger with no honey mustard

  8. A mali halts his whistling as he hears word of the missive from passersby, recalling the ferocity of the halfling horde with a shiver.
  9. Viktor var Ruthern beams for the first time in days, soon clearing his throat so as not to make these smiles a habit.
  10. Viktor emitted a simple sigh as news of the event reached him "More propaganda" He muttered under worn breath, resuming his patrol.
  11. i didnt know i could be attracted to a lore post
  12. Upon the reception of his father's timeworn visage did the Elverhilin bid some similar bobs of the head, his crown of disheveled locks dancing in accordance. The elder's smile was mimicked, now creasing Zekiel's very own cheeks. "A dream no longer" He simply told, that smile of his only growing.
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