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  1. Kujo

    House Luceafăru

    Elimar exhaled a sigh of relief, savoring this tranquil moment he knew would not last.
  2. Margosha is utterly perplexed by the vocabulary in the missive, wondering what Princess Amelia meant with words like LOTC and roleplay. She assumes it slang of the youth, adding them to her word of the day list with a smile.
  3. "That worked?!" One aging bastard accidentally blurts aloud.
  4. getting rid of players who are only here to ftb in a community with 13 yr olds is a good thing, dont see what ur getting at. btw girls might be on a medieval fantasy roleplay server for more than minecraft sex
  5. Best of luck Joel, I appreciate what you’ve done for the team and the server even if the majority of the community will never see it. I’d say good luck to @SquakHawk but I already know she’s gonna do great.
  6. Nestled in a keep deep within the snows, two children babbled amongst each other. They did not know Elizaveta, but the man sat by the desk watching over them did, and so he set ink to paper. "To her Royal Highness, Your plight resonates with me, as a Haeseni and as a father. I offer my aid if you would take it; I hold years of experience as a scout, alongside a band of companions whose skillset would be of great use in this search. They are not Haensemen as I, but I trust them with my life, and the obligation to protect our children goes beyond borders. God Bless, Elimar Tuvyic"
  7. Elimar gets absolutely smashed at the rager in the Keep, asking the bards to play another certified Xan classic.
  8. Elimar comes across the missive; the man was halfway through reading it when he suddenly collapsed into the nearest mound of dirt, thinking his wife and children dead.
  9. Strolling out the tavern, Elimar nudged the man at his side. There sat one of the many snowmen. "Looks like they nailed your eyes."
  10. A leal respectful pursuer, knowing full well that stalking was invasive of another's privacy, glanced over. "Hm?" As he looked, a courier swapped out his copy of the missive before he could notice. "What are you talking about?"
  11. The contents of the proclamation would linger in the heart and mind of a troubled squire, pondering the war that was to come.
  12. Coming from across the ruin was Elimar, caught in a frantic sprint. He was drenched in sweat and dirt, with a tattered sack across his back. Whatever it held was clanging monotonously throughout, the sound of metal striking on metal. The man ran right past Moliana, and those rumbles weren't far behind. "I AM AWARE!"
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