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    Growing up with his father in a cabin deep in a forest, Arlo’s father always encouraged studying magic in the hopes that he would grow to become a devout mage like his father. He would always tell Arlo of the great achievements he had made with his colleagues, as well as the impressive battles he had won. Although he made claims of fantastic innovations, Arlo could never find any record of his family name in his father’s history books. Much preferring to swing his sharpened sticks and chase wild creatures, Arlo always did his best to avoid his studies. One day after returning from ignoring his father’s pleas to return home, he found his father nearly dead with an iron sword plunged through his chest. He told Arlo that their true last name was Elibar’acal and that he had been attacked by an ex soldier from the conflict at Fi’halen; more than a decade after the battles, he still had unfinished business and had finally found his hidden cabin. Saying his goodbyes and how there was more he wanted to tell him, Arlo, still a kid, had to bury his own father and lived in solitude at the cabin for a brief period of time. Arlo spent a lot of time reading his father’s books alone and found one on the family of Elibar’acal, discovering that he had living relatives. He set out to find them in search of answers and find a sword mentor that could make him strong enough to challenge the man who killed his father.
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