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  1. The small kha would give a small smile as he reads, his digits slowly placed under his chin “Caestella wawz Packo’z bezt furend, zhe weell be meessed.”
  2. Pistachio sighs annoyed by people's incessant want to go to war, making it hard for a small kha such as himself to travel "Why dew the kha hawve tew feeght fur owne sowldeeer awnd hewlp stawrt wawrz. Mawkez iwt hawrd fur peawceful kha tew trawvel awnd nawt be awttawked by hewmanz." He flicks his tail in annoyance at the White owls foolishness in making life hard for an already small race
  3. Rip reivers, best gamers
  4. I really like and the idea of stitching together bodies to make some form of fucked up creation sounds great. I hope to be able to learn this magic on one of my characters if it gets through, 100% +1 from me.
  5. +1 good title, very eye catching. Very good read and ideas, I really like the clear redlines.
  6. It’s fixed! Thank you @ZythusRequiem ❤️
  7. A glitch has occurred and is currently be fixed, sorry about this. It should be back in not too long! Tadabug did re post it in the comment above yours so you can read it, that will be deleted once the issue is fixed.
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