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    bro roleplay is something that people do when they want to escape reality.. It's kinda cringe bro but if you filled with pruple muscle it aight.

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  1. Name: Zolvan Age: 87 Race: Mali’ame What are you good at? I am good at quite a few things as I have acquired many skills in my short life time, I am a skilled warrior, a quick learner, and some skills in writing and note taking. In my youth my father had me work in picking herbs in such for a family friend who practiced Alchemy, though I have not done so in many years. I would say my biggest boon is my curiosity, over the last 50 or so years of my life I have been moving from place to place, learning and seeking out knowledge wherever I may find it. What do you know about alchemy? Not much, I have studied a few book and seen it practiced in small amounts, though I have never taken it upon myself until this moment to take the initiative to try and learn such an art. All I really know is that Alchemy is a concoction of herbs boiled down to a liquid state and combined to create different potions and elixir. Why do you want to learn? From my childhood until now Alchemy and the mixture of academical concoctions has interested me, the time one takes to master such a craft and the patience they must have to do so. I want to gain these skills and apply them to other areas of my life as well as fulfill my childhood dream and learn how one creates these elixirs and potions. Why should I teach you? Although I can not give you some large reason why you should teach me over everyone else who applies, or tell you I shall be the best student you’ve ever had. I’d like to say I am a quick learner and able to be a good student who will listen to you with joy and gather any knowledge you see fit it give me. I will gladly take what you find me worthy of learning, I will take it seriously and never squander the knowledge you bestow. Are you clever or dumb? I like to think I am fairly clever, I’ve spent most of my life moving around and gaining favor in different areas of the world. Through my travel I have acquired knowledge and something most valuable, common sense.
  2. +1 omfg please, if the LTs don’t pass this they are idiots
  3. Caihong would tilt his head as he would read the missive, looking towards his friend Chan-Tuzi “Yes, other views, but good Hou-Zi be strong.”
  4. Get well soon <33333
  5. How do you get sorted into the houses? Is it just a choose which you prefer or is it chosen for you?
  6. haha funny magic do the heal haha me like light haha do the funny cleric thing good guy haha +1 cus fae kinda cute ngl
  7. just step down dude jaxonblues more like jaxonisduefordeath

    1. JaxonBlues


      fuuuuuuuck bro im dead

  8. Rest in peace, Sepp will be missed. The mali would offer on last salute to his fallen comrade. THE BOY
  9. Since I’m broke af I can’t buy it, but the art looks great. If corona ends and I can get my job back I’ll gladly buy some.
  10. A blind Mali would happily celebrate the rise of a new leader in haelun'or
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