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  1. Rip reivers, best gamers
  2. (( He stood still to turn it off.. Are you really accusing him of something he obviously forgot about?
  3. Jaxon Hargrave reads the report sadly, he silently weeps for the Lord Protecter, the man he spent his life as a soldier serving since Adria
  4. Zenith Veritas would read the paper and laugh “Those High elf children had no clue what they were walking into!”
  5. Jaxon Hargrave reads the absolutely and utterly insane words written and bursts out into laughter thinking how dumb and foolish someone would have to be to believe this bull ****
  6. Jaxon Hargrave spits on the ground ”All the bastards that robbed Marcus of life will be killed, their blood shall honor his sacrifice. BLOOD FOR MARS!”
  7. ((MC Name:)) JustGrim What is your full name? Jaxon Hargrave From where do you hail? Adria What is your racial descent? Highlander Human
  8. Common Registration (Duel Only) ((Mc Name)): JustGrim Name: Jaxon Hargrave Age: 45 Race: Human
  9. And I thought it was just Lorraine who had no sense
  10. NAME: Jaxon Hargrave NOBILITY (Y/N): No if not, GENTRY (Y/N): RACE: Highlander Human PAST EXPERIENCE : Trained under the ways of the old Order, has fought on the frontier
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