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  1. Ive done most of what I wanted when I was younger and joined. what is left now that I’m reaching the end of Uni
  2. A wolf like construct would laugh as he had escaped with their bounty!
  3. Shadow Eidola Money Gang


    We love collecting souls

    1. Spoopy_Duck


      hey put those back!

    2. MeteorDragon


      Shadow Eidola Money Gang (Jax is hot)

    3. creamynoteblock


      i do enjoy a good snack every now and then

  4. This is wonderful to see and I look forward to seeing you enforce the rules and improve the community so it is a better place for everyone who joins it.
  5. Are they? Guess it has been a bit over a year since my druid died so I'm not completely up to date. Still I believe that druids not being able to use the more esoteric ways of revival would be better- obviously they can still make them.
  6. Honestly I do like how you have combinded the mess that is druidism lore into a very coherent piece- as someone who played a druid for a while I always had a hard time going through everything and the formatting and combinations used in this piece are a welcome sight. Though it does seem like you removed the fact druids can not be machine spirits or klones as it would go against the aspects? Is there a reason for this, did you forget about them? It was mentioned in the original lore they could not. To me it would remove the very cool niche idea of druids near death having the option to become a soul tree when they could just become a klone or animii.
  7. Greetings those who are of flesh and blood, I am known as Kone, an alchemist made of steel and gears- I write this missive today to look for those who would be willing to create trades with me for the arts of mechanical creation: Automation or tinkerering. I seek those who wish for knowledge but are also willing to pay for it, I do not work for free when it comes to those of flesh. Should you wish to forsake your own feeble body and become one of steel then I may consider another deal- though for those who wish to stay as weak creatures of gore and bone then I search for those which I can create with, steels. Be it explosive, Thanium, or otherwise- or even weapons or armour of such. I will not take trades of alchemical knowledge for I know all. I look forward to the responses. The Monarch of Steel, Kone
  8. But this also just seems like a way to get ST signed armour for the sake of ST signed armour- Chitin has been a thing
  9. This just sounds like a farmable creature you can just say you have to make your metal chitin. . There is already ST chitin through different ST creatures (and funny player event creatures haha!)
  10. why tho.. not all insects are made of metal.. unless.. VERTICAL ANT
  11. Please do resign- you waited to be forced by the mob to do something. You waited to see what the court of public opinion said and then reversed your decision when you saw it was bad for you. You caused this mess by asking them to post it on the forums.
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