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  1. An undead wonders why fellow spooks are working with the church!
  2. Zacho played a chi monk, chi monks came from monkeys, monkeys evolved into humans, humans cause global warming I.E. Zacho caused global warming.
  3. "Death to zhe unholy bastards!" Lothar von Reuss would cry as he reads the missive!
  4. The missive has been taken down with a note saying ‘My students have been chosen, I will search again in a few elven years. If any who were not accepted seek me out they shall be barred from my next search.’
  5. An old man with white hair and purple eyes, standing at around 6’2 with loose fitting clothing that covers black, root like tattoos that cover his entire body.
  6. For many a century I have been one who has hoarded alchemical knowledge and the esoteric understandings of the world that have been passed to me by my masters and those before them. An oath taken to those now long dead to not show such teachings into the light of day for the common layman to understand. Yet now the basic knowledge of alchemy has been spread to the wide reaches, many have unfinished and unnurtured knowledge that has been left to rot. Many simply see alchemy as a small tool for creating potions of convenience or pseudo enchantments without the use of magic through herbs. This is not the essence of the art that reaches into the depths of the earth, into the coldest seas and highest mountains. I search for those interested in the true art- the two paths I offer unto you who seek the knowledge of the world are Human and machine. The power to create life in two very different ways- I seek two students for either study. If you believe this to be you then attach your letters to this missive with a way to contact you and I shall see to it that some are chosen. Though I ask for one simple question to be answered. Why do you wish for such knowledge? There is no right or wrong, simply my curiosity. I sincerely hope that some will heed my call- but if by chance none do, than I shall not simply choose from the dregs. Even if you are the only one to seek this knowledge, does not mean you shall acquire it. A pleasure to all, Cain Thelin
  7. hi old man

    1. Jaxothy


      Sup *****

  8. Anyone who accuses you of nasty stuff doesn't know you well- you're a big bear who hides in the forest and comes out to randomly give honey. I'm glad ur still around though, we don't talk much but you a homie.
  9. The only nation I've ever seen really have an issue with this was Oren- granted hnor too but they usually had people around last time I was there. Though in all honesty idk anything cus I sit in my basement and do alchemical rp
  10. Name: Cain Thelin Age: N/A Culture: R’thorian Reason for Enlistment: a love of learning, alchemy, and scholarly arts Experience (if any): a few centuries as an alchemist and scholar ((MC Name)): _Grimothy ((Discord Tag)): u have it
  11. Love the formatting and the art- though through a skim reminds me paladins.
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