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  1. What about my immersion of running for 40 minutes to get a single node? though in all seriousness- I think somewhat smaller would be nice but having the size that accommodates for a large number of smaller communities is preferable imo. Personally I don’t find much fun in doing rp in the large communities that base themselves around politics, wars, combat and the like- I do alchemy and with a small number of people and would like to have the space for our own build and land as we did on this map.
  2. Lmao gaming and shit dude!

    1. lemonke



  3. Jax#5415 25 on Cape is kinda fire
  4. Skin name: Circletable Knight Pyke Discord: Jax#5415 Bid: $30
  5. Crines, you were supposed be a paladin! A MAN OF THE LIGHT, WHAT HAPPENED?

  6. would you hope to wipe the magic with your write or keep the current community? Also shapeshifting magic with druidism seems redundant
  7. “I swear to you, Your Imperial Highness Prince Peter, I shall follow you with my blade and die by your command- you are my liege.” The young Carrion would say to the young Prince of Oren who had become his best friend, a man he wished to serve till his death took him. Who knew this day would come so soon. Through the years his vision would begin to fade, blur and weaken- yet his love for his only true friend, Peter, would remain. Through his youth he would stay by his side, do anything the Prince asked, the young Carrion seeing him more as a brother than anything else. He did not have an exciting youth, but he enjoyed it. Over a decade he remained friends with the Prince, moving through those joyous days. Though the days of joy would not last for long. With the deaths of the Emperor and Empress came the civil war- the man doing as he said almost a decade ago, siding with his friend Peter the moment the call was given, despite his father siding with Frederick. The only one of his family besides his son Julius, he would continue his works- doing his best to serve his Lord as he would gather bannermen and funds in the hopes of making a difference in the war. Each day he grew more hopeful as he watched his brothers come to side with him- come to fight for his friend. Though this hope would not last for long, on the day their city had finally been finished the enemy would attack. The ensuing battle being a bloody one that went into the walls of Oren- Floryan would watch his allies slain around him. . Death on those he had just been drinking with, yet he could think naught of it as a warhammer hit his helm- vision going black. And so he awoke on the damned battlefield- wounded and barely able to stand. He would begin instantly to look for his friend, his Emperor. Yet he could not find him, being told that he was taken to the palace for his execution- so that is where the wounded man would limp, stepping past the fallen and those who laughed at the dead. Yet still he moved forth. Into the throne room he would step, standing beside the captured Empress as he saw his friend forced on the ground- “Frederick, King of Oren- I ask if I may die besides my liege” he would call forth towards the throne, the Empress beside him making the same request. He would see his friend turn, “Floryan, please leave”. Yet Floryan would refuse, he had made up his mind that if he were to live while his Lord died, he would not have fulfilled his oath. He asked once more if he would be given the permission to die at his friend’s side- he was refused. And so with nothing left to do he would stab himself in the throat with a dagger, one he had held since he was a boy, being kicked to the ground as he did so. He would lay in the throne room, bleeding out slowly as his eyes looked to the only man he had trusted in his life, hearing the screams of Katerina, the woman he had longed to know better. . Yet he smiled. His oath had been complete, he would see his liege lord in the next life. One God, One Emperor, One Empire. The twang of a crossbow would be heard for a split second behind him before all went black. Silence- the crow lay dead, for his duty was done.
  8. I agree with this take- if there was actually toxicity than it just needs to be reported. In my experiance so far in the current 'Brother's war' both sides have been fine, we shit talk eachother icly and are fine oocly. No need to make posts about things not even happening.
  9. A blind Carrion would elated by the news!
  10. "WAAAGHHHHH" A small musin would yell, blood thristy!
  11. When his son reads the missive to him, the blind Carrion would blink in question in what hell a 'vanderfell' is
  12. The blind Carrion can not see this missive, but if he did he would be annoyed!
  13. A blind Carrion has a street rat reading this to him- stopping him midway to burst out in laughter at the idiocy
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