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  1. Somewhere where souls could not reach Caranthir Gve'el Me'v stood and mourned the passing of the shepherd.
  2. i made the co creator addicted to crystals, i am sorry this happened ST.
  3. IGN: Mephiedantes Discord: Mephiedantes#8355 Name: Karirimir Okar'thilln Where are you from?: Niseep Optional Fighter name: -
  4. Word got to an innocent elf the unknowing would know as Karirimir rather quickly, him grasping the missive with a chuckle upon reading it "A safe space they call it." He let out as he stood up and grabbed his helmet "it is time to change that" He then said followed by a sickening cackle.
  5. An armoured sillumir read the missive "if only i'd just know how this stupid obelisk works.." he let out as he akwardly scratched his head at the sight of the small voidal hollow spreading through his wall..
  6. stood atop a podium in the silver state as he got the missive "it was necessary for change.." he said to himself as he looked over it one more time before turning to the stars. caught up in thoughts..
  7. An elf clad in white robes walked picked up a white helmet donned with Ivory "I had warned everyone upon this realm. if only they would have listened.." The elf spoke as he motioned for his associates to arm themselves "it is soon our words will prove value.." he told them as he stood up atop the remains of Aaz Hahdrim
  8. An elf which bared the hood of the one who sent out the missive grasped it with anger as he rose his functional arm to the legions and associates behind him atop the hill they stood on "we halt our conquest. we must wait for him to return.." he said in a tone of anger not known to his associates. The elf looked up to the stars at broad daylight "The wheel turns." he said as he whistled for his dove.
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