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  1. A masked figure akin to the image of a plague doctor would read this missive with a hoarse sort of chuckle, kicking back their feet now as they sighed out in a bemused tone: "Do hope da lass there'a will allow meh anotha' visit! Perhaps when she's less eh.. grumpy. HeEhE.."
  2. A samurai looks upon the missive as a great sigh was heaved from his lips, he looked down to the ground with a frustrated gaze - stress evident upon his brow "Well ****..."
  3. DISCORD: Eden#4489 IGN: EdenGlitched SKIN TITLE: Pale Marine Gin BID 250
  4. Discord: Eden#4489 IGN: EdenGlitched Skin: Sakura Bid: 260
  5. A blonde mali'aheral was strolling by the floating citadel as she caught wind of her friend's resignation. "Hah.. he literally told me about it yesterday. It seems like he doesn't waste any time does he?" She mused with a dismissive shake of her head, continuing on with her day as well as possessing a lingering thought that perhaps she should pay Telos a visit.
  6. "Well.. this is certainly a turn of events. Cheers to your endeavors, tomodachi." A samurai would state as he had read out the missive, quite so amused by what his companion had put himself up to. He'd crumple up the paper, throwing it aside as he'd kick his feet up upon his desk - letting out a hearty laugh. "Let's hope I do not have to save you this time, Vulmir-san."
  7. "No.. This can't be right. No, no, no.. please.." A now pale Edennoire would sit down in her home within Vortice, tears furiously streaming down her cheeks as the news reached her ears. She had known Vivian for a long time, though not spending too much time with her she knew that she was a good woman. How could she end her life like this? Why? Thoughts swirled through her mind, wrought of conflict and grief as she sat there curled up in her seat and mourned quietly - clutching her pregnant belly where she awaited a child..
  8. Under a sickly blue luminescence which flickered dimly from a rusted wicker lantern sat a samurai cladded in heavy armor, he was amongst the first of the Ishiguntai and a loyal servant of Tsune Hirano. A warrior, a servant and yet she had even once told him that he was like that of a son to her. In that deathly silence of the cavern he dwelled in, with only a dim flame to guide him; soon did he utter in response of such news to himself, not nearly as alone whilst cryptic whispers danced in the air of the stygian caverns below. "Sodesu ka. The decision has been made, so it would seem.. It's time to pay a little visit back to Yong Ping. I hope I'm welcomed. Gomenasai, Tsune-tono.. But I just can't help it if I find their sorrow amusing to this revelation."
  9. A dark knight lurked within the shadows of the dark elven settlement, a hollow gaze set upon the scene as the ethereal fog shrouded over Stygian Hollow. A grim and bemused chuckle would echo through the figure's maw in a harrowing tune, disappearing between those very same clouds of dark smog. Though not before he'd intone in a cacophony of unison in which would echo eerily through the vicinity of the cavernous expanses he now stood within: "And so the sun shall no longer rise upon this forsaken settlement, the denizens within as well as the world will now come to understand the true extent of our power.. Radiant is the Black Sun."
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